(1938-11-15) Bridges Rebuilt
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Summary: Rhyeline goes to see Thomas with her guard, Bailey in tow. Reconcilliation is swift. Inevitably under the eye of truth hanging in the window with a great red X drawn through it, the conversation turns to Grindelwald's rise.
Date: Friday, November 15, 1938
Location: Books Unbound

It is Friday Morning, the cool stiff air of Diagon Alley seems to linger with a certain unspoken tenseness. While many shops have yet to open or even begin their daily prep, Books Unbound is already coming to life. The soft lighting bounces through the store, while th sound of song birds can be heard as Jean Valjean the store's manx cat, slinks between bookshelves. Though Books Unbound appears to be almost identical to the way it was a few weeks ago, a simple sign hangs in the window, displaying the Eye Of Truth, with a giant Red X through it. Thomas can be seen behind the bar, slipping a few baked goods into the display, his warm cup of coffee sitting in a black square mug and a lit cigarette sitting idly in the glass ashtray.

Rhyeline hasn't said much to her bodyguard about where she is going this morning. However, it would be obvious to anyone that the little one is nervous. Apparating onto the street outside, she takes a moment to get her bearings. Upon noticing the provocative sign in Thomas' window, she bites her lower lip. Once Bailey has arrived, Rhyeline peeks up at her, almost as if seeking reassurance, before approaching the Bookshop that stands across from Laurence's broom shop.

The door opens and with great care, Rhyeline slips into the shop. She keeps close to the exit as she peeks over at Thomas, full of caution. She seems ready at the slightest sign to slip back out onto the street.

Bailey nearly begins heading toward Flights of Fancy, but realizes that Rhyeline is heading the other direction. Lifting an eyebrow, she follows her charge, pausing for half a moment to note the crossed out Eye of Truth. A sigh escapes her lips, and her features harden. Time to be professional. She maintains a respectful distance from Rhyeline once inside, but always keeps her in view, with a clear path to her if necessary.

Thomas does say anything as his gaze moves up from adjust the baked goods to Rhyeline, he simple turns around and pulls down a green and orange mug and pulls his wand out, tapping his wand against the Espresso machine, causing it to shake and roar to life for a few moments, before he starts to fill one teaball with loose black tea leaves. Looking at the other person, as if expecting Bailey to say something, before reaching over and picking up his cigarette taking a hard long drag off of it, "Well?" he says to Bailey, "Tea or Coffee? If tea what kind of tea?" he says putting the teaball in the orange mug and sitting it on a tray, filling it with hot water and sliding it towards Rhyeline on a tray, "There you go, hon. Tis cold out there." he says gesturing towards the tea taking another drag off his cigarette.

Rhyeline's hands tighten into fists at her sides when Thomas simply turns his back to her. Her eyes shine with pain- but then she realizes that Thomas is preparing cups of tea. Gathering her courage, the little mouse approaches with great caution. She takes up the mug and warms her hands against its sides, gazing up at Thomas in silence.

Bailey lifts her chin in a sign of attention when she is addressed. But she simply lifts a staying hand, offers a polite smile, and shakes her head. "None for me, thank you."

"Come now it's cold." Thomas says shaking his head, taking another drag off his cigarette, before simply filling a tea ball with Earl Grey and dropping it in the green mug, filling it with water and sitting it on a tray and sliding it next to Rhyeline, picking up his mug he looks at Rhyeline, "She going to buy a book?" he asks with a playful grin as he taps the butt of his cigarette.

"She's… she's just supposed to watch," murmurs Rhyeline in a quiet, apologetic tone. Lowering her gaze, she tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "I hope it's alright that I'm here… that- that she's here… Graham said that- that… and so did Cassius… they said what happened… just a misunderstanding…"

Bailey's eyes flicker to Rhyeline, her thoughts turning to a previous conversation. A moment of indecision tightens her lips, but finally she nods and approaches. "Thank you," she says quietly, trying not to interrupt, and takes the cup of tea. She still moves back a few steps, giving the two their space to talk. But the warmth and soothing herbs of the drink quickly takes a bit of the edge off of her tense stance.

Thomas shrugs and says, "I figured but I told you next time they had to buy a book." he says with a small nod, "So is she going to buy a book?" he asks, taking the last hard drag off his cigarette, before putting it out in the ashtray, watching as Jean Valjean moves to rub against Rhyeline's leg, greeting her after not seeing her in such a long time. Bringing his mug to his lips, he takes a slow sip, his eyes moving across Rhyeline for a moment as if calculating something in his mind, "I apologize." he says simply taking a sip of his coffee.

Rhyeline peeks up at Bailey with a soft, appreciative smile. The mouse gives a tiny squeak and tightens her hold upon the cup of tea when the cat sneaks up on her to rub against hier leg. She gazes down at the cat with a touch of shy caution. Being nervous and always keeping her distance from the creature of course draws it to her every time. The simple words Thomas utters ensnares the little one's attention. She forgets the cat and gazes up at him. Biting her lower lip, she hesitates a moment or so before giving a small nod of acceptance and appreciation. "Please… forgive me as well… I… I am a slow one to trust… it's- it's… difficult for me to- to share… even harmless secrets…"

Bailey says nothing, but gives Thomas a smirk over the rim of her teacup and shakes her head when he asks again if she's going to buy a book. Sorry Mister Shopkeeper, she's just loitering today.

Thomas nods as he leans against the bar, "You sure, we have the widest selection of books in the Alley, both muggle and wizard texts." he says offering Bailey a small wink, then his attention goes back to Rhyeline, "I perhaps was not the most tactful in my approach." he says with a small wave of his hand, "Now that is settled, we have both said out bit." he says taking another sip of his coffee, "I never want to hear about that misunderstanding again." he says with a small nod, "I certainly hope you have been well Rhyeline." he says curiously.

"I've been well," murmurs Rhyeline with a small nod before glancing down into her teacup. "Recent events- I've been very occupied. Preoccupied. But- please… before we forget the misunderstanding…? I- I'd like to know… did- did Phil tell you about- about the fact that- that I could give Cassius pureblood children?" The possibility that Phil might have fed or even shared Thomas' suspicions of her has weighed heavy in her mind. Biting her lower lip, she peeks up at Thomas with great apprehension.

Bailey lowers her eyes to her teacup, as if that would somehow make her unable to hear the conversation. But at least she can politely pretend she's not listening.

Thomas takes a sip of his coffee, "Rhyeline, do you think I had not considered that when I had asked you for a courtship." he says simply, with a small wave of his hand, "I may not be a purist, but I am a Carrow, I would hate for my chilren to suffer through what Lilith has." he says his fingers tapping against his cup slowly, "Never liked how that situation was handled, though my Family is not known to be the most understanding." he says with a small shrug, "Should have seen my Brother's face when he showed up with that sign and I accepted it and put the giant red X on it and hung it up." he says with a chuckle.

Rhyeline's cheeks burn with shame upon realizing that she had jumped to such conclusions about her dear friend Phil. Thomas' own accusations now pale in comparison. With a small nod, all he said that night is forgiven, though it might take her longer to forgive herself now. She hides behind her cup of tea for a long, slow sip. Peeking over the brim at Thomas, she can't help but give a small, mirthless smile. "Yes… I've been- rather preoccupied with the manifesto. Cassius is- is faced with a difficult decision… Though both he and- and Grindelwald have advocated an end to secrecy, their similarities have ended there…"

Bailey shifts her eyes to the window sign, brow crinkling in disapproval. Forgetting to pretend she's not listening, her arches an eyebrow at Rhyeline. She's heard her talk about this before, and while Bailey isn't a part of the Unity Party, she's connected to it through her job now, so there is some interest there.

Thomas looks into his coffee cup and stares silently for a few moments, not saying anything the look on his face grave, "Well you know my views on both groups." he says bringing his hand up and dismissing it all, "I haven't read the Manifesto nor do I think I will, there are far better books to be read, then the rambles of a mad man." he says with a small nod, "Like I've said, we are no ready for Muggles then Muggles are for us." he says giving a small shrug.

"That might be true… and- I wish that the debate were still between unity and- and leaving the muggles to their own devices. But- Grindelwald has amassed great power. I fear that- that now it is only a matter of time before the veil of secrecy falls… And so now- we are faced only with the choice of /how/ it will come about here in the United Kingdom…" Falling silent, Rhyeline brings her cup of tea to her lips, rather preoccupied indeed.

Bailey frowns a bit when Thomas confesses that he hasn't read the manifesto. Not that she has, either. But then, she's not putting targets in her window. "You're inviting trouble from enemies that you're not willing to research?" She gestures to the sign. "I apologize for interjecting, but I have to admit I've very nervous about Miss Diderot's safety here with that thing in the window."

Thomas looks at the sign then back at Bailey, "There is nothing to research, the general points are rather clear." he says with a small wave of his hand, "We have the Seekers, who support the concept that we should with force take the world and Rule the muggles." he says taking a sip of his coffee, "Then we have another party which pities, them." he says with a small shrug, "I feel both are ridiculous, as Muggles are increasingly Brilliant. They need neither pity nor to be ruled." he says shaking his head, "The concept that either is a solution, is just further proof that we are not ready for them and they are not ready for us." he explains his hand moving to run through his hair.

"As far as being a target and inviting trouble." he says with a smirk, "What are they going to do? Loot my store and steal my books?" he shrugs slightly, "Well if that is the case, then I certainly hope they read part of them, especially the muggle ones." he says looking over his store, a fond glint in his eyes, "Or they could burn them, but I would simple be seen selling bits of burnt paper on the street corner, with the same sign around my neck." he explains with a small nod, "It is in fear that they gain strength, it is in fear that they are able to thrive." he reaches into his vest and pulls out a pack of Chesterfields and pulls one out to light it, "I am a Carrow, I bow to no wizard, no man, no concept of the so called, "Greater Good". I stand firmly in my place and allow no fear to sway my beliefs." he says lifting his mug up to Bailey with a smile.

Rhyeline gazes at Thomas from over the brim of her teacup, taking in his words with great care. She is silent for a time, even after he is finished, reflecting on his words. Lowering her cup at last, she murmurs, "Muggles are brilliant in many ways… but- they have their shortcommings… as we have ours. We could learn from each other… education would be mutual and crucial to a smooth transition to a single world where we are no longer magical nor muggle… but rather… we are one mankind. And- stand as firm as you like… the movement on the continent is like a tidal wave coming to our shores. Unless we gather enough strength to create a bulwark against it, we will each be swept away…"

Bailey sighs, shaking her head. "Fine sentiments, sir, and it's perfectly within your right to stand up to those-…to people who would try to intimidate you. But what about the innocent bystanders? Your strength of character won't help a shop full of customers when a Blasting Curse comes through that window and lights this place up like a Christmas Tree." She bites her lip, suddenly looking down and away. She's done it again. "I'm sorry. I'm speaking out of place."

Thomas shakes his head, "But isn't that part of the growing storm across Europe?" he asks Rhyeline with a sigh, "Every step of the way, one side flexes the other feels the need to flex a little more?" his eyes close for a moment as he thinks, slipping into deep concentration, "The issue is, not mounting a defense against on another but to defuse the situation all together." he explains opening his eyes, shaking his head again, "Sign or no sign, if this continues it won't matter." he says looking at Bailey, "So I put this sign up and the Seekers, blast a curse through the window." he starts, his face growing grave, "I don't put the sign up and it starts a riot, like it did the other day." he continues, "I put a sign for Unity and they do the same, a curse through my window." he continues, "I put the Eye of Truth up in my window and now I have made enemies on the other side of things." he shrugs slightly, "The issue is there is no right choice… this is so heated you make enemies and become a target no matter what you do."

"No… no longer is there an ideal outcome… that opportunity has slipped through our fingers. Now- we are left to choose the best of worse alternatives…" Lowering her gaze, Rhyeline murmurs, "Unless… unless enough would stand with Cassius against Grindelwald… he- he might be forced down a different route… to do what he can to mitigate the violence that- that muggles would face… because defusing the situation? I have read the manifesto… in three languages… I have followed all the newspapers I could find, both wizarding and muggle… I do not think that this tidal wave can be stopped any longer… Our true choices- I think they are quite limited."

Bailey sets her jaw, biting her tongue. Clearly, there is more she'd like to say on the matter — it's written all over her face. But she's stepped out of line too often lately. A bodyguard isn't there to offer opinions.

Thomas chuckles and looks at Bailey, "If you have something to say speak your mind. Rhyeline will be one to tell you, that I am rather open and very often speak mine." he says with a chuckle, "This is the issue Rhyeline, no one wants to see the other options." he says shaking his head, "The Ministry needs to step in, put and end to all of this here on this continent." he says shaking his head, "They need to be discussing with the German I.M.C. what they are doing to thwart the threat of Grindelwald, the other Ministries need to offer support to put a swift end to all of this nonsense." he says shaking his head, "But what has happened is that their are too many voices, too many people are split." he explains shaking his head.

"You should know Thomas… the secret efforts to negotiate peace on the continent long since fell… despite my efforts to preserve them… Our ties with the German wizarding government are severely damaged… It is my hope that we can unite in purpose here to put an end to Grindelwald's threat… but more and more… I witness such vacillation… selfish preoccupation…" Falling silent, Rhyeline bows her head, clinging tight to her cup. Noticing how Atlanta looks to her, Rhyeline peeks over at her and blinks. Then the little one realizes how her guardian is held back by professionalism and so she murmurs, "Please… when you speak… it's helpful. It is my request that you stand near and join us."

Bailey is so going to get fired. But she nods and steps close, placing her teacup on the counter. "I can't speak much about the political situation. It's all beyond me. But, Mister Carrow, your assessment of the immediate danger is a bit skewed. Doing nothing didn't start a riot. I don't believe it was any coincidence that riot began at the shop owned by the Minister's son. There is an enormous difference between taking no part in the conflict, and opening mocking one side of it. That sign mocks Grindelwald's supporters. It openly invites their wrath. I'm telling you this not as a member of any political movement, but simply as a security professional."

Thomas shakes his head, "Like I said everyone is too divided Rhyeline." he says letting out a small sigh. "The issue remains, Rhyeline. There is currently no viable solution to all of this. The world around us is exploding and I think all this is doing is brewing a storm over the Wizarding World as well as the Muggle one." he explains shaking his head, before looking back at Bailey, "Sure, but how many Seekers are going to take que from it? Showing up at my shop and demanding like they have that I put the sign in my window? How long before, a simple no, is greeted with Violence, like I said, their is no right answer. This is all too convoluted and their are too many voices." he says shaking his head, "Just like if you put a group of people in one room and everyone talks at once, you are only going to be able to hear tid bits from everyone." he says shaking his head.

Told that everyone is too divided, Rhyeline gives a small nod before bowing her head once more. Her hope for a unified stance against Grindelwald is fading more and more each day. And now, she remains silent, peeking from her guard to the bookshop owner as she takes a long, slow sip of tea.

Bailey sighs. "So your response is to choose the most provocative answer? You deliberately mar the symbol of the group that has proven it will react with violence, and put it on display. That isn't choosing not to be involved. That is placing yourself, and those around you, squarely in the bullseye."

Thomas runs his hands down his face, "You don't get it, eventually everything is going to be a target, for one side or another." he says shaking his head, "So I have made my statement before that time, but I have been a Target to the Seekers, since I opened my doors. Because I sell Muggle Books." he explains, "So even if I didn't have that sign in my window, voicing my views, simply selling my wares, puts in squarely in the Bullseye." he says taking another sip of his coffee.

Rhyeline isn't supposed to go out much yet, and when she does, she shouldn't remain standing for long. At last, Rhyeline gives into her fatigue and tries to slide up onto a stool at the counter as unobtrusively as possible. She listens now in silence, having withdrawn behind her cup of tea. Should ever Bailey glance over at her charge, the little one would lower her cup and offer a soft, encouraging smile of appreciation.

Bailey shakes her head firmly. "It's the difference between simply being a deer in the forest, and a deer dancing in front of the hunter's wand calling his mother a hag. You're the dancing deer. A stupid analogy, but it makes my point. You may have been someone that they didn't like before. But that isn't the same thing as asking for a fight." She points to the sign with a sharp finger. "That thing is asking for a fight, and it's a fight you'll lose, and it's a fight that can very easily hurt people you claim to care about. You will share the blame in that, Mr. Carrow. You're kicking the hornet's nest."

Thomas hand jerks up and points to the sign, "You act like you have been out here." he says sharply, "Dealing with all this nonsense, brought about by the wants and desire of groups." he says his brow furrowing, "The people who come into my shop can see the sign, they can make their own choices." he says shaking his head, "This is my shop." he says slowly, "As far as a deer dancing in the woods, asking for a fight, I am not the one who keeps pushing for one. I am not a voice on the wireless calling people to arms. I am not so interwoven into all of this mess that I can't take a stand against all of it." he says slowly, "It is a fight that is coming and it is coming because everyone wants to do something for the "Greater or Greatest Good." he says slowly, with a shake of his head, "Then let me kick it, maybe it will open a few more eyes to how utterly stupid this whole thing is!" he says shaking his head.

"Perhaps we should go…" murmurs Rhyeline, biting her lower lip. "It… it was good to see you Thomas. And… please- give my greetings to Phil. I hope that- that you both stay safe in this storm falling upon us…"

Bailey frowns, firing back, "Don't assume you have any idea what I've been dealing with." She shakes her head and gives a sigh, lapsing into silence as she resumes the role of the quiet shadow. But she is clearly displeased. At Rhyeline's indication that she is ready to depart, she gives Thomas a polite nod, and heads to the door to check the situation on the street before leading Rhyeline out.

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