(1938-11-13) Vincent Meets Fiona
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Summary: Vincent's first meeting with Fiona
Date: 13th November 1938
Location: Entry Courtyard
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Vincent walked into the courtyard and sat on one of the benches surrounding it. He bent down to tie his shoelace, annoyed that it had yet again come undone. He wondered whether he would ever be taught a spell to keep them tied as he struggled with the bow."

Skipping rope in hand the tiniest of the first years, little Fiona Donnelly skipped her way over to Vincent. She stopped and leans over peering at the boy. "When you learned to tie your shoe did your mum teach you or was it a squib maid or a sibling? My brother Gilroy taught me to tie my shoes."

Looked up at the girl. "No-one taught me, I just learned it myself." he said looking back to his laces. "Someone said it's something about rabbit ears but I just can't seem to get it!"

Vincent's shoes laces flap still undone as he looks up. "Don't suppose you know any lace-tying spells do you?"

"I'm good at tying," offers Fiona but she just offers she doesn't try to take over or anything. "I don't know any spells for it, no. It's silly the things we don't know that we should. I mean, I grew up with magic all around me and I couldn't use any of it until I was eleven. It took ages to be eleven."

Vincent smiles as he looked up at the girl. "I know what you mean. I see no reason why I can't use magic before I turned eleven." he sulked, folded his arms and sat back "I give up. Stupid shoes!"

Draping her doubled up skipping rope around the back of her neck, Fiona, leans down and helps Vincent with his lace. "At least my shoes have buckles." She was of course wearing girl's shoes. "I've seen you before. I'm Fiona." Nearly all the first years knew one another at least by sight if not by name. She was known to hang around with a couple of Hufflepuffs.

Vincent Looks at her as she ties his laces for him. "Wish my shoes had Buckles!" he continued to sulk. "This is so embarrassing. Glad there aren't any other snakes here to see this. Please don't tell anyone." he says as he looks around, watching out for his housemates.

"Heh," Fiona chuckles quietly as she finishes with his laces and stands up again. "I won't tell if you won't. Besides if you want I can teach you sometime. Just quiet like, maybe away from people too so you don't have to be embarrassed."

Vincent's face turns into an awkward grin. "Thanks!" he said "Feel like a right muggle not being able to do something so simple." he paused "BUT I am not a Muggle. Not even related to one!" he said, subconsciously straightening his robes as he spoke.

"Of course you're not a muggle. You're a Slytherin." She can tell by his school robes. "Nobody in Slytherin is a muggle." Unlike Ravenclaw. But Fiona's name gives her away as being pure-blooded.

Vincent looks to Fiona. "At least your name is one of the pure ones. I have no idea how you cope having to live with those….others!"

She shrugs her little shoulders, "You just get on with them. A lot of them I can ignore." Fiona takes her skipping rope out again. "I should get going. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday we can practice with your laces."

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