(1938-11-15) Pic-a-Nic
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Summary: Thanks to Medusa's schemes, Alphard and Andromena have their little date on the lakeshore. Warning: One part can be read as NSFW! Unless you're innocent like Alphard, in which case it's all about a fruity drink.
Date: 1938-11-15
Location: Hogsmead Public Beach
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The day of the winter picnic had arrived. Andromena rather wished she had put more thought into the date because then she could have had more time to prepare. As it was, she had spent all of last night gathering together younger Ravenclaws, taking a page from Medusa's book, and convincing them to make food for her. Sampling the goods of a few of them, Andromena decided whom she liked best and effectively 'hired' them. It was all very simple, really. The meal thus taken care of, Andromena then had to go borrow the previously mentioned charmed umbrella, without which the entire picnic would be something of a bust.

The mundane details were in order. Andromena felt confident in all her choices. All that was left to do before actually going on the picnic was to choose what she would wear. If one was familiar with females, then it was known this was a debate that could easily consume hours. When she did eventually settle for something, the hour had nigh arrived. Mentally cursing, Andromena scooped up the freshly delivered basket - that somehow managed to hold all their food plus other effects - and set off to meet Alphard. (Whom would promptly have the basket thrust toward him).

"Here looks nice," she said to them when they arrived at the beach. She cast her gaze out over the water, thoughtful, but would otherwise be of little help when it came to setting things up. Sure, sure, Andromena would help out if Alphard asked her too!

Alphard didn't really mind being made to carry the picnic basket. It would have look distinctly undignified if he'd made the girl carry it all the way from Hogwarts to Hogsmead, not to mention through the little village itself. His other arm was used to thread through Andromena's, so they were hooked together as they strolled along. Of course he had put some effort into his own appearence, too, but then he always did. Smart blazer, pressed slacks, shirt and tie. Today none of it bore the Slytherin designs, but rather that of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. His robes too were out of uniform; instead rather fashionable wizard's wear. This fall's fresh model, straight from the continent. On the walk he didn't say much. Little next to none at all, infact.

"You sure?" Murmured as glanced at the spot she had picked. After a moment he shrugged. "Alright." It was hard to tell if he was pleased with it, or merely doing as she asked because this was her idea. Regardless, he set about arranging the scene. Blankets to sit on, blankets for heat, and all the little things packs of food spread around. Then lastly came the magical umbrella, which exploded into shape until it was big as a tent. A tent in truth a moment later, because he settled it over the spot with barely a gap for the cold November air to come through. Satisfied with his work, he threw her a grin.

"Did I tell you that you look pretty?"

At his compliment, Andromena immediately burst into a shy grin, eyes lowering momentarily. Even if he had already told her she was pretty several times Andromena would have reacted the same way! It was nice to be told you were pretty, especially so after having taken extra steps to make it so. Not that she really needed it, because Andromena was fortunate in that she was naturally easy on the eyes.

Slipping into the tent, the Ravenclaw peered about the newly formed surroundings appreciatively. Not only would it keep the cold air out, but it was more than simply canvas over a blanket. Luxury picnics would always be superior to…any other way of doing it. Since Alphard had carried the basket and set everything up for her, Andromena began to withdraw the food. There were various desserts, two different kinds of hot soups, freshly baked bread, sandwiches and steaming hot chocolate to drink! There was so much food, Andromena now thought, that they could hardly be expected to eat it all.

"You had not," said at last, her tone light. "But I won't hold it against you." Her head peeked out of the tent so that she could see him as she spoke, but she disappeared within it just as quickly as before.

"Must've just thought it, then," Alphard murmured, bobbing his head to say that made perfect sense. His eyes slipped out towards the black lake's still surface, watching the reflection of the grey clouded skies play itself across the waters. It wasn't quite dark yet, even if they'd had classes earlier today. "Don't feel obliged to return the favor. I already saw you enjoying me up." There was a sly mixture of arrogance and tease in that statement. In knowing. He turned away from the waters to crawl into the magical umbrella-tent with her.

Shuffle, shuffle, find somewhere cozy next to her, then draw the blankets over their laps. "Gosh, Meanie. How much do you intend to eat?" Asked when he looked down at the bounty of food she'd prepared.

"That's not how compliments work, Alphard," said with a laugh. Andromena had wanted to sound a touch more serious, but as of late it felt like she was no longer master of her own self when beside Alphard. She laughed when she didn't want to, smiled far more than was seemly, and let him sit as close as he pleased! Typical school girl behavior and she knew it but could not stop it. Warm fuzzies were nice feelings to experience, after all.

"They're not tit-for-tat." Under a blanket with him by that point, Andromena used their close proximity to give him a light nudge with her elbow. "Though I won't lie, I did 'enjoy you up.'" Let it not be said Andromena Rowle was a utter prude! She shifted her focus to the broad array of food laid out for them to partake of at their leisure. Clasping her hands in her lap, she gave an innocent shrug.

"Better more than less."

"Did I say that was how they work, Meanie?" Alphard asked her with a quirked brow. "Not at all. I was merely trying to put you at ease, incase you felt suddenly pressured to make up for your lapses." In compliments, because obviously the Black boy was deserving of an unending litany of them. It would be tough to tell if he was serious or just teasing her. BEcause he seemed to be a little bof both. Perhaps he was, too.

"Mhm. Of course you did." Matter of factly stated, while he slid a sideways look in her direction. "Let's see what you have here, then. Actually, wait. I did get you this." From inside of his robes he produced a small book. It was a small innocent book about.. pets. One page was earmarked. If she'd open it, she'd see a fluffy blue magical rabbit, wrinkling its nose at her, and hopping around a bit in the picture. See? Thoughtful gift! She had loved that little thing, but couldn't actually get it. Second best thing, this!

While she could look over that, he deep dived into the basket to see what was there.

"Pets?" Repeated as she took the little booklet in hand. His previous statements, teasing or otherwise, are left unchallenged. What could she say, really? And it was a little too late, in her humble opinion, to attempt and foist a hasty compliment on Black, even if she suspected he would accept it with one of those smug, knowing grins. The sort she now understood were meant to be read as: It was only a matter of time.

The book was flipped open to where he had so carefully marked it. There before her eyes was the blue bunny. From the tip of its little twitching, scrunched up nose to the end of its blue-cotton tail radiated unto the girl cuteness in the extreme. Smiling broadly, Andromena hugged the book to her chest and look toward Alphard as she dramatically sighed, "Oh, you shouldn't have!"

While she was busy fawning, Alphard had free reign to rummage through the basket. And just what would he find there? Aside from sweet cakes and various other food stuffs, there it lie. It being none other than Magic in the Shire. The cover was charmed, like most wizarding photos, so that the woman was perpetually fainting in the man's arms as he managed not to not only catch her, but strike a regal pose. It too, was bookmarked.

"Could hardly let you do all this and not show you my appreciation. That would've been quite rude," and he took such efforts to be polite, didn't he? Just ask the kid whom he watched get dunked in the toilet earlier today by the members of his goonsquad. Alphard had said: 'Have a nice day' afterwards. How polite was that?! Nonchalantly he shrugged away her gratitude as.. well, not needless, but at least not something that needed be loudly and continously declared. One thank you was quite enough for him.

Rummaging, rummaging.. The boy couldn't help himself when he spotted one of his favorite exploding chocolate cookies, snatching one up and then taking a chew. It went BOOM in his mouth, exploding with flavor! "Mhmmm.." But then of course he found something else, as well.

The book was opened, the marked page flipped to. He started reading, and the more he read the wider his eyes got. Of course he'd heard about these sort of books; but he'd never actually read from one. Frowning, he cleared his voice and said: "I don't get it. Why'd he go from kissing to drinking sweet nectar from her cup?"

Andromena, while Alphard was busy sorting through cookies and cakes, was pouring herself a mug of hot chocolate. She'd pour one for Black, too, if he indicated that he would like some. His silence, however, drew her attention away from thoughts of food. His back was to her, and he wasn't moving a much as before. In one hand she could see that cookie he had taken all of one bite from. Just what was he…

"Uhm," came her very nervous utterance. How to proceed? She had forgotten just WHAT she had done with it earlier that morning, but had assumed it was on her bed or something. It was like she had self-sabotaged, despite fervently hoping Alphard would forget all about his desire to have her read it out loud.

"Don't tell me you don't know," said in sudden defense. There was no way he couldn't actually know. He was Alphard Pollux Black. "You just want me to say it so you can tease me." Andromena drew her knees up to her chest, pouting.

"Have you even tasted nectar?" It was asked offhandedly as he stared down at the book with a puzzled squint. Just because he knew how to snog didn't mean that he had ever done anything more than that. Nor did the boy actually spend any time at all reading fiction. Flowery prose rather escaped him. "It's just sugar water. Who drinks sugar-water, anyway? Isn't the hero supposed to be some sort of manly-man? Not that I'd ever want to have to drag along all those muscles. Just walking has to exhaust you." He sniffed derisivly. Wizards didn't need big muscles, either. Not if they had even a hint of magic in them. Being fit was one thing; he was rather fit himself. But the man on the cover was just ridicilous. Hmph.

At some point he'd trailed off. He'd trailed of because he kept reading, and gradually the imagery kept getting hammered into his brain with enough force that even he realized what exactly was happening on page. Blink. Blink.

"Right," he cleared his throat. "Well.. I suppose I shouldn't tease you after all the effort you put in. Here. How about we eat instead?"

"Even if I can't believe you and Ria read this stuff. And people say boys have dirty minds!"

Unable to help herself, Andromena began to laugh. Sugar water! Queen Mab's tits. He really didn't know, and that alone made up for yesterday's Charms class and then some. Her laughter continued, so much so that she had to set her drink aside or risk splashing it on herself and the blanket. She hugged an arm to her ribs while the other slapped her knee. Andromena kept imagining Alphard with a flower to his mouth trying to drink its nectar. HAH. Hahaaahaahah!

"Y-yes," she finally stammered, wiping at her eyes. Thank goodness she had not piled on the make up and instead had only chose to add a little color to her lips. "Let's have something to eat. Here, do you want some hot chocolate." Whoo. Breath. Calm yourself. Andromena reached for the thermos, preparing to get him some. But she could not resist a final, "Think of like…an instruction manual." Albeit a very, very glamorized one.

He didn't really see what was so very funny about it all. Silly, sure, but not the cry-your-eyes-out-and-gasp-for-breath kind. So she got a very critical look while she hunched over and slapped her knee, and generally acted like she had become possessed by Jeeves. His reaction wasn't to join in, because he wasn't one of those people who thought he had to laugh because everybody else was laughing, even if they didn't know what was so funny. Instead he arched his back a touch, chin lifted, and projected his most detatched and dignified demeanor. The one that said he really was above it all, but still letting her have her moment.

"Instruction manual? You have to be.." but he didn't finish the sentence, just shook his head. Was that really what girls expected? Perhaps he should snatch a copy of that book just incase. He was Alphard Pollux Black, after all, and anyone who got lucky enough to be with him expected to be swept off their feet. IT wouldn't do to disappoint the lucky chosen someone.

"Thanks," for the hot chocolate.

She did not care that Alphard wasn't sharing in her laughter. Sure, it would have been better if he had, because…Andromena did not believe she had ever actually heard him laugh the way she was at that moment. The young woman was unsure if she should feel that as sad or not. No matter. She poured him the hot chocolate as offered, and then asked him which soup might prefer. No further mention was made of sweet nectar or rippling muscles, though Andromena noticed the book remained laying out.

"So…" said after she had finished chewing a bit of bread. "I was talking to Myrus the other night, trying to give him some helpful advice, cheer him up…you know?" Her nose crinkled at the memory. "I told him his broken hand could be treated like a war wound, earn him some real points with the ladies. He got all weird on me and then came up with an even weirder story about how his hand became broken." Andromena rolled her eyes to show what she thought about it.

"A story?" Alphed asked with a sudden glint of interest in his eyes. The book was forgotten for now as he leaned in against her there beneath the tent. Shoulder to shoulder and thighs to thighs, blankets all draped around them while hot chocolate occupied hands. There was only a small gap in their shelter. One that didn't let out much heat, or in much cold, but was enough large enough to still offer a view of the beautiful lake stretching out in the distance. "Tell me what it was he told you. I'd like to hear that tale."

Dutifully, Andromena repeated the story as had been told to her by Myrus, completely oblivious to the rather reptilian turn Alphard's eyes had taken. She was too busy snuggling up beside him without actually snuggling. It had to do with a group of wizards, or some such, and one was a bad, nasty, evil wizard that broke the hand of the good wizard simply because he was sticking up for his friends! All in all, it wasn't the best story she had ever heard told.

"I told him we could polish it if that's what he really wanted to stick with, but he didn't seem to care for my suggestion." Andromena sniffed, her vision eventually settling upon the lake. Its waters lapped lazily at the shore, and in that instant she decided it would be a rather lovely sight if it were to start snowing. Myrus wasn't a bad guy, he just needed some pointers.

The story provoked a cruelly bemused chuckle to bubble up from Alphard's chest, spilling out and filling their little cavern of teenage intimacy. "I've got a better version," he purred in against Andromena's ear. The boy had turned his face into her, so his lips touched the delicate fold of he earlobe, and his nose was playfully weaving in through those dark lockets of her hair. Breathing in the scent of her, momentarily dazed by the intoxicating effect it had. One of his arms slid around her shoulders.

"One day.. late at night.." and here Alphard's knack for theatrics came into play. His voice danced through the various pitches, drawing on different emotions and playing for both drama and tension, or levity, as the story demanded. In his version.. Three children were siting at a lakeshore. One older, two younger. Of the younger, the girl was crushing on the older, and doing her best to impress him in any way she could. The younger boy was a would be hero, having read too many stories, but failed to understand the danger heroes faced.

Without warning a dragon settled down by the lake shore. Though a dangerous beast, it was minding its own business, catching some lakefish and enjoying itself. Though it could swatted and eaten those children just as easily, it didn't feel for childen's blood that day. It wanted fish.

But the girl still desired to impress, and so she used her wand to transfigure fish to cat, to the Dragon's great fury. Thinking this a great moment to show himself the hero, the younger kid drew his wand and attacked the Dragon. The younger girl did, too. Only the older child realized that at this point running, not fighting, was the best move. The dragon shook away the feeble attacks, as of course was to be expected. The older boy hurled himself at the girl, to get her down and away from sight, cursing them both for their stupidty. That left sadly the younger boy all vulnerable and alone. He tried to back away, pretend he hadn't done anything at all!

But dragons are dragons. And this one chomped down on Myrus' hand, crushing bone with vicious contempt. Then, snorting, it wandered off. It was still more interested in fish than children, and had made its point.

"See? Mine's a morality story. Don't bloody mess with the dragon and think you're not getting bitten."

Andromena turned her head away at first, a grin spreading across her features fast as wild fire. The first time he had pulled this particular…move, it had set her heart to beating loud as a war drum. Then, they had each parted from one another to scurry to their respective dormitories. Now, he remained right at her side, his breath coming as soft little puffs of warm air against the tender flesh of her ear, neck, and cheek. If she were to move even the slightest bit in one direction then she might feel more than that, but Andromena remained still as she could.

"It is always unwise to taunt creatures greater than oneself," she answered. Truth was, her mind was only just barely thinking of the story he had shared. There was nothing by way of expression or body language that would suggest Andromena was the wiser to what had actually happened, despite having heard from several sources about the one-sided yelling match between Alphard and Myrus not too long ago.

Beneath his arm, Andromena wriggled against Alphard's side. "That's how a story should be told," she informed him just as she laid her head on his shoulder, offering up a crooked grin.

His hand slowly rubbed up and down her delicate shoulder as they sat there. Now that he'd told his story, he realized that he wasn't really that hungry after all. The cup of hot chocolate was drunk, too. All that close proximity, and the fact that the scent of her was still spreading through his head like creeper vines, choking out opposing thoughts, left him with only one clear desire. Which he with his usual confidence set into motion.

Slipping his hand upwards, it ended up woven through her hair, stroking the back of her head. He turned into her while she snuggled into him. Dipping her back and down, with him coming ontop. One arm he left her for a pillow, while the other was light against the flatness of her tummy. His dark eyes searched out hers as he let his pale features descend, descend descend, until their lips came together. After all, what was a picnic date but an excuse to stretch out on the blankets and snog a few hours away?

Maybe if Andromena had actually made the food she would have wanted to see him eat it (isn't that what women liked? To see their men eat?), then she might have insisted on getting him to consume more than an exploding chocolate cookie. So it was perhaps lucky for the both of them that she had not, so that when Alphard tipped her back there wasn't a squeak of protest! Well…maybe there was a little girlish sound that emanated from her throat just before their lips came together, but it was not certainly not one of objection. Her slim hands pushed their way up his sides, beneath his robes. She may have intoxicated him with her bewitching scent, but it had to be admitted Alphard himself possessed that particular essence of a man Andromena had, earlier that summer, decided she liked so much. No idea what it was, exactly. No time to ponder, their lips were locked. Moments could so easily be wasted or destroyed by over-thinking them.



His head lifted, not much, just a little. Enough to make room for talking. "So," and here came an Alphard Special: "What do you think is my best quality?"

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