(1938-11-17) Daily Prophet: Community Forum Event
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Summary: Astoria describes the event in a DP article.
Date: November 17, 1938
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Community Forum Event

Early in the evening, on Sunday, November 17, a community forum was held in the Community Hall in South Verdic Alley. Members of the wizarding community across Britain were in attendance, with Peter Webley, Verita Hardwick, and Penzington Prince among officials who sat in places of honor.

The event carried on without incident as several members of the community spoke their minds in front of a sizeable crowd. One speaker was author Dillorous Diderot, who called Cauldron Talk, a programme on W.W.N. whose host, Brad Moody, has been the source of no small amount of controversy, a “sham,” and insinuated the radio show made fragrant use of “crass hyperbole.” Many members of the crowd kept their composure, despite a bit of booing, while others cheered.

Auror Irene Lee, another of the community speakers, said, “Nobody chooses what, where or how they’re born. Despite what some people may think, we all have one thing in common: Regardless of status, race or blood, we are all equal human beings; and we are born this way.” Her words brought many in the crowd to adoring cheers, and others to resigned frustration; in either case, the division between parties was abundantly clear. Lee affirmed the crowd she would remain the country’s servant, yet prejudice-jabs were shouted throughout the crowd.

Perhaps the most stirring comment came from a message read by Edwarlina Malfoy on behalf of Rhyeline Diderot. “The Ministry of Magic must act now toward a peaceful means for us to reveal ourselves, lest the minds of our fellow men and women be poisoned by the violence of oppression on the continent. Now is the time we must choose our fate. If we waver it will be chosen for us,” Malfoy said. Troubling words, indeed, which were echoed by former professor Galatea Merrythought, who warned against dark times ahead, and abstaining from use of dark magic.

There were many other commentators, and a full transcript may be read on page 47.

When the speeches concluded, there were a few mild disturbances in the crowd, which members of the M.L.E. dealt with swiftly.

It is true, our great nation faces a dark and perilous road. The Daily Prophet, however, encourages its readers to do their best to remain informed, and to respect the laws of the Ministry.

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