(1938-11-18) Galatea Merrythought Sacked
Details for Galatea Merrythought Sacked
Summary: Professor Merrythought is removed from her position at Hogwarts.
Date: 18 November, 1938
Location: N/A
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November 18th — At the W.W.N.-hosted and nationally broadcast community forum, Professor Merrythought spoke boldly against Grindelwald, practically accusing him of being a Dark wizard, and implying that Headmaster Flint and the Magijugend were possibly complicit. Perhaps it came as little surprise when the Hogwarts Board of Governors voted by a slim margin to have her removed from her position, in spite of 43 years of service to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The board is expected to announce her replacement within the week.

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