(1938-11-14) The Daily Prophet - Birth Announcements
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Summary: Elly Dodderidge had a baby amongst the rioting.
Date: November 14, 1938
Location: Diagon Alley
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Out of all the horrible hatred of the Diagon Alley Riots comes a little beacon of hope. While protecting those within the Leaky Cauldron from being affected by the riot. Elly Dodderidge went into labor and unable to get to St. Mungos due to the riot delivered the baby herself in her room above the Cauldron. Mother and baby are doing well. The baby boy is a beacon of hope that there are good people in the world as well, many of the Cauldron regulars stood guard at the Pub to make sure the mother and son of a squib, Jack, were not disturbed. When the riot was broken up by the M.L.E a round of drinks were on the house as well as free cake to celebrate the unexpected, one week early baby boy. The baby is yet to be named, but is being lovingly refered to as "Squidge". The Leaky Cauldron remains a neutral establishment that won't take sides. Though Elly Dodderidge was quoted as worrying, "What sort of world am I bringing this baby into?" before she was whisked upstairs. For good or for bad, welcome to the world "Squidge" Dodderidge, born November 13th 1938.

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