(1938-11-18) Graham Meets the Squidge
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Summary: Graham comes to the Leaky Cauldron to meet Elly and Jack's newborn boy.
Date: November 18th, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Leaky Cauldron — London
Mon Nov 18, 1938 ((Mon Nov 18 23:01:45 2013)) — (E,4 NE)

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and overcast.

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses, sometimes coined "wenches", bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent are any modern Muggle devices or electricity, the lighting all provided by lanterns and chandeliers.

Elly is taking it easy, it has been five days since she gave birth to the Squidge. But after the riot work still needed to be done, and Elly is not one to neglect what needs to be done. It's actually rather cute, the Squidge, despite the rumble and bustle of the most popular pub in the wizarding world, is sound asleep in his little sling holder slung against his mumsies torso. Little peaceful sleeping face can be seen as she leans and slides plates and cups into position before their person. "Special of the night is Rabbit Fricassee. Soup Special is Beef an' Barley."

Graham enters into the leaky cauldron, having been kept busy with extra patrols and everything going on in his personal life. He looks about the pub but doesnt seem to be looking for friends this time, he approaches smiling at the baby sleeping the little tyke is a natural it would seem. He smiles at his mother "Elly dear." he pauses waiting for her to finish the table "I'm so sorry, should have been here to keep you safe." its a crazy thought but he does take things onto his shoulders.

Elly finishes with the table and when Graham apologizes she gives him a very endeared look and she leans over to give his cheek a kiss. That is before she gives his arm a swat. "Ye had your hands full. We were fine here, really. Just Squidge wished to come and see what all the excitement was about. But ye are a darling dearie to worry so." She lifts up the sling so he can get a better look at the baby. "Isn't'e the most 'andsome fing ye have evah seen!?"


The 'Squidge'

The young man grins though rubs his arm as she swats him. Graham sighs and nods "Suppose so, but glad all ended well here." he cant help but smile warmly towards the mother and baby. "Doubly as handsome. He's perfect Elly. How are you two holdin up?" he says speaking in a lowered voice he's not been around babys much but still.

Elly looks all beaming and glowy as she lifts up the sling enough to kiss the top of the baby's head. "'E is just perfect. We're doing fine. Lookin' forward to havin' Jack home. He got time away a bit closer to when the Squidge was really supposed to have joined us. But Aye, we are doing really really well. He's a healthy boy. Ten fingahs an' toes. Fink he'll keep those blue eyes from 'is mum an' Da's dark hair." She rubs Grahams arm to sooth where she swatted with a warm smile. "Get ye sitted an' fed loverly?"

Graham nods "Good i'm sure you'll be glad to have him about." The auror says looking at the baby again "If I can help let me know, or well i'll have to get Sorcha or Phil to help me." he gives the other a wink but nods at her offer and finds a nearby table sitting down lightly. "Sure, i'd love my usual cider and chips but only if it's not too much trouble. I can get off my bum and eat at home otherwise." he says with a chuckle.

Elly waves her hand as if to keep him seated on said bum. Then she gives his hair a little ruffle before she heads into the kitchen to fetch him up his basket of chips. On her way back she gets the cider from her father at the bar and she comes bustling back. "Extra chips if ye don't mind me joining and pinching some from ye?"

The young man shakes his head "Of course not, please do." The young man says pushing a chair out for her from where he sits. Graham is silent a moment before he asks curiously. "So what else have I missed around the pub, been kept rather busy lately?" he asks he'll accept the cider and take a small drink.

Elly settles down on the chair and covers the sling up with a knitted baby blanket to create a little tent for Squidge. "Aye, the usual, though more and more people aren't talking to each other any more loverly. It's been near silent in 'ere since the riot." Of course it's still noisy in the pub, but it is true, there's not any table to table banter like there was much of in the past. It's only people at their own tables keeping their heads down, talking with only those at their table. This change in atmosphere obviously has affected Elly most poorly.

Graham frowns with a small sigh escaping him. He looks across "That doesn't help anything only the rioters. I spoke at the town hall urging people not to turn a blind eye to others who are hurting I hope some will take it to heart. My friends and I wont be kept subdued can promise that much." He grins taking a bite to eat and some to drink. "I think you missed me in here after my run in with the dragon. Had a fun conversation."

Elly rubs at the lump of her baby through the blanket as she nibbles on a chip while listening. She tilts her head and her eyes go wide at mention he had a dragon run in. "Naw, today's me first day back downstairs…cooor! Tell all loverly!"

The young man pauses before he speaks "Well the dark wizard I caught up with had been dealing in dragons. I caught him but the dragon got spooked and bit my leg and stabbed my hand with his tail." Graham chuckles drinking more "I'm okay though as you can see much like the kidlett ten fingers and toes still."

Elly goes wide eyed and she reaches out to take up his hand and examine it. She might be a midwife. But she's always been maternal to all the Leaky Cauldron regulars so her nurturing nature has her looking him over to make sure he's healing well. "Crikes loverly! Hmm…looks good." But it could have been the other hand so the other hand despite it having just picked up a chip is pulled over for inspection as well. "I won't tell ye to drop trou in'ere." But she would still like to check that too! "No more dragons! Ye Hitwizards an' Aurors an' Airmen are gonna be the death o me, an' the white in me hair!"

The young man chuckles as first one hand is taken than the next. "Yes Phi's sister did a great job. Uh the other was my thigh but it's healing well I promise worst thing was the potion which made me taste like a vegetable so the dragon would let go." Graham grins taking a drink of cider though he does look appropriately ashamed "No dragons if I can help it, but you look fine Elly." he tries his best to comfort and disarm.

— A cold breeze from outside sweeps inside the doorway as the figure of a man enters the Leaky Cauldron. The door closes soon after allowing the backlight from the streets to fade and his features to become visible. He does not halt however but with a swift stride he find his way to a small table nearby the others whom are conversing and takes a seat. Soon after a server find they way to his table to take an order to which he replies with a deep baritone voice, "Single Malt scotch. Nothing less than 15 years old." The man's expression remains stolid and impassive as he draws a rolled up edition of the Daily Prophet from his jacket and begins to read.

Elly has a lump on her torso and a knitted blanket covering it and slung over one shoulder as she's sitting next to Graham fidgeting over his hands. She lets him have his hands back with a little face that states that he better and she'll hold him to that. But then she get all coy. "Don't fink flattery will get ye out of taking care o yerself!" She pats and strokes the lump that starts to stir. "Would ye like to 'old'm? The blanket is brushed aside to reveal the cloth sling her 5 day old son is currently snuggled up in. When Hector gets settled she gives him a warm sunny smile. "Welcome, Specials are Rabbit Fricasse, the soup is Beef an' Barley."

Graham turns back as the door opens out of habit people watching being his favorite sport and all. He doesn't think he has met the other but there's been so much going on it's hard to tell. If he catches the others attention he'll offer a nod in greeting. "Good evening." he adds, but looks back as Elly responds and smiles "Worth a try." he says about taking care of himself. "Err mind showing me how i'd love to but don't have much experience with babies." he says.

— The mans soft bronze eyes peer to the side as he hears the greetings from the pair, however there is not polite greeting in reply. Instead the two are set with a steady gaze before he returns to reading his paper. The child gets a short look as well before he is similarly given a cold and dismissive expression. The the scotch arrives he takes it with a nod before taking short sip followed by a grimace and an annoyed sigh. It seems as though he is about to comment on it but instead chooses to keep it to himself.

Elly gives Graham a secret expression of 'who peed in his scotch?' look when they get the cold reaction from Hector. She gently pulls the baby out of his little nest and she holds his expertly in one hand draped over her arm. Leaving the other arm free she helps Graham with slow ease in educating him how to take up her son and hold him. "See, no fuss about it. Just support 'is lil 'ead." Her cockney is light and cooing as she tenderly instructs. 'Squidge', the baby boy's temporary name is starting to wake up more and more and he stares up at Graham with those dazzling blue eyes of his. Little arms pumping around. One little fist still clinging to his mother's finger.

The young man figures he just wishes to enjoy his booze and paper in piece and he can respect that. Graham looks back to Elly staring down dark wizards.. a dragon piece of cake.. holding the baby rut roh. The auror though holds his hands out as he's instructed to and the little guy fits into his arms easily as she says. He's careful to support his head looking down to his child's face "Pretty even match of you two isn't he?" he says after a moment.

— As the man continues to read the paper he is soon reading the back page. The scotch is slowly consumed before he puts the paper down and for the first time begins to really take in the surroundings, the patrons and the staff. He sips what is left of the drink before he turns to look back at the pair conversing, looking once more over the child in the man's hands. "Is that your child sir?" The question is posed to Graham as he cradles the youngster. His tone once again impassive in nature though his expression is somewhat frustrated.

Elly looks proud of Graham holding Squidge. "So how's fings wif Sorcha?" She doesn't say it, but that suggestive smile on her face says it all 'When does Aunty Elly get to hold your future squidge!?' "Ye are a natural." A kiss is placed on the top of her son's head. "He is, perfect mix. It's nice to see a bit of Jack every morning while he's in training." She looks a bit perplexed that she's not asked about her own child's parentage but it's with an amused little smile that she looks to Graham expectantly, eager to see how he reacts to the question.

Graham does find himself a little more relaxed as he holds the child making a few faces even. The question about him and Sorcha makes him grin understanding what she means easily enough. "We are well, though she's been busy too. Thanks Elly." The young man turns back as he's spoken to about the child. He smiles but shakes his head to the question having clearly not thought that holding the baby might look to a stranger. "He's adorable but no, he's Elly here's son with her husband." he pauses "I don't believe we've met. I am Graham Cohen." he makes an introduction.

— There is a short pause accompanied by a glance at Elly before he returns his stare to Graham. Without extending any hand in greeting, not that the man holding the child would be able to shake, he replies… "Hector Byron Rhys Carrow." The name is spoken toward both of them as if introducing himself to both. "I rarely make my way to this part of town." Hector adds before standing and fixing his coat. "Typically not to establishments that double as daycare."

Elly loves everyone, she's just that sort of person. So it's mostly shock at herself at how quickly she's gone from warm and welcoming to bristled and just shy of seething and dislike that has her blinking at Hector. "The Leaky Cauldron is a family establishment. Perhaps the Cethin Seether Pub on Knockturn Alley is a place ye will find more appealing. They even have Floo Access so ye won't be having to come through 'ere again."

Sits silently still holding the child in his arms lightly. "Ah, well it's good to meet you. Are you related to Thomas or Mikhale?" Graham says to the other though the last part gets a small turning down of his mouth. He looks back to Elly seeing the look on her face he looks back "Elly's an unstoppable force of nature this is the most i've gotten her to relax ever but yes her family all works here so someone must watch him he's too adorable to be left alone." he tries to de-escalate things

— Elly gets little more than a fleeting and dismissive glance before he turns back to Graham and replies. "Through family name and distant relation." Hector explains regarding his family connections. "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised." It would seem that the idea of brining a child to ones place of work is somewhat distasteful to the man as he turns to drop a few coins in the tabletop before beginning to head out the door once again. "A pleasure." The comment is dour in tone and somewhat spoken aloud as opposed to being directed at anyone in particular.

The auror looks between the pair a moment though he smiles to Elly warmly "I should head out, have to get some sleep before work or else i'm no good to anyone." he is very careful in handing the baby back to his mother "I'll see you again soon." this may be to mother and son afterall. He says before looking back "Likewise." he calls over to the newly met carrow though he heads out the way of muggle London.

Elly has a force smile though she kisses Graham's cheek on his way out. She tucks the baby back in. "Elly Dodderidge, this is my home. As it has been for my family since it's construction. I'm sorry if ye find the family atmosphere distasteful. We do try to make it as welcoming for everyone as we can. Though if ye will excuse me. I smell something foul, an I only half certain it's my son's nappies." With that she rubs her son's back through the sling carrier and bustles off to slip behind the bar and go through the kitchen door and up to the private home upstairs from there.

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