(1938-11-17) High Tea in the Caff
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Summary: After lunch with one cousin and a spot of shopping, Phil has high tea with her other cousin (Anthony).
Date: 17 November 1938
Location: Rosie's Caff
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After having lunch with Andromena, Phil had some time to kill before high tea when she was meeting her other sixth year cousin in Rosie's Caff. Thankfully there are a few shops in Hogsmeade to divert one's attention. At around four she makes her way into the cafe, shopping bags in hand and looks around for the younger Rowle. They're a tight knight family, and what with Phil having only left Hogwarts when the Tony and Mena were in their first year the age gap between them isn't that big.

Anthony can easily be found at the caff, for there are a limited number of patrons, and only ones face is completely obscured by a large book, from which occasionally a hand comes out to grope for the cup of tea.

"Tony," Phil greets amiably as she drops into a chair across from him. The book is given a curious look by the journalist and her mouth quirks into a grin. "For school or for pleasure?" She sets her bags down and pulls a napkin onto her lap before peering into the teapot on the table to see if there is enough left for her. "Have you given any thought to a summer internship this school year?"

'The Decline and Fall of the Sibyls of Cumae and Delphi' by Heironomous T Wilde. He lowers it, a little reluctantly, and admits, "Um, pleasure, actually. Although I do think it's on next years reading list."

Phil turns in her seat and catches they attention of a waitress, then looks back at her cousin. "Have you any cake preference in mind or shall I simply order a selection?" The book draws her attention again and Phil motions towards it, asking silently if she might look.

Anthony slides it quietly over, saying, "Well, they do _gorgeous_ eclair surprises. The topping changes flavour with every bite. But a selection would be Ace!"

She looks through the book, treating it with care. "A lovely edition." When the waitress' shadow casts over their table Phil looks up at her and smiles, "Good evening. We wish to order high tea. Only a few savouries, however and could you refresh our pot of tea." She sets the book down on Tony's side of the table. "Make sure there are eclair surprises in the selection if you will." Her impeccable manners are tempered with her open mannerisms and ready smile for the server who happily takes their order and leaves them alone again. Not one to let something go, tenacious to the end, Phil grins at Tony, "So, a summer internship with the Daily Prophet would mean I could introduce you to people like Astoria Bletchley and Dillorous Diderot."

Anthony says, "Oh.. Um, I could, I suppose! I mean, I haven't made any firm plans, I just… I'm not sure I'm really cut out to be a journalist."

"The interns don't write. They are researhers." And coffe fetchers. Quill sharpeners. General dogsbodies. "I thought it might be good for your CV." Phil tugs her gloves off and slips them into her cloak pockets before shrugging it off. "You don't need to have an internship there, I just thought I would offer. Mena is going for one at Mungo's with Felicity." Everyone in the Rowle family knows Andromena wants to be a healer like Phil's sister Felicity.

Anthony nods, with a flash of a shy smile, "Well, I might be quite good at research. I've got the language skills, of course."

"Just give it some thought. The application process doesn't begin until February." Phil leans back out of the way as the first cake stand is set down on the table along with a fresh pot of tea and a cup and saucer for her. "How are things at school?"

Anthony's stomach gives a little rumble, "Oh… well, I've found some fascinating misbindings in the Library. There's a whole quarto of what I think is the Unauslichsprechen Buch bound in with 'Five Wizards Travel in Dorset.'" There's a slight pause, as he realies not everyone would find this a matter of excitement. "Um… not much is happening. Hard work."

Phil plays mother and dishes up for both of them, giving Anthony more than she gives herself and making sure he gets two eclairs. "I'm sure your parents got the letter from Mother. I am getting married. My fiance Thomas owns a bookstore off of Diagon Alley." The second cake stand arrives, this one ladened with even more garishly decorated cakes and tarts than other. Phil adds a few things to her plate. "You should come by during the holidays and see it."

Anthony says, "Oh, I'd love to! And yes, thank you! They told me!" A beat. "I'm sorry, I should have said congratulations to begin with! Is a date set?"

In the midst of chewing a bit of a salmon sandwich Phil dismisses his concerns over having not offered congratulations first. The sandwich is chased down with tea. "Don't worry Tony. We're family, no need to stand on formality. The wedding is later in the year, near the autumn." She looks at his plate. "How're those jam tarts? I'm never sure how things will turn out when they mix different flavours. I once ate what I thought was gooseberry and bramble and got quince and blackcurrant."

Anthony takes a bite, pauses, "Damson and lemon." A thoughtful consideration, almost as if he was reading the tastes in his head, "Actually, it works, rather."

Now that she knows it is safe Phil takes one of the tarts for herself. "Mmmm, it is nice," she says, nodding in agreement with Tony as she chews. "What have you asked for for Christmas this year? I am going to be honest and admit that due to being busy with an investigation everyone will be getting books from me."

Anthony gives a brilliant smile, "Oh! Phil! How did you know?!"

"Because you always want books," she teases. The rest of the tart disappears just as quickly as the salmon finger sandwich did. Phil takes a sip of her tea to cleanse her palate and asks, "Are there any specific books you would like?"

Anthony says, "Oh, well, you know… take a browse through second hand antiquarian stuff! If you find any non-reading list Ancient Runes or Arithmancy, that would be Ace. I mean, I like to read around the subject."

"What NEWTs are you taking again?" Phil sips her tea as she considers another cake, listening to him even though her gaze is on the cakestand.

Anthony confesses quietly a list of four. "Ancient Runes, Magical History, Arithromancy and Charms. I mean, it was _so_ difficult to cut it down, but I didn't want to stretch myself too thin."

Phil nods a little. "Andromena has my old Charms notes. I gave them to her earlier today. She will share with you I am sure. Unfortunately I did't do any of the other subjects beyond OWLs and seeing as how you already passed your OWL in runes I doubt you want those old notes." She grins over at Tony. "Eat or I will end up taking all of this home."

Anthony launches into one of the eclairs, noting after an initial bite, "Blueberry."

After careful consideration Phil takes a more traditional bit of battenburg for herself, content with the orange flower and rose water encased in marzipan. "Any girls on the horizon for you? Or boys?" Phil is an open-minded relative it seems. "This is the year to indulge if so, no exams."

Anthony blinks. Mouthing the words, like it's not really got a meaning, "No. I mean. There's nobody that… I mean, I'm not precisely a catch."

"Of course you are. You're a Rowle." Phil tops up his tea for him. "You have a good name. Come from an excellent family. One of the purest. You have wealth. You are clever. And thankfully since Great-Uncle Chester died off without offspring, none of us are hideous."

Anthony gives a little chuckle, "I thought his face was… um… interesting? It would have been something that… oh! Have you seen this Muggle Artist? Picasso?"

Phil grins, "What, do you mean how his nose bent off to the side so much it touched his cheek?" She nods her head a little. "I have seen his work, well some of it. It's very different isn't it? All the squares and shapes. All that blue."

Anthony nods, "Yes! I mean, it's so surreal. I'm sure there must be a meaning in it! I wonder if we could do an Arithromantic analysis!" Okay, that's just him being silly.

"I never studied arithmancy, but it might be possible. Go to some of the museums during the school holiday and see what you can find. You're old enough to apparate now." Phil takes one of the eclairs for herself and bites into it. "Peppermint."

Anthony nibbles his own, "Orange!" A slight pause, "I'm not… well, awfully good at it, if I'm honest. But yes. I should like that. Although I'd need to find some clothes."

"Muggle clothes are easy enough. Trousers. Shoes. A jumper. A coat." Phil shrugs, but for her it is easy. She mingles in both worlds regularly. "Just make sure to change some coins at Gringotts so you can use the underground or the bus."

Anthony looks slightly stag-in-the-headlampsish at this suggestion

With a soft laugh she reaches over and pats his arm. "Thomas or I will help you. Thomas is my fiance. He knows about going about in the muggle world." Phil sits back and takes another bite of her eclair only to need a bit more tea as it is too rich.

Anthony nods, slowly, "Um, yes. Yes. That might be better. Much better, in fact."

Setting her cup down, Phil reaches into her bag and pulls out a small diary. She flips through it and says, "I think we will be free the day after Boxing Day. Would that work for you, Tony?"

Anthony nods enthusiastically, from around a mouthful of what turns out to be caramel eclair. "Mmrmmmph!"

Phil makes a note of it and tucks her diary away then happily settles in to eating a little more. A cucumber finger sandwich is followed by a fondant fancy.

Finally, Tony realises he's not really managed savoury, and reaches for a smoked salmon sarnie. "I hope you're having fun up here. I mean, visiting. The School. Hogsmeade, and so on."

"I haven't been to the school, just to see you and Andromena." Phil grins at him, "But I have had a pleasant day, yes. I used to love Hogsmeade weekends when I was at school. To get out and stretch my legs. Do a bit of exploring. Meet the locals." Even then she had a reputation for being curious.

Anthony blinks, as if something were just occurring to him, "There are places worth exploring around here?"

"Of course!" Phil grins over at her younger cousin. "Start with the Fawley Farm. The witch who runs it, Camilla Fawley, she raises all kinds of magical creatures. Then there is the beach. It is a good place to sit and read quietly, except for when it is hot and a Hogsmeade weekend. Then it is busy."

Anthony points out, "I'm… not very good… with magical creatures."

"Neither am I, but they are still interesting. She also cares for the house mascots. The Fawley family has done for generations." Other interesting places of note. "The local magistrate's office has interesting records on the population of the village as well as different court proceedings over the years."

Anthony leans forward, "Oooh! Are they gettable at? I mean, really?"

"You would need an appointment to view them, and permission from the local records keeper. But yes. I have used them for stories before." Phil wipes her mouth with her napkin and sets it on the table. "It might be a better place to intern if you fancy doing a research project."

Anthony ponders, "Or at the Ministry, of course. I mean, the records they must have there!"

"Or at the ministry," agrees Phil. She signals to the waitress for the check. "I'll have her prepare some boxes and you can take some of this back with you."

Anthony says, "Oh! That's Smashing! Do they _do_ that? I had no idea! I've never liked to ask!"

"The trick is to just tell them what you want but to do it politely," instructs Phil. "And if what you want is extravagant tip exceptionally well, regardless always tip."

Anthony nods, "Well… well, yes. Of course you tip." He nods, "Maman always insisted that we should."

When the bill comes Phil instructs the waitress to box up the remainder of the food, letting Anthony take what he wants for himself and claiming the rest for herself. "I am sure we will see each other before the twenty seventh, but either way let me wish you a Happy Christmas."

Anthony says, "Yes. Yes, it's been Smashing seeing you, Phil! And congratters again! I'm really so happy for you!"

"Cheers Tony." Once everything has been bought and paid for, Phil gets to her feet, gathering up her shopping and after giving him a one armed hug makes her way out.

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