(1938-11-15) Magijugend Interview - Vincent
Details for Magijugend Interview - Vincent
Summary: Medusa conducts Vincent's interview in the Slytherin Common Room.
Date: 15 November 1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room

Having remembered she needs to do a Magijugend interview for Vincent Goyle Medusa sent a note to him with instructions to come to the Common Room right after lessons finished. She has plans for the evening and wants to make sure there is plenty of time to get ready for those plans. Seated on her usual sofa in the Slytherin common room, the Queen of Slytherin has her interview notebook set beside her and is sipping from a cup of hot chocolate.

Vincent scampers into the common room straight after class after receiving the note from Medusa. He was sure to get there as soon as he could, and for a change he didn't get lost on the moving staircases. He walks unto the couch where Medusa is sat and looks to her "Thanks for the note." he says as he looks at her "I am ready when you are."

Perhaps she is in a different mood today because it is a Hogsmeade weekend or maybe she just likes him better, whatever the reason Vincent is invited to sit beside Medusa. The offer comes in the form of an indication of the head. "I like it when someone is prompt. Now you heard the questions I asked Travers, they will be the same ones I ask you."

Vincent nodded and took a seat, he smiled as he did and looked to her "OK. Thank you." he replied softly.

Medusa flips open her notebook to a page where she has already written down Vincent's name and year in school as well as his house. "Vincent, why do you wish to join the Magijugend?" She looks at him as she waits to note down his answer.

Vincent looks to her. "Wizardkind needs to focus, and band together. We need to work on protecting ourselves from things such as Muggles finding out about us, and our bloodlines becoming diluted. Joining the Magijugend is a way of being able to help, and to show everyone where I stand on the problem of Muggles.

"Excellent," says Medusa. It comes across more as a way of her just commenting on how she is glad he answered rather than an opinion of his answer. She finishes writing and then enquires, "Your blood status, Goyle? Required question you understand."

Vincent looks uncomfortable as she asks. "Pureblood. Daddy says we are one of the oldest pureblood family that exists."

"Of course you are. It is just a required question," says Medusa as she writes down the answer. She glances at Vincent and smiles encouragingly. "Last question and be honest. What do you think about teaching magic to half-bloods and muggle-born?"

Vincent stares and pauses for a moment. "Half-bloods and muggle-borns aren't true Wizards and Witches. Magic is only for Witches and Wizards. So we shouldn't teach them. If someone chooses to marry a muggle, then that's disgusting, and they should have their wand snapped in two, and they shouldn't be allowed to use magic anymore either."

The first year's vehement dislike of half-bloods and muggles is duly noted by the Magijugend Overseer. When she has finished writing her report Medusa looks over at Vincent and nods. "That's it. I send this off to Flint and he will be in touch, but you're a good candidate Goyle so hopefully we will see you in the Magijugend soon."

Vincent smiles as she speaks "I hope so. I just want to do my bit!"

With that Medusa rises to her feet, wanting to submit the report before she goes out for the evening. "Good luck," she says on her way out.

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