(1938-11-14) Magijugend Interivew: Cory
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Summary: Medusa interviews Cory in the Slytherin Common Room. Vincent shows an interest but Emily is just a pain. Plus she totally picks her nose.
Date: 14 November 1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room

Medusa is seated on her usual favourite sofa, she is casually reading a copy of the Prophet in between students approaching her for favours or bringing her things. Peculiarly she has faint yellow splotches on the left side of her face and also on the palm of her right hand.

The window looking into the water is pretty cool, and Emily often watches it to see if she can see anything passing by when she's distracting herself from schoolwork. But right now, the young is standing and staring intently at a basket of flowers and candy that sits on a table. Her eyes are narrowed suspiciously, the two braids falling down her back. Eventually, she yanks her head away, looking around the common room. "Alright, who wants to help me out?" she announces.

Cory walks in the common room from the maze, he stops everbody he pass by if they see Miss Malfoy, everbody told him to look in the common room so he did. Cory spots her and walks over, he waits for her to notice him.

Help a first year? Not likely. Medusa glances briefly at Emily and then away. "Travers," she says spotting Cory standing before her. The copy of the Daily Prophet is folded and set beside her making it clear he is not to sit. "What can I do for you?"

Vincent enters the common room, trying to remember where he put his bag for class. He looks round and cannot see it. As he does he spots Medusa, and tries to avoid her gaze, trying his best to not look intimidated, although he hasn't met her before, her reputation precedes her. He takes a seat on a leather couch nearby to her and begins to mentally retrace his steps.

Cory looks down at the ground and nods. "Miss Malfoy, I was told by Professor Flint to talk to you about joining the The Magijugend."

Vincent's ears hear the word Magijugend and he turns his head to look at Cory and Medusa, trying to not make it too obvious that he is listening in to their conversation.

It is well known that Medusa is one of the two student Overseers placed in charge of the Magijugend. "Alright. Sit." She clearly expects Cory to just sit on the floor or maybe the coffee table, but not next to her. Turning her head towards Emily and Vincent in turn she enquires, "Do either of you wish to join the Magijugend as well?"

Vincent looks to her as she speaks "I would like to find out more about it. Other than knowing what the word actually means I don't know a lot about it." he replies as he lowers his gaze and tries to avoid eye contact.

Cory nods even more as he finds a place to sit, a small chair that's within speaking rage but not within Malfoy close cirle so he don't get her mad.. "Thank you for taking your time to speak wirth me Miss Malfoy."

"It began in Drumstrang in Norway as a youth group devoted to the teachings of Gellert Grindelwald." Medusa begins her explanation. "For young witches and wizards interested in preserving the purity of magic and respecting the traditions of the wizarding world. When you express an interest in joining you are interviewed, either by myself or Ria Sykes. If we find your answers suitable we inform the Headmaster (Flint) and he makes the final decision."

Vincent smiles as he hears the word 'Durmstrang'. He looks to her and asks "Do you mean, like keeping magic away from the mud-bloods and squibs?" his eyes widen in a way where it would be obvious he approved of this idea.

Cory looks over from Medusa to Vincent then back, he stay's quiet and just listens for now.

"Really?" Emily says, a hand moving to perch against her hip. "No one can help me?" She rolls her eyes as she lifts her chin importantly, and she lifts her hand to flick at her braid. "Hmph." She walks away from the table, leaving the basket to sit on the surface, and when her hazel eyes spy Vincent she greets, "Oh, hey, Vincent." And the child suddenly lets out a snicker, rolling her eyes, as the Magijugend is mentioned. Yea, no /thank you/. That would severely limit her play time. "School has me /way/ too busy."

Vincent shakes his head as he hears Emily speak. His gaze towards her is one of disappointment. He pauses for a moment then speaks "Hello." he says curtly, his face now devoid of emotion, as he returns to looking at Medusa.

"Suit yourself," Medusa says to Emily. "Just remember, good families have expectations." She looks away from the girl and back to the two boys. "The law says anyone who has the ability to use magic must be taught to use it properly, so as the law stands we have a responsiblity to mudbloods and half-bloods. But certainly not ordinary muggles. Members are given a copy of Grindelwald's manifesto to read. He explains things far more eloquently." She looks at Cory. "Are you ready for your interview, we can do it here and he," she indicates Vincent, "can listen in."

Cory says, "I don't mind if he listens in, and here is fine."

Vincent winces slightly as Medusa states that people Vincent would not class as being proper witches and wizards should still be taught, but he breaks into a smile when Muggles being kept away from magic is mentioned. "Thank you" he says to her, for the offer of letting him listen.

Medusa snaps her fingers and a second year appears next to her, "Millicent, go get my Magijugend notebook. It is on top of my chest." The girl runs off to the girl's seventh year dorms to do Medusa's bidding. "I will ask you a series of questions, Travers. I want you to think carefully about your answer because what you say will determine what Flint decides." Eager to please the Slytherin Queen Millicent comes running back, panting a moment later and hands the notebook over to Medusa.

Cory nods to Medusa again. "I will then." He watch's the girl run off then return with the notebook, he just sits there waiting for his questions.

Medusa flips to an empty page and takes a pencil from the notebook. She writes down Cory's name, house and year then starts with her first question. "Why do you wish to join the Magijugend?"

Emily rolls her eyes as she watches the two boys. She regards Cory with a squint, peering at him. "So eager to throw away his free play," she remarks as she comes up beside Vincent. To him, she gives him a look as both her eyebrows arch. "You need some stupid club to help you make choices?" she asks, not all that loudly since, clearly, Medusa is busy with Cory. "I guess a boy doesn't know how to be their own person. Kind of a disappointing," she adds on with a sigh. "Even you act like a stupid boy. I thought you were smarter."

Cory says, "I wish to help uphold the history and traditions of the wizarding world, and follow the ideals Grindelwald to make a stronger world for us wizards and witch's."

Vincent turns to Emily as she speaks to him "You're just a disgrace to your heritage. Daddy always said worst thing your mum did was to marry your dad. As if you'd choose to be a Gibbon, after being raised a Goyle. You're lucky you weren't born a squib!" he turns back to Medusa and Cory, realising he completely missed what Cory's response was.

The answer is barely out of the Travers boy's mouth before Medusa asks the next. "What is your opinion on teaching magic to half-bloods and Muggle-born?" She gives Vincent a sidelong glance, curious to his reaction to the questions. If the Gorgon hears Emily's chatter it isn't clear but given the girl's proximity it is likely that Emily's words were heard and stored away for later.

Cory hopes his first answer was the right one. "He thinks this over for a while before speaking, he knows the answer to this one by heart. "I think Mudblood should learn magic becuse they have pure wizard in them and with the right breeding the dirty muggle blood can be weeded out but give them limit on what they can learn so they won't over power us Pure bloods as for muggles they are just stealing our magic and they shouldn't have it at all, they stole that power from a real wizard becuse they have no real wizard blood in them at all."

"/What/?" Emily's voice suddenly squeaks as she raises her voice. She turns to face Vincent fully, narrowing her eyes on him. "You really are a /stupid boy/. Urgh!" The child throws up her hands, rolling her eyes as her chin lifts as if to snub him. "Yea, yea, why /don't/ you join. Go follow orders and be a dumb pawn." She rolls her eyes and turns, but she looks back over her shoulder at her cousin. "But when you want to do something fun instead of being bored to death, you aren't invited." She sticks out her tongue at Vincent.

Vincent looks to Emily in disgust. "Daddy was right about your lot it would seem." he glared at her "You know there are some things more important than fun. Now run along and go play with the mud-bloods. Good Girl!" his voice is calm, and his words appear calculated as he speaks. He simply returns his look to Medusa and smiles "Sorry about her. So, so sorry!"

Scratch, scratch against the paper goes Medusa's pencil as she writes down Cory's answer. Or draws little midgets. Since he can't see what she is doing in the notebook he'll never know. "Last question, a bit of an odd one given the fact you are in Slytherin, but I just need to note down the answer all the same. "What is your blood status, Travers?" The interaction between Emily and Vincent has her shrugging, "Family is like that. There is always one." A rather startled looking second year rushes over to the back of Medusa's sofa and bumps into it. He looks terrified and confused as he thrusts a bit of paper into her hand. She grabs it and looks at it, her eyes going wide. Whatever was said on that paper will never be known because Medusa gets to her feet and throws it directly into the fire, watching it burn. Then, as if she remembers she has an audience snaps at Cory, "Answer the question will you."

Cory says, "I am a pure blood, I can trace my family back several Generations in both the Travers and Carrow." Cory says, "both are pure Slytherin family as you know."

Vincent listens intently to the questions, trying to ignore emily "Unfortunately the one in my family is also in my house, at my school." he says in response to Medusa. He cocks his head as he listens to the questions being asked, nodding with agreement as Cory answers.

Emily freezes, and whirls around, her braids whipping behind her as she pulls a very sour look. "You are absolutely /nuts/ if you think I'm going anywhere near one of those creepy crawlies." She huffs, and rounds back on Vincent. "Did you know they can infect you with a /touch/? Urghh…" escapes her as she shudders. "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew," she chants as she turns, shaking herself as if she'd just been touched by diseased ridden flies. And then she just freezes, her hazel eyes widening as she catches Medusa's… "What was that?" she asks sharply, full of curiosity. "Did you just get a letter from a gross boy?"

Forced to finish the job Medusa just jots something down. "Right. I'll get this off to Flint. He'll decide what he wants to do." The notebook and pencil are shoved into her pocket. "You," she says to Emily, "are annoying. Go pick your nose or something." Turning then, Medusa points a finger at Vincent, "And you Goyle, we'll do an interview for you next time. I have to go see to something now."

Cory stands up at last and nods to Medusa. "Thank you for leting me take up your time."

Vincent smiles as Medusa sets to leave and says "Thank you. It seems the MagiJugend would improve my circle of friends, ensuring I have the right sort." as he says the words 'right sort' he scowls towards Emily, and forces a sarcastic false smile.

No, no, no. Emily wants to know. Her eyebrows wing upwards as she peers at Medusa, then turns to glance at the fire, and then back to the seventh year. "What was that?" she asks again. But then she's shaking her head and sticking out her tongue, suddenly flailing as she looks appalled. "/Disgusting/!" she hisses out at the 'pick your nose' thing. "That is so /gross/." She whirls, and to the nearest student, whispers sharply, "I just found out that Malfoy likes to pick her nose."

A loudmouthed first year seems to be the least of the Gorgon's worries right now, but then she did send a prefect to the mental ward of St Mungo's this year. With her over robes flapping behind her she tears out of the common room.

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