(1938-11-16) On the Ledge
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Summary: Eibhlin and Medusa talk Gerald down - just kidding! The three of them discuss relationships and rumours and Evie gets an unwanted gift.
Date: 1938-11-16
Location: West Parapet

After nightfall, a couple hours before lights out, and Gerald is, as always, anywhere but near his housemates. Rather, he can be found where he can almost always be found, seated on the exterior wall of the rooftop walkways. A knee has been drawn up, as his feet rests on the wall's rim, his back pressed against the cracking walls of the astronomy tower. He's quiet, such as he has been for almost two weeks now, though to his credit he looks the tiniest bit less broodish this night.

Eibhlin isn't trying to sneak up on anyone when quiet footsteps lead her way through the walkway. She was looking for a similarly quiet spot, devoid of books and parchments for once. The sight of another however causes her to hesitate at first. "Gerald?" it is after all not a completely unusual place for him, but he has been keeping to himself lately.

Gerald chuckles, though he does send a glance toward the tone he's already recognized. "Hey Eve." He allows, offering a small twitch in his shoulders toward her. "S'up?" It's not the most welcoming or even verbose response, but it lacks any real negative charms. At the very least, she's welcomed.

Eibhlin shrugs, "Wondering why I bother with boys," she admits with a sigh as she draws up beside him. Sounds like neither of them has had the best few days. "You?"

Gerald ahhs. "Because you're a self-sacrificing glutton for punishment? That's my problem." He admits with a groan, "I'm also reminding myself that jumping off the roof isn't a realistic option to fix my troubles."

Eibhlin nods. "Well there's that," she agrees easily enough, turning a glance down into the darkness. "But you're right jumping probably won't provide the best outcome." She pauses for a few seconds, "I take it things aren't exactly going well with Sunny either?"

Still dressed for her afternoon meeting the Medusa Malfoy that appears looks far different than one most people usually see. Her pale moonlight head is covered with a knit beanie in Gryffindor colours, but her scarf is black and green and tucked into her dark woolen coat. A pair of wellies peek out the bottom of her coat, her trouser legs tucked into them. Her unbuttoned coat reveals an oversized knitted jumper, one belonging to someone taller and more broad shouldered than her. As she comes upon Eibhlin and Gerald she sidles over to them. Draping an arm around the boy's shoulders. "Two of my favourite quite people."

"Things are so incredibly awkward at the moment that…well.." Gerald lifts a hand to flick his thumb toward the before mentioned plummet over the wall. "I'm not really sure that I'm going to be able to stay with her without completely changing everything about who I am. Then again..there's not a whole lot to change so I have no idea why I'm complaining." He shrugs, yawning faintly. "Are you doing okay?"

He was completely unprepared for Medusa, and her arm. As she drapes it over his shoulders there is the desperate need to shove himself backward to keep from toppling forward and, thus..to his death.

Friends….such a useful lot.

A Hogwarts owl flaps down onto the parapet closest to Eibhlin and churrrrrrrrs at her, then sticks out a leg and waits patiently for her to take the roll of parchment he's got clutched there. Upon opening said parchment, she will see within it a snow-white piece of actual paper. The drawing of Eibhlin's profile that he started a while ago has apparently been completed, looking heavily influenced by Alphonse Mucha (http://tinyurl.com/m6jftzn). It's really quite beautiful. The parchment it was wrapped in contains a note.

Dear Eibhlin,

I acted like an utter imbicile tonight. Nothing excuses it. I only hope you'll forgive me. I'm not asking you to change your mind, honestly. I accept that you don't like me romantically. After tonight I can really see why. I just hope we can still be friendly. You're a sweet girl and I wish nothing but the best for you.

Warm regards,

Eibhlin nods slowly, "Hopefully it won't come to that," she replies, "But you're right, you shouldn't have to change everything just for her." A secondary nod follows, "Its just been a bad day," she notes, "I'll be alright." Medusa's arrival catches her off guard as well, but at least her current position is a bit less precarious than Gerald's to who she reaches a hand to help steady - not that she'd be much help if he actually fell.

The owl catches her almost worse than the Slytherin when it comes up on her other side causing her to jump. They just aren't something she's grown completely accustomed to yet. "Um.. thank you?" she says reaching over to remove the parchment, only to turn back to the other two, "Were one of you expecting something?" ready to hand it over if they were.

It'll be alright Gerald. Medusa sees that she has to help him and so pulls the boy into her chest. She knows he likes looking at her boobs, they've discussed it before. Sadly for Ger, they're covered by her oversized jumper at the moment. "No, I'm not expecting anything. And stop apologising Evie. You are not to blame for Gus being a wanker. Actually, wanking might help him some. I'll get Douglas to suggest it." She pulls a face then, wrinkling up her nose, "Sorry Gerald." Her long suffering Gryffindor friend gets a peck on the cheek and is gently released so he can stand safely and a safe distance from her as he will no doubt wish to do. "If anyone should apologise it is me. I'm the one who suggested he explore his feelings for you."

Gerald takes a moment to recollect himself after Medua's spout, though he does offer the faint nod of buoyant nod of acknowledgement that yes, he does indeed harbor a love of her boobs. He's mostly quiet though, as he slumps back against the wall, watching the girls and the exchange with the owl which (don't tell Douglas) he seems to glare a bit to sharply at. Nasty things! He does reach to try and snatch the note though, "Not for me.." but apparently he wants to ready it.

Eibhlin doesn't get owls, not often anyway but seeing as neither of them were expecting anything… "I know," she replies to Medusa, "but its not your fault either. I could have just said no to the bloody picnic in the first place." And then there wouldn't have been a problem, or at least not as much of one. Funny thing about letters, if he'd said it in person she likely would have forgiven him, but as it is the words are read - "I hate boys," she huffs (no offence Gerald). "He just doesn't get it," but she's not stopping Gerald from snatching it from her.

When Gerald snatches the letter Medusa leans over so she can read it too and then promptly rolls her eyes. "Passive aggressive much? Merlin's beard why did I agree to that wager?" She has clearly forgotten it was her idea in the first place. "What happened on that picnic? Did he try to get his hand in your knickers or something? He's acting like you two were pledged forever, rather than had a simple picnic."

Gerald eyes the note, his brows arching slowly before he peers over the top toward Eve. "Wow….I want whatever kind of picnic you guys hadthen again, whatever you two did seems to have driven Gus insane so..nevermind." two thoughts collide for a moment before he offers the note back. "I guess whatever it is you did is pretty mind blowing, hmm?" Ahem. Ignore the perverted Gerald in the corner. He's having a bad week. He even sends Medua a glance. "You host picnics like that too?" Ahem #2.

"I think it was your idea," Eibhlin reminds the other girl with a shrug as to the why. "Exactly," her sentiments on it all. On that she whole-heartedly agrees. It was a picnic. A date, yes, but it was ONE date. "The picnic? We did kiss," not a bad thing, "and yes," since she asked, "he did try to get under my skirt." Now she's blushing and mad, yes folks Evie can get mad. She reaches over to give Gerald an unintimidating swat, "Shut up." "That's not even what its about though, he won some stupid bloody bet and I told him he didn't have to spend his winnings to take me dinner. So tonight was all because Black bought lunch. Like I have a sodding crush on Alphard Black!" Not likely!

Medusa's eyes widen. "He did WHAT?" She clearly doesn't like the idea of Augustin taking advantage of Eibhlin's sweetness. "Look, Evie, if he tried that then you're right to give him the shove off. Douglas is a cheeky boy and I truly adore him and even he didn't dare try to pull that kind of move for weeks. You certainly don't do that to a girl you like and respect on the first date." She glares in the direction the owl went as if it might give her a clue where the Hufflepuff in question is, "I am going to belt him."

Gerald smirks, though as the girls unload their feelings on /that/ topic, he keeps his opinion to himself. Call it survival instinct. He remains silent, his arms folding across his chest as he listens.

Eibhlin remains with her arms crossed, but even then she's about as intimidating as a wet puppy. "Medusa.." for a moment it almost sounds as if she might try to talk the other girl out of it. It wouldn't be out of character for her to keep the gorgon's wrath from someone who didn't exactly deserve it, but instead she shakes her head. "No, you do whatever you're going to do. God knows one look and I'd melt." That's what friends are for.

Hearing no echo of agreement from Gerald, Medusa looks at him suspiciously. "Go on then, you're rather quiet Cornfoot. Usually you are eager to share your opinions. Tell me, how soon did you try to get your hand up Sunny's skirt?" She crosses her arms and manages to look vastly more indimitating than the wet puppy that Evie depicts.

Gerald chuckles, his shoulders listing in a faint shrug as he turns a surprised glance toward the girls. He almost looks like he may laugh for a second. "Oh HELL no. This aint my crucifixion. I'm -out- of this." He even snorts at the end, forcing himself to look away and on toward the campus.

Eibhlin turns towards Gerald too as the question is posed to him. "Oh come on, I'm sure it wasn't the first date," she comments. Right? Surely Gerald has more class than that. "Besides no crucifixion, I still need your help with that project."

When Gerald won't play Medusa bawks like a chicken at him. Then in case he didn't get the hint she grins and says, "You are such a chicken, Gerald. Come on, fess up. If Eibhlin and Gus only had spoken, what a few times maybe, no kissing or anything before hand," she glances at the other girl for confirmation, "then he goes for the skirt move…don't you think that's too fast too soon?"

Eibhlin nods to confirm Medusa's speculations, eyes flitting from the girl back to the boy. "Its just an opinion," she points out now that the Syltherin isn't asking about his own relationship anymore.

Gerald smirks back at Medusa, though she should know by now how hard it is to goad the boy. And that he's not an idiot. "Tell you what. Whatever you two girls think. That's what I think. Just to keep all the blood at a healthy degree and ya know, because I don't want to be hurled over the wall." He chuckles a few seconds before he sighs, "But Sunny isn't that type of girl, so no I didn't get my hand up her skirt on the first date."

Deciding to defend their friend Medusa says, "And Evie isn't that type of girl either." So Gus better watch out. In fact she might go give him a piece of her mind right now. But first she questions, "Why aren't you in Hogsmeade with Sunny sharing a malted chocolate or eating chips in the caf?"

About to say something, Eibhlin's words change to a simple, "Thank you," directed towards the older girl. Gerald still almost stepped in it there. "She has a point. I thought you would have been out with her too."

Gerald shrugs. "She's been mad at me. I made it into the gossip circle somehow and apparently that was humiliating to her..or something. Then we had a huge fight and I felt like she was bossing me around and..I dunno. It's just incredibly awkward right now. She said I can't 'hide away' with 'girls with a rep for wrecking relationships'." He does sigh heavily, lowering his head to rub his temples. "I was thinking about pulling a Gus and just finishing off being an embarrassment."

"Ah." Medusa glances at Eibhlin and then back at Gerald. "So Evie had three boyfriends last year? Big deal." Of course she is assuming Soliel didn't mean her. "If Sunny can't trust you then maybe you shouldn't be with her. You know, Esther is pretty nice. She was drawn into the gossip because I asked her to paint the owlets for me, I wanted a gift for Douglas' parents." Her hands go into her pockets. "I need to go speak with someone. Next Hogsmeade how about we three go out or something? Or even tomorrow?"

Of course Soliel wasn't talking about her, she's Medusa Malfoy. Her boyfriend hanging out in the broom closet with a half-blood, that's a problem. "I'm sorry Gerald," no its not exactly her fault, but she still feels bad for it. Eibhlin shakes her head, "I'd hate to see you resort to that," she says of the suggestion of an embarrassing finish. A nod to Medusa then, "Sounds like fun."

Gerald nods, but he's mostly silent for the time, and he keeps his attention trained on the courtyard. "That sounds good, M." He allows after a moment. He does eventually send a glance toward his friends, though it's relatively blank. "Just let me know when."

Leaving them to it, Medusa heads off, looking thoughtful - which if you ask Douglas is always dangerous.

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