(1938-11-14) Dragon 'Mauling'
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Summary: While apprehending a Dark Wizard, Auror Graham Cohen is attacked by the Dark Wizards unique guard animal, a young recently acquired Hungarian Horntail.
Date: November 14th 1938
Location: St. Mungo's Creature Induced Injuries Ward

Creature Induced Injuries Ward at St. Mungos Hospital

Three of the four walls in this large room are taken up by cabinets secured both by Muggle locks and heavy duty charms. Within the cabinets there are all sorts of medical supplies including things as simple as bandages and cotton swabs and things as magical as Skele-gro Potions and Blood Replenishing potions. Anything a Healer would need to help treat injuries and maladies caused by unfortunate encounters with creatures mundane or magical can be found in these cabinets. One of the more unique items in this wing of St. Mungo's are the ambulatory screens that follow Healers around on their little wheels and are capable of seeing into patient's bodies and displaying what they find as easily as they can create a magical image of any creature described by a patient to help identify what might have caused their injuries. Curtains hang from the ceiling and can be used to provide patients and their guests and doctors with complete privacy when necessary as they are ensorcelled to cut out all sound coming in or out when completely closed. During the day the rooms is illuminated by the sunlight coming in from the wards windows, supplemented by shiny light globes floating around the ceiling.

Felicity's voice is calm and professional, clinical but not unsympathetic either as Graham is wheeled in on his gurney with a blanket strapping his lower half and left arm down underneath it. The blanket that Kaylee is in charge of monitoring has worked some sort of calming and immobilizing charm on the dragon. "Auror Cohen, you are at St. Mungos. Please remain calm and don't move. The Dark Wizard you were pursuing had a Hungarian Horntail youngling as a 'pet'. You were attacked by it. Don't worry, you achieved your goal and the Dark Wizard is in custody. The creature has latched onto your thigh and his tail has pierced your left hand. This blanket is keeping him calm. Do you understand what I am telling you Auror Cohen? It is imperative that you remain still and calm."

The young auror laying or strapped down rather and being rolled through the hospital. Graham's eyes blink and they open things rush back to him including the pain though he looks up seeing one familure face one not so though he listens through the ringing in his ears. Teeth gritted so that he can remain calm when he speaks "I understand." he says his head falls back to his pillow.

Kaylee is doing her best to keep said 'pet' dragon calm and immobilized at the moment. She follows along next to the rolling bed, wand in hand while her pale gaze narrows and rest upon that form that lies under the blanket. There are a few things that run through her mind, but that she will wait until later to question. Right now, well Graham has himself in a bit of a pickle.

Felicity nods her head and gestures with her own wand and one of the screens comes rolling over and with a curt, "Excuse me." Towards Kaylee she tries to get the screen about where the RCMC Agent is. The screen causes its x-ray like effect and like a little nursing baby the dragon is rather suckle-chewing lazily on Grahams' thigh and as she mentioned there's a bright white bone spike that's going through his hand. "Agent, please keep an eye on this, if the dragon gets and closer to this red line…" She drags her wand along where Graham's artery is in his leg, "Notify me immediately." Then she's quickly uncorking potions to help pour into Graham's mouth. Her free hand helping to lift his head. "This will lessen the pain and this should make you taste less appealing. A note, the potion itself tastes horrendous Auror Cohen, but you must drink every drop." And of course that's the potion bottle that's the size of a soda bottle!

Graham listens to all thats going around him which is better than thinking about the dragon or doubting himself for being here currently. He catches a look from Kaylee and mouths a sorry, about dragging her into this. He looks back as the healer speaks directly to him. His head is tilted forward and he swallows the liquid a small wince at the movement. "Of course." he says and moves with his good hand to take the bottle and takes a drink he begins to cough but stops himself and takes more drinks.

Kaylee shifts to make the screen easier to get pulled around, and to stay out of the way. There is a glance towards the screen and what is there. At the bit on the red line she glances towards it and nods. "Aye, not a problem there." She offers softly, still concentrating on the beast that is causing all the problem at hand. As for the potions she really hopes that they work, nothing good like having a dragooning hatching chewing on some part of your body after all.

Once the potion is completely down it works relatively fast. The still lazily nibbling dragon stops the gnawing all together and Graham rather smells a bit powerfully of asparagus, especially where he's bleeding. "Agent, if you could very carefully manipulate the dragon beneath the blanket so that the head and body is no longer on my patient. Auror Cohen, I will first remove the spine from your hand. That way this Agent from the RCMC will be able to put the Dragon in it's cage and take it away for evidence for your case. Hopefully you will only feel strange sort of pressures but not pain." She steps around to his left hand and carefully folds back the blanket. "Agent, I will have to remove the spine above the soft tissue, or the barbs will cause further damage to my patient. The barb will be intact and can be replaced if your department sees fit." That could easily be read as her dismissing and care for the dragon to the RCMC and let the Veterinarians and Magizoologists have their way with the dragon. "Is everyone ready to proceed?"

Graham the auror is relaxed at least at least after the pain potion takes affect. He looks between the two a moment getting the plan seep through his slightly foggy state perhaps having lost a bit of blood. "I'm ready." He braces all the same knowing that one way or another this wont be pleasent. He has his lips pressed tightly together and just waits for the to begin.

Kaylee will admit she is a bit surprise as the little dragon does indeed go about starting to lessen it's hold and chewing upon Graham. She lifts a brow finding this a bit amusing and even smirks a moment. Her gaze flicks to Felicity and she soon nods before going about doing just that. "Aye I'm ready as well." This is a lot easier dealing with dragons that she tends to get after all. She will wait until everyone is ready before tucking her wand to the side, easy to grab hold of in case she needs deal with something, with that done she slowly and carefully goes about working on moving the dragon which will hopefully move the head away from Graham. Her fingers rest lightly against the little dragon, gentle touches as she doesn't want to anger the animal while the Healer still needs to get the spine free.

Felicity uses the screen to judge where the softer bone and tissue that goes up into the spine of the dragon's tail ends and she slides through the spine like it was butter half way before the dragon's soft tissue and Graham's hand. The dragon comes away from the yucky vegetable man, ptoi, easily but it does start to stir nd hiss and grumble luckily - for Graham at least - the vicious little beast is trying to attack the yummy meat smelling thing that's manhandling it through the blanket. It's still moving sluggish but it's attentions are certainly turning. The clipped tail swings about and is starting to pick up speed before Felicity flips the blanket back over it. "Away you go Agent." She gives a curt but 'good teamwork' like nod. Once the Agent has taken the blanket wrapped dragon far enough away she picks up a large bowl and dumps some slime like substance over his leg and left hand. It's a bit like balistics gel and it starts to firm up immediately when a misting from another potion with a fancy perfume like spray top, tube and air bulb at the end of the tube. All bleeding of course ends and the flesh that is covered in the goo gets a tingly numb sensation. "There we are Auror Cohen. I know it feels strange, but it's much better than being a dragon's chew toy." She really shouldn't try to make jokes. "Keep those areas still and within the substance and in an hour maybe two you will be fine. You are very lucky. Usually they like to surprise from above. I heard it attacked from some box on the floor. It must have just been bought. The Agent of course knows better than I, but it sounds like he is quite fresh from some illegal black markert."

Graham remains still not wishing to mess things up while the spine is removed from his hand. He turns his head feeling grogging and numb many places. "Thank you healer. Not sure I caught your name?" he says turning to the other "Kaylee be careful please." he looks back to the healer "I will head home and rest there. If someone can send an owl to my sister Rhyeline she'll help me."

Kaylee watches and grumble faintly once the animal start to move about and make nips and snaps at her hands. "Little bugger" Is half hisses as she works on keeping it still until getting the 'ok' to take the dragon off. A quick nod is seen and she turns gripping the dragon a touch tighter at the moment as she moves over to another Ranger whom has a cage ready for the animal. It takes a few moments and a bit of cursing is caught from Kaylee but the dragon is tucked into the cage and it is closed quickly and a charm is placed on it to make sure that is /stays/ shut. With a soft breath escaping Kaylee she turns to look back to Graham, a faint smirk seen. "Nonsense, if ye need anything I can give ye a hand." This offered with a friendly tone before nodding as she catches the comment from Felicity while making her way back over, arms folding before her. "They get picked up rather more so then people think in all honesty."

Felicity returns from cleansing her hands and offers to shake Graham's free hand. "Healer Rowle." After a pause with an attempt to be a bit more personal - something she's been told she needs to work on she adds, "You may call me Healer Felicity. But I only let the mortal patients call me just Felicity." Yes, she really shouldn't try joking around. She bids a nurse to get that message sent after getting Rhyeline's complete information. If Rhyeline has a registered Floo Network Fireplace a message is also sent via that way. "If you are staying Agent, please make sure that he remains as still as possible. I think he will feel better with that thing taken away to the Ministry." Her wand points at the Dragon in its box before it swishes back to the screen to tap here and there to zoom in and out. "Indeed. You should make a full recovery."
Kaylee has disconnected.

Graham chuckles but stops himself with a small wince "I appreciate it, i'll have to tell her and Sorcha or the dragon will be the least of my worries. Maybe have them meet me at my place if you wouldn't mind helping me over there? For once don't think I can apparatus." he winces just overall feeling a bit lousy run down from blood loss and being numb all over. He looks to the healer and smiles at her words "A pleasure Healer Rowel. Phil's sister?, she's one of my best friends like family." he says weakly.

Mungo's sent notice to floo and owl. So some cinder face with 'hair' that twists up and whimsical ((and looks like Kathy Najimy from Hocus Pocus)) gives the Clerical Secretary voice to inform Rhyeline Diderot that her brother Graham Cohen has been mauled by a Dragon and has been admitted to the Creature Induced Injuries Ward at Saint Mungo's Hospital. Her attendence is requested. And then poof, the coals re-settle and the poor girl is left to her imagination about what she'll find when she arrives.

Graham is actuall Felicity's only patient at the moment so she's taken to leaning on a stool, back rigid and erect beside his bed. She is monitoring what appears to be a thick gellatenous ooze that's encasing Grahams left thigh and hand. Occasionally when it starts to jiggle too much and starts to look melty she uses what looks like some fancy french perfume bottle to squeeze the air bulb and spray the ooze so it solidifies once again. "Yes, Phil is my little sister."

News from St. Mungo's is almost never good. Especially not when it is a rushed message through the floo network. Upon learning that her brother has been /mauled/… by a /dragon/, Rhyeline rises from her chair by the fireplace, scattering the sheets of her muggle newspaper. She doesn't even wait for her guard. Without hesitation, she takes a fistfull of floo powder and says in a soft, but clear tone- "St. Mungo's!" Upon arriving, it takes a few moments for her dizziness to dissappate. Somehow she manages to keep her footing. No doubt by then, her guard has caught up, but unless someone holds her back, she is heading straight for the Creature Induced Injuries Ward. Her hands are balled into tight fists at her sides as she steps into the main ward and searches for her brother. She looks pale and her eyes shine with anxiety.

Bailey's reflexes are, gratefully, excellent. So when Rhyeline panics her way through the Floo, she is hot on her charge's tail, bursting into the St. Mungo's lobby behind her. "Miss Diderot, please wait for me." She says it because she must, but she doesn't really expect Rhyeline to heed her. So she just picks up her pace, staying close by in case any sick people attack Rhyeline. Hey, it's a legitimate concern, it's happened before.

"I'll have to tell her the story when I see her again." Graham says as he realizes who's the healer is. He lowers his head a bit lightheaded he lowers his head back to the pillow. Rhyeline will be greeted to her brother looking a bit pale and weak, and laying flat on a bed having healing goop reapplied at need or rather solidified. He raises his head at the sudden entrance and winces as he moves to fast "Hello sister." he says to her.

Felicity stands up when they are joined by a one distraught and one concerned familiar faces. She well knows both of the constant out-patients that have just come in. So she is for a moment confused. "If I have appointments with you I'm sorry, they will have to wait." But then Graham's greeting her. "Yes, Rhyeline is your sister that was contacted." She gets a rather impressed smile. "You are very fast Miss Diderot. Your brother Auror Cohen is very stable and will be allowed to be taken home in under two hours. If you can remain calm you are welcomed to sit with us." After Rhyeline is processed through her very clinical mind she looks to Bailey in a 'still processing' bemused way.

Rhyeline freezes, staring across the ward at her adopted brother with keen attention. He doesn't look as close to death as she'd feared. But the healer beside him isn't one she knows well. After all, her curse wasn't caused by a magical creature or artefact. She observes Felicity with obvious caution, but her hands relax at her sides when she is told that Graham is stable. Without a word, she approaches and makes her way to Graham's side if permitted. She keeps the healer in her peripheral vision, giving her as much space as possible. Peeking up at Graham at last, she draws rather close to murmur, "Are you alright? Does it hurt?" Her eyes shine with hushed concern.

Bailey remains by the door, standing guard as Rhyeline tends to the man she has claimed as a brother. But her stoic mask cracks a little at Felicity's confusion, and she gives the Healer a quiet smirk. "I'm not here for an appointment, Felicity. I'm on the job." She gestures to Rhyeline. Her hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail, a sure sign that she's working.

Graham watches between the healer and his sister a moment. He looks to his sister knowing she doesn't like healers or the hospital given her background. "I am okay." he says seeming to relax a bit further. "I did until the potion, now numb bit lightheaded. Sorry I worried you." he says he adds in lowered words as to not be overheard "The healer is Phil's sister." he hopes this helps relax her some.

Felicity gives one solid nod as all of the different components of the scene are processed and she manages a smile. "Very good. I was worried." She admits that part of her bemusement was for fear something happened to Bailey and her very first patient ever was in a poor way. "He really is doing very well." She tries to assure Rhyeline. Sometimes our clerk only receives snippets of information in the rush to save lives. She's required to inform the patient contacts that information. I am sorry if it distressed you. I know you are of fragile health. If you would like I can bring one of the reclinders in and make you more comfortable." Very few patients see this more tender and nurturing side of Felicity. But she is trying to be more personable.

A healer is still a healer. The scent of St. Mungo's has Rhyeline on edge. Having spent so many months at death's door, she has come to associate the hospital's smell with that feeling of death. Though caution still shines in the little one's dark gaze, she studies the healer for a time before giving a small appreciative nod. "Thank you…" she murmurs.

Bailey has only been following Rhyeline around for a week or so, but she's already gotten the sense of the young woman's apprehension about Healers. Perhaps feeling a little defensive of Felicity, or of Rhyeline's own sense of well-being, she chimes in. "Miss Diderot, Healer Rowle has taken care of me for years. I might not be here if not for her care."

Graham looks back to the healer "You did very well I owe you for certain." The auror looks back to his sister as she looks on edge still he reaches out with his good hand for hers. He looks up "One thing you dont think about, does the dark wizard have a dragon." he smirks slightly "Seems like your job should have an assigned bed at St Mungo's too." he says to the guard though really one of the first time he's spoken to her.

Perhaps if Rhyeline had met this particular healer outside the hospital, her apprehension would not be neary so great. Scent brings memories. Drowning in memories of near death, the little one cannot help but be on edge and cautious. Until a recliner is brought, Rhyeline sits down on the edge of Graham's bed. Peeking up at him, she bites her lower lip before murmuring, "What happened? You said… a dark wizard?" Rhyeline does her best to be gentle, but still can't help but cling a bit to Graham's good hand.

Bailey sighs, shaking her head slightly. She's not overly bothered, she's supposed to be invisible. But ever since the last encounter in Flights of Fancy, she's feeling more connected to her assignment. She can only hope that doesn't get back to her supervisor.

Graham sits back resting so that he can be freed, he's not as uncomfortable as his sister but doesn't like it at the hospital either. He smiles as the hand reach is accepted. "I got a tip went to investigate, the darkwizard I disarmed tied up.. he had an juvenile norwegian ridgeback with him bit my thigh and jabbed through my hand." he winces at the thought but the story is told.

"Oh dear…" murmurs Rhyeline, biting her lower lip. "But- he has been caught then? And… it was just a small one, yes? Though I think- I think that… Phil will still be upset with you…" Despite her anxiety, the little one does her best to offer Graham a soft smile.

Bailey winces, eyes Graham's injuries — or rather, the goop covering them. "I don't see that kind of danger on my job, most of the time. I think we'd best leave the assigned beds to you Aurors." There she goes, speaking again. So unprofessional.

The auror nods "Yes he was picked up by others from my office. Kaylee's was here she and her department took the dragon. Yes if it was full grown I hope I wouldnt have been taken by surprise as I was" Graham says easily enough though holding his chest when he laughs not to move his body too much. He looks to the guard "That's a plus, I think."

Felicity returns with a hovering cozy recliner chair and a comfortable if not as cozy chair for Bailey to sit in. Lower back support but not high enough to block any view. It took her several minutes to pick just the right chair for what she thought a bodyguard would need in a seat. She returns to Graham's other side once she's gotten the recliner set up to his right side so Rhyeline can be comfortable and close and more importantly out of her way should something arise. "The hunch is that the dragon was recently acquired at some Black Market." She looks rather excited, but never does her professional clinical airs dissipate fully. But she's attempting bed-side 'chatting'. "The spine of the Ridgeback's tail pierced his hand completely between his trapezoid and capitate bones. He'll have absolute use of his phalanges. I did quite good to snip the spine at the base so it could be pushed through his hand instead of pulled back through, the spine has very small barbs, but Auror Cohen was very brave and still. He will make a full recovery. Though your sweat and urine will smell very strongly of asparagus for the next week Auror Cohen." She smiles as she over explains the next bit. "In order to make the dragon stop gnawing on Auror Cohen's thigh, he was given a potion that made him taste like asparagus. Literally. The dragon is a carnivore. So you see…he didn't find him tasty any more and released Auror Cohen from it's hungry grip. It's really no fault of the dragon. It was probably not fed properly in it's confinement in the Black Market." She doesn't even notice the others are talking as she explains.

Rhyeline settles in the cozy recliner chair with the caution of someone climbing into a rickety rowboat that might sink into an icy lake. She keeps ahold of Graham's hand. It's difficult to tell who is reassuring whom here. Felicity's bed-side manner draws a stare from the little mouse. At the viceral descriptions of Graham's injuries, she looks to her brother with alarm and then back to the healer. Asparagus? She blinks. A clever solution, even she must admit.

Bailey nods gratefully to Felicity, but remains standing by the door. She'll maintain some level of professionalism. "Selling dragons on the black market?" Her eyes widen worriedly. "Must be the Shadow Bazaar. That's the only way anyone is moving a dragon in the middle of London."

The auor is silent a moment he's listening to those talk around him for the moment about his treatment and the dragon trade and all. Graham seems to have closed his eyes perhaps the rush of energy from the situation having left him still holding hands as he does so, he's nodded off at least until woken up to make his way home where he can rest to heal fully.

Felicity just offers a sweet smile to Rhyeline. "He really is going to be good as new as they say." It's just one more spritzing to keep the flesh knitting goo stabilized but then it's left to liquefy and sludge off into a bowl that's position to catch said drippage. Once that's all said and done she tucks in Graham after using some meding spells on his trousers. "When he wakes up it's fine to take him home. Normal activity level is fine, but just make sure he doesn't get poked in the areas too much." She reaches over and gingerly pat-pats Rhyeline's hand on Graham's. Then she passes by Bailey's shoulder before she heads out since there seems to be some trauma in the Artefact ward she's being summoned for.

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