(1938-11-13) Knickers and Muggles
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Summary: Grace and Vincent discuss secret clubs, and how Muggles should be treated.
Date: 13th November 1938
Location: Entry Courtyard
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Vincent sits on the bench, his legs swinging as he hums a little tune to himself. He enjoys his own company and is currently thinking about how much poo there is in the Owlery.

Grace wobbles down the stairs. It would be a walk, were it not for her… generous proportions, which are probably not helped by the fact that now, as ever, she has a cake in her hands and is munching. She gives Vincent a little wave with one pudgy, chocolate smeared hand, and beams him a huge smile.

Vincent waves back, eyeing her chocolate cake. Although to be fair, she looked a little portly and unlikely to share. He smiled uncomfortably and felt his stomach rumble.

Grace breaks off another piece of cake to munch as she happily waddles over to the Slytherin. "Hello!" she greets him. "It's very cold, isn't it?" Understatement of the century. This is Scotland. And November. "Do you think it's going to snow? I love the snow! I love playing in snow and building snowmen and snowhouses, and one time I built a snow cake but it just looked like a big snowy blob and a bit fell off and hit me and it was a bit cold and I cried." Eventually she stops speaking, thank goodness, but just continues to beam that huge, vacant smile.

Vincent looks to Grace as she sits down. "You know what would be really fun! You could build a cake-man! It wouldn't melt AND you could eat it!" He looks to the sky "I don't know. Perhaps it might snow. Perhaps not." he looked to her cake and his eyes widened.

Grace carefully pulls off about half of the cake, offering it over. "I would have to make a lot of cake," she informs him solemnly, then beams again. "But I like making cake. What's your favourite cake? I like chocolate. And cherry. But not together."

Vincent giggles "I think together Cherry and Chocolate would be really nice! Perhaps Black Cherries. Although my favourite….well, I've not had much cake before Hogwarts, but I like all cakes. But not coffee cakes. I don't like them." He takes the cake as he is talking and takes a large bite. HE does continue to attempt to talk but with his mouth full of cake, his next sentence is unintelligible.

"I'm going to make you a chocolate and black cherry cake," Grace announces, nodding firmly. "And then you can eat it all up all by yourself! Or you can share it with your friends. I always share my cake with my friends. Fiona really likes cake."

Vincent looks to the girl. "That would be very kind of you. Do you bake with magic? I'd love to learn to do that!"

Grace giggles, pulling at her skirt and shaking her head. "I bake with flour and sugar and eggs and butter mostly. I'm not very good at magic," she confides, leaning in to tell him this information quietly. "But I'm only a first year, so that's all right, and Fee helps me tons with my homework."

Vincent eyes here uncomfortably. "You not been round magic people much?"

Grace gives him a curious look, then giggles. "Of course I have, silly! Mummy and daddy!" She plops down beside him, breaking off another piece of cake to eat. "But I'm not very good at magic yet. I think I will be the best ever when I'm older, though. Except flying on a broom. I'm a bit fally off."

Vincent exhales audibly. "Well that's a relief. I'm never sure about people who aren't snakes. For all I know, the other houses could be full of squibs!" he looks to her "You should learn to make magic cakes. You'd get more cake that way!" although he thinks to himself that she probably has had enough cake to last a lifetime.

"I've joined a club to make cakes and things," Grace agrees cheerfully. "And Fiona and me and Ahnaliese have got a secret club where we don't show our knickers to anyone even if they're purple with green polka dots, but boys aren't allowed. Fiona's in a special club, though, with a pretty necklace and I want to join that one. None of the other clubs have a necklace."

Vincent smiles and stifles a giggle when she says knickers. "I saw her necklace earlier! But, why would you have a club about knickers? Do most students show their knickers? I'm not showing anyone my underpants!" he looks both confused and amused simultaneously.

Grace shakes her head vehemently. "Oh no! You mustn't show anyone your knickers." She giggles when he says underpants. "Not even if they ask nicely. Fee says nobody should see your knickers, and Fee is the cleverest."

Vincent looks confused "But if you shouldn't do it, why do you need a club to prove you won't?"

"It's not just a club about not showing anyone your knickers," Grace explains patiently, breaking off another piece of cake. "It's a club just for girls and not for silly, smelly boys. And not for silly girls who like boys."

Vincent looks a touch annoyed at this point. "Hey! We're not smelly. Not like you girls, with all your perfumes. They make me sick!" his brow narrows as he speaks "It's you girlies that smell!"

Grace opens her mouth, blinking. "We do not smell! We smell nice! You smell! You smell of… of farts! Stinky farts!"

Vincent's eyes widened. "My mum says that's a naughty word. you're not supposed to use words like that!" he folds his arms "And you do smell, you and your smelly girl-knickers!" he sticks his tongue out at her.

Grace claps a hand over her mouth, then giggles through it. "Farts!" she repeats, then sticks her tongue out at him. "You're silly!"

Vincent giggles. "So are you!" he says as he takes another bite of cake.

"So are you… are you!" Grace decides as a suitable retort. Who needs grammar.

Vincent looks confused. "I think I like you! You're funny for a girl!" he looks a bit more serious now "So what's that Necklace club that Fiona is in all about?"

Grace tugs on her skirt, tilting her head to one side. "It's got a funny name that I can't remember, but you get a necklace for joining, and it's only for people with real families like us, not for silly muggle people. And they had a bonfire with marshmallows and everything!"

Vincent looks at her "Well, at least we both have proper families. My dad says that Muggles are just stupid and letting them into Hogwarts was the worst thing that could have been done. What's the point of muggles anyway, what do they actually do?"
Grace considers this for a long time. "I think they can make cakes?" she suggests. "Just not magic cakes, and magic cakes are the best. When I grow up I want to make all the magic cakes."

Vincent looks back to her "Aren't they just a bit rubbish? I mean, wouldn't we just be better if there were no muggles at all? That's what Daddy says."

"I don't know," Grace admits. "Are they a bit rubbish? I've never met one. I know! We should ask Fee. She's really clever."

"The ones I saw in London on my way to school, and to knock…..erm……DIAGON-alley with father seemed like they would make fun pets, but they aren't like proper people are they!"

Grace giggles. "Like a toad or a rat? Maybe we can have a pet muggle!"

"Yeah!" Vincent almost squeals, "Let's just keep them all as pets! Then they can just be our pet slave creatures!" he giggles with some excitement at this idea, a sadistic glint in his eye as he speaks.

Grace claps her hands together. "I shall tell Fiona," she decides happily. "I want a tortoise, though. And then you can have a muggle."

Vincent smiles widely "I think I'll call it Billy" he looks to Grace "Billy seem a good Muggle name?"

"Fee says muggles are called Diana," Grace informs him solemnly. "I'm tired."

Vincent sighs "They can't all be called Diana, how else do you know which one is yours!" he looks back at her "Well, I have potions homework to do anyway. I'll see you soon!"

Grace waves a sticky, cake crumbed hand, bouncing off to wherever it is she bounces to.

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