(1938-11-18) Magijugend and Poor Grace!
Details for Magijugend and Poor Grace
Summary: Fiona, Angelus and Vincent have a chat about the Magijugend, and poor Grace gets upset.
Date: 18th September 1938
Location: Entry Courtyard

Vincent enters the courtyard and takes a seat on one of the benches, he sits down. He is not carrying anything other than a book, which he places gently on his lap. He looks to be away in distant contemplation as he swings his short legs back and forth, gazing into the distance.

A little face appears behind Vincent, just over his shoulder. A yellow little face which lets out a loud lion's roar. Fiona has been eating zootlers again, the sweets that make your skin pigmentation change briefly and alter your voice into animal noises while you are munching on the sweet.

Vincent's small frame can be seen to jump, as he stands, his book falling to the ground and instinctively draws his wand, pointing it at Fiona, until he realises who it is. His face changes to a shade of scarlet as he slides it back into his robes "Oh, it's you. You scared the hell out of me!" he says, sounding still a little shaken "Don't do that!" he scorns as he picks up his book and sits back down, and starts to dust the dirt from his book.

"Oh come on, it was funny." Fiona giggles, her voice and face having returned to normal. She climbs onto the bench and offers Vincent a chance to take a sweet from the bag in her hand. "What're you reading?"

Vincent shakes his head at the sweets "No thanks." he says as he shows her the cover of the book, 'Fur das Allgemeinwohl' is written not the cover with the author's name Gellert Grindlewald in bold print beneath it. "It's in German, Mummy sent it for me. It's fantastic!" he says proudly.

"Oh? I have one. The Headmaster gave them to us, but mine is in English." Fiona digs in her bag of sweets, trying to decide which one she wants next. "I can read in other languages but not German. Is your mum German or something?"

Vincent looks to Vincent "Yeah she is. I prefer reading in German though because sometimes things just don't translate right. This way I know what he really meant!" he looks to her and decides he will take a sweet, not having had one before his face is one of surprise when his skin changes grey and the remainder of his sentence comes out as the sound of a sealion barking.

Fiona giggles at Vincent's excellent sealion impersonation. She unwraps a green sweet and her skin looks scaly, her laughter turns into hisses as she eats the sour lime sweet.

Vincent giggles, as he sees Fiona change, and his own body goes back to a more human form. "Those sweets are fantastic!" he says with a big grin. He looks like a child who has never eaten sweets before. "What other sweets have you got?" he gazes at her, a look of sheer joy on his face.

"Loads," says Fiona. She rummages in the bag and finds him a sweet that looks like a gobstone. "Try one of these. They're liquid gobstones. They squirt random flavours in your mouth. Most are really nice. Some can be funny."

Vincent's eyes light up. "Wow!" he says as he takes a sweet. As he pops it into his mouth he smiles, then frowns, smiles again, grimaces and swallows. "That last squirt tasted like a mixture of vomit and blood!" he giggles and looks to her "And your parents buy you all these things? You are so lucky!" he says, still beaming from ear to ear.

Her nose wrinkles. "Sorry Vincent. Try another." Fiona finds him a sherbert lemon, those are nice and safe and sour. "They give me pocket money and I spend it on sweets, but my brothers also bring me sweets from Hogsmeade and so does my friend Angelus."

Vincent looks to her, pops a sherbet lemon in his mouth and smiles. "You are so lucky!" he laughs "I wish I got pocket money!" he looks a little saddened as he talks. "Oh, by the way. Medusa gave me my interview!" he says pointing to her necklace looking a little more excited now."

Fiona takes a sherbet lemon for herself and sets the bag between them, allowing Vincent to take any sweet he likes. "The Gorgon?" The tiny girl pulls a face. "She is scary. Gracie and I run whenever we see her or try to freeze and be real small in hopes she doesn't turn us to stone."

Vincent looks at her, a look of confusion on his face. "What?" he asks confused. "She's really nice!" he says "I don't understand why people are scared of her. She gave me cake the other night and she taught me a new spell too. I'd show you but I can't seem to get it quite right yet, but once I've practiced some more, I'll show you. I like her. She's lovely and gives nice hugs!" he smiles as he thinks of Medusa.

"Medusa Malfoy?" Fiona looks at Vincent in disbelief. "She can cast a wandless petrifying spell you know. Just turn you to stone like that," the girl snaps her fingers.

Fiona just bites down on her sherbet lemon. The sour sherbert powder inside the sugary sweet exterior makes her pull a face and then cough. "When will you hear from the Headmaster?"

Angelus is carrying a book strap over his shoulder as he walks across the bridge, his royal blue eyes looking over the courtyard. Deciding that he has time to spare when he spies Fiona, the boy veers off from the bridge, off into the courtyard. "Anything interesting happening?" Angelus asks by way of greeting, a soft smile flicking against his lips.

Vincent smiles through his sherbet face as the sherbet bit takes hold "Don't know!" he says to Fiona, as he turns to say "Ermm….I don't know!" to the boy.

Seeing a similar face on Vincent, Fiona cannot help but giggle. "You look funny," she tells the Slytherin. Her head turns and she waves over to Angelus. "Vincent had his Magijugend interview, Gel. We were just talking about it." Offering introductions between the two she says, "Vincent Goyle this is Angelus Eibon." And vice versa.

Angelus looks between Vincent and Fiona, an inquisitive brow arching at the faces. He dips his head in a nod, his smile smug as it crosses his face. "How's things in Slytherin House holding up, Goyle?"

Vincent smiles "Fantastic thanks!" he replies as he looks over to Fiona. "How long did the headmaster take to get back to you?" he asked "I am quite excited!"

"A month or so," admits Fiona. "Angelus is a member too. He wrote a letter to the headmaster asking if I could be." She looks down at her feet. "My brother ran off with a muggle a few months back. I think Headmaster Flint was worried I might not be a good candidate because of that."

Angelus nods, humming thoughtfully. "Well, the Magijugend is a perfect way to meet people who see the truth," he decides. His eyes shift onto Fiona, and he frowns briefly, a soft sigh brushing past his lips. "I think if you had been in school before now he wouldn't have taken so long." He shrugs casually.

Vincent looks confused "You believe in what /he/ believes, I don't see why you wouldn't get accepted. I just hope I get accepted" as Angelus speaks Vincent just looks confused. "I don't think I understand." he says bemused.

"Maybe, I don't know." Fiona shrugs her little shoulders, "I'm not sure but I think Angelus means that because I am a first year the headmaster didn't know me well enough yet so he had to think about it some." Not wanting to think about her brother anymore the Ravenclaw takes another sweet from the bag on the bench and pops it into her mouth.

Angelus simply nods as Fiona explains, his lips curving softly. "Exactly," he adds in.

Vincent reaches over and helps himself to a sweet. He smiles again at the novelty of the sensation. "I'm hoping my families reputation will get me in." he says "I really don't want to not get in, although I don't know if I answered all the questions correctly."

Grace waddles out from the castle proper, trailing something soft and white behind her on her shoe.

Fiona swings her legs as she sits on the bench with Vincent, sucking on her liquid gobstone. She shudders when the two odd flavoured liquid centres of the sweet mix in her mouth. "Apricot and liquorice." Having spotted Grace she waves eagerly.

Vincent turns to see grace waddling out, and almost chokes on the sherbet lemon he is sucking. "Ha!" he says, unable to form further words as he points at her feet.

"Fee! Vinnie!" Gracie calls over cheerfully, clapping her hands as she skips (like an inebriated elephant) towards them. "Have you signed the birthday card for Professor Merrythought?"

Having spotted Grace's fashionable train, Fiona waits until the girl is closer and tries to stamp on it. "Birthday - oh you mean the letter that says the Magijugend is bad?"

Vincent looks to Grace as Fiona attempts to remove the toilet paper and giggles. His face hardens when Fiona speaks. "Muggle Propoganda. That's what Daddy would call that. Only fit to use as…" he trails away and simply points to the toilet paper giggling.

Grace frowns in concentration. Think. Think. Fail. "I put kisses at the end of it so she knows we like her."

"That was really nice of you, Grace." Fiona nudges the bigger girl, "Go on and sit. Rest for a while. You look sleepy." Get off this bit of loo roll will, ya!

Vincent can't contain himself any longer, not to tell her would be cruel "You've got bog paper on your foot Gracie!" he blurts and quickly sticks a liquid gobstone in his mouth 'Chocolate and Vinegar', he pulls a face and grimaces.

Grace looks down, then at Vincent, face screwing up miserably. "I'm going back to my dorm now!" she wails, turning to roll back the way she came. Faster. A waddlerun.

When Grace runs off Fiona looks cross with Vincent. "That wasn't nice Vincent Goyle!" She takes her sweets and runs after Grace, hoping to catch her up.

Vincent shouts after them, and runs after them "Sorry!" but by the time he reaches the Entry Hall, they are no-where to be seen.

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