(1938-11-19) A Key, a Trophy Case, and Misadventure
Details for A Key, a Trophy Case, and Misadventure
Summary: Augustin has lost his trunk key, so Myrus and Eibhlin help him find it. Not all goes as planned.
Date: 1938-11-19
Location: Trophy Room

TROPHIES! They are here. Here they are. Also here is Augustin, on his hands and knees, getting dust all over his robes as he looks underneath a trophy case. His wand-tip is lit and he's squinting into the shadowy recesses.

After dinner, yet well before curfew - The trophy room might not be the place for many to study, but it is a place that has times where its devoid of students, or at least relatively unattended. In hopes of it being one of those times Eibhlin has made her way to the room. Some may not that she was seen leaving the roof with none other than Alphard Black earlier this afternoon, the pair also in the company of her own housemate Andromena Rowle.

Myrus didn't possess the knowledge that Eibhlin had been cohorting with Black, or Rowle. But he was tucked back in a corner, sitting on the floor with one leg propped up while he reads, as yes, this room was quite often a very quiet one. So much so, that Augustine wasn't even noticed by the boy on the far side of the trophy room on the other side of a case that spans most of the middle of the room, like other cases that run the length of the room for more space for trophies. A book on various types of magical animals, and their care. More care past the basics. Eating habits, as in what their diets consist mostly of, times, blah blah. And next to him on the floor was an Herbology book, with several bookmarks with various animal names on them. If anyone spent any time over there, the Fawley Family Farm would be the obvious topic of study for Myrus this afternoon. He needed a respite from all the stuff going on lately.

Augustin happens to have glimpsed Eibhlin with Black and Rowle, not that he said anything or waved or anything. Nope, he just frowned and went on his way. "Good gravy," he complains quietly. "Where did it /go/?" He shuffles on hands and knees to the next trophy case and puts his cheek on the ground to peer under. His rear-end is high in the air - a dog might think he was asking to play.

Eibhlin, thankfully spares the embarrassment of seeing Augustin like that - whether for herself of him - as she turns the corner around one of the cases to find a place to sit herself. She may not have seen Gus at the time he spotted her, but she does catch sight of Myrus now. "Sorry," she offers finding one of the spaces she was looking for already occupied by the boy.

Myrus looks at the person who's shuffling like… heh.. hahaha. Myrus laughs a little seeing Augustin like that, but stifles it quickly. "Lose something?" He asks, then looks up at the arriving Eibhlin, and gestures next to him, "It's fine, I don't mind sharing, this is usually the quietest place in the room from foot traffic in the hallway." A beat, "But you probably already knew that." And he just goes back to reading until Gus responds.

Augustin straightens up and blinks a couple of times at Myrus. There's a dust bunny stuck in his hair. "Yeah," he says. "The key to my trunk. I accidentally dropped it and I can't Accio it because it's got an anti-summoning charm on it." Security, you know? Then he sees Eibhlin. For a few seconds he looks like he doesn't know what to do or say, and so then he just sort of nods at her.

Eibhlin turns a glance over her shoulder to see what it is Myrus is talking about only to quickly turn her attention back to him with a nod. "Yeah," she agrees about it being a quiet place. "Its alright, I can find somewhere else," she adds and while for a moment it seems as if she's about to head back the way she came.

Myrus looks at Gus talking, and nods. "Well… if you want any help.." offer was there. Up to Eib he looks now, "Oh, I was saying you could sit here, too. No problem to me," he says as he gestures to the next row that's only a couple feet away, still just as quiet of a spot.

"Don't leave on /my/ account," Gus says. "I'll just find my key and get out of your way, quick as a fox." He nods at Myrus. "Yeah, help would be appreciated, mate," he says, accepting the offer.

Eibhlin nods again letting out a bit of a sigh as she lifts the strap of her bag over her head to set it on the floor a foot or two away from Myrus. "I know," she replies to him before turning towards the Hufflepuff. "I wasn't planning on it," she notes to him, stepping forward with a soft smile, "You have something…" to pluck the dust bunny from his hair and flick it back to the floor. "Where'd you drop it?"

Myrus sets his creatures book down on top of his Herbology book, and pulls out his wand, "Lumos Maxima" he says, putting his wand down towards the floor and kneels, trying to be a little dignified instead of having his haunches stuck up in the air like Gus did a few moments ago… and probably still does. To Eibhlin, he just gives a look when she says she knows.. was he going crazy or did she seem like she was about to leave just then? Oh well, back to looking.

Gus flinches away before Eibhlin's hand can quite get to him, and he scrubs the side of his head himself, dislodging the dust bunny so that it drifts down of its own accord. "Bah," he says to it. "I, uh, dropped it somewhere in here," he says. "I'm not sure. I was roughhousing with a couple of mates. We were kind of all over the place. It was in my pocket when I came in, and then it was gone before I left again." He kneels back down and starts looking. "It's a little brass key," he explains. "With a sort of curly-cue looking A on the top of it.

Eibhlin knew what Myrus meant and likely was planning to find another location due to the presence of the other, but it would seem she changed her mind in that. She pulls her hand back when Gus flinches away, a frown tempting to pull at the corners of her lips. "Oh…" She's not about to get down on hands and knees like the boys in a skirt, but she does offer her help as well. "Maybe if you had a stick or something?" she suggests, "Something to extend your reach?"

Mryus looks under the next cabinet, that brings him by Eibhlin, but no worry of really bumping in to her, even though he does say 'Excuse me' to her as he moves by, keeping his eyes strictly where he's looking for the key, no doubt. And once at the very corner, he sticks his wand under the cabinet a bit, seeing a flat piece of brass (looks mostly flat from this angle) "I think I found it?" Faaaar back under the case in the very corner. "I can't reach it though.." And he stands up, pointing the direction he saw it at while looking at Gus, and up on his knees to knee-waddle out of the way to his own books again, or at least in that direction.

Gus does some of his own knee-waddling to the case that Myrus points to, and peers underneath. "Hey, that's it!" he says. "Thanks, mate." He reaches his hand underneath, but his arm only goes so far before the bulk of his muscle stops him. "Bah, I can't reach," he says, sitting back and frowning. "Could you two maybe Wingardium the case up while I grab it?"

Eibhlin does take a half step out of the way when Myrus scoots by, turning to check one of the lower shelves where the key may have ended up, a task that doesn't require checking under the cabinet itself. "Did you?" she questions, which Augustin confirms shortly. She nods in response to his request. "Of course," she replies to his suggestion of levitating the cabinet, "Or could you use your wand to hook it? There's an awful lot of things on that shelf." And trying to move it could cause more trouble.

Myrus was more than willing to try, "That -does- look heavy. So it would take both of us if not more to do that… and if it came down on your arm, I wouldn't forgive myself.. can you conjure a string maybe? Animate it? Hover it to you instead of using Accio?" He tried suggesting alternatives for now. "At least we know no one else has it."

Augustin goes back under, this time with his wand. "Nope," he says. "It's no good. It's about two inches too short." He shakes his head at Myrus. "No, it should be fine. I'll go in quick as a wink and get it out while you two hold it up." He apparently trusts them not to drop it on his head.

Eibhlin just shakes her head, "You know," she starts, "Fine." She might not think its the best idea, but she's willing to get it a shot it seems, pulling her wand from a pocket in her robes. "On three then?" she suggests, having a timing target so to speak might not be a bad idea.

Myrus nods, "On three." A count, then they would both cast the levitation spell at the same time. Let's hope this works and the case doesn't just lurch up and smash back down when he puts his whole shoulder underneath it…

As promised, Gus thrusts his arm underneath to grab the key as quickly as he can. Alas, Gus is built more for strength than for lightning reflexes. His fingers brush the key and only send it skittering back another inch, causing him to take a bit more time than he wanted to… Just a bit. Just enough for disaster!

Eibhlin casts on three along with Myrus and low and behold it actually seems to work. But the cabinet is heavy and the charm only lasts so long. "Gus!" she tries to warn him to hurry it up, hopefully in time…

BOOM! Down it comes, just as Gus' fingers grab hold of the key and he pulls back. In the same instant there is a sickening crack, and Gus howls. With pure brute strength he wrenches his arm free, leaving behind a few layers of skin - but hey, at least he has his key! His arm has an extra bend where there shouldn't be one, between shoulder and elbow. Talking? No. Screaming? Yes.

If the levitated cabinet hadn't already lost to gravity it would have with that crack, a sound which causes Eibhlin to flinch and freeze for a moment. The secondary shake of the shelving as the Hufflepuff pulls his arm free snaps her out of it however and she's dropping to his side in an instant. "Myrus, help him?" because her trying to help the boy to his feet and help him to the hospital wing is liable to only lead to additional injuries. "Gus, look at me?"

Myrus blinks, and takes in a huge breath when the case comes down and the crack. Then he lets out a noise of concern when Gus pulls his arm free. And the bend gets a weird look as he puts his wand away, and moves to kneel down, getting under his good arm, "We have to get him to spleen!" He shouts over (barely) Gus' screaming. That is if the boy could talk or understand English right now.

Gus clenches his jaw shut and looks up at her, though his breath still comes in and out through his teeth in ragged breaths. He looks at Eibhlin through watering eyes, the grey color suddenly stormy. And he lets Myrus help him up. "Th—the key," he grunts. It's on the floor, clearly visible. "Sorry, Ev — Shine. Sorry, Lowe." Really his legs are fine, it's just that, you know, anything that jostles his arm makes the blood drain from his face.

Eibhlin nods, "You got it," she assures, casting a worried glance towards the other boy. She's trying to stay calm, really she is, "Can you get him there?" With where the break is one on either side is only going to make things worse and she can't do it alone. "Find someone to help?" Something. "Don't be sorry," to says, looking back to Gus with a shake of her head and while she tries to sound reassuring her eyes are filled with concern.

"A teacher, Mrs Spleen, someone. We're headed to the medical ward.. so if you find a teacher somewhere along the way, the route is direct from here to there." And he would start to carefully and slowly support Gus heading towards the door and down the stairs, telling people to get out of the way, even threatening someone who defies his request blatantly and rudely at one point.

Hopefully, someone grabbed the key. Gus went along with Myrus right to the infirmary, babbling somewhat nervously the whole way. "How long does it take a broken bone to heal?" he wonders. "Not too long. A couple of weeks at the most, I should think, right? I broke a leg once falling off a roof but that was ages ago - how long did it take, then? Good thing it's my right arm. At least I can still write with my left hand. And carve with my wand. Egads, I've left my wand. It's probably on the floor. Did you happen to grab it?"

Eibhlin does indeed grab the key he was so worried about, and perhaps even his wand being its nearby as well. She does however leave her bag behind and after a nod to Myrus she's goes ahead to find someone or at least give a bit of warning in the infirmary. She's out of breath when she arrives, but the message of who and where is relayed and the boys will find themselves with a helping hand to bring him in soon enough.

Myrus was basically playing beater. Knocking people out of the way with either verbal commands or shoving if need be. It was only needed once. Some other fifth year, a Slytherin that didn't much like Myrus for a plethora of reasons. It would have started a huge quarrel if the help from the infirmary hadn't arrived so quickly. Myrus had forgotten his two books up there as well.

Once Gus is handed over to the Healer and his key and his wand are handed over, he's whisked away to a bed and given something that rapidly makes him sleepy and relatively pain-free. Madam Spleen mutters something about too many broken bones lately.

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