(1938-11-17) Cake-Frost-Pink
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Summary: Students congregate before the House Points Counter. Alphard proposes an ecological study, Elizabeth shares what she looks for in men, Arevan still has pink hair! Oh, and Myrus fondles boobies.
Date: 1938-11-17
Location: Entry Hall

On Sundays, there isn't much to do. Not for Elizabeth in any case. So she takes this lazy day to relax a little bit. Maybe she'll decide to Hogsmeade later. It's still up for debate.

A small hand brushes lightly along the railing as she descends the steps, one at a time, habitually skipping one particularly bothersome step that has the tendency to suck in the feet of students. Without so much of a glance up from the worn book held in one hand. At ground floor, Elizabeth finally lifts her pale eyes, looking around curiously before then deciding to look over the current House Points listed here.

Mary Jane heels click lightly with her steps, slowing as she looks up at the large hourglasses here, narrowing her powder blue eyes behind her wire-frame to gauge who's ahead and who's not.

"We're catching up," came a male voice from behind Elizabeth's shoulder. It was smugly arrogant, insufferably superior. "Wasn't that long ago you have a two hundred and fifty point lead on us." Back when the Slytherins had been been in the minus, while the Ravenclaws had been coasting up around two hundred. "Only seventy four more to go before the end of the year, eh?"

Chuckling, Alphard stepped back from the Ravenclaw girl and actually gave her a second look. A proper one. "Wait, you're the one Lowe wanted to have as his phoney girlfriend, wasn't it?" His chuckle became a cruelly delighted laugh, loud enough to carry through the entrance hall. "Merlin's beard, that was a funny afternoon. How did that go for you, anyway? Did you finally take one for the team?"

Andromena, having just returned from Hogsmeade, is coming through the Entry Hall in the opposite direction of both Elizabeth and Alphard. Her robes swirl about her ankles as she walks, briskly, her pale features intent and her gaze narrowly focused. Something is definitely on her mind, but it's anybody's guess as to just what that is. However, she is not so withdrawn that the several hellos pass her by. Each student in turn is given the appropriate greeting in return, though she never quite stops.

That is, Andromena does not stop until she sees someone for whom brushing by is simply not an option. As yet too far away from Elizabeth and Alphard to have heard what Black was saying, she does see that he had spoken. Her arm lifts in a wave that easily counts as a hello to the both of them as she approaches, making herself known out of the various bodies passing to and fro throughout the Hall.

A slender brow faintly quirks as she turns her head subtly in the direction of the voice, her loose, raven hair shifting subtly on her shoulder. If Alphard hadn't met her previously, it's likely he wouldn't even have known it's the same girl at all. Hair free from her braid, dressed in a casual coal black sweater, pleated skirt, and over the knee stockings. Recognition flickers in her pale eyes, only for her brow to quirk again as she glances back at the hourglasses. "There's still much time before the end of the year. Anyone could win." Elizabeth allots. "Though I am impressed with the numbers thus far. And the jump of points for Slytherin, equally impressive."

The mention of Myrus' deal with her was only known to a select few, including Alphard. He had even used Andromena's exact words. 'Take one for the team'. Elizabeth exhales a small breath and reaches up to absently brush back a few stray locks. Speaking of. The very person is approaching. The corner of her lips faintly tugs with a small but friendly smile as she lifts a hand to wave back in return, her other arm holding her book against her chest. "That particular arrangement fell through."

"Personally I'll admit I don't really care that much about the House Points, beyond the fact that I'd rather win some than lose some. Even so, the loyal Slytherin in me does absolutely delight in knowing that the Trophy right now is down in our Commons. I think it'd be best if it stayed there for another year at least." Though honestly as long as the Gryffindors didn't pick it up, he was probably going to be alright with any result.

As usual Alphard was neatly put together. With it being Hogsmead Weekend, he wasn't wearing his school uniform, but rather some fashionable robes; taking their inspiration straight from the fall fashion shows of the Continent. Beneath he had a blazer with the House of Black crest on its chest rather than Slytherin, while his white shirt didn't have a wrinkle in it. He didn't immediately catch Andromena approaching, but once she was perhaps half a dozen steps away, she flickered into his awareness. An immediate smile plucked at his lips. "Hey, Meanie. Don't you look all business. This one was just telling me how Lowe failed to covince her to take one for the team."

Andromena was giving a smile in return. Was it a goofy smile? No, never. Not even Alphard Black could- oh, who was she kidding? Still…it wasn't a goofy smile. Beneath her robes Andromena wore a fashionable blue dress that ended just at her knees; not quite above or below. Dainty, and shiny, black shoes adorn her feet while white socks that one could just barely spy the imprint of crawling, flowering vines made sure to cover the otherwise exposed skin of her lower legs.

"Elizabeth, how are you?" Andromena perhaps knew a bit more about the state of affairs between the younger girl and Myrus, but it is admittedly not much more than what Black had on hand. "Well…we cannot all have the same sort of silver tongue you possess, Alphard." Her smile turned sly. "In any case, as I understand it…Douglas does not seem intent on crushing Myrus, so Elizabeth need not, hm, extend unto Myrus such a service." Her look to the other girl said something along the lines of: I can only help you so much.

The slender brow quirks faintly, her gaze returning to Alphard to show that he has her attention while he speaks. Though, it isn't anything out of the ordinary for Slytherins. They thought that they deserved to be privileged, and bullocks to everyone else. There's no real convincing them otherwise. It has nothing to do with logic, as far as Elizabeth's concerned. So, why bother commenting at all? So she doesn't.

Her attention is pulled towards Andromena as she joins in. Once more, somehow Elizabeth's fictional love life is brought up (Alphard seems to be determined as such). "For that particular venture, it's inconclusive." she corrects lightly. Because it did fail. Miserably. The corner of her lips faintly tugs as she glances back at the hourglass. "Nor am I looking for a silver tongue, as it were."

"This is sadly true. The world is full of bumbling tongue-tied fools." Alphard made an imperious gesture of dismissal. Still, he matched Andromena's slyness with a crookedly pleased grin of his own.

"Hah. Hahahaha! That's quite the romantic statement of intent.." He was trying hard to remember Elizabeth's last name, grasping, grasping. The fact that she wasn't of a pureblooded family and not of his House, made the whole thing rather tricky. In the end he gave up. "Whatever your name is again." Besides, she was a Fourth Year. He couldn't be expected to know all their names, could he? "Inconclusive. I can see that silver tongue would be rather wasted on you, wouldn't it? Tell me then, what would tip you into making an actual decision? Now you've made me bloody curious. This is like stepping into a bloody culture study. 'The mating habits of the weird little Ravenclaws.'"

"No offense." That to Andromena, whispered. "You're not weird, after all. Even if you are rather small and delicate."

Alphard, Elizabeth and Andromena were standing infront of the House Point Hour-glasses.

"Dweedle," Andromena supplies for her younger Housemate. By now, Andromena has taken up residence at Black's side; all the easier to whisper to! It's not quite at Elizabeth that Rowle laughs. She just generally finds what Alphard has said to be rather funny. "Sure you shouldn't become an author?" She suggests to him. As for being small and delicate…well, he was always welcome to point out her good features.

Gage had been down in the kitchen passages, and as he comes up the steps, he's with the younger girl, whose hair was still pink from Halloween. He's speaking lowly to her, in his quiet, tone. "Oi don't knu… 'Oy can Oi jist leave everyone 'ere?" He scowls, looking down at the floor as he climbs into the entry hall, so of course he doesn't notice anyone as he arrives.

Arevan's hair is still the bright pink from her Halloween costume. Apparently buying bargain basement hair dying potion was a bad idea. She emerges from the kitchen passage tagging slightly behind Gage, skipping every third step to keep up with the taller boys stride. "Which is why you don't leave." She answers, sounding a little mechanical. It's clear this isn't the first time she's said something along those lines.

Oberon, who is accompanied by two other Slytherin boys his age, walks quietly past a huge pair of doors. He eyes the room at large, noting the presence of Alphard by the house point totals. "We will speak later," he informs the two boys with a nod. They all separate, leaving Oberon free to pursue other matters - namely, time enough to glare at the pink hair of Gage's companion. "Horrible," he mentions with a sneer, though not loud enough for very many people to catch.

Elizabeth holds in the sigh. Figures. "Dweedle. Elizabeth Aurora Dweedle." she supplies. Yes, it's a very nerdy name. And she doesn't seem to care. The only reason why it would even be remotely recognizable is that her family has a bookstore in Diagon Alley. Her pale eyes blink slowly as she absently reaches up to lightly push up her frames. "You are forgetting that this was for his aid in preventing injury and possible disfigurement. Now that there is threat, I'm not needed as a 'fake girlfriend'. However. If you are inquiring on favorable attributes that I would find for a true relationship instead of a falsified one, well." Elizabeth allows the corner of her soft lips to tug faintly. "I doubt you would be interested. So I wouldn't want to bore you with them."

Currently, Gage and Arevan aren't close enough for her to take notice, but she does glance up to catch sight of Oberon as he nears their little group in front of the hourglasses.

"Lestrange, not a great fan of pink fashion statements? Shame on you. Don't you know it's all the rage among the Hufflepuffs? Cake-frost pink. Considering how much cake they have to eat to get over all their pathetic failures.. how could that be a surprise to anyone?" As Alphard spoke, his tone remained cheerful and friendly, and his smile was almost charming. All of whichh stood in stark contrast to the contempt dripping from his gaze as he looked in Gage and Aravan's direction.

"Nonsense. You wouldn't bore me at all.. Dweedle." His eyes flicked toward Andromena with a smile. "I can always dictate for you, if you feel like writing it all down." Wink.

Oh, but as Andromena was rather aware, Alphard had to be interested if he bothered to ask. This she shared not with Elizabeth, if only because Elizabeth had one thing going for her that Andromena could actually appreciate: she did not seem to care about the thoughts of others. At least…it very much seemed that way. Being that she was two years her junior at Hogwarts, as well as a fellow 'stereotypical' Ravenclaw (read: silent type), meant that Andromena knew little about her.

"It's to go with Buttercream Yellow," said in an off-hand manner that one could take any which way they wanted. Her attention was more focused on Elizabeth than either of the others that were now beginning to appear on her periphery. That is, when it wasn't being tugged at by Alphard, who won himself another grin before she leaned into whisper something. Tee hee.

Gage grunts in response to Arevan's statement. "Yer aren't afraid?" he utters, one of the last things he says before he notices the gathering by the hourglasses. His eyebrows lower and knit together, and he swears under his breath. The two that wear the Eye of Truth get a wary look. "Let's stop over 'ere," Gage mutters to Arevan as he's already walking towards the hourglasses, which he slows his approach as he nervously lifts a hand to wave to Elizabeth, his lips twitching briefly. Then a scowl shoots to Alphard warningly at the statement about Hufflepuffs.

Maybe it's luck that Arevan happens to pass by with such brightly colored hair. It certainly pulls the focus off of Elizabeth and her 'romantic interests'. Honestly, isn't there enough gossip in Hogwarts without having to speculate upon Ravenclaws that never stir up juicy drama that's so very much craved? And while Alphard and Andromena may mock Arevan's choice in hair color, she simply lifts a brow, looking over the hue with some interest. "It's intriguing." Elizabeth comments. A compliment. It's meant to draw the eye, and it does that very well. Her expression relaxes subtly as Gage waves to her, and she doesn't hesitate to free a hand and return the friendly wave to a fellow year student and fellow Housemate.

"Why should I be? You're just thinking about it wrong." Arevan says, "Haven't you ever read…" She pauses, the mention of pink catching her attention, "It was supposed to be candy floss pink. Do you really think it looks more like cake frosting?" She pulls some strands around in front of her face to examine them. She lets it fall and smiles at the boy, "I guess cake frosting isn't too bad. I just wish it didn't last so long, and the dies for the normal hair color didn't cost ten times as much. I think it's a scam." Her eyes flicking to the Eye of Truth too, but with interest rather than Gage's wariness.

Alphard chuckled at Andromena's off-handed quip and her whisper, both. Leaning in against the ravenclaw girl, he murmured a few words of his own in response. Though his eyes passed over her shoudler to keep a lazy look at the two muggleborn still. His contempt hadn't diminished. If anything Gage's look of waring only made the malice grow within his dark stare.

"What are you looking at?" He sneered at the boy. As for Aravan? He blithedly told her: "I'm not surprised at all." That she would be cheap.

Right then Alphard, Elizabeth and Andromena were standing infront of the House Point counter. Oberon walked over, and now Arevan and Gage had joined, too.

"It's terrible," Oberon informs Alphard with a scowl. One nostril raises slightly, and an eye squints in clear disgust. He listens to Elizabeth's praise, and Arevan's explanation, with a rather horrified expression. But he says nothing else. Well, he mutters, but that is all.

There was one coming from down the entry hallway from the grand staircase entry. It was Myrus Lowe, heading towards the entry hall and hopefully past there out to the road towards Hogsmeade. He had been in his room just about all the day before and this morning. Not really coming out for much other than food, and even then he was quiet with a little smile on his face.

Only not now, seeing the group gathered and that smile widens seeing the younger of the two Ravenclaw girls, Elizabeth. But seeing who else was there, Alphard Black. His smile fades quickly and his pace slows to what some might consider how someone walks toward the gallows before they meet the end of the rope. That's not what was going through his head, but what might be showing on his face even though he was trying to hide it.

He finally comes to a stop across the hall from the group (or just a bit down if they are in the middle of centerline), and just watches for now.

More snickering is exchanged between the two older students as their whispers pass back and forth. Andromena has, to her credit, not to blush like mad. There is yet some pink to be seen upon the apples of her cheeks, however. Against Alphard, she straightens up a bit. Like he would need her support! A group was gathering, and it would do to show a bit of stoic propriety.

"I am genuinely curious, though, Elizabeth - if you're willing to share, that is," Andromena tapped the end of a dainty index finger to plush, pink lips, looking thoughtful. "What is the one thing you would look for most in a potential boyfriend?" No obligations for the other girl to feel as though she absolutely had to answer. From the corner of her eye she catches movement, slower than the rest of the other bodies that pass by. That was what gave Myrus Lowe away to Andromena Rowle. Her smile fades a bit, a worried look flitting across her features before being mercilessly buried.

"Well.." Alphard murmured with a theatrical sigh as he gave Aravan's hair a second look over. "I do suppose it's rather terrible. But that's not exactly a generous thing to say, Lestrange, is it? I was just trying to be friendly." If mockery and ridicule countered as being friendly, anyway. "Someone told me the other day that if I just treated the mudbloods - ah! Sorry.." He faux-apologized to Gage and Aravan with an equally faux smile. "Muggleborns!" Then he was back to addressing Oberon again. "With a little bit more warmth, then perhaps they'd not cling to their filthy heritage so firmly. Perhaps they'd even embrace the wizard world and its culture in full. I'm testing it out. What do you think, Lestrange? Do they look more malleable to you?"

With Andromena's expression shifting briefly, Alphard turned to see what it was that had bothered her. "Hrm. It's Lowe. He's not bothering you, is he?" With the obvious if unvoiced message that he could deal with any such 'bother' rather firmly.

Gage bites his lower lip and glances around, the feeling of being watched causing him to scowl. There are a couple portraits in the entry hall that watch the young Ravenclaw teen. It doesn't particularly make him feel safe, however. Not with the school obviously obvious affiliation. His eyes are cast down to the floor, away from the older Slytherin, as he chews on his lip. "Dragor, don't," he mutters, knowing full well his aggressively friendly companion will talk to anyone and everyone. Locking his gaze on the floor, he shuffles his feet nervously even as his hand lifts to close around the wand that dangles around his neck.

"They're mudbloods with pink hair, Black," Oberon replies after a wince and a jerk of his head (backwards, of course) in disgust. "Well, one of them is. I shouldn't like to look at them, much less care about their feelings. What in Salazar's name is wrong with you? I thought you would have broken a few of that acquaintance's teeth for merely suggesting such a tragic notion," he concludes.

Well, so much for evading the curiosity. Andromena brings up the topic again, pulling Elizabeth's gaze up at her for a silent moment. It was a gentle nudging. Peer pressure perhaps. And in the end, she really did like Andromena as a whole, just maybe not how she presented herself at times.

Exhaling a small breath, she lifts a small hand to gently push up her circular, thin wire frames along the bridge of her nose. As if contemplating. "Its the same attributes I would look for in a friend. Genuinity, honesty, and loyalty. I do not wish for unrealistic attributes that I in turn would not offer as well, be it friendship or romantic endeavors. I simply want others to be themselves." Perhaps it's because she's so often viewed as as a freak of sorts that has given her this point of view, or maybe this is just what she's summarized from such a large assortment of books she's mentally consumed. Who's to say.

Elizabeth gives Alphard a brief, flat look before she turns away from him, openly approaching Arevan and coming to an eventual stop a few feet in front of her. Apparently giving it a more thorough glance over. "Is it actual dye or a spell?" she asks lightly.

"They assure me it'll wear off by December, January at the outside." Arevan continues, as if he really is interested in her predicament. She glances at Gage, "Don't what?" She asks, then back to the other students. "Sorry, but, are you really one of Flint's students? Did you have some sort of super-secret initiation trial or something? Like, steal a coin out of an enchanted treasure in the forbidden forest? I heard some students saying you had to drink dogs blood to become a member. A Gyrfindor said it was kiss a dog, but that doesn't sound right."

"You're the one with mud in your soul, ~Black~." Venom in the spoken name. Myrus states, plainly and challenging in his tone. Has a Lowe really come to front with Muggleborn and half-bloods? It seems so.

"And you should talk of 'bothering' people." A glance is given with the same spite to the other slytherin that speaks of mud, Oberon. Eyes move from one to another in the small gathering there. When they fall on Elizabeth, she had spoken what she looked for in a friend and companion. This made him falter a slight bit in his upstance against the senior student from Slytherin, and it showed. "Hi, Liz," he says to announce himself (if he hadn't already) to her. Anyone else at the moment was given a nod if they greeted him, but for now he still just stands there unmoving from his spot up the hall a few yards, glaring at Black.

"I thought it was a dye, but it's a kind of potion apparently." Arevan says to Elizabeth. "I asked a teacher for help, but apparently if they don't know the formula trying to undo it could go really bad, like turning it green, making my hair fall out, or turn into worms or something."

"What? Oh, goodness no," she said to Alphard, shifting her much smaller frame more towards his own, a pale hand hovering just before his chest. After having two separate conversations with each of the boys, Andromena harbored some sneaking suspicions. A variety of reasons froze her in place, however. She very much indeed wanted to ask Myrus a few questions, but a part of her warned that it could only cause trouble. The larger part of herself simply stated that it was not her business. Andromena's five previous years through school had been safely endured by adopting this stance.

Listening to Elizabeth's answer, Andromena nodded. Truth be told, she was surprised the other girl actually answered. Just before Elizabeth turned away to ask Arevan about her hair, Rowle gave her an appreciative smile for the tidbit. Banter flew about her head, what with Arevan's talk of dog's blood - dog's blood!? - and Oberon's attempt to sneer as hard as Alphard ever sneered himself, she was hard-pressed to keep up. Ugh. She much preferred small gatherings. It left her pressed against Black's side.

"Woah, woah, Myrus," she pipes up, surprised by his…outburst. "No need for that sort of talk." Because, damn it, don't you see that you'll dig yourself such a deep, deep grave with words like that!?

"…" Alphard looked at Oberon like he was an absolute idiot. Under his breath he muttered with exasperation: "This is the audience I have to work with. Just no appreciation for subtlety." An eye-rolling search for support went in Andromena's direction. At least she had been playing along.

"Lestrange, I don't even know what to do with you, sometimes. Pick up a bit of humor, why don't-" He lost track of what he had intended to say, because there was Myrus and making the most public of challenges. Alphard's eyes narrowed into razor sharp blades, cutting in the younger boy's direction. "You know, whatever. I'm done here."

Aravan's inquiry into the secret habits of the Magijugend was ignored completely. Instead he intended to march straight at Myrus, and in the last moment before passing him by, use one of his nasty Beater tricks to shoulder-slam him. He was aiming for the shoulder on the side of the bad hand. Then he'd keep on going, like it was just an 'accident'. "Look where you're going, little girl." Because of course any contact was Myrus' fault, right? Right?! "Don't want you crying your little eyes out again."

Oberon snorts at Myrus' words, and his eyes narrow a bit. "What a load of tripe," he remarks, quietly, before turning to Alphard. "If you apply subtlety with these people, they'd likely not understand," Oberon answers with a snort. "Besides, I detest humor. And cleverness," he adds, but Alphard is striding away. He rolls his eyes, ignoring the older boy's departure (or pretending to) with a wave of his hand. However, he soon finds himself alone. He eyes the room's occupants carefully.

As Arevan replies, Elizabeth blinks lightly with some surprise. "Hm. I suppose you can always backtrack to where you initially procured the potion and request a method to reverse the effect there. It would be a good starting point I suspect." she murmurs, before her attention pulls away from the cotton candy hair to look directly at Arevan. "That is, if that is what you wish to do essentially."

Catching the sight of Myrus descending the stairs out of the corner of her eye, shifting her gaze to Alphard, detecting the friction between them already with their words. And when Alphard moves? She has no choice. "Excuse me." she says lightly to Arevan and Gage, before turning. She moves quickly enough to not appear rushing, but clearly intercepting the pair as she climbs the few steps and grabs onto the elbow of Myrus' shirt. "Honestly. 'Liz'?" Elizabeth chastises him, if only that as she forces him to follow her down the remaining steps, essentially avoiding Alphard when he tries to shouldercheck him. "Where have you been, anyways?"

Again, Gage swears under his breath as he lifts his head. He reaches out a hand to pull at her robes, and he swallows heavily before he says more forcibly, "/Angel/." But there's a weight sinking in his stomach, and fear flicks in his eyes. "Feck," Gage swears again when Myrus starts to stand up to Alphard. The fourth year immediately starts to walk over, scowling, but he'll stand next to Myrus to offer him support. So when Alphard approaches his housemate, Gage scowls at the Slytherin, ready to intervene to help Myrus. He's silent, but you don't mess with his House.

Well, shit. There's no other plainer way to describe Andromena's thoughts than that, even if she did prefer not to use such crass language. Cool airs rushes into the void where Alphard Black used to be. Even as she felt the chill the Slytherin was already making an arrow-straight path for Myrus Lowe, and getting farther ahead with every step. There's naught to be done for it but to follow after him. Besides, she could only imagine what he might have to say about things if she did not follow. Her robes are once more catching the breeze as Andromena…yet again, has to run to catch up with Black. Tension leaves her shoulders as Elizabeth just barely saves Myrus from what could have been a knock to the floor.

Arevan nods, "It was a mail order from 'Fletchers Fabulous Fripperies', item number thirty seven 'A thousand and one spectacular hair color dies', just after the 'basilisk oil' potion." She says to Elizabet, "I don't know how much luck you're going to have. I asked them about that, and their only resonse was to send me an order form for their natural hair color dies, and they're ten times the price!" She says, sounding indignant, "But if you could help, that would be wonderful." She says, sounding hopeful, talking right over gage's 'Angel' warning. She doesn't miss the building tension and Gage's move to intervene for his housemate. "Better be careful, that's Pirate Master Gage." She says, happily, "Hero of the Black Lake."

Myrus stands fast. It was obvious that what Alphard said was an outright lie. At least to Myrus, since he wasn't -going- anywhere until after he was bumped. He spins, knocked off balance by the taller, larger boy and when Elizabeth gets there, Myrus is nearly falling but her grabbing his elbow makes his other hand wrap around, that first little bit enough for him to keep balance and stay on his feet.

But his left hand.. keeps moving because it's called inertia. Right to somewhere he wouldn't dare put his hand consciously. On her blouse as she starts to pull him down the stairs. His hand retracts immediately and a look of shock on his face is priceless. Thank goodness no journalism club members were here to witness.. right? And he's tugged up the stairs by the scolding Ravenclaw girl.

Myrus stands fast. It was obvious that what Alphard said was an outright lie. At least to Myrus, since he wasn't -going- anywhere until after he was bumped. He spins, knocked off balance by the taller, larger boy and when Elizabeth gets there, Myrus is nearly falling but her grabbing his elbow makes his other hand wrap around, that first little bit enough for him to keep balance and stay on his feet.

Elizabeth could've gotten there first if she'd just legged it. Instead Alphard went through with his shoulder-nastiness. Depending on how close Gage went, he could probably spare him a shove, too. But it wasn't really his plan. The Slytherin was just going to continue on as if nothing, acting completely superior to these lowly little slimes who dared to get in his way!

"Pathetic." On and onward, unless someone made a point to stop him!

With Andromena in tow. She was not about to ask Alphard to stop so that there was further chance for greater and more unfortunate things to occur. She only just missed Myrus' broken hand as it flopped, quite without intent, we're all in agreement there, upon a certain part of Elizabeth that boys just did not go and grab willy-nilly if they were even the least bit respectable. She did flash a greatly chagrined look towards the pair of them, though it's likely only Elizabeth would have the opportunity to see it.

Oberon watches the exchange between Alphard and Myrus, despite his previous attempt at ignoring the whole situation, with a smirk. "Subtle, eh," he says, to himself, before shaking his head. He turns and begins to walk towards a stairwell. Another stairwell, that is.

Myrus stumbles, and… Elizabeth blinks. Pausing a full moment before it fully sinks in just where his hand landed. Her brow twitches, though instead of freaking out as one would normally anticipate a girl to do, she reaches up and wraps a hand around his wrist, smoothly pulling it away. "You." she releases the hand. "Are late."

Gage grimaces as Arevan brings up the Pirate Games, a grunt escaping him. Oh yes, it was fun playing the game, but certainly not afterwards. He doesn't make it in time to help, but a glower follows Alphard as he continues on. Gage inhales sharply when he realizes that he's in mid taking off his wand from around his neck when he scolds himself, and his jaw sets and his hand falls always from his wand quickly. One last glare is shot after Alphard, and then he's looking to Myrus, shifting nervously on his feet, and looking away as he shrugs helplessly.

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