(1938-11-15) What Vegetable Are You?
Details for What Vegetable Are You?
Summary: A meeting for breakfast
Date: 11-15-1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron

It's early morning about breakfast time and a few sit about eating or drinking. The pubs not very full just yet anyone there will be a rush of people later once the work populace wakes up and finds it's time to go. It's cold outside with it nearing time for winter and everything. One who is making his way towards the pub is a young man dressed in a suit with a jacket for warmth. Graham moves gingerly today reaching the door and stepping inside. It seems his leg and his hand are sore as he favors each as he moves to take a seat at a nearby table.

Dillorous looked like a man who hadn't had too much sleep the night before. He hadn't shaved this morning, either, and his clothes didn't look particularly fresh. It was the sort of attire that would've made him look perfectly at home among the upperclass gentry of Oxford or Cambridge; with tweed and leather patches on his elbows, and slacks and a wrinkled white shirt. Except for the wrinkled part, perhaps. He came in from the Muggle London entrance, rubbing his hands together and blowing hot breath into them.

"I'll have myself a beer, I think. There's a jolly good fellow! Too early? No, not at all! And a nice set of breakfast, if you would. Hah! No, no. I'm not going to tell you what my next book's about. You'll have to buy it like every other bloody wizard! Gosh, you know what? Add me a shot of something, too. Just to get on the level, y'know? That's aces, chap!"
His voice was the sort that most people liked to listen to; warm and companionable, and going a bit hoarse with age. AS he bantered with the tender, he looked around the Leay Cauldron for any familiar faces.

Graham sits lightly though he does order his cider normal drink for him. He apparently is close enough that he turns as another enters and can hear the conversation. "Ah, that is quite the breakfast indeed." he says a small chuckle "Much better than being out in the cold though." the auror says being friendly though he pauses unable to put a name to the face for the moment. "I don't believe we've met Graham Cohen." he offers his non injured hand just being precautious.

Dillorous quickly knocked back the shot of something or another, then turned to face Graham with an easy smile. He looked the younger man over before taking the offered hand. His was the softness of a scholar; no work callouses for him! "It's a pleasure to meet you, Cohen. I'm Diderot; Dillorous Diderot, that is." While his face was not particularly famous, his name was. And while he probably took most pride in his work as a researcher and a scholarly academic, the truth was it was his fiction that most people tended to have read or heard about. That or his occasional articles in the Daily Prophet. "Well, I find that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially when technically you've not yet gone to bed, eh? Would you like to join me?"

The young man's eyes flash with the name a knowing look but he shakes it off grabbing his cider "Of course it is, best way to get going though without sleep that's a tall hill to climb so early." he will stand up moving a bit stiffly the other might notice as he makes his way to the others table and sits down "Thank you, it's good to meet you Mr Diderot." he pauses a moment to take a drink "I believe i've read some of your work, I'm rather bookish myself."

"Ah, now that feels good," Dillorous announced as he sank down into a seat proper, arching his back and rolling his head on his neck. "Bloody hells. Don't get old, Cohen. It's very over rated." A bastard child of a snort and a chuckle erupted, before he took a sip from his beer. The breakfast would come when it came. "Ah! Well. It's always a joy to find out that my work is still being read. Do you have any particular favorites?"

Graham grins a bit rueful "Had a bit of a run in with a dragon yesterday chomped on my leg and spiked my hand." the young man chuckles at the words but isn't sure how else to say them "Work related injury, I work at the ministry auror's office." he explains. He takes a sip of cider shaking his head "Just dabbled really my favorite read is history muggle or wizard all of it."

"Ouch," Dillorous said with sympathy. He gave Graham's injured hand a second look. "Auror, you said?" He blinked once, then twice, before bobbing his head. Was there a moment of wariness in his demeanor? Of course not! He was all smiles. "That's quite the dangerous occupation, I must say. Quite so, quite so. But needed, none the less! We're quite lucky to have brave chaps like you keeping us safe at night. Might I ask how you came into your bump in with a dragon?" With wry conspiracy he leaned forward, planting his elbows on the table and winking at the other man. "If it's a good enough story, perhaps I'll use it for inspiration in one of my books, eh?"

The young man nods "It can be, but since i'd want to help others it seemed the right job." He takes another drink from his cider "Well I got a tip a dark wizard was spotted and setup a place where I could catch him. I was able to overpower him easily enough what I didnt have the intel on is that he'd had been waiting to trade his juvenile norwegion ridgeback, guess it got spooked in the excitement and bit and jabbed me."

"Ah. Those are some dangerous buggers, those Norwegian Ridgebacks. Wouldn't want one of those in the wrong hands, doing all sorts of mischief." Smiling, he leaned back again. At that time his breakfast arrived, a proper big english breakfast style meal, all bacon and scrambled eggs and sausage and muffins. He gazed down at it with a relish, using his hands to fan the scents up to his flaring nostrils. "Mhmm. Well. One less Dark Wizard plaguing us. So do you often get tips like that?"

Graham shakes his head "Not usually so straight forward now, it's usual much more research and asking questions and a tad bit of luck sometimes." He finishes of his cider "A ranger took the dragon too, so it'll be looked after well." he says as if this is important to him. "Cant blame it for doing what dragons do I suppose." he pauses a moment seeming to be thinking "I hope this isnt to odd a thing to say, but I do know your work but more so I know your daughter. I'm not sure if she would have had time to mention me?"

"I see, I see," Dillorous murmured inbetween scooping up a bit of scrambled eggs and starting his breakfast. Rather than order any sort of juice or milk, he stuck to his beer as the side drink. "Expecting anything or anyone to act outside their nature is rarely a profitable endevor. Well. I'm glad the dragon's tended to." The bacon was crispy, and he crunched it with great enthusiasm.
"Hrm? Oh really, now? I cannot say that she has, no, but that's hardly a surprise. My research tends to take me away most of the time.." A touch of reserve had slipped into the author, though he kept his smile in place. "And she's of course a grown woman with her own circle that I can hardly expect to be kept up to date on. Still, do tell. How do you know my daughter?"

Graham nods "This is very true." he says about people acting outside of their nature and the dragon being taken care of for that matter. He orders a refill of his cider and some chips deciding he's hungry after all. The young man listens still all the same "I figured that important work indeed keeps one away at times." he pauses once more "Well we met once last new years and were introduced, but it was a long time before we met again, but since we have it's a bit hard to explain we quickly realized after we kept bumping into one another that we each felt protective of the other." he takes a drink of the refilled cider "Because of your work I thought it important to know that she's well looked after. She's not like a sister to me, but is one, so i'd do anything to keep her safe."

Dillorous' smile slipped for a second, then returned by habit. "Yes, yes, I'm afraid it does." He took a long swallow from his beer, draining a considerable amount before returning to his food. Meanwhile he kept listening to Graham, bobbing his head here and there to acknowledge that he was paying attention. "Oh really? Well, then, I should say she is quite lucky. An Auror for a protector.. it hardly gets safer than that, does it? So tell me, then. What do you think of Cassius Malfoy?" His gaze fixed on Graham's directly.

"I hope she never needs my protection in that direct sort of way again, but i'm of course also a person she can confide in and count on family as I said." Graham takes another drink from the cider as he listens sighing slightly "I've talked to great length with Rhyeline about this, we do argue about politics as brother and sister." he smiles at a remembered time. "I've told Mr Malfoy, I cannot support unity though times are changing so we'll see, otherwise he seems honorable enough. I worried at first it was just a political move and didnt wish Rhyeline to be hurt, but she seems to really care for him and I believe he cares for her."

Again his smile slipped a little, especially when Graham kept referencing to Rhyeline as his sister. But the middle aged wizard didn't say anything about it. Instead he finished the last of his meal, then pushed the plate away. It was all washed down with a goodly amount of beer. "Well. I can't say that I'm convinced of his intentions, but I've promised to keep an open mind until he's had a chance to talk to me properly. Tell me, though. Would you be interested some time in taking me along for a case at some point? I have enough friends in the Ministry that I'm sure that together we could get all the forms crossed out, if necessary. I would really love to see first hand how an Auror operates. Adds authenticity to my work, you see. I deplore just making things up."

Graham watches the other "I hope it's not weird what i've said so far. We've taken to using brother and sister for each other but I can refrain to do so with you if you prefer it given i'm sure it's not something you'd expected." his eyes are sharp being an auror and all. "I would say yes speak to him it's best to get the measure of someone from that way." he sips his cider "I am not sure Mr Diderot, I appreciate wishing to get the truth out, but my job is dangerous and I couldn't forgive it if something happened especially to Rhyelines father on my watch let alone what she'd think of it." he seems un-easy.

"It's not my place to judge." Even so, that bit of withdrawal hadn't gone away, if anything it was strong. He leaned back in his seat, striking a very detatched gentlemanly poise as he met the Auror's sharp gaze. If he caught onto Graham's unease, Dillorous didn't show it. Instead he bullied on. "Nonsense, nonsense. I'm hardly unnused to a bit of risk in the quest of truth. I've just returned from a trip up the Amazon, and let me tell you: That was no gentle journey. I've walked through the Dark alleys of Bombey, and climbed the Himalays on foot. Really, now, I would truly appreciate it."

Graham nods in appreciation to the story of travel he wishes he could travel more and might show about being a bit eager at first. "I can imagine that was a journey and full of danger and adventure to be certain. I dont doubt you though it's Rhyeline I couldnt bear to hurt. I'll talk to her and to my supervisors to see if it's plausible." The auror can at least do that much for the other. "

Dillorous didn't seem too satisfied with Graham's answer, but eventually grunt out a: "Fair enough, Cohen, fair enough. I very much hope I shall hear from you, though. It's the sort of hands-on education that I have always enjoyed. I just was never able to sit still in one place long enough to contemplate a career with the Ministry. But it takes all sorts to make a world, doesn't it?"

"That it does, im seen as odd in my department as I don't crave the adventure and danger that comes with being an auror. As I said i'm a bit bookish but i'd like to think I do my job well." he gives a small shrug and takes another drink "Hands on learning is important too, I was asked once what the hardest part of being in dueling club is and it's the standing still to allow another to try and hex you it's against our built in mechanisms to do that." he chuckles

"I can hardly hold it against a man to be bookish," Dillorous commented with dry wit. "After all, I've based my life around the written word. But I really do prefer having seen the things I write about. Of knowing them rather than just sitting in some dusty library letting my imagination wander without any true foundation." He sighed, looking down at his empty glass of beer. "Well. Here, let me take your tab. I'm afraid I shall have to say good day, though. I've got myself an appointment I must make."

"It only makes sense if your describing things in books to have experienced them if possible." Graham shakes his head "I can get it, it was good to meet you Mr Diderot. Well properly at least i've heard some prior to our meeting. He'll reach for his bag unless the other is faster to pay for the food and drinks. "I will get back to you on the case work as soon as I can." he adds all the same.

Dillorous inclined his head, a wry smile dancing over his lips. "You're too kind, Cohen." There was no protest at the Auror picking up the tab instead. With a grunt and a shove, he forced himself up from the table. Though he ran his fingers through his greying hair, he only half succeeded in getting it into a semblance of order. But then scholars were often allowed their few eccentricities. "Until next time, then, Cohen. You take care of yourself, now."

As she so often does, Rena slips quietly into the Leaky Cauldron from the front door without making much of a grand entrance. A cold wind gusts past her as she shuts the door behind, blowing the hem of her coat quite fiercely. Letting a small shiver pass through her, the redheaded woman quickly slips out of her overcoat and hangs it on the rack by the door. Carefully holding a clipboard and pen to herself with one hand, she moves into the room and orders a mug of warm cider from the bar. As she waits, Rena's eyes wander the room and finally fall upon Graham and his friend. Without hesitation, the younger Auror puts two fingers to her lips and lets out a whistle to catch his attention from across the room, following it with a friendly wave and warm smile.

She's off-duty. Don't expect her to be prim and proper.

"Of course likewise with yourself." The young man says nodding respectfuly Graham says "It was good to meet you." He turns back at the sound of the whistle and spots the other auror he smirks slightly. It takes a moment to pull himself up he seems to be walking stiffly and favoring one hand (not using it) as he moves to head the way of where she is. "Good Morning Rena." he says warmly.

Dillorous dipped an imaginary pointed hat at Rena when he left Graham and their table behind. There migth have been a wink and one of his most charismatic smiles lurking somewhere in there, too. After all, he migth be middled aged, but that didn't make him old, right? Sure he had gray hairs, and dressed like a distinguished gentleman professor, but at least he didn't have a pot belly yet. Normally he might even have changed his mind regarding his appointment, seeing how Graham seemed to keep some interesting company. Alas, another glance at his golden pocket watch said it was not meant to be. So he continued on towards the door.
Dillorous gives you a cookie.

Rena collects her mug of warmed over cider from the bar and takes a healthy sip of the golden liquid. "Mmm, there's lovely, for you." She murmurs to herself, eyes half-closed momentarily.

The tipped hat and wink from Dillorous as he passes, causes an amused grin and sparkle in her own dark eyes. Once she's reached her fellow Auror, she nods her head in the direction of the retreating scholar and asks: "Who's your friend? I'm sorry I missed 'im. 'E looks like an interesting fellow, sure as sure."
Glancing over Graham a bit more carefully, Rena then begins to frown ever so slightly: "What the devil you been doing to yourself, luv? Get in a fight with your girl's old man?"

Food food food. Coffee coffee coffee. Those are the two things on Cooper's mind, when she walks in through the Leakey Cauldron. An over night shift, covering for a translator means she's fatigued and not altogether there, which makes her almost run into Dillorous on his way out. The man though, seems to catch the young auror's eye and even in her tired state she manages to give him a coy smile behind her thick framed glasses. And when he passes her, she too can't help but look over her shoulder to watch him leave. Two colleagues are recognized though in the morning crowd and immediately she heads over to them with a yawn, "Lee, Cohen, g'morning. Strange to see folks outside of work."

Coys smiles meant winks in return. Alas he didn't have more of a chance to play the schmoozing elder gent. Instead it was out the door and into the cold November day, immediately regretting the fact that he wasn't still drinking beer in the early morning. Life. Tricky little bitch, she was.

The young man turns back "That's Rhyeline's father." he explains to the other firstly as he finally reaches his destination plopping down lightly into the chair "Not at all, think i'd be better off for that one, another thing they should put in the auror recruitment. Dark Wizards dont mind breaking laws involving keeping dragons. I got the bad guy but he had a hungarian horntail, chomped my thigh and stabbed my hand." he indicates the wounds as he speaks. He turns to the other "Ah, good morning aye it can be odd when we've not got stacks of papers or people trying to kill us about." he gives a grin.

Rena flashes a grin at Cooper as she approaches and chuckles: "None too strange, really. Seems like the Leaky Cauldron is the place to be for meals most days."
A somewhat skeptical (if slightly surprised) gaze is turned hard upon Graham as he explains his current physical predicament and Rena quirks an eyebrow: "Why do I miss all the fun?" She asks with a rueful smirk, dropping into a seat near her friend. Laying her clipboard on the bar so that both hands are free, she clasps her fingers around the warm mug and settles in for the moment, comfortably.

A server comes by who hands Cooper a steaming hot cup of coffee and scone, already able to read the look on her face before she even order. "You're a godsend Matilda, thank you," her bright grin comes out and she winks at the Cauldron wench. Though as she takes a sip, she practically spits out her coffee and coughs as soon as Graham mentions the name. "As in … Diderot?" Her face turns pale as she looks back to where the older man just left. It's a good thing the topic changes, because Cooper is quick to jump on it! "Ahh yes, I heard about that. Good job on that capture, I'm sorry about the injuries, she leans forward to try and maybe get a peak at any scars. "What had happened?"

Graham chuckles "Fun hm, you can have the next go at a dragon." He says but it's light teasing towards his friend. He takes a drink of the cider he has setting it back down lightly. "I got a tip he'd be there and setup a trap.. I bagged him easily enough but spooked the dragon it lunged." he gives the and here I am expression grinning "Oh well wizard arrested rangers have the dragon so just another day right?"

"'Ere's to a day in the life of an Auror," Rena quips jovially, holding out her own mug by way of making a jesting cheer. "And if you ever feel the need for a substitute in dragon fights, I'm your girl. If I 'ad some forewarning though, I'd bring along Mister Gamp. Maybe 'e could give a few pointers on peaceful resolution of the dragon's argument. I 'aven't been at this job long enough to lose a limb."

Setting down her mug now, Rena takes up her pen and begins to ponder over an already very full page of quickly scrawled handwriting on the clipboard before her. "The name Diderot sounds rather familiar. Is 'e someone famous?" She asks suddenly, not looking up from the paper, but still involving herself in conversation.

Cooper gives a hearty and warm laugh, even for a woman so tired. Her coffee cup is raised and clicks it again both Rena's and Graham's before taking a cheerful sip. "Kaleb's useful. Though I'll have to let Rena do all your dragon defending. That's a no thanks for me," she nods. Wincing at the man's tale she nods, "I hate those surpises. I know we're supposed to be prepared for everything, but never feel like I am. I got set up in my last assignment. Good thing Bannon was there to save my neck or I'd be a goner. Glad you're safe and sound though." Oh Aurors! How they talk about life and death so casually. Cooper says nothing about Rena's question, but she merely picks at her scone.

Graham nods "I'll let you know if I need to tag out for a replacement next time." The young man says lightly to her as she speaks at wishing to be involved. "No please try not to lost limbs it's much appreciated. Lots of paperwork, I think." he gives a wink. "He is a writer, I know that much his daughter Rhyeline, she's become like a sister to me." he says easily enough though continues on "Yes, I don't know how everything can be prepared for. You were setup? What happened?" he asks curious.

Rena looks up from her writing as Graham explains about the relationship between Diderot, Rhyeline and himself. His being a writer - of course that's what she remembers the name from. However, her attention drifts over to Cooper before thinking to reply. She can scarcely help quipping lightly: "I've obviously not been at this job long enough. I've yet to be set-up during a mission. Oh, the joys that await me as my career goes on."

The trio of Aurors are situated at the bar during early morning breakfast hours, swapping work chatter and getting warmed up for the day ahead with stimulating drinks.

The door from London opens as a rather frizzy haired Phil makes her way in from the damp cold. She tries in vain to smooth down her hair as she shuts the door behind her using her backside as her other arm is occupied with carrying a couple of small parcels. A quick glance around see the usual breakfast crowd plus a trio of others. Familiar with two of the three Phil stops playing with her hair long enough to wave to Graham and Rena and thereby also look like she is waving at Cooper too.

"Oh it is a lot of paperwork! Remember when Haggerty lost a couple of his finger last year? I had to help fill out his hospital papers. Poor bloke couldn't write," Cooper frowns sympathetically. The steam from her coffee fogs up her glasses. "I had to make a backdoor deal with some shady goods sellers - Mysteries said they needed this artifact for some research, only it was a sham and when I touched it, it shocked me unconcious." She holds out her left hand to show them how shaky it still was. With a grin she says to Rena, "I'll ask to bring you out on my next one. Hopefully its something good." But the Rhyeline conversation leaves her silent, as she merely listens on very, very intently, but still hesitant to contribute anything to the conversation.

"Yes, and hopefully it doesn't happen or you take good back up with you so everyone comes out of it in one piece." Graham says to Rena about having not been setup or turned against just yet though hopefully it wont happen "See your all set between Cooper and I we'll get you injured up quickly enough." he winces at remembering "I do remember that poor chap indeed." he turns back as the door opens "Phil, have a story for you. I met your sister." he grins big

Rena takes another swig of her cider, unwilling to let it cool off completely before finishing. The interchange between Cooper and Graham about the traumas endemic to their job is not lost on her. However, she doesn't seem to be deterred by the talk about dismemberment and ill health. What have they got personal beds stationed in St. Mungo's for? It's just part of the job description.
Phil enters the Leaky Cauldron, and Rena perks up. Smiling warmly, she offers a wave… however, Graham's remark causes the young woman to falter. Choking slightly at his cryptic "I met your sister" remark, Rena mutters: "I'm sure that some'ow sounds sketchier than it ought to…"

Funnily enough were it anyone else Phil's comment would be along the lines of Rena's but as Graham is speaking about her sister Felicity the journalist bobs her head and enquires, "How many stitches did you end up with?" She pauses by the bar to place an order for her usual breakfast then makes her way over to join the trio, setting her parcels down on the floor. "Might I join you?" Cooper is offered a now empty hand, "Phil Rowle, I don't think we have met."

Cooper beams brightly at Graham's reply and nods to Rena, saying in an uncomfortably cheerful manner, "You'll never again be as beautiful as you are now!" I mean look at Cooper! Reduced to fatigue and terrible fitting clothes! She blinks though, confused at their new arrival, but greeting her with her genial grin none-the-less. "Phil Rowle," she repeats in order to store the masculine name into her memory and in turn offering her own masculine name, "Cooper. By all means sit." The blonde even pulls a chair out for the woman to join them. "A friend of my colleagues is a friend of mine."

The auror chuckles shaking his head at the muttered words. Graham likely didnt think about his words before speaking them but at least Phil understood correctly "No stitches lots of healing goop, darned wizard had a hungarian horntail." he explains to his friend "Please join yes." he answers the question. "Oh I left out the best part.. to get the dragon to release it's grip.. I had to drink this potion which made me taste like a vegetable. So here's to healthy eating." he drinks more of his cider.

Rena very nearly spits her drink - as she happens to be downing a little more cider as Graham mentions the potion he had to drink in order to tell the dragon to cease and desist. Covering her mouth, the young woman coughs a little and makes an attempt at recovering herself before asking jokingly: "What kind of vegetable, I wonder?"

"Nice to meet you Cooper," says Phil with a smile. She drops unceremoniously into the chair the auror brought over for her. "Thank you." Shrugging off her cloak, Phil drapes it over the back of her chair. "Nothing with Felicity is ever peaceful. I'm not surprised the dragon tried to eat you." Her mouth quirks up into a ready grin, "I think Graham would be a parsnip. Unasuming and a little boring until roasted with honey and then unexpectedly sweet."
Cooper gives you a cookie.

The auror chuckles shaking his head at the muttered words. Graham likely didnt think about his words before speaking them but at least Phil understood correctly "No stitches lots of healing goop, darned wizard had a hungarian horntail." he explains to his friend "Please join yes." he answers the question. "Oh I left out the best part.. to get the dragon to release it's grip.. I had to drink this potion which made me taste like a vegetable. So here's to healthy eating." he drinks more of his cider.

Rena very nearly spits her drink - as she happens to be downing a little more cider as Graham mentions the potion he had to drink in order to tell the dragon to cease and desist. Covering her mouth, the young woman coughs a little and makes an attempt at recovering herself before asking jokingly: "What kind of vegetable, I wonder?"

"Nice to meet you Cooper," says Phil with a smile. She drops unceremoniously into the chair the auror brought over for her. "Thank you." Shrugging off her cloak, Phil drapes it over the back of her chair. "Nothing with Felicity is ever peaceful. I'm not surprised the dragon tried to eat you." Her mouth quirks up into a ready grin, "I think Graham would be a parsnip. Unasuming and a little boring until roasted with honey and then unexpectedly sweet." <Re>

Cooper groans at the vegetable potion, scone still half filling her mouth, "Ugh I know that one. Tastes like shite. Cheers to you, Cohen." The coffee cup goes up again in a toast, this time in his honor. The sister talk makes her curious and with a blink she asks Phil, "Felicity Rowle? Healer Rowle? You're sister's healer Rowle?" A shiver goes up Cooper's spine. As the self-proclaimed worst patient ever of Mungo's she's made it a point to learn all the healers even if they have no clue who she is. Because she's just a creepy spy like that.

Graham shakes his head "I wouldn't know Rena, unless the dragon learns to talk." He says though he looks to Phil nods at her words "Hm you know what Phil I will accept that description." he raises his mug to her "Cheers." he takes a drink of the cider he looks to Cooper "Indeed and it comes in a gallon jug to drink all of it." he pulls a face at remembering the potion.

Mick ruffles Phil's frizzy head when he sets her pot of Earl Grey down in front of her and a plate of breakfast. She gives him a grumpy but affectionate look and then turns back to the others. "My sister isn't likely one you have been treated by. She deals with creature and artifact ailments specifically," Phil explains to Cooper. "That you like my description proves it to be true, Graham. Now what kind of vegetable would Rena be I wonder?"

Rena, for her part, is unable to control the fit of giggles that seizes her upon hearing Phil's description of Graham in a vegetable guise. Her dark eyes sparkle merrily at the idea, and she casts a slightly apologetic glance in Graham's direction, forcing herself back under control: "I'm sorry, it's just…" Oh well, they all know the truth.
A more quizzical expression replaces the mirth however, and the redhead sinks back in her seat slightly as they decide to figure out what type of vegetable she would be. Taking her mug into both hands, she hides behind it slightly: "I laughed too soon," she murmurs, just waiting to hear the analysis.

"You're right. I've never had her as my healer personally, only I was in her ward a month ago. Bad shock from a cursed artifact," Cooper shrugs, "But I do recall she's a rather tall lady." Fairly attractive as well, if only she weren't a healer! Coming up with a vegetable for Rena makes her think, a finger taps on Cooper's lips. "A squash perhaps? Bold and rough on the outside. But a true softy within," she grins, and then checks the time. Up she stands from her chair, "Anyhow I've got to run. Going to take a nap in the lounge and then head back to the grind. Phil a pleasure to meet you." A bright smile and she heads for the door, glad to have missed her portion of the vegetable picking. Because she most certainly would have been a mushroom - weird-looking and feeding off the decaying matter of the older men and women she's "conquered."

The auror chuckles "I submit evidence though that I was attacked by a dragon, after bringing down a darkwizard and only than dragged to St Mungo's which makes me less boring." he gives a proper nod setting his mug down on the bar. Graham listens to the question about what vegetable Rena would be. "Hm that works Cooper he says not a bad thing. It's good to not be hardened if you can manage in our line of work." he looks to Phil "What vegetable would you like to be Phil?"

"You are an auror, Graham, being injured by a dark wizard and ending up in the hospital is a day at the office for you." Phil gives her friend no credit. None! She grins at Cooper's comments, both about her sister and then the Rena vegetable. "I agree." Contemplating her own vegetableness Phil says as she cuts up her breakfast, "I would be purple sprouting brocolli. Slightly different to the usual vareity and best when fresh and crisp."

Blushing to a rather bright shade of pink, Rena downs the rest of her warm cider and laughs good-naturedly at the description of her. "A butternut squash I am, then."
Cooper takes her leave of the group and Rena calls out: "Rest well!" as she heads out the door. Phil's remark about being a purple sprouting broccoli causes her to chuckle. "Sounds about right to me!"

Glancing down at the paper she had intended on working on whilst here at the Leaky Cauldron, Rena then sighs and shakes her head, muttering to herself: "I'll 'ave to keep working on my speech at 'ome tonight, I think. I've just about done, though."

"That's a good one Phil." Graham grins as she speaks of his job "This is very true, suppose I called that Thursday." the auror says to his friend looking to Rena a moment "What's that Rena?" he asks about the paper though he looks between the two a moment finishing off his cider he sets it down not asking for a refill this time.

"Speech?" Phil looks curious but doesn't push, she knows people usually speak more openly about when just given a little nudge rather than a push off a cliff. She tackles her breakfast, alternating between bites and sips of tea. Never a dainty eater, Phil can pack food away but she does it in a well mannered fashion.


Realizing she probably should have kept it to herself, Rena cringes a little inwardly. But, the cat is already out of the bag - so she might as well explain it. "Well, I…" she hesitates, looking between the paper, Graham and Phil uncertainly before pressing forward. "I'm going to that Community Forum that's to be 'eld in the Community 'all this Sunday. People are allowed to go and speak their mind about the riots and the Eye of Truth… all of that." Pausing again, the young woman forces herself to sit up straight and keep her chin up, even though she's feeling less than courageous just now. "I'm going to speak my own piece there, if given 'alf a chance."

Graham watches the other auror a moment as he waits for her answer himself. He smiles at the response "I am sure you will be able to speak and that's a very good idea. I hope many people speak out against it myself." He looks outside a moment pushing his chair back "I'm afraid I should head home suppose to take it easy but snuck out for some food and drink." he grins to each see he's getting better at being less boring! He pushes to his feet still moving a little stiffly his trip out a bad idea probably. "Be careful you two." he says before making his way towards the door.

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