(1938-11-18) The Petition
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Summary: The most serious of petitions begins to circulate in the Great Hall after Merrythought's ousting.
Date: 1938-11-18
Location: Hogwarts - All Around - Beginning in the Great Hall
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There's plenty of silly little petitions that float around during the school year. Petitions to start new clubs, petitions for different menu offerings at dinner, and the like. But sometime around dinner, a new Petition would start making the rounds. Several copies circulated between the different house tables, one even carried up to where Flint and a couple other Professors sit at the High Table; they all read the same. This is probably the most serious petition that has hit the books since the beginning of the school year, too!

The preamble reads as follows:

Recent events that have occurred within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry cannot go without being addressed any longer. Recently a faculty member, Professor Galatea Merrythought, spoke publicly in an open forum regarding her opinions on Gellert Grindelwald, Headmaster Gervase Flint, and a club at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry known as the Magijugend - a Club specifically created by Headmaster Flint to foster the ideals and teachings of Gellert Grindelwald's 'perfect world' in which the Wizarding Society rules over the Muggle society, through whatever means necessary. Prof. Merrythought was promptly removed from the faculty, and has yet to be replaced. This creates the first anti-conducive environment in which learning cannot take place, due to the fact such a long-standing, well-learned Professor was removed from her post in such a swift manner due to differing opinion from the Headmaster, whom is clearly pushing toward an agenda that does not best serve the needs of his students.

The second anti-conducive environment is created by the creation of and the allowance the Magijugend. This is a group of Purist Witches and Wizards, whom follow the teachings and ideology of Gellert Grindelwald. This Club, by which entry is dependant upon an interview by Headmaster Flint or one of it's senior members, has fostered nothing but anxiousness toward them from the rest of the student body. Due to them having such a close standing with the Headmaster, it is presumed that there is the possibility that if they were to perform acts within the school that were questionable, the acts would go unnoticed or unreported. This is because of their status as a Purist - a follower of Grindelwald, something that Sir Flint has condoned wholeheartedly by allowing this club to exist. In short, it is believed that because of their elevated status, they are above reproach, and any attempts to have a differing opinion are not only unwelcome, but could be met with even more negative repercussions.

Hogwarts is, and always will be, a school for young Witches and Wizards to come and learn, to thrive, and to form opinions. All places of learning allow the free-flowing exchange of thought to take place, without the fear of reproach or punishment. This philosophy should apply to both students AND faculty. The current atmosphere is severely anti-conducive to the learning environment and the free exchange of ideas due to one thing: Fear. Fear of reproach, and fear of Punishment due to an opinion that may be different. This cannot be allowed to continue in such a manner.

As such, we, the undersigned, do actively petition the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Board of Governors to make a decision to re-instate Galatea Merrythought to her post within the School as the lead Professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts. We, the undersigned, also petition the Board of Governors to review their decision of appointing Gervase Flint to the post of Headmaster, and return Headmaster Flint to his position as lead Professor for The Study of Ancient Runes, to appoint a new Headmaster or Headmistress. This petition also serves to have the Board of Governors review the student organization known as the Magijugend, and if found to be a detriment to the school's environment and learning atmosphere, disband it. Faculty, staff, and students of Hogwarts are welcome to sign this petition, as well as concerned parents or concerned members of the Public.


Julian Edwards
Kimiko Saito
Florence Ramsay
Irene Lee
Musidora Lovegood
Elise Harper
Myrus Gregory Lowe
Genevieve Cooper
Elise Harper
Tristan Harper
Gertrude Harper
Linus Harper
Flora Harper
Edmund Harper
Bradley Hawthorne
Ruth Hawthorne
George Harper
Mary Harper
Elizabeth Aurora Dweedle
Muddy McMudblood
Muddy McMudblood II
Muddy McMudblood the Lesser

Graham Cohen
der profesor merithort, hapy brithday! love from grace thurkell!! xx
Camilla Fawley (and six others from Fawley farmhands)
Briar Crocker
Nikolas Jacob Denholm
Idrissa Skye Clayworth
Esther Lowe (Barely legible)
Gage Riley Hart
Josie Davies
Kyte Julian Hart
Bannon Benjamin Bryson Bates
Gabriel Ward Jr.


There are plenty of spaces left to sign - and with all of the copies that are now likely to be floating around between Houses - even Slytherin - there's plenty of chance to get your hands on it, read it, and sign it. No one is quite sure who began circulating it, but speculation is coming heavily from the Ravenclaw House table, as one of the signatures appearing awfully suspiciously at the top is that of none other than Julian Edwards.

((OOC: Wanna sign the petition? Add your signature to this log! Don't forget to also 'sign' by replying to the bbpost on the game! Are you an adult that isn't directly involved with the school, but thinks they'd probably end up with a copy of the petition in hand? Sign away! The likelihood of this petition circulating to Hogsmeade and beyond within a week or so due to Owl post is not impossible!))

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