(1938-11-14) The Boggart in the Cupboard
Details for The Boggart in the Cupboard
Summary: Hide and seek fail.
Date: 14th November 1938
Location: Club Room

Vincent walks into the Club Room, and looks around. He wonders to himself whether this is the place that the girls meet for their secret Knicker club. He giggles to himself as he looks around, eyeing up the chests to see if there is anything interesting in them. As he does so he notices his shoelaces are undone again. "Bloody laces!" he says as he stoops to tie them……again.

From inside one of the cupboards there can be heard muffled giggling. It's the cupboard that holds the baking supplies for Domestics Club. Fiona is hoping she will lose Hide and Seek for once. She usually ends up winning by default when Grace forgets they are playing and goes off to do something else. Today she has been clever and hidden with the ingredients in the hope that Grace might come this way and earn herself a win for a change.

Grace does eventually make it into the club room, absently sucking on her thumb, and for once in her life appears to still be playing. Sort of. "Feee!" she calls hopelessly, withdrawing her thumb for just long enough to whine. "I can't fiiiiiind you!" Perhaps, of course, part of the reason she can't find her friend is due to her extreme lack of paying attention to anything, which is the same reason that she suddenly comes to an abrupt halt, banging into the bent form of Vincent.

Vincent turns his head slightly as he hears a giggle coming from a cupboard, or at least it sounds like a giggle. He is just about to give up on his laces when a large weight bangs into him from behind. He straightens up, looking a little disturbed by the giggling and the bump, and sees Grace. "Oh….it's you!" he says and looks to grace.

When she hears Grace's voice Fiona does the exact opposite of what anyone else playing Hide and Seek would do, she coughs. Then just to be sure she coughs again. Louder. Is there an old chain smoking woman in that cupboard?

"It's me!" Grace agrees, then looks blank. "But I'm looking for Fiona." The coughing from the cupboard garners her interest for a moment before she dismisses it as just another coughing cupboard. Because, y'know. Cupboards do that. All the time. "Have you seen her?"

Vincent hears the coughing, and looks to Grace as she speaks, a look of slight fear on his face "No, but did you hear that?" he asked "last time a cupboard at home did that it was a Boggart! I don't even know if they can get into Hogwarts, but they are really scary!"

They are taking sooo long and Fiona is getting a bit annoyed. She was in here waiting for a good fifteen minutes for Grace. Okay, more like five, but it feels longer. Since coughing didn't work Fiona tries other sounds. The first one she opts for is to bawk like a chicken.

Grace blinks at that new sound. "Do boggarts sound like chickens?" she asks, bemused. "I thought they were big, scary monsters."

Vincent looks very uncomfortable now. Last thing he wanted was for his fears to burst from the cupboard, he brings out his wand and points it at the cupboard "Ah, what was the spell Daddy used?……Erm…" he flicks his wand with determination at the cupboard "Redikumus!" he shouts as a small "pffft" noise is heard from the end of his wand. "Ahh! Bugger!" he shouts as he continues to try the same incorrect incantation again, and again, resulting in the same "pffft" noise on each attempt.

Grace stares at first as the wand comes out, tilting her head. And then begins to giggle. She points at his wand, noting, "It sounds like a…" she lowers her voice, giggling more, "…fart!"

Funnily enough fart noises weren't what Fiona was opting for next. "Moooo," goes the cupboard. "Mooooo." Then more creatively, "Mooove over here and open the door!"

Vincent screams loudly! "Boggart!" and as he does so he resorts to picking up random objects that are in the club room. Whatever he can get his hands on. He throws the selection of random items at the cupboard "No! You are not my daddy!" he squeals, a look of intense fear on his face. "Boggart, boggart, boggart!" he shouts finally.

Grace shrieks, ducking and covering her head and face with her hands. All the shouting. And the boggart. And the talking cow-cupboard. It's all a bit much for her and she backs off to the corner, lip quivering.

When the cupboard door bags under the impact of the dance shoe Vincent threw at it Fiona wonders just what is going on out there, "Hey! What is going on out there?" The door pushes open and her tiny head appears. "What are you ninnies doing?"

Vincent's face drops from terrified to concerned. "But….Boggart!" he says softly. "I thought you were….." he looks to the ground, a look of shame on his face "Erm…..Sorry?" he says hopefully, looking up at her.

Grace looks up slowly as a Fiona appears, eyes suspiciously red. "Are you a boggart, Fiona? Vincent said you were a boggart!"

"A boggart?" Fiona looks at herself and then at the two of them. "Who'd be scared of me?" It takes her a moment before she laughingly realises what Grace meant. "Oh, when I was in the cupboard. Didn't you tell him we were playing hide and seek, Gracie?"

Vincent looks to grace grumpily. "No, she only said she was looking for you. Not hide and seek! Sorry I threw things at you Fiona."

Grace sucks on her thumb reflexively as she's chastened. "I'm sorry, Fee. I forgot we were playing when he said there was a boggart in the cupboard. I was a bit scared."

"It is alright, Gracie. You win anyway because you found me." Fiona closes the cupboard seeing as how she is now out of it and picks up the dance shoe. "Looks like one of Adie's. He dances in Arts Club. Well more minces. He's a bit of a mincer." She sets the shoe on a table.

Vincent looks to Fiona. "Yeah, clubs. Grace mentioned you are in a club, where you get a necklace, but she didn't know which one it was. What's that all about?" he asks as he looks at her neckline to try and study the necklace a little.

"Did you know you can make mince pies any time of year?" Grace informs them both solemnly. "And you don't have to wait until Christmas, but they are better at Christmas, though, because everyone likes them then and you can feed them to father Christmas and his reindeer too and give them milk."

"Magijugend," Fiona tells Vincent. "But I also am in the arts club and the dueling club and that broom one with Miss Hooch." She grins at Grace. "I like mince pies. I bet they start turning up at lunch soon too. We should fill our pockets with them so we can nibble on mince pies all day."

Vincent looks to Fiona "Magic Youth?" he says simply.

"I want to jooooin," Grace complains, pulling a face and tugging at her skirt. "I sent a letter and everything."

"I am working on a plan to get you in Grace," declares Fiona. A likely hopeless plan. "Uhm…I need to pee." She looks between the two of them, "See you later, no more throwing dance shoes at cupboard."

Grace beams happily. Probably at the plan, possibly at the need to pee. Who knows. "You're my best friend ever, Fee."

Vincent smiles. "I'll be good!" he says as he waves.

Fiona hugs Grace on her way out, doing the potty dance. There aren't enough toilets in this darn castle.

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