(1938-11-15) Late Night Pests
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Summary: Esther's late night painting is interupted by a somewhat inebriated Medusa and an un-sleepy Vincent before the Slytherin Queen teaches them fun things to do with cakes.
Date: 15 November 1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room

It is late. Very late. In fact it is just at the first strike of ten, the hour of curfew, that Medusa Malfoy stumbles into the common room. Dressed to the nines she falls to the floor in a giggling heap, her fascinator wobbling a little on her head. Almost belatedly she says in the hushed but loud whisper of the inebriated, "Ow!"

Esther has too many people she's looking for to pen herself up in the dormitories - Plus, the smell of paint can get to her fellow students. So she's set up in the common room while her fellow students are at Hogsmeade, her easel set up and her painting now well in progress. The lines have been drawn, and the first patches of color are being applied - When a new person enters, and catches her attention. Medusa. "Are you alright?" Esther offers, watching the woman fall. Her brush is placed down gently, her fingers wiped off on a washcloth before she darts off to the Queen's side. There's a few light flecks of paint on Esther's cheeks, as she crouches beside the older student, creating a stark contrast. She's only in a skirt and blouse, still almost school-dressed.

Whereas Medusa is clearly dressed up, albeit looking a little worse for the wear now. Her fur coat has fallen open to reveal her pretty frock with it's grass stains near the knees. She has lipstick smudged on her face around her mouth and in a rather attractive line across one cheek, a line that perfectly matches a similar one on the back of her hand. She stops rubbing her arm and looks up at Esther. "Esh-Esh-Lowe. Pretty hair. You know I like your hair. It-Itsh un," she squints one icy blue eye shut as if speaking took effort, "unique."

Alcohol is not your friend. Esther observes the quite clearly drunk Medusa, the stains and the lipstick. "Th-thank you, Medusa." A compliment wasn't expected. If anything, she thought a drunk Medusa would be a mean Medusa - But this one is quite pleasant. "You look like you're having trouble. Can I help?" For a girl who didn't go to Hogsmeade, Esther seems very happy - If a little bit uncomfortable with what she's ended up doing. Her hair is as delightfully independent as ever though.

"Help?" Medusa reaches up a hand as if silently accepting the offered help. The second hand soon follows leaving her looking rather comical as she lies on the stone floor with her arms up in the air, a horizontal depiction of a drunken zombie. Medusa is quite clearly a silly drunk, not that Esther would have ever seen her drunk before. This side of Medusa is reserved for those she trusts implicitly.

Esther's never seen 'drunk' Medusa before, but 'drunk' people happen from time to time. She smiles sweetly, and nods. "Help." She states, using both of her hands to help lift the taller Slytherin to her feet, as best as she can - She ends up lifting her arms high, and physically supporting the woman against her, suggesting as peacefully as she can. "Try use your legs, Medusa. I'm probably not big enough to carry both of us." She's trying to be quietly encouraging.

Legs? Medusa has legs? As Esther pulls her up Medusa feels like dead weight to begin with but eventually she gets to her feet, legs wobbling a little and leans onto the shorter, younger girl. "Douglash alwaysh makesh me legless." This makes her giggle because it has a dual meaning. "Legless? Get it?" Legless being a euphamism for being drunk. "He'sh such a good kisher. The best ever. But shhh," Medusa presses a finger to her lips and then Esther's, "don't tell him becaush I like to shay I am the besht to annoy him." She hiccups and covers her mouth with her hand.

Esther offers her shoulder, and wraps an arm around the older girls' waist for support. She's sweet like that, even with people who can induce brain-numbing fear. "I'm sure he does. Your boyfriend is quite the charming troublemaker - And I'm sure that you're the best kisser, Medusa." It's significantly safer than mentioning the words 'Douglas' and 'Kiss', considering the experience she had a few days ago. "He dotes on you, after all." Progress is VERY slow, each step taking far longer than it should. "But I'll keep your secret."

Medusa makes them veer towards on of the sofas, her sofa, she doesn't want to go into bed just yet. As they get close she pulls Esther down with her. "He ish funny you know and shweet. We were shup-going to have a date. A proper date. I wore my frock and he wore hish kilt." Her eyes widen briefly, "Amazing legs." Then as if she remembered where she was going in the conversation she returns to it. "But we took our friend who wash shad and helped her not be sho shad. I fell over on the way back." She picks at the front of her stained dress. "They laughed, but it wash funny." Her face turns towards Esther and she beams a bright grin, "I like you."

Esther's directed, the taller girl still having a mind of her own. A short glance is given to her painting, before she returns to operation Medusa. A moment later, she's tumbled onto a couch, held in place, trapped on the couch by Medusa. She doesn't struggle, at least, merely tries to keep the conversation alive. "It's a very pretty frock. And you're very nice to be helping out your friends like that - Ending your own date to improve someone else's night. Even if you did fall." Drunk-talks are fun, as is being agreeable. "I like you too, Medusa." Most of the time. Like this.

She takes Esther's hand in her own and pets the back of it. "Different ishn't bad, it'sh just different. You're different. But people are shtupid and think different ish bad." Medusa looks at Esther as the pair sit on the sofa, alone in the common room given the lateness of the hour. The light from the fire makes Medusa's wonky fascinator cast an odd shadow across the floor behind them. "I am shorry you were caught up in the row we had. I know he lovesh me, but shometimesh love ish hard. Eshpecshially when," Medusa takes a breath, "when lotsh of your friendsh shay how he ish wrong for you."

Esther bites her lower lip as bitter memories are brought up. Fresh wounds. "Different is good… Without difference, we stagnate, and nothing changes." Her breath catches in her throat for a moment. "I should have known better than to be involved. I should have said something when the rumours started. But I do know that he loves you, Medusa; He'd do anything for you." The last part is sincere - Repeated straight from the Griffin's mouth. "Even though he can sometimes be a bit of a pain." She seems a little trapped.

Vincent stumbles into the Common Room, still wearing his pyjamas as he has just got out of bed. HE looks tired as he walks in, a small book tucked under his arm. As he reaches the common room he looks to Medusa and Esther and smiles uncomfortably "Couldn't sleep. Thought everyone would be in bed. Wanted to read for a bit." he looks nervous and hopes they don't quite realise what time it is.

The drunken Queen sighs happily and hugs Esther's hand against her cold chest. "I know. I love him too. Shometimesh love comesh from shtrange places. We fought all the time before. All the time. Then one day…" she shrugs a shoulder as if that explained the sudden shift in chemistry between her and Douglas. The tiny pyjama wearing Vincent earns himself a, "Aww, ishn't he sho cute?" Ever been cuddled by a drunken seventeen-year-old Goyle? With her free hand Medusa pats the space on the other side of her, the non-Esther side. "Come here little Vincshent."

Esther's a little uncomfortable, but she doesn't move. "Love is what it is, the heart wants what the heart wants." Of course, when Vincent emerges, she does offer him a /very/ awkward smile. "Good evening Vincent. It's awfully late for you to be up," Medusa interrupts, and Esther is forced to nods. "Only if you want, of course. Medusa was just telling me about her evening." The contrast between dressed up (And accidented), and the blouse-and-skirt of Esther is /very/ obvious on a couch. What would pyjama's do to it?

Vincent goes to take the seat from Medusa. He sits down and places the book on his lap. The cover would be visible to both Esther and Medusa as he sits. The book is titled 'Fur das Allgemeinwohl' and the authors name Gellert Grindelwald glistens beneath the title. Unusually for a book at Hogwarts this one looks pristine in condition….as if it is new. Vincent turns to Medusa and says "Are you OK?".

Medusa pulls the little boy in against her side, over her dress she has on a rather expensive floor length black fur coat. "Jusht a little head cold." She nods and releases Esther's hand so she can tap the side of her own nose with a finger and give the girl a wink. No need for Vincent to learn about inebriation so early on in his school career. That's what third year Hogsmeade weekends are for. Her free hand begins to fish in her coat pocket and out come a few items which get set onto her lap: her wand, a cuddly toy, a bag of mint humbugs, a small vial of potion. Okay, no cuddly toy.

Sitting with a big drunk zombie and a little indoctrinated one. Esther's really comfortable. Sure. "She'll be fine tomorrow. Well, a little achy, but fine. Just take everything she says carefully, 'cos of the cold." She decides to play along with Medusa's game, although she still doesn't move. "And remember, other students don't really need to know about her cold. It's her… Health, after all." The items take her interest, though.

Vincent looks confused as Esther speaks. "Ok." he replies then looks to Medusa. It being late and he being tired he can't resist to snuggle into her fur coat. He smiles as he does so, enjoying the physical contact he has never really had.

Lucky for Vincent, Medusa appears to be an affectionate and silly drunk. She ignores her blackthorn wand for the moment and concentrates on opening up the bag of mint humbugs. The bag is offered first to Esther and then to Vincent. "I love mintsh. I eat a lot of them." Eventually she takes one for herself, popping it into her mouth. "I also love shaushages. I'm hungry. The only good thing about being a Shnifflepuff ish they alwaysh have cake." Her head turns to Esther. "We should have cake too."

Esther is, on the other hand, wholly patient. "Would be that we could have some made, Medusa." Esther is placid. Agreeable. Taking a mint humbug, popping it into her mouth, and enjoying the treat. "Perhaps we should have someone see to it? A Slytherin Buffet Table, right here." She gestures at what is currently the coffee table.

Vincent takes a sweet as it is offered. He says "Thank you" to Medusa and continues to snuggle into her as he reads his book. He has a very large smile on his face right now. He yawns but tries to hide it, just incase they send him back to bed.

As she thinks about what Esther has suggested Medusa absently strokes Vincent's side, letting him snuggle in against her. "Polly Parkinshon hidesh cakesh and swhweets under her bed," she informs them both. "In hat boxshesh." Esthere is given a pointed look followed by a mischievous grin. "Her bed is third from the door in the sixshth year girl'sh dorm."

Esther sighs heavily, on the inside. She gets to her feet with the gentlest of bows to Medusa, and then disappears up the stairwell to the girls dormitories… And she returns a few minutes later (After a loud thud) with boxes full of goodness. The slender girl looks almost a little frail carrying the boxes, especially without a robe on. They're delivered to the table, Esther places the boxes down then lays them out, and opens them.

Vincent's eyes widen as he sees the boxes being opened. "Wow!" he says "I should stay up late more often!" he looks as the contents are being laid out and smiles a greedy smile. He does like cake.

Medusa pulls her hand away from Vincent so she can clap delightedly at Esther. "Excshellent." The girl shoves her sweets back into her pocket and gets to her feet, gathering up her wand and the potion. Medusa wobbles slightly but then manages to make her way over to the sideboard where in the morning there will be little treats laid out by those magical elves. She pops the top of the vial and downs it then shudders a little before dropping the glass into a bin. Using her wand she taps the urn of hot drinks and using the spigot after setting it to hot chocolate gets them each a drink. Another flick of her wrist and the enchanted cups and saucers float over to the table where the cakes are. And if they splash a little and maybe ruin the icing on one of the cakes some, well who is to say that wasn't intentional? Whatever the potion was it has put a little more colour in her cheeks, but there is still bright, glassy-eyed amusement there.

Esther was easily convinced to indulge in theft, but actually profiting from it (That is to say, cake) is something she needs more steering towards. She gets up with Medusa, following the older woman as if she's ready to catch her at any moment - Not like she wants to have to pick her up again. "Thank you for the hot chocolate." She speaks softly. Sure, she feels a little bit bad about what she's done, but still. Medusa is escorted back to the couch slowly, Esther offering a shoulder if need be.

Vincent grins very broadly. He accepts the hot chocolate and sits down with it. Eyeing the cakes as he does so. He giggles slightly as the hot chocolate splashes a little as it is levitated. He looks to Medusa "Thanks!" he says happily, popping his book down next to him. He feels he might need both hands free for this one.

Thankfully Medusa is able to sit down again without incident, but it was a good idea for Esther to follow her. "Bulliesh," she says seemingly out of the blue, "are peshts. I," she raises a lofty finger, "am not a bully. I am an informashion broker. Informashion saysh to me that shomebody here hash a problem with bullies." She reaches over and picks up a small cake, about the size of a doughnut. "I am going to teach you shomething to help." Medusa squints one eye shut and peers at Esther with her open eye, it being the eye closest to Esther anyway. Get the hint Lowe?

Esther sits up on the arm of the couch this time, so she can get away from Medusa in a hurry if need be. Her skirt is tucked under her backside, and her legs are together, for decency. "Go on." The conversations she wanted to have with this woman should definitely wait. In her state, they'd be disastrous.

Vincent looks confused as the girls talk. He is oblivious to the undertones of their speech so he simply picks up a little cake and pops it into his mouth. Although he doesn't know what's happening, that doesn't stop him watching the two girls with some interest.

Medusa looks at the cake, it is such a nice cake that she has to take a bite of it then sets it aside and takes another of similar size. "Wand out." She looks at the both of them expectantly. "Get a cake." She holds the new uneaten cake in the palm of her hand and with her other holds her wand. "The peshtering jinx." A flick and a swish and the seventh year incants, "Remordeo," in a firm voice then with a flick sends the cake careening towards Esther's. The cake doesn't have far to go but it bumps into the girl's cheek and then moves back to come in for another cakebut. "Eat it and it will shtop." If Esther chooses not to eat it the cake will chase her unless she does something to stop it, thus the beauty of the Pestering Jinx.

Wand out. The pestering jinx? How would that deal with a bull—esqhg… Esther's thought is cut off by a cake that invades her mouth, and she chews on it almost out of reflex, straight teeth shearing through it. She reaches up and snatches it out of the air, another triumphant bite as she holds it down against it's will. She performs the jinx like she would in class, the extremely whippy willow perfect for charms work. The result is a cake, just like Esther's, that wants nothing more than to be devoured whole by Medusa. Reminds her of Douglas.

Vincent follows Medusa's instructions when told to take his wand out, he does so and looks at the cake in front of him. He assumes this is some sort of game. He thinks about what spells he knows that can do the same, but doesn't know any. He decided the Hover charm will have to do.

When she sees that Vincent can't quite do the pestering jinx she is trying to teach him Medusa opens her mouth to correct him only for an eclair to shove its way in. "Grhmgbgh," comes her garbled suggestion. Chewing reflexively Medusa tears the chocolate eclair in half spilling some of the cream onto her lap. It might not be the most persistent thing she's had trying to get its way into her mouth lately but it certainly comes a close second. Forced to finish the thing off before she can speak properly she chases it down with some hot chocolate. "Like this, Vincent." The potion seems to be helping her sober up a bit slowly. Medusa leans over to help him with his wand hand, pointing it at the cake hovering before him. "The incantation is Remordeo. Just flick and swish like you did before then flick again to give it a target to pester."

It had better not be too forward. Esther leans forward, and gently wipes the cream off Medusa's lap. It saves her having to chisel it off in the morning. The girl holds the struggling cake with her free hand, and wipes the cream on it. She's clearly not so hungry, but she's decided to sit up and stay with Medusa, to ensure that the Queen eventually gets to bed safely. "You're trying, Vincent." She offers a smile. "Just don't give up."

Vincent looks to the two girls slightly unsure as to whether this will work. He copies the wand movements as closely as he can and speaks the word "Remordeo", pointing his wand at the hovering cake and trying to send it after Esther.

Flashing Esther a smile of thanks for helping with the cream Medusa turns her attention back to the first year. "A little more with the wrist, Vincent." While Medusa's lack of skills in transfiguration is somewhat legendary she is well known to excel in charms. "How about we have some fun? We can make all these cakes chase us and we can get all fat and silly running around eating them?"

That sounds like hell on earth. "If that's what you want to do?" Esther seems rather compatible with the idea. She's playing a game of 'be helpful', after all. "Try again, Vincent. Remember to be quite…" She struggles to find the word. It's late. "Delicate. You're not jabbing. You're 'casting'."

Vincent concentrates "OK," he says "let's try this again!" he focuses a little more this time and tries to swish and not stab, as he does he mutters the vocals.

Despite Esther's seemingly complicit agreement Medusa doesn't charm the cakes but rather picks up her own cake and eats it. It is much nicer to eat a cake which isn't trying to feed itself to you. "Keep trying Vincent. Imagine the cake doing what you wish it to."

Esther has a morsel, only a nibble of her now lightly creamed cake, and finally tries her hot chocolate. She smiles at Vincent, "A flick. Delicate. You should be feeling it, not making it happen. It's in your blood."

Vincent focuses on making the cakes chase Esther, again he tries to cast the spell, this time really trying to get it to follow her. He really wants to force feed this girl some cakes.

Seeing how Vincent keeps targeting Esther Medusa wonders if that might be the problem. Maybe the hair is scary. "Try making me your target," she suggests to the first year. Because Medusa is clearly cuddly.

Esther slides off her end of the couch, still holding the trapped, desperately wanting to be eaten morsel. She only crosses to the other side, but gently takes Vincent's hand, wrapping her own around the tired first year - And crouching beside him. She's never close to anyone without a robe on, so he should feel VERY honored. She smiles reassuringly, suggesting. "Again. Swish, and flick. Remordeo." A flick, To Medusa. Of course.

Vincent takes Esther's help and focuses this time on Medusa. As he does he follows the wand movements she is helping him with and says "Remordeo!" confident that he can force Medusa to eat the cake.

Vincent looks to Esther. "OK, I'm going to try on my own, but at least I know I can do it now!"

"Good." Esther suggests. "Again." Keeping close to the first year, her arm drops, as does her support. She's here emotionally now.

Medusa readily eats the cakes that come her way. When she commits to being helpful she commits. She also commits to being mean sometimes too, but that's the way of things. After all that cake and hot choclate she's committing to being sick now. "Pardon me." With a hand to her cake stuffed mouth she rushes for the Slytherin girl's toilets, hopefully Pringle is finished with his protested closure of them over her getting out of detention if not well…

Esther's sigh is heartfelt, as Medusa rushes away. Climbing to her feet, she flicks her wand at the sweets, the lids coming back upon them, and then she looks at Vincent. "Bed, you." She's not unkind about it. Just brisk. A moment later, she's in the bathroom - Gently pulling back Medusa's hair, and patting her on the back warmly…

Vincent is very happy with himself, although a little worried about Medusa, who he can't help as she is in the girls bathroom. He feels much better now, and whilst the girls are busy, he takes a last cake, and his book and returns to bed.


Medusa's demonstration roll (difficulty increased due to inebriation)
<FS3> Medusa rolls Charms -3: Good Success.

Hovering Charm
<FS3> Vincent rolls Charms+1: Success.
Pestering Jinx
<FS3> Vincent rolls Charms: Failure.
<FS3> Vincent rolls Charms: Failure.
<FS3> Vincent rolls Charms+2: Success.
<FS3> Vincent rolls Charms+1:Success (maybe good was definitely a success, it was accidentally deleted in log)

<FS3> Esther rolls Charms: Great Success.
<FS3> Esther rolls Charms: Failure.
<FS3> Esther rolls Charms: Good Success.
<FS3> Esther rolls Charms: Good Success.
<FS3> Esther rolls Charms: Failure.

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