(1938-11-15) Dinner for Two
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Summary: Astoria and Brad have dinner together while tip-toeing around not discussing work.
Date: November 11, 1938
Location: Cafe Tesseo
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As per Brad's request, Astoria has made dinner arrangements at Cafe Tasseo. The riots haven't affected the cafe too negatively, but there is an air of uncertainty and apprehension in the place. Astoria sits at a table for two, near the back. She wears a simple black cocktail dress with silver embroidery (snakes, of course), and has styled her hair so that it may hang loosely in the front, but is tied in loose knots in the back. Her makeup is light, or appears to be so, with an emphasis on natural color - except for her eyes, which have a slightly heavier shading of black than normal. Her shoes are predominantly black, have a narrow toe and high heel, but have a silver lacing and ankle wrap to keep them securely in place.

Brad enters in his normal over the top manner, almost sliding into the cafe, he is dressed in his typical custom tailored suit, his eyes move across the cafe slowly, before he spots Astoira. His hands move up and he makes a box around her face as he approaches, stumbling back slightly once he is close enough, "Miss Bletchley!" he exclaims, his hand moving to grasp his chest, "You are looking as stunning as ever!" he says taking a few seconds to regain his footing, "Might I say that you look, absolutely beautiful this evening." he says bring his hands to his head and slowly moving them outward, now gesturing to the seat, "Mind if I sit?" he asks politely.

Astoria looks up as Brad enters and watches him with slightly-furrowed brows. She rests her chin on her hand while he draws closer, and soon answers, "Mister Moody. Thank you, and yes, you may - on both accounts." She gestures to the seat across from her, adding, "I hope the cafe is a suitable place. They are discreet, if you are worried about violence. I do not think anyone shall know we are here." Astoria lowers her hand so that it may rest on the table.

Brad takes a seat, the smile on his face, he adjust his suit and the silver lapel pin, that of a silver Eye of Truth. "I am not worried about anything." he says with a small shrug, leaning in on the table, "Are you?" he says with a small smirk, before leaning back in his seat, "You are truly a gift to the Wizarding world, Miss. Bletchley, Talented, Smart and oh so lovely." he says, reaching into his his jacket and removing a small red gift box with a black bow trimmed in silver. Sitting it on the table, he says, "For you, though I feel it will fall in wake of your beauty." he says with a small wave of his hand. Inside is a simple silver charm bracelet, with the Slytherin Crest, a Wand, a potion Vial and a quill, attached. Though not attached an Eye of Truth charm sits in the box.

"Well, yes," Astoria replies. She reclines a little. "Diagon Alley was consumed in a riot not a week ago, Mister Moody. The emotion is still palpable." She rests a finger against her cheek while Brad compliments her, and a small smile touches her expression. "You shouldn't, and you should not have," she says while pulling the box closer. After opening the box, and studying its contents, she smiles. "Ah, that reminds me so much of school," she notes with a gentle sigh. "Thank you. I'm afraid I brought nothing for you in return, however."

Brad smiles softly at Astoria, "Well I would prefer not to talk about that, since we both agreed that this would be nothing to do with either of our jobs." he says with a small wink, "You do not need to get me anything." he says waving his hands, before they start to move in front of his face, every so often blocking Astoria from his sight, "Truly amazing." he says before letting out a sigh, "Every time I see you, I am hit with a radiant light." he explains, "So I suppose you have already given me and the world, your beauty, what more could we ask from you?" he says softly with a nod.

"Oh, we did, didn't we?" Astoria says as she takes the bracelet and deftly places it on her left wrist. She snaps it closed and admires it briefly before extending her arm so that Brad may take a look. It's then that she spies his hand-antics, and she rolls her eyes with a gentle smirk. "Oh, do stop. I may blush in a moment," she tells him quietly. "Let's get a menu and order, shall we?" she asks. The non-jeweled wrist beckons a waitress.

Brad smiles softly as he looks over the Bracelet, "Like I said it falls by the way side of your beauty." he says nodding, before she tells him to stop, he lets out a small chuckle, "If you so desire, I will stop speaking of your radiant beauty that fills this place." he says with a small nod as she beckons the waitress, though his eyes do move across the box at the Eye of Truth charm left in it, though he doesn't comment, "Food and Drink does sound wonderful." he says smiling.

The waitress arrives and eyes the two of them. Her eyes open slightly, and her lips part a bit when she studies Brad. It takes her a moment to compose herself. "May I.. take your orders?" she asks.

Astoria orders a small water with lime, no ice, as well as roasted chicken with roasted potato slices and a small salad. "And if the gentleman orders a glass of wine I shall have one, too," he adds with the smallest of smiles. Afterwards, she turns to Brad and waits.
Brad rubs hid chin for a moment thinking, "I will have the steak, baked potato and and green beans." he says with a small nod, "And of course a red wine for me and a white for the Lady." he says nodding with a smile, "Well I have forgotten myself." he says his hand moving up and smacking his forehead, "I have yet to thank you for gracing me with your company this evening!" he says offering her a smile.

Astoria watches the waitress leave before returning her gaze to Brad. "Oh, it's quite alright. I meant to do this sooner, but I have been so busy. And you, too, of course. The world will never be quiet, will it?" Astoria asks with a gentle sigh. "This week especially - my word. I'm surprised we have time for this at all."

Brad taps his lip softly for a moment, "This week has been interesting." he says with a small nod, obviously trying to touch only lightly on the topic of current events. "The world will always need voices." he says with a wave of his hand, "Many people relay on people like us to relay what is going on." he says with a nod.

"True," Astoria answers with a slow nod. She leans forward again as their wine, and her water, arrives. She pauses until the waitress leaves, and then focuses completely on Brad. "So, tell me, what preoccupies your free time, Mister Moody?

Brad smirks slightly, as he picks up his wine and twirls it in his hand for a moment, "Writing and Board Games." he says with a small nod, before taking a sip of his wine, "I am a sucker for board games." he explains with a small chuckle, "What about yourself?" he asks tilting his head curiously putting down his glass and clapping his hands, rubbing them together as he waits for the answer.

"Board games? Truly?" Astoria asks, smirking a little. "I would not have guessed that at all," she notes while blinking. "With whom do you play?" she wonders. A moment later, she answers, "Work preoccupies the majority of my time. Of course, I spend a great deal of time at the Three Broomsticks, and with friends. Although, work and friends seem to be folding over themselves, as categories. I may need to remedy that. Anyway, when I am able I socialize, but there isn't much of that, usually."
Brad takes another small sip of his wine, "Yes I have always had quiet the fascination with board games." he explains with a small wave of his hand, "Mainly I play with people I work with." he says with a small nod, he listens to her, leaning in as she speaks, his head tilting over exaggeratedly to the left, his eyes on her, "Nothing wrong with a women who aspire for greatness in her field." he says clapping his hands together, "You see that is what I like about you, dedication." he says with a smirk and a wink.

Astoria chuckles quietly. "I'm not so sure it's greatness, but yes - I do focus a great deal on work." She smiles a little and curls a free strand of hair around her forefinger. During the silence, she glances over Brad's shoulder, continuing to twirl - and just then their food arrives. Brad ordered steak, and Astoria ordered roasted chicken. "Oh, my," she says happily while leaning backwards. The waitress stays to apply some pepper-crusting to Brad's steak.

Brad thanks the waitress as she leaves, picking up his fork he slowly cuts into the steak, though he doesn't take a bite ‘til after Astoria has taken the first bite, "I am glad you harbor no hard feelings against me, over the show." he says offering her a small nod, "Like I said in my letter, since I have laid my eyes on you, you have been stuck in my mind." he explains offering her a wink, "You certainly know how to make an impression." he says warmly.

"Oh, I never said I harbor no ill feelings," Astoria says with a small curve of her lips. She takes a small bite of her chicken, followed by a potato slice. After chewing quietly, and swallowing, she adds, "I write what I write and you say what you say - but, as you said earlier," she winks, "someone must. How is your steak?"

Brad slices into his steak listening, he takes a bite and slowly chews it think over her words, "The steak is wonderful." he continues with a small nod, before taking a few bites of his baked potato and green beans. "There are certain truths that need to be told to the public, we both deliver said truths just in a different medium and with a different method." he says cutting back into his steak, "We both provide for an audience and both cater to that audience." he says with a small nod taking a bite.

Astoria listens quietly to Brad as he speaks, but continues to eat. Sometimes, after finishing a bite, she takes a sip of wine. Wherever she was raised, and whoever raised her, did a fine job of beating manners into her head as she never chews loudly, or takes a bite that is too large, or too small. Though her new charm bracelet does jingle a bit. "That reminds me. I have always wondered why WWN is stationed in Hogsmeade. It seems much better suited to London, doesn't it?" she asks.

Brad takes a sip of his wine and nods slowly, "I agree I would rather it be placed here in Diagon Alley." he says shaking his head with a nod, before returning to his food, "Though it seems it is in Hogsmeade for now." he says leaning back with a small sigh and his eyes rolling. "So when do I get to be graced with your presence, after this meal." he says tilting his head curiously.

"Oh, I don't know," Astoria says after Brad's question. She lightly taps her cheek, lips twisting slightly to the side. "I should be traveling up to Hogsmeade once or twice this next week. Is it much too cold to go for a walk? Perhaps I could stop by the WWN for some tea."

Brad takes a sip of his wine, "Simple send an owl and I will ensure my assistant has his eyes peeled for your arrival." he says with a small nod, "If you wish to go for a walk, I would gladly escort your or if you would prefer tea, I will make sure you are taken care of, in the way a Lady such as yourself should be." he says with a small nod, taking another sip of his wine, a smile on his face.

Astoria finishes most of her chicken and potatoes before gently sliding her plate away. "You needn't go through such trouble," she explains with a small grin. "I don't need to be pampered. Tea and your company will be more than enough," she adds.
Brad finishes up his food and stands, moving to Astoria's side, "Allow me to escort you home." he says offering to move her chair so she can stand, "Also, a Lady as lovely as yourself deserves to be pampered." he says with a small nod, escorting her out and of course getting the door for herself, "Any gentleman who is incapable of doing such, is not worthy to be graced by your presence, Miss Bletchley." he says with a polite nod, even when attempting to be more subtle with his movement, they seem rather extremely exaggerated.

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