(1938-11-18) The Unkindness Circling
Details for The Unkindness Circling
Summary: After the Petition starts getting into swing and people are taking notice, an unexpected visitor darkens the Ravenclaw Common Room door.
Date: 1938-11-18
Location: Hogwarts - Ravenclaw Common Room
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The trip back upstairs after dinner on Monday night was probably quite an experience. Every time Julian would round a corner, he would essentially take the same action as clearing a room or corridor before advancing. And upon finally reaching the Common Room, Julian would let out a little bit of a sigh, letting the door close firmly behind him, before advancing in. At first, Julian knew he felt eyes looking upon him. At first, the Common Room went silent… then, one person clapped. Then another. Finally, there's simply a wave of applause as Julian stares on. Eventually, though, the applause fades, and it seems as though, in general, Julian's got his general praise from his own House for having taken a stand.

There's a small sigh of relief that escapes the boy's lips as he shakes his head, beginning to shrug his robe off as he moves toward a couch… Once there, he promptly crashes, placing the robe over his face and head in general.

"—I'm gonna get expelled. I just know it," he grumbles into the robe.

"I doubt it," floats an airy but familiar voice nearby. She's tucked onto the couch Julian just chose to plop on after all, scribbling into what appears to be a journal. Her hair is back in its usual ponytail and straight as an arrow. "But if you did I'm sure they'd have to expel quite a few. There'd be some sort of inquisition."

"You know the sad thing about this, is that I used to actually enjoy Flint's teachings in Ancient Runes," Julian bemuses quietly, beginning to shake his head as he finally uncovers his head, sitting up a little straighter and rubbing his nose as he looks over toward Muse - her transformation of hair quite obvious. He can't help but smile a little bit. "As far as an Inquisition… Well. No one expected the Spanish Inquisition, either."

A beat.

He finally decides to reach into his robe, unfurling it and fetching something inside… outting with the roll of parchment that contains a current master list of the signees.

Names are steadily appearing. There's a faint smile on his face… and he shakes his head. "I feel like I've started something that may be beyond m'control, now."

He then looks toward her, considering… then checking the list again. A pause, and he blinks. "Y'already signed?"

"Mm," the girl responds without looking up as her quill continues to scratch against the parchment pages of the book perched on her lap. Her robe is shed but her uniform remains. "Are you surprised?" Pausing mid-scribble, Musidora glances over at Julian.

Gage can't wrap his mind around figuring out the riddle to get into the common room. So when he enters, it's with another student, who immediately crosses the room without much thought to the boy. Gage looks around the room with a morose expression before he lowers his head, locking his gaze on the floor. Then there's a loud meow, and the grey feline hops off the bottom step of stairs and tears energetically to the wall that the tall boy stands against. A smile flicks briefly against his lips and he crouches, immediately holding out a hand for the cat.

"Well, no, I suppose I shouldn't be."

There's a small tug of his lips upward… and then, he chuckles, shaking his head a little. "No, not really surprised." Then, the parchment begins to rapid-fire names. "—people're sending out copies of this thing a lot quicker than I thought. I sent a couple of copies to my contacts at the Ministry, in the Auror Office… So Ocelot's on his way there now."

A pause, and he just watches the succession of names piling on, and he stares. "—wow," he whispers. He begins to laugh a little, just shaking his head still.

He then pauses, realizing some others have entered. He notices Gage… and his attention going to his cat. "Wotcher, Hart!" he calls toward the young man, lifting a hand to wave toward him.

Musidora shoots the slightly younger boy a smile before returning her attention to the book with a conversational aside to Julian. "Do you suppose I ought to send a copy to my parents?"

Gage scoops the cat up into his arms, resting his head over hers as he scratches at her ear. His head lifts suddenly when his name is heard, biting his lower lip as he shoots his dark blue eyes around until they land on Julian. He's stares silently for a few, shifting nervously as he stands - with the cat in his arms - before he lifts a tentative hand in wave. But he stares warily at the parchment.

"It couldn't hurt. Your father could probably pass it off to some of his friends, as well." Julian smiles a little bit, looking toward her. They may not even be officially dating or anything - since they've not put labels to whatever it is they are - but she's being super-helpful. Gah.

The staring is noted. Gage is a strange kid. Julian accepted this a year or so ago. So he takes it in stride - with a smile, and a nod. "Some dinner, eh?" he asks, slowly grinning a little bit and clearing his throat. "Did y'get the chance to read it?" Julian holds up the master parchment of the petition that's circulating all over the school at this point, and he tilts his head, watching the young man.

"If y'did… d'you wanna give it a thought into signin' it?" He pauses, then, considering Gage. "It's… kind of a big thing. But," he looks back to the parchment, then to Gage. "I know I'm not the only person in this school who's tired of the way it's heading. I… would think you probably are, too." He locks eyes, then.

There's a succinct nod from the young witch as she watches the interplay between Julian and Gage, though Muse slides the former a faint… almost /smug/ smile, but she doesn't interject.

While Gage inwardly lets his mind wander with thoughts, he looks down, bringing his cat in for a tighter, but still gentle hug. He shakes his head slowly, stepping closer to the sofa and setting Shadow Mist down on the back of it. He runs a hand - which shakes slightly - along her back before he mutters, "De- De last toime dare wus a petition…" His keeps his eyes on the feline as speaks, trailing off for a second as he swallows. "…Fox died."

Musidora uncurls and stands, gathers her things presumably to go stash them away upstairs. "I'll be back," she comments before she goes.

At the mention of Leander, Julian's hand, which had reached out and was petting Gage's cat once he had put it on the back of the couch, had fallen still. Watching the younger Ravenclaw, he breathes in for a moment, furrowing his eyebrows and attempting to find his words. "I— I know 'ow it looks," he whispers lightly. "But no one's going to 'ave t'die this time, Hart." He breathes in, sighing a little bit and trying to figure out the best wording. "There's not gonna be anyone dyin' while I'm in charge of this mosh, at least." He holds up the petition, waving it lightly. "With any luck… this is gonna actually take off - people outside of the school will notice - and something is going to be done about what is going on here." He pauses, watching Hart.

"I know it's asking a lot, Gage." He uses the boy's first name. He does know it! "And you've got a good heart. You know what's been going on lately isn't right. What they did to Professor Merrythought. What they're making students feel." He purses his lips. The parchment is placed on the back of the couch, draped. Quills are always readily available on most of the nearby surfaces. "S'your choice, Gage. I won't ask you to anymore if y'don't want to. But ask y'self this."

He taps his finger on the parchment. "What d'you think Leander would do, mate? D'you think he'd be okay with all this shite? No."

It doesn't take Musidora very long to put away her things and return to the common room, though she lingers in doorway as she listens to Julian talk for a moment, leaning against the wall. "Everyone has to do what feels right by them," she comments softly to no one in particular before moving to reclaim her seat.

Myrus would be returning from the great hall, curfew wasn't over yet, but tonight he and Elizabeth were coming back a few minutes before curfew. Coming back from getting cocoa in the great hall that has sort of become a little nightly ritual whenever it's offered there.

Well, in any case they aren't late. He comes back in pulling down his scarf off of his shoulders and pulling his cloak over his head to hang both of them over his arm. He's got a smile on his face, which is a little red from the cold. He stands in the entryway a little to the side so she could get in and by him without having to bump into him. Myrus looks around checking to see who all is there, greeting those there with a quiet nod.

Elizabeth is silently thankful for the mug of hot chocolate, warming her hands as they enter the Ravenclaw Commons, exhaling a small sigh of relieve as the warm air circulating from the fireplace washes over her face. Winter is not her season. Cold fingers and toes, having to bundle up from head to toe just to get from one classroom to the next it feels like. But it's probably just her. She quickens her steps, approaching one of the comfortable sofas in front of the fireplace and sets her drink on a side table. After warming up her fingers a small bit, Elizabeth begins working through her raven locks, parting her hair down the middle in order to begin the first french braid on one side of her head.

Gage keeps his head down, his hand stroking over the cat and sliding his fingers over her tail. It takes a while for Gage to say anything, his shoulders shaking with tension as he closes his eyes and lets out a heavy breath. When his hand stops petting the cat, Shadow Mist meows in protest, walking along the back of the sofa so that she can nudge her head up into his hand. Hesitantly, his eyes shift when the parchment is set down on the back of the sofa, his eyebrows furrowing as he stares at it intently, suddenly becoming paler, if that were at all possible. His dark blue eyes finally lift to lock onto Julian. "Can yer keep everyone who signed dis safe?" He frowns, biting down on his lip before he mutters, "An' yer self? What if-" He cuts off and turns away, flopping down on the other side of the sofa, pulling up his legs.

"I'm fairly certain he's not the only one wondering that," Musidora comments in a quieter tone than normal as Gage sits down, giving a slight wave to those just coming in from /her/ vantage point. "But progress always involves risks. To eat an egg you have to break the shell."

Monday evening had seen some pretty hectic conversation at dinner, given the fact that a brand new petition had started circulating at the dinner tables of all the Houses, and even the High Table. The source, Julian Edwards, was currently parked on one of the sofas near the fireplace, along with Musidora. He was without his robe, since it was past class times, but otherwise in his full uniform. He was leaning over the back of the couch, sort of, talking to Gage, who was there with his cat.

As he's asked a particularly hard question to answer by the younger Ravenclaw, though, Julian pauses in his talking. His lips purse slightly… and he almost opens his lips to speak, but Muse speaks instead.

He begins to chuckle a little… and he leans over, whispering something to Muse for just a moment, before reaching to pat her on the shoulder lightly… and he looks back to Gage, breathing in.

"… I can't make that promise. What I can promise is that I'll do my best to do so, while protecting myself." A beat. "If… if this makes it to the people I'm planning on it making it to… People are going to know. And if something happens to someone, or to me, because of it… It'll look highly suspicious." He begins to smirk. "It'd be a little foolish of someone t'strike when all eyes are focused on the situation. Wouldn't it?"

He stops, then, and begins to look toward Myrus and Elizabeth both… "Wotcher, Lowe. Dweedle. Saw y'names after dinner on the petition," he remarks. "Thanks for the support."

With dinner being over and curfew not for a while, Morgana decides to stop back into the common room before she goes out to yank all of the wayward Ravenclaws back where they belong. She has seen the petition, since it was absolutely hard to miss, and has read it over, but the Head Girls name does not appear on the list. Coming into the room, she'll set her satchel down where she normally does, and occupies her favorite chair. "Evening." She says to the general populace before she digs around in her satchel.

Myrus moves to place his robe and scarf on the back of the same sofa that Elizabeth was seated upon. He looks at those that greet him, and he returns each greeting in turn. From there, he moves to sit down on the couch next to Elizabeth near the fire, helping him warm himself up now, just like she was.

"You know I'd sign that ten more times, right?" He'd lift his still bandaged, previously broken hand, showing it was still healing.. or he had one more visit to Spleen left before it was back to full operational capacity.

"You know, we could create something against the Magajugend…" He turns and props an elbow on the back of the couch. "I think it could work, because even after the Magi is done and gone if that even happens, there will still be honorary members," he had a grim outlook on it, but he was willing to prepare for the worst.

It isn't unusual to hear the entrance to the Ravenclaw tower opening. But the heavy bootsteps on the floor do sound a bit out of place. Even then, it isn't until the lanky, gaunt form of the Hogwarts Caretaker appears in the common room that, one by one, various students fall silent, staring worriedly at the man known to many as the Terror of the Halls. "Edwards," Mister Pringle growls, his piercing gaze cutting through the gathered students and falling upon Julian. "Been a busy lad, have we?"

Idrissa is making her way on down from the girl's side of the steps and pauses a ways down as she catches how many are to be found about. She ponders a moment before moving on down the last few steps. Once of the people she caught sight of was Gage though another person has wandered into the Common Room and many students, including Rissa is looking over towards Pringle blinking a moment at the sight of him there. Well this can't be good.

Elizabeth silently finishes her first braid, her pale eyes glancing around at the others while they talk about the petition, as she ties the blue ribbon bow at the end of it. Only then does she shift her attention to the other side of her head, already working at weaving a second braid through her raven locks.

The sound of heavy bootsteps is enough to give her pause though as Elizabeth glances over her shoulder, spying the Hogwarts Caretaker of all people.

"Oh, I haven't a doubt, Lowe." There's a small smirk toward Myrus as he looks toward the boy… lame arm and all.

There's a pause as he considers Myrus' words, and Julian purses his lips a little bit. "Perhaps hold onto that thought, Myrus. Y'may be on to something." He grins, then, and leans back against the couch… "Wotcher, Rashley." Julian had noticed the lack of her name… Sadly enough. He just shakes his head a little bit, and rolls his neck, glancing around when he hears the door open…

… and the wave of silence that washes over the rest of the Common Room is deafening. He doesn't sit up straight. He just puts that rather familiar smile on his face - that very British smile - and he tilts his head at Pringle as he approaches. When spoken to, he still smiles, letting it extend into his voice.

"Why, Mister Pringle. I must have been to be graced by your presence after hours."

Who said the young wizard never had moxy?

Pringle remains unmoved by Julian's brave face. His cruel eyes bore into the young man, and he jerks his head toward the door. "Come with me. Headmaster Flint has reserved you a special place in my office. Seems he doesn't take kindly to rabble-rousers. Funny, that."

Despite the usual calm and placid demeanor that Lovegood usually wears, her eyes are wide… and only the slightest tremor in the slender hand that reaches to Julian's arm reveals both fear and worry.

Myrus looks at Elizabeth fixing her hair after he and Julian speak, that conversation finished with a knowing nod and, "I will, have been for two years now." But watching Elizabeth tie that blue ribbon at the end of one of the tails made him smile.

Course that fades and it just about ruined when Pringle comes in. He doesn't say anything right now, but his right hand does rest on top of his left now as he watches the 'visit'.

Gage tilts back his head against the sofa, looking up at the top and frowns. "Al' roi'," he mutters. But he hangs his head as he lets out a breath, his fingers curving into a fist to stop them from shaking. "Oi'll sign-" But he breaks off, partially raised and slightly crouched as his hand perches on the top of the couch. His dark blue eyes shift onto the Caretaker and the weight sinks deeply in his stomach, his gaze trailing over to Julian, and the boy suddenly reaches out to grab a fistful of Julian's shirt. "Yer nae goin' alone."

"Definately not. I'm coming with you, too." And Myrus stands up from the couch, moving to grab his things and stand beside Julian facing towards Pringle.

Morgana figured that there would another wayward Ravenclaw entering the common room, but seeing the Caretacker causes her to pause for just a second. Standing up from her chair, after the Caretaker announces his reason for showing up she'll raise her brows. "I don't recall there being a rule against students writing up harmless little petitions? Unless things have changed since I last read them. Besides, isn't the standard protocol to involve the Head of the House when disciplining a student? I don't recall Mopsus informing me of any such punishment when I spoke with him before leaving the Great Hall. Perhaps I should find him for you?"

Pringle grins in amusement at Morgana. "By all means. Go have a chat with Professor Mopsus. I'll be sure to let him know how the Head Girl stood by doing nothing while her housemates gathered in defiance of a member of the school's faculty. Or, you can do your blood job for once, and talk some sense into these pups before I have to enforce disciplinary measures."

Quite a few seem to think that this 'summons' is a little odd. Elizabeth lifts a slender brow, glancing from the caretaker to Julian halfway down her completed braid. "Hm." she ponders. "If the original author of the petition is going to be met with trouble, I wonder if everyone following that had signed would be as well, in effect." But Pringle's 'threats' though… they sound serious. She couldn't help a small, worried from from emerging as she glances to everyone else.

It's at this point, after Pringle speaks so toward Morgana, that Julian raises his hands - first, toward Myrus, then toward Gage.

"Lowe… Hart. It's all right." A beat. "… As amazing as your invitation to join you in your office sounds, Mister Pringle, I'm afraid that I must agree with the Head Girl. I'm not going anywhere." A pause, and Julian smiles still, sitting up a little bit. "I've broken no school rules by approaching the Board of Governors with legitimate concerns that I, as a student, and several other students who've signed my petition have." A beat. He glances toward Musidora, noticing how she's changed in demeanor… And it fortifies him, sort of.

Straightening his back, he begins to stand, and he begins to dust off his sweater-vest… and he yawns. "Dear me. It's been a long day. I think I'll be turnin' in."

He begins to look around at everyone, and smiles. "G'night, guys," he states toward Liz and Myrus. To Muse, he smiles. "'Night," he tells her. Then, to Gage…

"I'mma leave this here for you. Since you said you'd sign it, go for it. The choice is yours, mate."

Then, to Morgana… he looks to her, smiling a little bit, before moving toward the staircase with all the deliberate speed of one who gives absolutely zero fucks.

Idrissa takes in what is all said and her gaze flicks around a few times before she is inching her way on over towards where Gage happens to be. She gives his arm a light touch, a soft smile seen to him even before a curious glance is flicked to the petition while she listens to Julian. That all makes sense to her! Though she doesn't offer up any of her own comments.

Myrus watches the exchange between Pringle, Morgana, Julian and the tension in the room. Darn that tension, being so high right now. Myrus wasn't a nervous type, so standing there next to Julian, Myrus has both his hands under his robe that is draped over one full forearm and hand, the other hand fiddling with the end of the handle of his wand, quite ready to pull it from it's current hiding place if he needed to.

But by the way Julian was acting, and what the -Head Girl- of Ravenclaw was saying, it seemed that noone really had to go anywhere anyway. At least as far as Myrus thought, eyes still on Pringle.

Pringle sighs. "That's a shame, lad. Because I never said anything about breaking school rules. But now you've done so." In a flash, his want is in his hand, aimed at Julian's back. "Head Girl. You've one chance to rein your boy in before this turns a whole lot nastier than it needs to."

No matter the tension or threats, Julian is as cool as a cucumber as he strolls with the intention of leaving, but… Pringle pulls out a wand, quick with practice. And watching this, Elizabeth only has time to stand to her feet with growing alarm. "Someone… stop this…" she says softly, meek.

"Again, Mr. Pringle, had there been any school rules broken, than appropriate action would have been taken. However, all we have here are a list of students, who are mourning the sudden loss of a beloved professor and taking a brash action about it. Now had you not interrupted us this evening, I would have been more than willing to talk any sense into them that needed to be spoken." Morgana continues in a calm voice, still just trying to point out facts.

Granted, Morgana didn't expect for Pringle to bring wands into this. "Edwards, stay where you are." Turning back to Pringle she'll nod her head. "I will take Mr. Edwards to Professor Mopsus and we will get this sorted out, I am sure we can come to a proper decision then. There is no need to be pulling a wand, on a student, in the common room."

Musidora stands up slowly and folds her arms as Morgana talks. Any fear or worry she may have felt earlier is replaced by a sudden flash of irritation, and while the witch can do very little she can at least stand proudly, cheeks flushed. It is extremely rare that the serene Ravenclaw gets truly angry but she says nothing, so far.

There is a great fear flashing in his eyes as Gage swallows heavily, wincing painfully as his throat starts to close off. His fingers slip away from Julian's shirt as he stands, but his eyes furrow as he watches him turn and leave. As Gage start to step so that he's in front of Julian, the fourth year suddenly gives a start at the hand on his arm. He turns his head, dark blue eyes looking to Idrissa, and his lips twitches as a breath escapes the boy. His hand lifts to take her hand in his, until he's looking at Pringle's wand apprehensively. "Bloody 'ell," Gage mutters, his hand lifting to his own wand that hangs at his neck, pulling it over his head. His hand will slip from Idrissa's hand as he steps in the way.

It was only a couple of paces up the stairs that Julian went before he would stop for Morgana's request. His hand was in his left pocket, clutched around his wand.

He hadn't anticipated this. Certainly not in front of a ton of people. Tightening his fingers around his wand, he breathes in, but doesn't draw it, quite aware of the fact there's one leveled at his back at this point.

"The right to swing your fists ends where my nose begins," he intones from his spot on the staircase, having gone stock still, tense. "Even if you are a member of faculty, I have a right to defend myself if I feel truly in danger."

A pause. "You're placing me in a place where I feel in danger, with your wand pointed at my back here."

Myrus pipes up, idly chattering, "So what will this story end up as at the Headmaster's desk? The ~eevil~ students within the house of Ravenclaw were much too much for you to handle, so you pull your wand on one of them?" Myrus' anger melted into something a bit colder, as he glanced at other students around, taking a moment to step between the groundskeeper and Julian up a few stairs, facing Pringle. "So much that you had to aim it at a student's back? And how many of us had a wand at you?" Use it against him. Or try to. Myrus' fingers left his own wand and his hand lay atop the cloak draped over his other forearm, bandage and all on his right hand still there from the last time he had a wand pointed at him. But noone here knew that, did they? Maybe one.

Idrissa never thought she would honestly seen someone from the Faculty pull a wand on a student like this. She frowns at the sight and shifts slightly, her fingers gripping more at Gage's arm. Her gaze flicking to his and then down to see him move to take his wand from his neck. "Gage.. no…" Is whispered out while she makes a grab for his hand to pull it downwards. "Just keep calm." Is murmured out softly.

"Agreed," Pringle says to Morgana. "But students that disobey are subject to discipline. I'm on the Headmaster's orders, and that supersedes your Head of House. Go fetch Mopsus if you like. You'll find Edwards and I in my office. As for you, lad," he directs his voice at Julian, "You are in danger, as is anyone in this room that doesn't take their bloody hands of their bloody wands in the next three seconds. If expulsion is what you're after, by all means. Continue. If you're lucky, you'll even be arrested, those of you of age. But it'll mean everything you wrote about in your pretty little petition will mean nothing. Signatures from delinquents don't hold much water, now, do they? Three…" He begins his countdown.

"This is bollocks. A member of faculty threatening students like this."

Julian slips his fingers out of his pocket, however, and Julian begins to move steadily up the stairs again. "Meaning no legitimate disrespect to you, Rashley - and I do actually mean that," he begins to call down, "but I'm going to bed 'til you can find Mopsus."

He's on his way back up. And now, without his hand on his wand, he's defenseless.

Elizabeth can feel her small hands clutching at her sides, tense with growing fear. Boys have each other's back naturally, and the threat of expulsion, even arrested? Over a small misunderstanding? Her breath is short as she watches Julian call the bluff and start to ascend the steps, wandless.

Not quite so defenseless… Myrus is still there between the two.. ish.. kinda sorta? Absolute insanity, too. But with Julian rising in height up the stairs, it gives less and less reason for Myrus to be there, anyway. But Myrus speaks again, "Where is the line drawn, between discipline and abuse? Give questionable orders, and when not obeyed by logical minds, punish them, is that it, sir?" He doesn't know when to shut up, though.

Musidora steps forward and makes a move as if she means to go after him… she hesitates, though, as her own inborn sense propriety is called into question. By now the effects of the entire situation have started to sink in and she starts shaking, dropping empty hands to her sides. Anxiety and anticipation. Fear. Anger. And suddenly, there's the sense that she won't hesitate to protect the other Ravenclaws.

"Lowe, shut it! You are not helping the situation. Sit down or go to your dorm." Morgana says, feeling this entire situation spin out of her control. Watching Edwards climb the stairs and Pringle start threatening everyone who looks as if they might touch their wands, the Head Girl finally looses her cool and raises her voice. "Unless your last name Edwards, back to your dorms. Now. This is not a request!" For Julian, she realizes her word are not working, so she walks over to the stairs and reaches for his arm. "You are going with him, before your actions get our entire house in trouble."

Gage's wand hand lowers by the slight pressure of Idrissa's hand, and his arm rests down at his side. He stops his approach to put himself in the middle, because with the girl beside him that would put /her/ in the way. So the youth glowers angrily at Pringle, anger mixed with fear, and he tries to swallow as he tries to moisten his dry mouth. His fingers do curl more tightly around his wand handle, even if it's down by his side. "But-" he mutters to Idrissa. And then he raises his voice. "Yer takin' it oyt on de wrong person, Inquisitor."

Elizabeth couldn't help but make a face as Myrus strikes back verbally. The Head Girl is right. He wasn't helping the situation at all. Only antagonizing it. And it's any wonder why he can't understand the difference. But even as she tells everyone to go back to the dorms, she hesitates, her pale eyes glancing back and forth as if trying to decide just what she really needed to do.

Myrus grumbles at Morgana's words, realizing she was right, and he was wrong. He quickly steps around the couch, giving Elizabeth a brief hug, before wordlessly moving to start double-stepping up the stairs past Julian, "Goodnight everyone.." and he's up the stairs. A raging, puddle of anger.

"No one needs to get expelled on my account."

Julian's voice raises so that he can be heard. When Morgana begins to follow Julian up, and actually stop him, he pauses, looking toward Morgana and pursing his lips a little bit. Truly, the last thing he did want to do was get the rest of his House in trouble. He frowns, finally… and he slowly begins to set his face into a straight one.

"Tell Mopsus, at least. I did go to him and talk to him about this before I did it. I didn't expect this kind of explosion from it, and I didn't expect it to be like a wildfire."

He pauses, then, and breathes in. "All right. I'll go with him."

And so, Julian begins to move back down the stairs, and he begins to move toward Pringle, with his wand still up… And he keeps walking. And he keeps walking. To the point where Pringle's wandtip prods him in the chest just a little bit. "Y'know, Mister Pringle? I certainly do hope that there's a wonderfully warm bed and a nice cuppa waitin' in that dank, cramped office of yours."

As for the wand? "… I almost wish you would," he whispers, since he's close enough.

Idrissa isn't about to leave Gage's side at the moment, not with the chance of him doing something brave yes but also not smart at the same time. She lets her hand grip at his for a few moments and she stays close to his side as if she could perhaps help keep him from doing something silly. A faint breath escapes her once everyone is ordered back to the drms and she sends a faint glance to Gage once he goes about saying the rest. "Gage…" Is half hisses out before her gaze flicks back to Julian as he speaks up once more, and is standing there in front of Pringle. This can't be good..

"…two…one." Pringle eyes the other students, Gage and Myrus in particular. But when Julian approaches, he flips his wand around and holsters it at his belt. "Smart choice, lad. Very smart." He looks up to the other Ravenclaws, Morgana in particular. "Seein' as I'm in a forgiving mood, I won't mention to Flint how you supposedly wise Eagles nearly got yourselves expelled." He shakes his head in stern disappointment, then gestures to the door. "Let's go Edwards."

"Julian," Musidora says, once she's found her voice again, trying to keep it steady and calm as she keeps dark blue eyes trained on him. "I have faith in you." She hesitates. "Just come back in one piece." Then, fleeing the scene, she practically runs up the stairs to the girls' tower. She can't watch.

It doesn't take a moment or two for Julian to frown at Pringle's words. "You're full of shite, Mister Pringle." Julian begins to walk with the Caretaker, he looks over his shoulder, hearing Muse… and he nods, before he's out the door.

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