(1938-11-19) Charms Class
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Summary: Charms class for fourth years.
Date: November 19, 1938
Location: Charms Classroom, Hogwarts

If Gage had an option to be late to class, he probably would be. But the prefect escorting him to class is impatient to get to his own class, so naturally the boy is in class a bit earlier. He doesn’t really get to choose his seat. Gage wears a grumpy expression on his face as he’s forced to sit near the front, where the professor can better keep an eye on him, with the magically silenced chains attached from desk to ankle, sitting on the end of the long table. One arm stretches over top of the surface as he rests his head tiredly against it, idly flicking through the pages of the Charms book while everyone starts to pile in.

Hailey arrives towards the end of the influx of students, sporting a few fresh cuts on her cheek, but nothing serious, and makes her way towards the front of the class since the seats in the rear are all taken. She decides to take the spot to Gage's right, cracks her knuckles, and awaits for the professor to start.

Idrissa isn't persay late, though she isn't with the normal crowd of other kids either. She peeks in and slowly moves along slowly but surely inching up to her normal seat at the other side of Gage. She offers him a smile and gives his arm a soft poke before setting her books down and goes about opening her pad to a clean sheet of paper for notes.

Gage’s eyes lift from the book, head barely lifting from his arm as he glances to Hailey first. A light tug of his lips as he flicks the hand attached to the arm that stretches over the table. His dark blue eyes shift onto Idrissa, and Gage immediately scoots the chair to give her a place to pull in, the length of the chains allowing him to give her some space. His smile slants across his lips, until he’s looking down to the book. He’d prefer private study, but maybe class isn’t so bad when you have friends nearby. Another student approaches the their table, passing behind Idrissa, Gage, and Hailey, but the Hufflepuff boy – identical to Gage but dressed way more neatly – taps his brother on the shoulder as he passes. “Hey,” Kyte greets before he sits down at the same table.

When the lecture starts, Gage keeps his eyes on the book instead of to the front of the class. Sure, he’s listening, but he doesn’t need to watch. The class lecture talks about the Rennervate, the Reviving spell.

Idrissa sends a wave over to Hailey before she glances over to Kyte whom gets a smile and nod. "Hello Kyte, how are you?" This questioned with a curious tone before the class seems to be started. She goes about starting to write her notes.. 'Rennervate, the Reviving spell' is scribbled out across the top of her paper.

Moments before she would be considered, tardy, Tiffany wanders in. She slips into one of the last remaining empty seats and proceeds to dig through her rucksack as the lecture starts, pulling out some parchment and couple of magazines. Listening with half an ear she, she pulls a quill off her hat and sucks on the feathered end in a distant manor.

Kyte offers a nod to Idrissa, smiling warmly to her. “Howdy, Clayworth,” he says as he passes by. “Just fine and dandy, thanks. You?” Kyte says as he takes a seat, leaning back a little to glance along the table to the girl. With the lecture starting, Kyte is attentive, books displayed, quill in hand, taking notes with his right hand (apparently he didn’t get the left handedness that Gage got).

Yea, Gage only just listens, his eyes averted down to his textbook. For all his appearance gives off, he may as well not be listening as the lecture goes on about the spell. Gage is not a note taker, not during class time anyway. His eyes do lift from the book though, glancing to either side of him, and a smile flicks across his lips briefly as he glances at Idrissa before he quickly drops his gaze again. Once or twice he hears his name called out over the class to pay attention, especially when the demonstration comes up.

The Reviving spell is demonstrated on a sleeping mouse, which upon awakening squeaks awake and skitters energetically around in a small cage. Soon enough, cages are presented in front of the students, each with a mouse sleeping soundly inside.

"I'm doing alright." Idrissa offers back to Kyte before the lecture is starting. She is known for taking good notes, as of such that is what she is working on at the moment. While she takes in everything that is said she is busy scribbling down notes across her notepad, she goes through a lot of them and this is why. Once the cage and mouse is settles before her she eyes it a few moments and tilts her head as she ponders before sending a curious glance over towards the others at her table to see what they do perhaps. Oh she has plenty of idea on how to start but might as well not be too eager.

Tiffany once returns to rummaging through her bag again for a few moments before pulling out triangle wrapped in wax paper. Setting it down on the table in front of her and unwraps it. It's the work of just a few seconds to unwrap the object, revealing a sizable chunk of blue cheese. She leans forward to peer at it intently, reaching up she slowly slide her wand free of its nesting place shoved through her hat. She seems oblivious that there's anyone else nearby.

Gage sits up from his slumped position over the table when the cages appear, staring silently into the cage and at the mouse. There’s a tug of his lips as he regards the mouse in slumber, staring at the critter for several seconds before doing anything. His eyes trail along the table as he watches Kyte pull out his wand.

Kyte reads, and re-reads his notes, studying for a good moment and making the wand motions that were demonstrated. Eventually, he does the wand motion with the incantation, and the mouse awakens.

Gage’s eyes shift from watching his brother cast the spell successfully, and to the girl sitting beside his brother. His eyebrows furrow as he watches Tiffany, eyeing her and the cheese curiously and pondering silently. Lying his wand down beside the cage, the boy crosses his arms on the table in front of the cage, leaning his face close to the cage, but he glances curiously over to Tiffany to watch her.

Tiffany pulls slowly back away from the cheese, her face fixed and head ridged, like one might back away from a dangerous animal. Her fixed thousand yard stare doesn't shift at all as she moves her wand and gives it a nice big flick, "Rennervate." She says, zapping the cheese. The girl twirls the wand in her fingers, returning it neatly to its place in her hat. Carefully she returns her head down to peering distance. She seems to be holding her breath.

Gage doesn’t know what Tiffany is thinking, but he can’t say he’s terribly surprised. He just snorts, an amused flutter tugging out at his lips. Blowing out a breath, Gage turns his attention back to the cage in front of him, looking down to the critter sleeping soundly. A frown slowly turns down as he regards the little mouse, and he’s suddenly quite glad that Shadow Mist isn’t here. The young teen picks up his wand from the table, scowling down at the cage in an annoyance, the corner of his lips twitching slightly. Oh, how he hates testing on animals. His eyebrows knit together, and he whips his wand through the air, motioning, and proving that he does, indeed, pay attention, even if his body language doesn’t show it most of the time. “Ren-ner-vate,” he says. His accent is too thick, and the spell fizzles, causing a growl to escape the boy. “Rennervate,” he says through gritted teeth. Fail. Okay – well he does listen! It just might take him a try to get the pronunciation correct. But as he lays his wand down on top of the table, he turns his head to peer at the table behind him, hearing a pair of students sniggering quietly and whispering something. Gage scowls, fisting his hands and turning back to the cage. Underneath the table he yanks his leg angrily, tugging on the chain, and dropping his head into his arms as they cross back on top of the table. “/Shit/,” he mutters under his breath.

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