(1938-11-17) Don't Go All In
Details for Don't Go All In
Summary: Ria seeks some older and wiser advice from her sister.
Date: November 17, 1938
Location: Rosie's Caff
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Rosie's Caff

Rosie's Caff is a quaint little restaurant snuggled on Lovage Lane. On the outside, it looks more like a two story cottage, the old wood building painted a gentle beige with maroon wooden plank trim. A hand-painted wooden sign hangs on hinges above the door, gently swaying in the wind, identifying the little restaurant that has quickly become known for its fine pasties.

As soon as one enters the restaurant, the warm, damp air and savory smell of baking bread fills the nose. Scattered about the room are eight tables with four chairs each, all hand-crafted from thick, heavy-looking wood painted maroon. The room is dimly lit by sconces on the walls and a heavy circular chandelier hanging on thick chains above the center of the room made of the same materials, color and craftsmanship as the tables. The windows are all covered with a thick muslin drapery, keeping all of the natural light out, lending a distinctly shadowy, but not unwelcoming, atmosphere to the place. The walls are a textured plaster in a pale grey, the wide, rough wooden trim painted the same maroon as the outside trim. The only paintings or decoration on the wall is a portrait of a young woman with dark hair that hangs beside the door leading to the kitchen and to the upstairs flat. Beneath the painting is a rather plain, upright piano.

The owl probably wouldn't be far ahead. If there was one thing Jocunda was known for, it was giving as little notice as she could possibly get away with, and this was no different - The barn owl's letter asked Ria to meet her 'Recently Estranged' cousin at the Caff, knowing that she'd be at Hogsmeade. The second giveaway was the complete lack of date or time.
Somewhere far up above, no doubt, Jocunda was probably straddling a broom, sending it into a deep, deep dive towards the village.

Sitting in a table at the corner, Ria anxiously checks the time, the owl note is folded neatly into her pocket. The 'Recently Estranged cousin' had conjured up images of Kat, but the total disregard for the when and where - that was definitely trademarks of her sister. And therefore every few minutes, she looks out the window at the sky for a speck floating about in the air. "She's always so damn late," the prefect twiddles her thumbs, eyeing the door and then gazing out the window again.

No, it's the celebrity sister. Any doubt about that would have ended with the entrance - Most people would be tired after such a flight, or unwilling to make such a dramatic arrival in Hogsmeade. What starts with a few people seeming concerned turns into a few dozen people pointing, as a woman flying high on a broom rolls-off-the-top and points straight down, gathering great speed. The only color on her is a lovely, light blue scarf. AT the last instant, Jocunda pulls up - Placing her booted feet against the base of the broom, pulling up hard and braking simultaneously. The result? A perfect 'dust-off', the allows her to dismount smoothly, infront of her adoring fanbase, flash them all a winning smile, and then walk towards the Caff with her broom in hand.

The Celebrity Sister flashes that same attitude filled smile around the room, although it's a special look for her sister. "Hey. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long. It may look lovely outside, but there's some wicked turbulence higher up. I hope you're not causing too much trouble, out here - I remember Hogsmeade weekends." She teases, joining her beloved sister.

Celebrity indeed. The signature flash of a blue scarf, and familiar lovely blonde hair is all Ria needs to recognize Jocunda. Of course the small crowd forming around her, certainly helps as well. Ria remains seated, chin resting on her fist as disregards the whispers and murmurs around her 'It's Jocunda! She's the one on those cards.' Etc etc. And the girl meets her sister's special look with a bright grin of her own, evidently glad to see the woman. "You always keep me waiting too long," she snickers and gets up to give Jocunda a warm, tight squeeze, "Merlin, I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. Come and sit a while, Sykes. Tell me what's going on with your life." Ria flags down a server to come take their order.

The gathering crowd are addressed; "Please, please. I'm here to spend some time with my sister - But I promise I'll save some for you all." Jocunda plays her adoring public oh so well, before her attention can be returned to Ria. Wrapping her in a nice, warm hug, the older Sykes is even nice enough to 'gently' mess her little sister's hair a little bit, before taking a seat opposite. "It's been busy. Quidditch practice consumes every waking moment of every single day. Well, except today. I had something special planned," Planned?! As if. "An impromptu day off. Kat sends her regards, by the way. How about yourself, little Sykes?" She skirts around love, sticking with career.

There were already some younger students getting ready to line up with their napkins, paper scraps and part of their skin to get Jocunda to sign them. But as soon as she announced that it was family time, they all let out an collective 'aww' and return to their chairs. "Impressive. Cross the Atlantic once and you get control of the masses," Ria snickers at the group disappointment, but acks when her hair's messed up. Ugh, Jo knows how much that bugs Ria. "That sounds exhausting, but at least your skin looks good. Exercise does that I suppose." And nothing is more important in the world than how one's skin looks! When the server comes by Ria orders coffee and an indulgent chocolate cupcake. "I'm doing rather well though, rather well indeed," there's a sepcial sort of glow about Ria today. "Oh uhmm, Flint made me co-Overseer of the Magijugend, so I've been busy with that. Since you're used to working with a team Jo, have you any ideas for a good team-building exercise?" She shows Jocunda the gilded Eye of Truth pendant on her bracelet.

"It's amazing, isn't it? You should try it sometime, Ria. I heard there's a lot of respect for tribute acts." Although her words could be cruel, her tone and her smile are kind. "I'm gettinga lot of time in the sun, and I'm /definitely/ taking care of myself." Jocunda's order is a tiny bit more specific. Coffee, yes. Carrot cake. Yes. Extra icing. Yes, extra icing. She doesn't acknowledge the hypocracy of her last sentence, at all, "There's some good news. I've got dozens of good ideas for helping develop teams; although it largely depends on dynamics. I mean, you hardly want a 'coach' mentality now, do you?" She reaches across, stroking gloved fingers along the pendant. Proud, just a little bit. "What of live, love and all such magical things?"

Ria snorts at Jocunda's suggestion and with a smirk on her face, "Can you imagine me being on a broom for more than an hour? It would be disastrous Jo! No no, Ill leave all the fancy athletics to you and Garrett. The server takes a look at the absurd amount of sugar in the Sykes girls order, opens his mouth almost as if to day are you sure? but decides not to question it. A similar proud smile is on Ria face at the bracelet. While I do enjoy ordering people around, Im unfortunately not a coach, and the coach mentality would be rather detrimental for my goals. Basically, there are one or two lone-wolves in the lot, and Im hoping to get them to at least respect the others and vice versa. For some reason, some people dont remember that For the Greater Good implies a collective. Her last question, makes Ria pause in her tracks though, her mouth pursed in thought. Oh you know these days Im all business, no time for love and such, she scratches her neck idly, but then she does that twitch thing with her eye at Jocunda. The one they used to do to each other at the dinner table when right now was not the right time to bring something up. Studying..what not. Speaking of love! Way for Ria to sail over her tidbits and move onto Jocundas, Hows Emrys? I havent heard about him in a while! I miss him, hope mum and dad arent pushing you two too hard together.

"I've always been a big fan of exercises like the Bonded Belt, or perhaps a Construction/Solution game." Jocunda muses idly, thinking about them. "Of course, lone wolves occasionally want to distinguish themselves from the pack due to drive, advancement. Something I think you might have an inkling about," She commits to inquiring more about love later, though, as she finds herself on the receiving end of a question that she'd been dreading. "… Emrys and I have decided to take some time to reconsider our priorities." That's incredibly poor code. "And decide if there's still a 'two' to be pushed together. It's given me some free time though, outside of practice." Maybe that's why she's here, then. Lonely. Coffee and sweets are brought over, and Jocunda strains to ensure that she's been given extra icing.

Ria knows free, professional team-building advice when she sees it, and automatically a pencil is taken out to scribble notes on her napkin. Hmm, I might have an inkling about it. Though, indeed Ill have to come up with some way to de-incentivize intrepid, individual thinking. Brain washing, brain washing, brain washing! And as she continues scribbling, Jocunda drops the news bomb, which makes Ria immediately look up to her sister in surprise. What? Really? The pencil is put down. But I really liked him. And I thought you two would do well together. Ive never seen someone other than dad put you in your place. She puts a hand on her cheek, What happened? And when their deserts are set before them, she inspects the carrot cake, which she already knows does not have nearly enough icing to carry them through the current topic at hand. Excuse me she said extra icing. What is this? She snaps at the server, gesturing to the cake, which in reality seems to have a decent amount of icing already. We want more icing. In a small bowl. Immediately. Dont you know who youre serving? With her chin she points to Jocunda, and the frightened little server turns on his heel immediately to meet their demands.

Jocunda wasn't thinking even for a moment she'd get away with that bombshell. "… He was very, very focused on his work." She chooses her words very carefully. "And I was very, very focused on my career. One of us had to give. Besides, it's not like I /need/ to be put in place, is it?" The cake is regarded with a small sense of displeasure, and the Quidditch star is about to make a very big deal about it when her sister does for her. Ria's efforts are rewarded with a wide smile. "For that, lunch is on me." Like she'd make her sister pay, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset, Ria, but it's better to be alone than it is to feel alone." A reporter in the back probably heard that. It'd be over the Prophet by tomorrow.

Oh my, Ria cant argue with that. Careers are quite a difficult obstacle to overcome. I see yes well Emrys was always buried in paper work, and wed considered it a lucky year if we could get you to sit still at least once, she nods understandingly, but still rather disappointed for Jocunda. She gives her sisters hand an affectionate squeeze, Im sorry about that Jo. There are others, I have no doubt. And perhaps Ill be able to pick out a couple for you when Im home for my next holiday. She snickers and but then toys with some jewelry on her finger asking, Do you think that theres such a thing as a man worthy enough to compromise for? That if you really had to, you could put aside some of the things you value, like a stellar quidditch career, because you love that person and want to be with them? Ria looks at her sister, wide-eyed in curiousity, deciding to abandon the I have this friend route.

Jocunda nods, perhaps a litle bit sadly. "We had a good time, while we had time." She accepts, as her cake icing is finally brought around. "Much better." She offers a small piece of encouragement to the server, before using a cake fork to add roughly half the small bowl to her cake. The question causes her to pause, though. Her love of cake, challenged by a question. "… I think… I think that you can meet someone that there's nothing and no-one you wouldn't sacrifice for them. Whether they're worth that is an entirely different question." A pause, so she can finish carving off a piece oc cake, enjoying the small mouthful. She doesn't ask who the guy is, her question is far more important. "What're you thinking of putting aside?" Not a mudblood. Surely.

Ria quietly watches her sister speak, chin still resting on her hand. Oh Jocunda you flaxen haired gift from the heavens I will find you love. Her mind already skims through the rolodex on her fathers desk at home. But her sisters response, makes her lips purse in thought, But how do you know if theyre worth it? Ria hasnt quite dug into her sickeningly chocolatey cupcake yet, satisfied with just forking it at the moment. Jocundas last question, makes her lips press together and her eyes scan the room briefly for who is in it. Okay I can tell you Jo, but you have to promise not to tell a soul or freak out or anything like that.

Jocunda looks drily at her sister, Ria having earned the 'Are you serious' look that she so loves to pull. "Do I /ever/ freak out? If you want help to know if someone is worth it, it's about balancing what they're worth to you now and the chances of them being what you think they might be worth to you, and then the worth of what you lose." Worth. "End of the day, you make the call, and you end up better or worth off." The last one is added with a teasing, moxie-ful smirk.

"No, you're right. You don't," Ria nods in consideration. Ria freaks out. Jocunda picks up the pieces. Or thats usually the trend. But she does mind her sisters formula. Good thing shes great at math. She scribbles it down on the napkin, you can expect her to take Jo literally. "Okay so…," the teenager leans in forward toward her sister and whispering in the quietest voice she can manage, Lucian and I have been seeing each other again … in private … Ria holds a hand up to stop Jocunda in case she wants to interrupt, "I know. I know. Its an utterly stupid move considering how absolutely furious father was last time." Furious perhaps was an understatement. Disappointed perhaps more accurate. Regardless, the girl hardly saw the light of day after she was caught last summer. And at some point or another, all the Sykes kids have felt the wrath of their militaristic father. That is why they are all so excellent! Except for Kaiden … hes getting there …

Jocunda barely even breathes in, as far as shock is concerned. You can almost /hear/ the ease with which her fork slides through her carrot cake, and lifts it to her lips. "That's…" Any kind of horrible response is left hanging for a few seconds, before the older sister smiles. "It?" Her voice drops to the conspiratorial tone. "It's not so complicated. See, here, you have partial amnesty. Short of someone ratting on you, Father doesn't have to know. You've got ten months to evaluate just what he's worth to you, within reason." A pause. "Long as you don't do anything too stupid, that is. Worst case scenario though, Father finds out and drags you back home. Or disowns you - S'a shame, since I'm quite used to having a cute sister who asks for my help on life and love." She takes a break from her whispering, and then sips her coffee. "Put it to you like this, though. Including Kat and I, how many Hogwarts Sweethearts actually last the distance? I'm not saying don't bother with it, but…" A hand gently reaches out, to cover Ria's. "Don't go all in, yeah?"

Whatever look of anxiety was on Ria's face had melted into a dead pan. Well if she knew it wasn't going to be this big of a deal! The idea of being disowned though, leave a bitter taste in her mouth and she frowns with a crinkle in her nose. "… Well this sort of … feels different you know? Not like any of the blokes you dated back in the day." Oho, does Ria have stories to tell her future nephews and neices. But there's another hesitant pressing of her lips, and she slightly avoids Jocunda's gaze when she nods and repeats, "Right. Don't go all in." Clearing her throat, she smiles warmly though at her sister and places another hand atop the quidditch star's, "Thanks Jo. I mean it. It's really a relief to see you."

"How would you know, hmn? I'll have you know that I had some fairly intense boyfriends in my last year." Jocunda teases. There's a little bit of concern in her eyes for her younger sibling, worried that she's going to get her heart broken. "It just seems different because this time it's you. But; have fun. The real world never gets quite so forgiving as here." The smile she gives Ria is bright, warm and honest. "I've missed you, little sister. And at my most distant, I'm only ever an owl away."

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