(1938-11-14) Cousins Fight
Details for Cousins Fight
Summary: Vincent and Emily's argument, which started following Cory's Magijugend interview intensifies.
Date: 14th November 1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room
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After her whisper Emily's eyes flick up, glancing towards the seventh year as she departs. A wicked mischievous smile slides against her lips, and Emily's eyes light up with intrigue. With a hop, the child starts towards the exit herself, but she turns to both Cory and Vincent as he raises a hand, a palm facing them. "See you, losers, I've got things to do. Don't hurt yourself too hard trying to think on what to do next." And she strolls towards the exit.

Vincent picks up the nearest textbook and simply launches it across the common room aiming in the direction of Emily "Hurry or the Mud-bloods will wonder where their champion is!" he shouts as he throws it.

With her back to the boys, heading towards the exit, Emily freezes as the book strikes her back. It only takes a fraction of a second, but a sharp intake of air is drawn in before she lets out a high pitched, echoing scream throughout the common room. The first scream is short lived, but as she spins around the second scream that escapes her is prolonged as she scrunches up her shoulders and screws up her face. When the scream fades, the girl is breathless and red in the face as she rounds on Vincent. "Ow, you stupid boy! You really are dimwitted." She hisses and plucks up a pillow from the sofa, immediately starting to flail it at Vincent, screeching angrily.

Vincent tries his best not to giggle too hard. "Oh really, A pillow" he smiles "Such a scary girlie!"

Emily screeches as she flails the pillow at Vincent. "That hurt, you stupid jerk! You're such a stupid, stupid boy. Now you're going to be in trouble. You think you're so smart, but that's what dimwitted folks always think." Her torrent of words eventually fades and she finishes by hurling the pillow into his gut with one bonus scream, very red in the face both from fury and exertion.

A few students grumble with the annoyance of the two first years. "Shut up, will you. Geez."
"Pipe down, pipsqueaks, or you're going to get thrown out."

No one really gets up to deal with it though, but Emily's finished anyway, panting and scowling at her cousin.

Vincent looks to Emily and Scowls "You always have to disgrace the family don't you, you and your lot. Go away, calm down and grow up!" and he turns to pick up a nearby book, which this time he chooses to pretend to read. Hoping that if he ignores the girl she will leave.

Oh, Emily is definitely leaving. But she backs up to the exit this time, keeping a wary eye on Vincent. "You made a /big/ mistake, Mister," Emily remarks in a huff. Her chin lifts when she reaches the exit, snubbing the boy as she lets out a 'hmph.' And she runs out.

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