(1938-11-13) Trusted Brother
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Summary: Graham drops by at last to discuss recent events with his adopted sister, Rhyeline.
Date: Tuesday, November 13th, 1938
Location: Rhyeline's Flat

It's evening a little after what would be consider dinner time. It's rather cold and has of course gotten dark and nobody is out and about rather staying in to be warm and comfortable. It's with a small pop that Graham appears in the alley way near by normally content to walk so he must be on a mission as they say. He makes the short walk out of the alley and down the street. He makes his way to the door and reaches out to knock lightly on it.

That witch is gone. Most of the time this means that Rhyeline isn't home. However, there is light in her window. Perhaps without the appearance of the muggle, Cassius decided to call off the guard at last. A few moments after his knock, the door opens. Rhyeline peeks out from behind the door, hidden from the cold.

Behind her down the hall, her guard is standing in the foyer, hands clasped behind her back. This is the closest look Graham is likely to have gotten of her. She has thin, faded blonde hair pulled into a small, tight bun. Her robes are simple and functional- close to what many of those magical law enforcement tend to favor.

Gazing up at Graham, the little one offers him a hesitant, but warm smile. Without a word, she draws back, opening the door wider, inviting him in. She sneaks a small peek over at the watchful witch before peeking back up at Graham.

Graham stands back as he waits for the door to open he is very patient for the most part but does shift from foot to foot this time. He smiles seeing his sister's face which seems to relax him a good bit. He will step inside easily enough though the guard witch gets an eyebrow raise and little else for the moment "Good evening sister." he reaches to hug her a moment, guard be damned. "How are you?" he asks after the moment.

The guard shifts as Graham goes in for a hug, but she doesn't try to prevent it. Rhyeline hugs him tight around the middle, clinging to him a moment before she peeks up into his eyes. "…I'm alright," she tells him in a rather quiet murmur. It's unlikely that it would carry far enough for the guard to overhear.

The auror nods to her at the words "Good i'm glad, sorry I didnt get to visit sooner, i've been trying to think everything through for myself as well." he says looking to her "Would you like to sit or something?" he says it's not his house but he chuckles "Second home right?" he smiles

"Yes… I'd like that," she tells him with a grin. Keeping her arms tight around his middle, she follows him into her sitting room. Should Graham meet the guard's eyes as he passes into the sitting room, she would offer a small nod of respect and acknowledgement.

Graham nods he has his arm around his sister as well. He glances back to the guard unable to help a repsectful smile and nod in return not being a bad chap himself it would seem. He moves than with the other to a place to sit. "Before we get to the pressing current events I have a bone to pick with you." he doesnt seem upset but concerned as he takes a seat on the sofa.

Rhyeline snuggles close as she curls up against his side. Peeking up at him, she blinks. Something to discuss besides current events? What else could possibly even matter? Silent, she tilts her head to the side.

The auror smiles to the other unable to help himself, he moves his arm ruffling her hair before placing his arm around her shoulder and squeezing her to him lightly. "Well I spoke to Thomas. Who seemed worried, that he upset you and I noticed that it co-insided with the night you seemed to distant to me. Why not tell me you had an argument?" he pauses "I assume you didnt want to cause a rift between him and I?"

Rhyeline squeaks and can't help but smile when he ruffles her loose curls. There is something young and bright in her eyes. Her sweet innocence shines unhindered in her flat which is safe and warm. At the mention of Thomas' name however, she grows perfectly still and her smile fades. Lowering her gaze, she hesitates a moment before nodding. "Yes… I was upset that night and… and I knew you might be angry at whoever made me cry. But… you are his best man… and Phil is so dear to you…"

Graham looks down to the other a moment while he waits and listens to her explination nodding "I understand and no I do not like it that he made you cry. I know there's some things we cant discuss, but never be afraid to tell me things hm? I always want to know everything happening." he says giving a smile showing her he's not upset "Phil is close to me yes but so are you."

Rhyeline keeps her head bowed, staring at her knees. "He said not to go back there… that he had no time for half-truths and drama. And Phil has seemed distant… I thought perhaps she shared the thoughts he voiced… He said I seemed a snake wearing a mouse's fur… I didn't want to cause a rift… then his words might as well have been true…"

The young man looks to the oher eyes widen a moment he squeezes her again leaning down he kisses the top of her head lightly "I didnt hear the exact words, but they cant be more wrong dont you listen he seemed quite sorry when I spoke to him. If you wish I wont mention it to him." Graham says to her

An unexpected rush of relief brings makes her eyes burn with tears. Squeezing her eyes shut, she hugs Graham so tight her arms tremble with effort. "He demanded to know my mind… and my heart. I am a slow creature to trust… but he wouldn't understand. And- and the small things I did share- he didn't believe me, or he met them with harsh disinterest… But also… I realized that- that he knew things he could have only learned from Phil… things I told her in confidence… about me and- and Cassius. And the thought that- that she shared my secrets… that maybe she even shared his accusations-" Her voice cuts off and falling silent, she just shakes her head.

Graham continues to hold her close to him as she speaks not wishing her to feel that he's pulling away which he's not. "I just don't understand I can see being worried at your courtship for your safety of course but he should know your nature at least a little bit that you are not one to jump both feet into trusting." he sighs now watching the other for the moment in silence "I'm sorry I dont mean to put more on your right now, just wanted you to know you can talk to me about anything at all."

Rhyeline nuzzles closer, making her way into her brother's lap. She hooks her arms around behind his neck and holds tight to him. "I just didn't want to cause trouble… but… next time… I will tell you." Pausing, she peeks up into his eyes. "…I trust you, Graham…"

"Thank you, Graham…" she murmurs, peeking up at him. "I don't mind if you tell Thomas about our conversation just now… I… Though I'm still rather scared to trust… especially now… I'd… I'd like it to have just been a misunderstanding…" Hesitating, the little one bites her lower lip. She averts her gaze a moment before peeking back up at him. "You don't suppose… suppose Phil shares his thoughts, do you?"

Graham nods "I think Thomas has calmed down and regrets what he said." the auror says "I may at least let him know perhaps he can work to regain your trust." He says but the next question gets another squeeze from him. "Phil, has been very stressed lately I think she's trying to settle down with all that happened. I don't think she believes your a villain just perhaps confused with the rapid changes."

Rhyeline peeks up at Graham with a hesitant caution shining in the unguarded vulnerability of her eyes. "…what do you mean? Rapid changes? Like… like with Cassius? That… that wasn't… he said to me looong ago that he considered courting me…"

"I knew you two were close, but i'm not sure everyone realized it would come to this point." Graham says trying to explain "One might have thought the employer and employee might have been to big of a hurdle to overcome, but as long as your happy that's what's important."

Rhyeline shakes her head. Her cheeks grow rather warm as she murmurs, "I've never just been an employee… Not is servant. Perhaps… confidant? No… there's a reason that- that he kept me even when I got too sick to keep working… I knew I mattered to him. Though- I hadn't realized how much." Pausing the little one tucks a dark curl behind her ear before peeking upat him. "But…yes. To be honest… happiness wasn't my reason for accepting. I knew it wouldn't be certain. I couldn't allow it to be the reason. But… Cassius is wonderful to me, Graham. I've found more- more happiness than I could have imagined…"

Graham smiles as he listens to her talk still holding her lightly while he does so. "I am glad to hear that Rhyeline, I told you that you deserved to be happy as much as anyone else did." he says grinning over to her a bit of victory humor in his face and eyes. "He was smart to see more in you than just an employee." he adds after a moment.

"He's always seen me as his equal… that's what he said. He wanted a partner. I was cautious… and my health has been so fragile. But- I think once he realized that- that a cure might be possible… he decided no longer to court Eden… and asked me instead… And he is so good to me, Graham. He's wonderful… he makes me feel so warm inside… he makes me feel whole. I never even knew I wasn't whole until now-" Suddenly she stops. Her cheeks burn with warmth as she realizes the things she's just said. Biting her lower lip, she peeks up at Graham with a profound shyness.

The auror watches her closely as she speaks trying to make sure she's not just saying what he wants to hear in that she's happy but what she describes is not just tossed out at whim. Graham smiles watching her blush he chuckles "You should be happy I never doubted you would be, I did say you could tell me anything." he says warmly to her. "I suppose we must discuss current events some to hm? he doesnt wish to ruin the mood so is still smiling.

Rhyeline gives a small nod, growing a bit more serious. "Yes… But… just know that- that Cassius is wonderful to me. Even if- if a bit protective…" She peeks over at the guard. Though her murmur can't possibly carry father than Graham's ears, she leans in closer to whisper, "She told him about how Laurence had kissed me… at the Leaky Cauldron… so… he wants her to keep a closer eye on me… to keep me safe."

He side glances to the way of the guard, agreeing with a small nod "Yes he is that, I am afraid that people may take that as over protection but I can understand his side as well. You have to be able to live your life even courtship or marrige is a two way street." Graham says to her easily enough "I want you safe and would do anything to keep it that way dont get me wrong." he gives a wink.

Rhyeline watches the guard quietly a moment. It's obvious that the two are whispering about her, but she doesn't seem concerned. She maintains a stoic demeanor of professionalism. Peeking back up at Graham, the little one whispers, "I understand the need… The game of politics, I understand… it's a more simple game than- than true interactions where- where power and influence is not the only motive. So… I didn't see it coming when Laurence kissed me." Her cheeks get rather warm and it looks as if she's about to say something more before thinking better of it- too bashful.

Graham nods "Yes, one can not see motives on others faces all the time. I guess on either front it is ahrd to see peoples true intentions at first glance." He looks down to the other closely still glad to have her close for the moment the blush noticed again he is unable to feel curious "What is it?" he cant help but ask it would seem.

"I… I was just a bit scared at first… that he'd be hurt with me because I didn't stop Laurence in time… But… he understood. When- when it is more than a game of politics… when it's real… it's so hard to understand… I feel so blind sometimes…" she admits, not quite looking up at Graham.

The auror watches her adjusting his hold on her but still making sure she's secure at lest one thing she can count on. "Yes feelings being involved does make it more tricky, I am glad he understood I mean it wasn't something you'd asked for and you told him immediately afterwards the truth, not like you lead him on or anything."

"I hope not… although…" Rhyeline bites her lower lip. "He's been sending me flowers… lots and lots of them… You see, I- I started having breakfast with him every morning after- after what happened with him and Thomas and Phil… Finding out about them, it broke his heart… literally. I had to take him to Keenan… But… but so I wanted to make sure he'd be alright… because I knew he mattered to Phil… so I took him breakfasts, made sure he ate… until I realized he was going to be alright."

Graham sighs "Ah, so mistaking your good will as something more." the young man says "Laurence I think is worried for you as well, he thinks highly of you though I can tell from his words." he ponders a moment. "An angel fluttering her wings in a flock of crows. Where his words." he smiles able to remember the wording "You might need to speak to him and find his intentions Rhyeline. I will help if you need it."

Rhyeline's dark gaze widens. It shines with caution. Oh how the little one blushes upon hearing such words. Biting her lower lip, she murmurs, "…his interest in- in women… even though he did love Phil, it- it seems so casual… Thomas- I wasn't surprised when he lost interest in me as quickly as he took interest… I… I'm sure that- that Laurence would be no different, yes?" The little one understands such a small set of rules about how the world works. Gazing up at Graham, she looks utterly lost.

"He is a flirt no doubt he does so even with Sorcha when the three of us are together." Graham says explaining a bit further he ponders what to say but realizes he must tell backstory. "Please this must stay here but part of the reason Phil was unhappy was that Laurence treated her like something breakable and not as an equal. I dont think he's not being genuine but that he sees you having the personality which would allow him to take that role on."

Rhyeline blinks. Tucking a strand of her dark curls behind her ear, she reflects on Graham's words for a moment. "…Phil said to me once that… that she thought I might be more suited to him." She peeks up at Graham. "So… you think perhaps that… that his words, his kiss… not just a- a passing interest?"

The auror is silent a moment listening lightly to what she says, he gives a small shrug "I don't know for certain, he is very flirty even flirting with Sorcha with me present he takes his turn to wrinkle his nose a bit. "It might have bothered me at first but it's his personality." He grins big "Plus lead to a rather funny date after we'd met Phil and him making inuendo's about brooms where Sorcha and I spent time trying to do the same about books." He shakes his head

Rhyeline doesn't seem to know quite what to make of all that. Not at all. Biting her lower lip, she is silent for a time, considering Graham's words. At last, she peeks up at him again and murmurs, "Perhaps… perhaps would you mind- coming with me to see him tomorrow? For breakfast?"

Graham looks over her a moment he nods to her words "Of course I will go with you I dont want you to feel uncomfortable around anyone sister mine." he smiles squeezing another time "It will be okay we'll make sure everything is understood and try for no hurt feelings."

Rhyeline nuzzles close at her brother's squeeze. "Thank you… I… I had heard about- about some trouble Laurence had with- with one of Grindelwald's supporters. I… I had been hoping to speak with him… to see if- if he might be willing to- to stand with Cassius, against Grindelwald's measures…"

The auror grins nodding "I think I heard about that Laurence mentioned something about a misunderstaning which had turned into a rumor." he says figuring it had something to do with that after all. Graham loks over the other "Hm perhaps he would he's no purist that I know of, speaking of which what is the plan if I may ask?"

Rhyeline lowers her gaze and shakes her head. So far in this visit, she’s been trying to put off bringing this up, but there’s no helping it now. “Not a purist, no. And- and he is very concerned about Grindelwald’s methods. Though he and Cassius both seek unity, as Brad Moody has pointed out- their similarities end there. You know that- that I was hoping he’d- that Cassius would rise up and- and stand against Grindelwald. Cassius hasn’t yet made a formal announcement, but- he doesn’t think there is any hope of gathering enough support for such a stance. Opposition to Grindelwald- he says it’s too divided. Too many will still try to fight for preservation, even though as an organized movement, they are fractured and disorganized. Even though Grindelwald is so powerful on the continent and- and will rend the veil between our worlds one way or another. And- and so I think that- that he believes the only chance for any semblance of a decent future is- is to ally with Grindelwald, but to gain enough influence so that- so that he’d have the power to influence policies and perhaps- and perhaps at least mitigate the severity of muggle suffering.” Falling silent at last, the little one doesn’t look up at Graham. Once more, she seems to carry the weight of the wizarding and muggle worlds upon her shoulders. Her eyes shine with tears at the prospect of such a bleak future.

The auror looks to her as the conversation turns to the point which has been avoided for the evening. Graham ponders a moment "I need a moment to think Rhyeline, too big to decide without looking at all angles." he says not wishing to drown the evening in darkness. He smiles lifting her up in his arms setting her down on her feet lightly before taking her hand in his "I belive sister we need a midnite snack. While I think." he moves towards the kitchen then.

Rhyeline can't help but give a little squeak when Graham holds her as he stands up. The little one laces her fingers in his and keeps close. "There's cake in the kitchen… and a bit of milk- because the cake is chocolate… and… and there are some fresh strawberries we could slice up and have with it…" she tells him in a rather soft tone. The guard doesn't follow. Graham is on the very small list of people trusted around Rhyeline.

The auror listens and smiles "That's perfect." he says entering the kitchen looking to her directly in the eyes "I need a moment to think on this Rhyeline but I will give you an answer." he smiles squeezing her hand lightly. After this they likely have a good time with cake and silliness decorating it and than eating it with glasses of milk in front of the fire.

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