(1938-11-17) If They're Interested
Details for If They're Interested
Summary: Two Rowles meet for lunch, later accompanied by Ria Sykes.
Date: 1938-11-17
Location: The Three Broomsticks.

It is easy enough to exchange owls with her younger cousin an arrange a day to meet up in the Three Broomsticks. Part of the easy is that Phil does like the pub and has been known to frequent it, although usually not during the weekends when students invade the town. For Andromena, however, Philomena is happy to make an exception. Thankfully it is a dry day so her hair isn't frizzy. As Phil enters the bar and makes her way around the students her purple velvet cloak flutters around her. The wench behind the bar grins, "Usual?" Phil cranes her neck and looks around for her younger cousin. "Some Irish coffee, make it two. Nice and sweet but not too sweet."

Andromena is excited to see her cousin, that much is obvious. Between school itself and a budding social, life, she had not been able to see the older woman as much as she may have liked. True, it was not as if they had grown up close as sisters, but they weren't utterly unknown to one another! Entering the Three Broomsticks for the second time that weekend (what a shock), Andromena spies Phil almost immediately. Throwing a happy wave, she makes her way over to the bar without delay.

"Hey coz," she chimed, once at her side.

"Andromena!" Phil throws her arms around the girl, her partial namesake, and hugs her. "You look great." With a cheeky grin she says, "I've got us some tipple. Do you fancy lunch?" Steering the girl towards a table after pulling a few coins down on the bar to pay for drinks, Phil says, "You are going to be taller than me." Which given that she is the shortest of the six grown Rowles in her side of the family, isn't hard.

She returned the hug with a smile, following Phil once she began to direct her towards a table. "Lunch sounds great," because what growing teen was going to turn down food - even picky little Andromena? Speaking of height, which the younger girl answered with a laugh as she seated herself, the school-bound Rowle was hardly giant in stature. Poor Phil, then, if she was even shorter! Andromena's hands circled about her mug of Irish coffee, letting its warmth seep into her fingers before taking an appreciative sip. "It doesn't help all the men in our family get to be giants," slight exaggeration. "While us women are all short. So…" No beating around the bus with this Rowle. "You should tell me more about this engagement!" A young woman…of course the idea of weddings excited her.

"Except for Felicity, but we must always remind her of how she is a freak." Phil grins, joking about her rather tall older sister. Before the wench who brought their drinks can get away Phil orders them both a roast dinner. "Would you like to see?" She slides her left hand over the table so that Andromena can look at the platinum and diamond engagement ring. "Thomas is quite dishy. He runs a book store on South Verdic. During the holidays you'll have to come see it." It isn't surprising that Phil is marrying someone from another pure-blood family, given how everyone in their family has done so for generations.

Andromena 'oohs' over the ring in girlish delight. She isn't the type of girl that is enamoured by jewellery in and of itself, but when something looks good, it looks good. Which brings her to her next question, "Is he very handsome, then?" The idea of visiting Phil and Thomas over the holidays sounds quite appealing to Andromena, and she nods her head in agreement when it is suggested. That Phil's husband-to-be is a pure-blood never even crosses Andromena's mind; of course that's who her cousin would marry! The younger girl herself has been keeping a great deal of company with one Alphard Black.

Phil sips her sweet coffee with its warming Irish whiskey as she watches Andromena admire the ring. Her mouth curls up into a ready smile, "He is." Pulling her hand back she also sets aside her drink and fishes a photograph from her handbag. "We are debating on using this for our engagement announement." The photo is set down so Andromena can see the attractive couple Phil and Thomas make. "He trained initially as a lawyer, but always secretly wanted to have a bookstore. I joke about him being a closet Ravenclaw." Canting her head she asks, "Has any boy caught your eye?"

Taking up the photograph, Andromena flashes another big smile. "It's a really good picture," she tells Phil before passing it back to her a moment later. "I think you should definitely use it." And indeed, they did make a handsome couple! Thomas was quite the eye-catcher. "Owning a book store sounds a lot less stressful than being a lawyer…" She replies, chin on fist. "And what- boys?" Andromena felt the color begin to rise to her cheeks. Blame it on the warm coffee! "There is one," the unsaid but hung in the air. "But we're mostly still just friends."

"Starting out as friends is the best way. Thomas and I were friends first." The older Rowle glances at the photo before putting it away again. She sets her handbag in the seat next to her and shrugs off her cloak. "He went on a trip to Berlin to try and help a friend," Phil shakes her head, "I had no idea he had gone until the day he was set to return. I was so angry he went and put himself in danger. I couldn't think straight. I went to see him the next day and was still angry." She smiles a bit at the memory. "He asked me why I was so upset and I realised it was because I had feelings for him." Leaning in she lowers her voice to confess to her cousin, "I kissed him right there. In a meeting room at the department for International Magical Cooperation."

Andromena leaned in when Phil did, her expression one of avid interest while the older girl divulged her romantic history. "With people around?" She could not help but ask. Part of her was, perhaps not surprisingly, mollified at the notion of kissing so publicly, while another thought it all very much like story-book romance; not caring when or where or who saw! "Did he…you know, like you the whole time?" Or was it akin to her revelation? A sudden dawning of affection that could not be denied.

Before too long, their food was delivered, and Andromena tucked in. This was turning out to be a good lunch, especially since she was being provided with all sorts of gushy details.

Phil shakes her head, "No we were in a little private meeting room. He would have been in trouble kissing me in public at work. He worked there before opening the bookstore." She sips her coffee and says, "He was uncertain at first. Thomas was attracted to me but he, like me, had just tried to think of us as friends. The next day we had breakfast at his flat and he kissed me. We decided that we would see where things went. A week and a half later we were out buying my ring." So a rather whirlwind romance. "Tell me more about this boy," Phil asks as she begins cutting into her roast chicken.

Only a week and a half! She had not been aware things had moved so quickly between the pair of them. Not that she was one to judge. Andromena probably believed in love at first sight and all that jazz. Nothing wrong with it, either! Ah, but then things shifted towards her. Not so much of an exciting whirlwind as her cousin was experiencing. Or…at least Andromena did not think so. "I've always known of him, but we'd never really talked until this year." She rather frowned at the memory of it. "In the library, he kept trying to - in the most GLARINGLY obvious way - distract the librarian for him." Andromena had wanted to know why, Alphard had refused, and somehow, in some strange way, their ~beautiful thing~ had begun. His words. "We just kept talking after that. He rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but I don't know. I like him."

"He sounds amusing." Phil daubs at her mouth with her napkin, ever the properly mannered eater. "When I was your age I fancied Carter Worthington like mad. Oh I was crazy over him, but he's a half-blood so thankfully I came to my senses. Even so he did look very dashing in his Gryffindor uniform." She sips her coffee and gives Andromena a little wrinkled nose smile. "What NEWTs have you settled on? I'll remind Felicity to expect you for the summer internship interviews when they begin."

Andromena thought he could be rather hilarious when he wanted…sometimes even when he didn't. Something she kept to herself, however. "Oh, he most certainly is dashing," she told Phil with a nod, daintily picking at her food. Sure, Alphard Black might be a bully and then some, but he was a good looking guy, always smartly dressed. The conversation drifted away from boys and to, arguably, a more serious matter. "I am taking…Charms, Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Transfiguration." Ticked off one by one upon slender fingers. "I got a free pass last year, but this coming summer father insists I apply for the summer internship - not that I wouldn't think of doing it myself, but you know how he is!"

Nodding with understanding, because Phil knows her uncle well, she says, "Between Felicity and myself we know every healer in St Mungo's. We will help you prep for the interview." Thinking about her sister's distinct lack of people skills she chews thoughtfully then makes a slight correction, "I will help you prep for your interview. Felicity will suggest what books to read."

"Thank you!" Andromena said, the sincerity in her voice plain. One could study and prepare all they wanted, but actually having people to support and help you was always a welcome bonus. A bonus Andromena would be a fool to miss out on, especially when she was so neurotic when it came to her school-work and future profession. She might sometimes struggle with the notion that her life had been preplanned by her parents (her father, in fact), but was lately coming to terms with that. Andromena did want to help people, and she could even see herself working there. "I'm rather surprised it's already so close to our winter break," she admitted absently. "The year is flying by."

Before she forgets Phil fishes a couple of notebooks from her large bag. "I didn't do as many NEWTs but I thought these might help. I checked with a friend, she's an examiner, and the exams haven't changed too much since I took them." Set before Andromena are her cousin's NEWT level notebooks for charms, potions and transfiguration.

Lunch time and the Three Broomsticks is bustling, mainly with students. Seated at a table are the two Menas; Andromena and her older cousin Philomena. They're having a chinwagging catchup while sharing a lunch.

Her hands readily scoop them up, and Andromena gives Phil a look of wonder. "I can have these, really?" She glanced back down to them, a broad smile dominating her features. Andromena and Phil are seated at a table within the Three Broomsticks, conversing about life's great time consumers: boys and work over lunch. The younger Rowle is busily chirping away her happiness over a sudden windfall of, more or less, freely acquired knowledge. "It won't be considered against any rules?" Tentatively asked.

"Of course you can have them. But when it is Alfie's turn you need to share with him." Alfie is of course Phil's second year nephew. Like all Rowles he is a Ravenclaw. Her head shakes as she cuts into a roast potato. "No, it isn't against the rules. All the old families have things like this they hand down. If your parents were younger they could have given you their notebooks, but the exams changed in the 1920s." She smiles at Andromena, a close mouthed smile, as she chews her food.

Ria is in quite a good mood today! She shared a bit of her homework with a housemate today. She didn't trip a second year to teach him that it's not safe to run down a corridor. She said good morning to a couple people. She even put aside her disdain for the recent changes to the Three Broomsticks and decided to be a patron just for today. "Andromena," she calls to the Ravencalw, and heads over to the table, just realizing she's got company. "Oh, I'm sorry, am I disrupting?" My goodness can Ria be sweet when she wants to be.

"Of course," she says dutifully. At first she almost…almost thinks Phil is referring to Alphard. Andromena can only imagine the sort of apoplexy Black might experience if someone were to call him anything other than by his proper name. But, little Alfie, he was an okay kid. Closer to her brother's age, so they were naturally closer in school. Which Andromena really liked, actually. Part of her had always wanted a cousin or sister of a similar age to her. She imagined they would be great friends. Alas, she had grown up on her own and missed out on all that sisterly garbage. C'est la vie. "I meant to ask, since you mentioned it, does Thomas intend to only run his book store now?"

A voice! A voice of a girl she knows! Merlin's beard, mayhaps sisterly friendship might not be so impossible in the end after all. Andromena waves to Ria, even pats the seat beside her. "No, not at all. Phil?"

Lifting her head, Phil daubs at her mouth with her napkin and nods, "For now. I think if he makes a real success of it he might hang out his shingle. In all honesty, Mena, I think he was just tired of it. He doesn't like politics terribly much. His father pushed him into the career and now," she shrugs a slender shoulder, "well now he is happier being his own man." When the chipper, and somewhat diminunative girl approaches them the elder Rowle takes her que from Andromena. "Please join us. Any friend of my cousin's is most welcome."

Well if the invitation is given, Ria will gladly recieve and she delicately slips herself next to Andromena. "Ahh cousin, I see now. Apologies again if I'm interrupting a reunion of sorts." After flagging down a waitress she orders a Prosecco and a plate of cured meats. Certainly not your typical wizarding pub meal, but it's not so much a wizarding pub anymore is it! "I'm glad to see you here especially since we had to make a run for it in the Great Hall last time," she grins to Andromena. But a confused blink goes to the well dressed woman as she asks, "I'm sorry…Phil?"

Speaking of that, and books, Andromena has a rather shameless question that she would dearly love to ask. But not yet. Maybe. "Philomena," she says by way of answer to Ria's obviously confused repetition of the older woman's name. "I'm…partly named after her, you know. Anyway, growing up that's what everyone called my cousin." So obviously, Andromena did too! That said, Andromena covered her grin with one hand. "Do you know," said in a low voice, but still loud enough for Phil to hear. "He actually read some it - but don't ever let him know I told you. He insists I'm a gossip but Alphard's dead wrong." Hmph. She was no gossip! SOME things just had to be said!

"Philomena Rowle," she says to Ria by way of introduction. Her cousin's amusement and somewhat whisperted tittle draws a grin across her face. "Something," she says lowering her voice to a conspiratorial level, "sounds amusing. Just what did he read and who is he?" Reaching over with her hand that has the engagement ring on it, Phil lifts up her Irish coffee and takes a sip. Their own fayre is more traditionally British; a roast dinner with the usual trimmings of stuffing, vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, meat and gravy.

Ria lets out a long Ohhhhhhhh at their explanation. Andromena. Philomena. Makes sense! "But are you okay with being called something so mannish?" There's a genuine interest and concern in her face, wondering why anyone would put up with such a name. The slytherin girl eyes Phil's engagement ring briefly, pressing her lips together before shooting a grimace over at Andromena. "You're kidding! Oh that was so reckless of me to have it delivered in the Great Hall. There's no way I'd ever face Alphard about that, so my lips a sealed." But when the woman inquires further on the topic, Ria merely clears her throat and says, "It's just a mutual interest we both have…" She'll let the Ravenclaw explain the rest.

Strangely, if Andromena were to put much thought into it, Phil probably accepted such a nickname in the same manner she accepted Meanie. That was her guess, anyway! To Ria, she gives a solemn shake of her head. No joke, he really had read some of it. "I think he must have saw you make a face or something…" She said apologetically. "Since he groaned that he just 'couldn't believe you and I read such things.'" To her cousin, "The guy I mentioned - Alphard Black - he caught me with a romance novel." She didn't have to say it was anything more than…a teen drama, right? Phil might not automatically conclude the two girls were reading the sort of cheesy smutty books housewives guiltily kept hidden from their husbands. Or so Andromena secretly hoped.

"Actually, I liked the nickname as a child. I hated how my mother always forced me to dress a certain way or behave a certain way. She's very old fashioned sometimes. The kind that kept a list of eligiable men from the purest of families every ready to thrust at me, even when I was Mena's age. Going by a masucline moniker was sort of a way to get back at her. It stuck over the years. Everyone but her calls me Phil." She sips her coffee again and chuckles. "Romance novels? If I knew you liked them I would have brought some from Thomas' shop. They're very popular. I have read a few in my time." The older woman snickers, "Instruction manuals, that's what I told my brother they were when he found a stack of them in my room. I can still remember his face when he read one."

"I did have a moment of panic, I'll admit," Ria scrunches her nose at Andromena, but with a tricky smile she adds, "Although, he did look rather miffed about it." There's a wink and a side nudge there. That's topic the two girls have no yet touched, but like her friend she too has a shameless quesiton she would also dearly love to ask. But at Phil's explanation, Ria let's out a brief 'oh' and adds, "I think you'd get a long quite well with my sister Jo. She's a lot like you. Did a lot of the same sorts of things growing up." But when it's finally evident that Ria is also a culprit in the smut-reading she scratches her neck saying, "It's rather embarassing really. I mean, I know they're terrible pieces of literature but…I can't put them down you know? It makes you wonder if guys really like that sort of thing…" She may be turning a bit pink as she says this, "Who's Thomas?"

AH-HA! Andromena took great pleasure in now knowing her cousin shared a similar mind set. One finger thrust into the air in order to accentuate her point, the other hand holding her fork about half way from her plate. "Exactly!" Alphard's face, the expression that was momentarily unguarded before he did his utmost to appear aloof and unconcerned with what Andromena had to say about the matter, remained crisp in her mind's eye. "Don't worry about it, Phil," and here she cast a sly look Ria's way. "Ria and I will simply have more of an excuse to pay visits to the shop in the future."

The explanation of her cousin's mother reminds Andromena very much of her father, though she could count herself very fortunate that he had yet to break out any lists; fathers were protective of their little girls in that regard. With a sudden chill of dread lancing up her spine, Andromena realized that at some point he'd find out about Alphard and expect to meet him. Augh!

"I think I'd rather the guy know those sorts of things than not," she blurts, then, turning crimson herself, throws a hand over mouth. "I mean…" Oh dear, what did she get herself into? "Someone has to know what they're doing." Like that was any better! Andromena practically slithers down in her seat as embarrassment runs through her small frame.

"Thomas Carrow is my fiance, he runs a bookstore," Phil informs Ria. She pushes her plate aside, her shoulders shaking with mirth. "Yes," she nods in agreement with her cousin, "you do want a man who knows what to do. It makes everything that much better. But it isn't always like those books. Rarely are you swept away on his broom to some idyllic and romantic destination for a secret picnic. Usually it starts with a nice meal somewhere or drinks. And if there is chemistry you proceed onto a second date." Musing over their mutual love of racy literature she says, "I remember I once counted how many pages it took a particular author to get to those saucier parts and I think…yes it was something around page one-hundred-and-ten each time."

This conversation is treading new ground with Ria, who is pinker by the second. "Merlin, I hope someone does know what they're doing! Not that I prefer it to be me, but … I don't want to be the one to not know." The Prosecco and meats were delivered to Ria some time ago, but the conversation only made her aware to it now. She takes a sip of the wine for salvation. The finace's name immediately rings a bell. "Oh, the Carrows. Yes, I'm somewhat familiar with his name. Congratulations! You must be thrilled," she says toying with jewelry on her finger, a sincere bright grin is given to Phil. "Is that how it happens then? A nice meal, and a second date? That doesn't sound to … exciting." Ria looks a little disappointed. Reality is so dull sometimes.

"This coming from the lady who hardly had a mundane romance at all," she snickers, thankful for the chance to…not focus on who knows what to do with a sacred cup of sweet sweet nectar or not. No doubt Phil is having a jolly good time watching the two younger girls squirm as they try to say what they want without really saying it. The last of what Andromena could possibly eat is given her attention. As a child, and even now, her parents had always rather lamented taking her out to eat…because she never cleared her plate! They tried talk of starving youngsters, waste not want not, and all manner in between. She never budged. When she was full, she was full. "Huh. Ria, how have you been asked out in the past?"

"Ah…not exactly," says Phil only to laugh when Andromena makes it clear her own romance was more whirlwind than dull. "Ria is it?" The other girl didn't introduce herself, leaving Phil to guess who she is. "Would either of you like another drink?"

"No mundane romance? A claim like that demands a story," Ria peers over at Phil with absolute curiosity. Perhaps the older woman's tale will prove to be novel-esque in itself. "Oh yes, Ria Sykes. Pleasure to meet you. Sorry, we dived into such deep water so quickly I forgot to breathe before going down," she holds a perfectly polished hand out for the woman to shake. Her head moves in a 'no thank you' direction, for one glass of wine is more than enough for the tiny teen. "Hmmm actually come to think of it, I've only ever gotten rather … aggressive offers," she scrunches her nose to Andromena. Ripley, Lucian, Zayn. She recounts them in her head, "They've all admitted their feelings and then when I tell them to bugger off, they seem to think a surprise kiss should change me mind." But it's only succeeded in disorienting her. Like a flash bang. "Why? Have you experienced similar?"

The small hand is shaken briefly, firmly and by a very clean hand in return. "I cornered Thomas and kissed him in a meeting room at the Ministry after he came back from a rather dangerous trip to Berlin." Phil's cheeks pinken slightly. It seems she's a little more embarrassed to share the tale with an unknown teenage girl than her first cousin. "He was shocked but pleasantly so. The next day we had breakfast at his flat and he kissed me. A week or so later were were engaged." She does offer a juicy tidbit for them both, because they have earned it, "And he most assuredly knows what he is doing." Because really, she is not even ten years older than Andromena, more like a bigger sister than a cousin.

Andromena is a terrible friend and cousin because she never even thought to introduce either to one another. For shame! A rather guilty look does flit across her features for a moment when she realizes this. Chock it up to being excited for their company. "I think I'll stick to just one for now," she tells her cousin, holding up a hand. The coffee was really very rich, at least to her, albeit very delicious. Then, to Ria, "…No." Her lips pursed, thoughtful-like. "I haven't ever been asked out. Shafiq doesn't count, since that was just about the Halloween Dance." She was thinking along the lines of boyfriend-girlfriend status! "Wait, I take that back!" Her little nose crinkled with distaste. "In the fourth year this great bear of a boy did ask me out. But he scared me and I just - I just squeaked at him in response. It took a whole week before anyone realized I wasn't actually his girlfriend and he was just going around claiming I was." Andromena hung her head at the memory. Such terror. So pitiful.

Ria gasps and puts a hand over her mouth. "Merlin, that was you who The Beast asked? I remember that. Andromena, you should consider that as a means of power. He'd do any leg breaking you need if you pay him in snogs. He might've given you a discount since he actually liked you." She snickers and tops off the rest of her drink and cured meats. Her eyes seem to go wide at Phil's tale. "You what? But how did you…I mean, when did you know the right moment? What if he snubbed your advances?" A woman approaching a man. That's ballsy!

Andromen's tale draws a laugh from Phil who then shares in Ria's further amusement. "Your friend is crafty, Mena. I like her." She reaches into her bag and pulls out a silver cigarette case and a lighter. The case is opened to reveal wizarding cigarettes. The girls are each offered one. "Do you mind if I smoke?" "Men will almost always accept being kissed by a woman, unless they are gay in which case they will kindly tolerate it but not kiss you back. The way to tell is if as you lean in their eyes darken and their nostrils flare just slightly. That flicker of interest is your clue."

"Not at all," though Andromena herself declines. Smoking! She didn't know her cousin indulged in the act and was unsure if it was something that was posh or something that would cause her parents to blanch in shock. "Yes, that was me," she told Ria with a great show of chagrin. The Beast was a memory she wasn't likely to forget any time soon, especially not when she still saw him roaming the halls now and again. "Luckily I've never been in…need of his particular services." Even so, she wasn't the type of girl to just snog anybody! When Phil offers her bit of sagely gained wisdom, Andromena leans in, looking serious. Then she blinks. Slowly, her mouth forms into an 'O' of understanding. It would be a downright shame to fancy a man only to find out he was gay. "What do you say, Ria," said in her most mischievous voice. "The next time either of us has a bloke we fancy, let's do what my cousin suggests and put it to the test."

"Not at all," Ria replies same as Andromena, taking up the offered cigarette in her fingers, and pulling out her own fancy sort of lighter puff it into life. "Thank you kindly." She listens with great interest at Phil's advise, as if taking notes in her head. "Wait which kind of man has his nostrils flare? The gay one or the straight one?" Ria needs to get this right dammit! A snicker is thrown to Andromena, "That's a deal. Only, I'd have to find someone to actually fancy first. Though I think if you tried it on Alphard Black, he wouldn't reject you. He'd only be smitten with you and perhaps himself just a little bit more." She gives the Ravenclaw a knowing smirk. She catches a brief glance of the time from her wrist watch and immediately stands up. "Oh shoot, I'm supposed to be meeting up with someone! I'm sorry, I've got to run. It was a pleasure meeting you Philomena." She can't help but call the woman by her full name. It's so much prettier! Ria drops the appropriate amount of coins and head back out in to the chilly autumn air, cigarette smoke trailing behind her.

Taking a cigarette for herself, Phil lights it with a silver lighter then stows both case and lighter away. The smoke is more purplish-pink than the usual greyish-blue and scented with cinnamon. Why smoke like a muggle when you can have wizarding panache? Laughing softly she says, "The gay man won't do anything but watch it happen to him. I would demonstrate but I am lacking my fiance at present as he is in London." Her brows rise up, "Yes, practice on this Alphard Black, cousin." She takes another draw off her cigarette then nods to Ria, "It was lovely meeting you, Ria." Her attention drifts back to Andromena when the Sykes girl departs. "I went to school with her older sister's boyfriend. Emrys. He was dishy too. One of those boys who always had a purpose in mind."

Unable to help herself, Andromena lets out a laugh at Ria's comment. In a way, it was…all too easy to poke a little fun at Black. So long as she kept it to herself, then there shouldn't be any problems. Besides, wasn't this only fair? He mercilessly teased her practically all the time, out loud and in public! Sure, she was beginning to like it (wasn't there a syndrome about that kind of behavior), but it was still teasing. As Ria got up to depart, Andromena gave a friendly wave. "I'll see you back in school, Ria," she says by way of farewell.

"I can't say I've ever met him. But after seeing Thomas, I totally trust your judgement." Andromena flashed a grin. Meeting the fiance was going to have to become a priority. "I had better start heading back myself…" Said a bit glumly. Boo hoo, tomorrow is Monday already! "It was great getting to catch up, thank you again for having lunch with me!"

"Of course. I'll write to your parents inviting you to come bunk with Felicity and I for a few days during the holidays. We're closer to your friends, being in London. And I can introduce you to Thomas." Phil sets her cigarette down and rises to her feet, holding her arms out to Andromena for a hug. "Don't forget the notebooks."

Andromena, before scooping up her notebooks, gives Phil a warm hug. "That would be wonderful!" She agrees cheerily. "I'll look forward to it."

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