(1938-11-16) Cider, Hippogriffs, and Awkward Conversations
Details for Cider, Hippogriffs and Awkward Conversations
Summary: Medusa and Morgana bring their concerns about Lucain to Camilla. Only to have their conversations interrupted by the man himself. Later they are joined by Bannon, for more awkwardness.
Date: 1938-11-16
Location: Fawley Family Farm

It's not a far walk to the farm, and the day is nice enough so the walk isn't all that terrible. Sebastian follows behind Medusa and Morgana, excited to be going back to that nice lady to gives him treats, even if there is an oversized lion there who could eat him.

"Ms Fawley is really nice and I am sure she'll hear us out. I just hope Lucian doesn't decide to stop by before we're finished." She has on her grey cloak that Medusa hates so much and her hair is pulled back in a bun. Her clothing is something she'd wear broom riding. Loose pants and a shirt she doesn't mind getting dirty. Hopping up the steps to the front door, she'll politely knock.

Medusa nipped back to the castle after her business lunch and put on more casual clothing. She had to borrow things from people, but she decided going to a farm meant dressing down. Wool coat, not fur. Gryffindor knit hat since Doulgas mocks her flat cap. An oversized jumper and a pair of trousers which are tucked into her wellies. "If he does we'll just say you wanted to see her. She invited you afterall. And I'm a nosy bitch." Medusa grins at Morgana.

A large man growl-grumbles as he passes by the open door though the screen door is shut. "Wait a second, I'll get her." Cami is already coming to the door. The man gets a bit of a soothing rub to his arm. "Go eat, you're being growly. Fresh ribeye in the ice box." The man takes a deep breath and looks over his shoulder and sincerely apologizes to the girls as Cami opens up the screen door for them. He then disappears into the kitchen. "Well hello there." Cami offers with a big warm grin. "Come on in, have a seat, they should be animal free at the moment. Sal's in his tank and Helga's up in my bedroom." They'll just have to mind the young male lion that's laying in the sitting area on the rug in front of the fire. "Get you girls some warm cider? Soft or Hard?"

"Soft, please," is Medusa's answer to the question. She's had enough alcohol for a while. At least until the next Hogsmeade weekend. An animal free seat is just the thing. She has never seen Camilla before but has heard a lot from her and offers her hand. "I'm Medusa Malfoy. Thank you for letting us come speak with you today. We're…very worried about Lucian and were hoping you might be able to help."

"I'll take soft as well, if I'm going to be doing anything animal related either I should have my wits about me hmm?" Morgana says, watching as Medusa introduces herself and tell Camilla the reason they are here. Leading her way sitting room, she'll find an unoccupied spot on one of the couches and settles in. "Yes, we were hoping that you'd either have some insite, or.. influence with him."

Camilla fetches the visitors their ciders, while in the kitchen she can be heard chiding and teasing, "Demetrius, just the one steak, alright? Save me something for dinner." But she's soon coming out wit three large mugs of steaming fresh apple cider. Made from the apples on the farm! "Well I'm sure you girls know how stubborn he can be about certain things. Lucian and I are as close as we are because I don't try to tell him how to live his life. But I do appreciate that he's got friends like you to be worried about him. I'll do everything I can of course…what's going on?" Rowena who's on her branch on the mantle above the fireplace gives a small cry of greeting towards the head girl.

The bird gets a few curious looks from Medusa but she doesn't bother it or even address it. When everyone is sat and cosy she glances at Morgana and then starts, being as how she's been friends with the boy in question the longest even if it was an on again off again kind of friendship. "We are worried that Lucian might be too obsessed with Ria Sykes. She is a devout supporter of Grindelwald, zealously so as are her parents. And Lucian is zealous about her. We, that is," she sips her drink, "he and I have discussed this a bit and he has said he'd be willing to do anything for her. Anything to get her back. Morgana and I are worried what anything might come to mean given the violence that's already started."

Morgana will smile and wave to her house mascot, making a note to find some treats for her later. She'll drink her cider as Medusa explains her side of the story. "I'm learning how stubborn he can be, and I've guessed that flat out telling him what to do is just going to force him to do the opposite." Leaning back in the chair she frowns and looks between the two of them. "The obstacle is her father, and the fact that he's a bastard. I think that he believes if he follows Grindelwald, it might be enough to earn his respect, and Ria will take him back. I've been.. doing my best to warn him away from it, and he is taking the decision seriously, but I worry how easily she can influence him."

Just to add weight to it, Medusa admits something she has not shared with many. "I know you have people at the school Miss Fawley so you will know I am in the Magijugend. But I am not a follower. I did it for personal reasons, reasons which…given how worried we are that Lucian will do whatever it takes to win Ria back…well he doesn't even know why I am there. I thought if he did join I might be able to keep him safe, but she has as much power in the group as I do, if not more because of her father's close personal friendship with the Headmaster."

Camilla the moment Ria is mentioned seems to understand exactly why the girls are here meeting with her before they even explain. But she lets them explain everything as they see it while she gives Sebastian a treat or two. "Arlo Sykes is the crux of the situation it's true. I liked Ria just fine, until she proved to be so easily swayed by her father. She's been there for him since the very beginning. Been in his eyes his only true friend through the good and bad. So when she betrayed him because Daddy Said so. Well that hurt him good. But he's a fighter, he'll fight his way back to have her, whether she's still worthy of it or not in our eyes. In his eyes he's the one that failed her, not the other way around. I think that all we can do is show him that she's not the only one that will be there for him though good and bad. We came late to the game, but we're in it for good now. So if it proves as I fear it might and nothing Lucian does will change Arlo's opinion of him. He'll have us as support when and if she bends to her father over her heart yet again."

Medusa looks down at her drink and forces herself to have some as she listens to Camilla, though it is delicious it goes down like broken glass because she well knows the part she had to play in Lucian feeling alone all those years. "I am worried that he's so blind to what she is like he will just blurt things out to her. It feels dishonest but if we have to walk around on eggshells and keep our fears and secrets from him…I suppose we must." She looks at Morgana

"I've been trying to do that. We haven't been friends for very long, but we have a lot more in common than we expected and we've become close." Morgana says as she idly smooths over a wrinkle or two on her trousers before she talks again. "His ideas on the whole situation seemed to be filled with a lot of ifs." Listening to Medusa she nods her head. "I've expressed my opinions to him a few times. I told him that I don't believe she is fighting as hard for him as she is for her. It made him think for sure and he is at least aware that there is the possibility that he will not get back together with her. He my occasionally be blind, but I have faith that he'll make at least an informed decision."

Camilla admittedly has been hoping that Morgana would be more than just a good friend to Lucian. The Head Girl is perfect for Lucian in her eyes and the fact that she's come to the farm like this and saying the things she's said has only solidified Cami's opinion of her. "When it comes to stubborn men… you just have to show them, tell them, make it clear that he has other options than Ria Sykes. Options that won't be so fickle. To when the moment Arlo Sykes hears his daughter is at least entertaining a relationship again and confronts her no doubt she'll bend all over again. You girls are doing a great service to him already, my only advice is to keep it up. Show him he has other paths before him." Her gaze a bit pointedly on Morgana at the last bit, while she was looking at Medusa while talking about Arlo.

With care Medusa leans over and sets her glass down. "Thank you for speaking with us Miss Fawley and for the advice." She looks at Morgana again to see if the Head Girl has anything else she wants to say or ask, because the Malfoy has said what she came to say and has been given an answer.

Morgana feels the weight of that 'look' from Camilla and clears her throat. "Ehm, well. I can try, but he is a little blind to other females." Morgana says awkwardly, pushing some hair out of her face. "But I'm glad that someone sees what we're doing, even if we have to be careful about doing it." Pausing for a moment and looking just a touch awkward she'll point to Rowena. "Are there any treats for her? It's only fair right?"

Camilla smiles and stands up she tilts her head to urge Morgana near the mantle. One of the numerous pouches on her belt is slid into with a nimble hand and a falconer's heavy duty Eagle glove is pulled out and offered to the Ravenclaw and then a little unborn chick is also pulled out of another pouch to put on the glove once the girls got it on if she does. "I'm sorry, really don't let me pressure you. I know that look. I got it every time someone used to tell me I should have thrown myself at Dem back in school." She lowers her voice so the werewolf in the kitchen devouring the rib-eye raw won't overhear, of course with his hearing sharper than normal this close to the full moon it's good he's devouring because the sound of his chewing blocks the secret talk more than he whispering. "So if you don't feel that way bout our guy, than I'll stop, I promise." She crosses her heart even. "If you do…I wouldn't mind you coming by for some of the farm Christmas Celebration… Heck you can come even if you don't like him like that. But if you do and need any sort of help. Don't be shy, right?"

Morgana takes the glove from Cami and puts it on, and takes whatever treat she's supposed to be giving before she offers it all to Rowena. "No, no pressure it's just." She beings. "I just got out of a realtionship with someone whose eyes were else where. I'm a little worried about getting into that situation again." Sebastian, the tuxedo cat that followed Morgana in here, looks a lititle weary about the very large bird and has decides to jump onto Camilla's lap to 'hide'. "So, I'm trying to keep my feelings, whatever they may be, out of it incase it's just going to end in disaster." Morgana has obviously thought some of this through. "CHristmas? Sure I would love to come out. I'll be spending the morning with my family but other than that I am free. Though I did invite Lucian over as well, if his boss lets him go." She says with a smirk.

Camilla scoops up Sebastian and gives him a nuzzle before tucking him up into her robes where there's a pocket just for this purpose for animal tucking. He can still peek out but still feel all safe and warm there while she stands up to help Morgana with the eagle since she's pretty heavy once she's perched on the girls' wrist. "I hear his boss is a real task master." She winks to the Ravenclaw and makes cat noises softly in her throat to let Sebastian know that Rowena only eats from a glove. "Well there's one thing I think this teaches us about our guy. When he's dedicated, he's /dedicated/. So I think that if you are honest with him. Tell him exactly what you told me. Then like you said, he'll be able to make a truly informed decision." Don't you just hate it when your own logic is used against you? "We tend to do Christmas Eve things, because the morning we've still got a farm to work. That crazy boss lady scares Old Kris Kringle off." Another wink and a chuckle richly rumbles her like a purr.

Camilla is standing with her legs spread with Godric between them. So that she can help support Morgana who's by the fireplace with a falconer's glove and the Ravenclaw mascot on the glove. Rowena is as majestically as possible ripping the little unborn chick apart and devouring it delicately. Making sure her beak is preened after every bite, wiping it on the glove like Morgana's hand was a napkin. Medusa excused herself from the gathering but a few minutes ago. The girls seem to be chatting softly together. Maybe so it's not to wake the lion. Or maybe it's so the werewolf in the kitchen devouring his second ribeye steak raw won't hear them.

"She's a lot heavier than I expected." Morgana says as the eagle is moved to her wrist and she'll feed her the treat from the glove. Sebastian just purrs, because he is getting attention and honestly that is his favorite thing in life. "Yeah I heard that she was. Maybe you can put in a good word for me. And if you're doing things on Christmas Eve, than I should have no problem attending." She is amused at how prim the Eagle is while eating her snack. "I have been honest with him it's just.. tricky. I want to keep him informed of what I find out, and not be.. you know.. biased. It's becoming difficult."

The heavy footsteps on the front porch don't sound much like the daintier Medusa. So it's likely no great surprise when Lucian comes in the front door, calling out, "Cami? I'm hooome." Passing the kitchen, Luc gives a nod of greeting to Demetrius, immediately moving on to the next most likely place to find Camilla, the living room amongst the animals. But he stops dead in the entryway, eyes going wide at seeing Morgana standing there. "Oh…um…Morgana. Hey…you…I didn't know you were here. Hi."

Camilla smiles wide to Lucian when he comes in, and perhaps has a touch of a too wide eyed look about her. She's not good with cover-ups! But then she gets a more sly smirky smile when she looks between Lucian and Morgana when Lucian gets bumbly in his greeting. "Morgana came by to see her mascot and talk plans for the future. Like Christmas Eve and if I could bring Rowena to the Quidditch game. Which I'm happy to do. So long as I can bring Helga too." The Hufflepuff Alumni of course puts that caveat in! There's hot cider honey. You could probably even refresh Morgana's too…Rowena's almost done. How's your day been?"

"Lucian.. Hey." Morgana says with a smile but there is some hesitation in her voice. "Yes.. well I thought we were going to see the Hippogryffs? Though maybe we didn't set up a time." She does look at Lucian, but she is doing her best to just look at his face. "I'm holding an eagle." She says awkwardly. "But yes, Camilla invited me along for Christmas, if that's okay with you."

Lucian's eyes, likewise, are fixed firmly on Morgana's face as he comes further into the living room. "Christmas? Here? Oh…right. Um…Christmas might be…complicated. There's a thing…but I'm not sure if I'll be going or not. Nor even if it's on Christmas. Nevermind. I'll tell you when I know more." It's good thing Lucian is here to clear these things up.

A tapping comes from the door as it opens once more, only this time to reveal the auror Bannon Bates. As he enters, closing the door behind him, he only just then notes the Hogwarts students who are here as well. "Pardon me. Greetings. I'd not a clue that this was a Hogsmeade weekend. I apologize if I am encroaching upon a gather." He clears his throat a little bit. "I can come back at a later time should it be more advantageous."

Camilla whispers: He likes you too.

Camilla makes to take the bird off of Morgana's wrist since it's probably about to fall asleep. The eagle is settled on the shoulder that's been padded with thick leather over it, just for this purpose, Cam's entire outfit is designed so she can be a magical creature jungle gym! While Rowena is getting situated Cami uses the opertuninty to whisper something quick like to Morgana before she beams seeing Bannon enter, "Don't be silly Bannon, come in." Her voice filled with hope that he and Lucian can work on getting to know each other a bit more. Because Cami's made very sure that her and Bannon's relationship has not gone to any next level until it's known how Bannon and Lucian can get along. "There's hot cider, soft or hard. Mind Demetrius, he's a bit growly, tomorrow's the full moon, you know how he can get close to it."

"Ah. Well yes, let me know I suppose. I wouldn't want to get in the way of any other plans you might have." Morgana responds, letting Rowena be taken away by Camilla. When Camilla whispers to her, she'll look to Lucian and clear her throat, but doesn't seem to have a response for her. She does however take her cat back, since he doesn't like to share with oversized birds. "If you've got other things going on Lucian, I can always see the hippogriffs later."

A certain sobriety comes over Lucian at the arrival of Bannon. Past tensions are never far from the surface, even if the two have maintained a relative peace. He moves closer to the ladies, quickly looking away from Morgana when his eyes drift. "Um…no, I'd like to show you the 'griffs. It's almost time for a feed. So…a good chance to get them to like you."

"Ah. Whispering. Sleepy animals. Yes. Quite." Bannon takes to a whispering tone. He offers a nod to Lucian. "Proudmore…um…Lucian." He clears his throat. "Yes, I suppose that cider might be well in place. Demetrius isn't biting, is he? I'd rather dislike having to subdue him. He's rather more pleasant when he locks himself up." He gives a little nod to Morgana, but heads toward the other room to get himself some cider for the time being. He returns shortly, with a mug in hand.

Camilla gives her gentleman courter a bit of a squint when he teases Demetrius, "I'll let him bite you…and help. Don't be mean to a werewolf the night before the phase. Or in a room where you're one of two non-animagi." Hands on hips she's putting Bannon in the dog house. Protective of Demetrius much? Sebastian, the tuxedo cat that was all cozy in her robe inner pocket above her chest gets a smooch to the nose before he is fully removed from his cozy spot. He's also given a treat before she'll extricates herself from straddling over the sleeping lion. Rowena however wants to remain close to the warmth so she flaps once and lifts off and flaps again and she's re-perched on the branch on the mantle. The elegant regal eagle breaks character a moment and stretches one leg out to squeal a talon against the glass of Sal's secondary smaller tank that's on the mantle too. Seems that Lucian and Morgana are no longer the only eagle and snake in a staring/taunting competition.

Morgana is so not getting in the middle of the Werewolf biting discussion, besides, Camilla seems to have it handled. Her eyes linger on Lucian for a bit longer than they should before she is distracted by the eagle and her taunting. There is a faint smile on her lips when it is done, but she finally turns back to the conversation. "Well.. we probably shouldn't keep them waiting? I'm sure they're hungry." Next on Morgana's topic of best conversations ever, the weather. Sebastian takes the treat happily, and once he has devoured it, he'll find a spot on the floor, near Godric and sprawl out like he owns the place. Because in his cat mind, he does.

Lucian gives Bannon a polite nod. He isn't known for having much to say to the Auror, though today that seems to be more due to being visibly distracted and flustered than any tension between them. He gives Morgana an eager nod, smiling warmly. "It's true. They've gotten awfully spoiled, and they'll get grumpy if dinner is late. Come on, I'll show you where we thaw the rabbits." As he moves to lead Morgana out, he lingers a moment, looking back to Camilla and Bannon, actually remembering to be polite. "Oh…did you want to come?"

Looking at Camilla with a very confused gaze, Bannon furrows his brow. "My…my intention was not to seem hurtful or apathetic toward the fellow. I meant merely to convey fact, that I daren't wish to be bitten by him, what with his behaviour being a tad bit more agressive at this time of the month." Sipping on his quite quickly retrieved drink, he lets his gaze turn to the array of animals about.

Camilla smiles to Lucian and shakes her head, "Oh no, you two can go at it by yourselves." Now Cami never misses the chance to give the Hippogriff herd some love. So something is certainly up. "You two want to stay for dinner? It's rib eyes and potatoes if Demetrius has left enough rib-eyes." Oh sure /she/ can tease. But she's not saying that her first crush belongs in a cage either. Bannon is still getting squints, squints! "Lucian, why don't you also show Morgana the new bridge we build over the creek by the pond." Considering that Cami said that she thought that that bridge is now the most romantic spot on the farm has nothing (everything!) to do with her suggestion. She gives Lucian a warm smile, "Then afterwards dinner will be ready and I can send you back with Josie's Care Package." The visit from Morgana and Medusa put a bit of a hitch in her getting the care package done earlier.

Camilla is transparent, Morgana can see what she is doing, but she won't call the woman out on it. Since that would be rude. "They sound like someone else I know." Morgana says, turning her eyes toward her lazy cat, who seems to be fully asleep now that he's being talked about. As for the dinner invitation she'll look to Lucian. "I didn't have any other plans." But she'll leave that decision up to him. Reaching over to grab her cloak, she'll slip it back over her shoulders and nod to Lucian. "Lead the way."

Lucian gives Camilla an arched eyebrow. Even he is starting to notice the woman's odd behaviour. "Um…sure. The bridge. Right, so…we'll be back for dinner." Giving Cami another odd look, he shrugs to Morgana and steps to the door, holding it open for her.

Kneeling down close to the sleeping lion, Bannon looks intently at him. "You and me, good sir Godric. Oft misunderstood in our own lands. And yet both to make Gryffindor proud." Yes, the auror is speaking to a sleeping lion. "I should enjoy your company soon, upon your waking hours." He stands and glances at Camilla, still sipping his drink.

Nestled between the Scottish Mountainside and the Forbidden Forest, at the end of a long long gravel road that stretches out a few miles between the end of Crook Road and the property of the Fawley Farm is the largest of the properties in the area and it takes up near 100 acres. It's a beautiful sprawling farm. The property is completely self sustaining with plenty of meadow for the livestock, fields and orchards for growing feed for both the animal and human residents, a brook with cool water that feeds the land and the livestock and a thicket at the edge of the forest and on the mountain rise to the north side of the property. While the Farmhouse with surround porch is relatively quaint all things considered built in the usual Tudor era style it is a two story work of whimsy.

The farm is a busy bustling place. The farm is used by the resident to house and care for creatures both mundane and magical that can not live in the wild or at the Zoo. All manner of species reside in special locations sprawled out over the 100 acre property. Behind the barn that's larger than the farmhouse is a newer addition to the property being a very small lake for marine animals. Quite like a small zoo in itself every species has it's own space that's been modeled to resemble their native habitat.

Morgana is quiet as they slip outside, heading toward where the dead rabbits are. It's almost as if she is searching for a topic, but one does not immediately make itself known. Biting her lip for a moment, she'll look to Lucian and raise her brows. "Honestly, are we that obvious? I was trying to play it cool, and I think I failed."

Lucian looks back at the farmhouse with worry. "Do you think she knows?" He guides her to the barn, where he opens up a large storage bin filled with rabbit carcasses, which he starts loading up into a wheelbarrow. "There's no way she could know. She just…probably thinks we'd be good together."

Morgana shakes her head. "She couldn't, I mean it's not something that happens often, right?" At his last statement she nods her head. "That's basically what she was whispering to me." Morgana responds quietly, and even goes as far as to help him unload the rabbits. Apparently she isn't afraid to get dirty. "I'm sorry, this is probably my fault."

With the carcasses loaded, he hefts one end of the wheelbarrow up, and pushes it out of the barn toward the hippogriff paddock. "I'm sure it's not your fault. Why would you say that? Camilla's just trying to play matchmaker. She…she doesn't know I've been trying to fix things with Ria."

"My fault for falling in the first place?" Morgana says lightly as she watches him lift the wheelbarrow. And she does seem to be intently watching him, possibly remembering what all this farm work as done. She does try to look away before she's caught. "Well, that might explain it then. Why didn't you tell her?" She asks.

"Cami was there with me over the summer after Ria broke my heart," Lucian says candidly. "I don't think she was too happy with Ria after that. So, frankly, I don't want the lecture from her. Besides, Ria and I decided we'd keep things quiet. She didn't want to tip off her father that we were trying to get back together, and honestly, I didn't want the embarrassment if the whole thing blew up in my face."

"I suppose you have a point there. I know I'd get a lecture for even mentioning Quinn's name in my house. I think my grandfather is still angry, but than again it was my first breakup and I didn't take it well." Morgana says with a shrug as they walk. Hearing about keeping things quiet, she looks like she's about to ask for him to elaborate, but stops herself. "So.. ehm. Anything else I should know before I meet the herd?" Subtle subject change is subtle.

Lucian doesn't answer right away. There's that same look on his face, of words unsaid. But he succumbs to the subject change…for now. "Do you know the etiquette? You must bow, and keep eye contact. Don't even blink. If the 'griff bows back, and only if he bows back, then you may approach. But even then, let him make the first move. I'll be there to keep him calm. Dragon, that is. I think I mentioned before that you'll have to meet him first. He's the herd leader."

Morgana takes a few calming breaths, since she figures that she needs to be calm as well. "I remember reading that much before, but I didn't know about the blinking. I'll be sure to remember that." There is a slight chuckle at the mention of Dragon's name and she nods. "I remember you telling me he was the leader, but I don't remember how many are in the heard with him. I'm glad you'll be there though, I'm sure it will make it easier for him." And her, but she doesn't mention it.

"There are twelve in the herd," Lucian explains as they approach the fence surrounding the paddock. The low fence really does nothing to keep the beasts in, as they could take flight whenever they liked. It's like more for keeping people out of their territory. "Wait here. I'll get Dragon." He clambers over the fence, and as he wanders deeper into the field, he makes a sing-songy whooping sound. Soon enough, the large shapes in the distance begin to move, and several start getting larger. As the hippogriffs get closer, their majestic forms can be made out — powerful limbs, great feathered wings, steel-coloured beaks, and deadly fore-talons. He bows as they approach him, and almost immediately, the three bow back, and come foreward to nuzzle at him, nearly knocking him over. After a minute of petting and cooing softly to them, Lucian begins walking back, and the largest of the three trots after him. "It's alright," he says as he returns. "You can come in. Just, no sudden movements."

Morgana watches carefully as Lucian works with the Hippogriffs, and she smiles as they start nuzzling and nearly knocking him over. When he brings them closer she nods her head, slowly approaching the fence and getting herself over it. Once she is over she does as she is instructed, keeping eye contact with Dragon, even if she wants to really look at those wings and other such things, she figures she'll have time later. Once she gets with in a safe distance, she'll bow, keeping her eyes on Dragon the whole time. Once she straightens back up, she waits, seeing if she gets the bow back. If she's nervous (which she is) she is doing her best not to show it.

Lucian remains near Dragon, and when Morgana starts to rise, he lowers his hand toward her. "Stay bowed…patience." But even before Morgana can comply, Dragon lowers himself, dipping his head respectfully. Lucian blinks in surprise, looking over at Morgana in astonishment. "He's never bowed so quickly. To anyone."

This being the first time she has ever met a Hippogriff, Morgana isn't sure what to expect. She didn't think it weird that he bowed so quickly, because he did it with Lucian. Granted, the herd knows him well enough to do so. So when she straightens and sees that look on his face she'll raise her brows. "Maybe.. he likes the way I smell?" Again though, she waits for Dragon to make the next move.

As Dragon approaches Morgana, and nuzzles rather forcefully against her shoulder, Lucian laughs brightly. "I think he senses that you're a honourable soul. That means a lot to a hippogriff. See there? He likes you. Come on, let's get him some food, and I'll bet he'll take us to meet the herd in no time."

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