(1938-11-19) Frid's Frid
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Summary: Frid's evening off, so a nice wee chat with Cooper
Date: 1938-11-19
Location: The Leaky Cauldron

Early evening and the rush of people falling out of their workplaces and into the pub for a swift half before they head home hasn't quite hit yet, so the Cauldron is still, relatively speaking, quiet. Just the regular drinkers in who spend all day here, shooting the breeze and remembering how things were so much better in their day, and at the bar, somewhat unusually, a Frid. Well, the fact that he's at the bar isn't wholly unusual, but the fact that he's not in a formal suit, but slacks and a jumper for once, is. Almost unrecognisable, he's quietly finishing off the end of a pint, and digs in his pocket for some change to order another.

Suddenly, a hand slaps a coin down onto the bar top next to the tall man. Its owner, is Cooper dressed in her usual dowdy garb, but does it ever really change? "Reece, this fine gentleman's next drink is on me. And if you could make me a fire whiskey with some ginger beer mixed in, that would be wonderful," she winks at the bartender before turning her be-speckled face to Frid. "My word. Seeing you in everyday clothes is like … seeing a shooting star!" She grins at the man, and invites herself to sit in the stool next to him. "I didn't think you ever got a day off."

"Miss Cooper, what a pleasant surprise," Frid responds, after a moment to place exactly who it is. He grants her a grateful smile, dipping his head. "You're very kind, ma'am. Usually Fridays, but this week I had plans," he admits candidly, "Oh, another pint of the speckled hen, please, Reece." He carefully clears a space on the bar for his elbow, leaning on it and half turning towards Cooper. "You're well, I hope? Despite the horrific visions of an ale drinking shooting star?"

"Plans! How fun!" Cooper says, almost surprised to hear the word since she's so used to him working around the plans of others. "What fun did you have in store then? Visiting family? Traveling? Taking a special lady-friend to see a film?" She's guessing here, she can't imagine Frid doing any of those things really. Snickering she says, "Hardly horrific. It's good to see you on my level. Jumpers are very becoming on you." She nods to his sweater approvingly. On that topic: "I must say that I'm extremely impressed with whatever you did with my slacks the other week. They straight crisp like that for almost a week. But they're back to being all wrinkly now. Thank you kindly for taking care of me that morning. Otherwise, I'm doing okay. The world's been a bit crazy this week wouldn't you say?"

"There's a dance band over from Canada," Frid admits, "so I and a few friends are going to see them play. Nothing so terribly exciting as a special lady-friend, I hasten to add, before I'm subjected to the inquisition as soon as I get back. Oh, and candle wax, Miss Cooper." He nods solemnly as he imparts his wisdom. "A little wax down the inside of the seam before you press them. Makes the world of difference." As to her last statement, he just presses his lips together, looking somewhat relieved when his beer is placed in front of him. "Thanks, mate."

Cooper shakes her head and takes a sip of her drink, "I beg to differ, dance bands can be very exciting with a lady-friend or not. Though I'll admit, I'd never take you as one to enjoy dance bands. Or dancing." She grins, and leans a cheek on her fist. "Are you seeing them this evening?" She blinks however at his advice, looking down at her pants. "Wax … pressing … that sound really really complex. And here I thought it would be something as simple as a charm," she purses her lips in though, assuming that such perfect work could only be done through magic, "So there's no special spells you use or anything?"

"I… ah… don't have that privilege, ma'am," Frid admits, clearing his throat quietly. "You don't see me as a dancer, though?" he adds, raising a brow, a grin tugging at his lips. "Well, if I'm honest, I'm more of a swayer and a support for the lady who dances with me. I do enjoy the music, though. If you're a fan, you should join us one time. All muggles, though," he warns.

Cooper tilts her head under that cloche hat of hers, "Don't have the … oh!" She gets it, rather quickly the sharp little witch she is. And given the somewhat cryptic reply, she understands not to expand the conversation further at the moment other than to add, "My aunt. She too didn't have the privilege." But she does snort and admits, "I can't even imagine you as a swayer either, Frid. I'm sorry if I'm painting a terribly boring picture of you. But it's hard for anyone to seem exiting in comparison to your employer." A grin, a shrug, and a swig of her drink. "Well, I'm fairly free for the rest of the week so I'd love to go! And I don't mind being around muggles, if there's one thing you all the Broomsticks make me feel like, its that I belong. Haven't felt that in a while."

"And she wonders why I never bring a lady-friend back to meet her," Frid notes, quietly amused. "I would pale into insignificance, and never see her again."

Cooper breaks from her small moment of reverie to blink at Frid. "Is that really why? Is that a real concern of yours or are you simply joking with me?" She peers at him curiously through her glasses.

Frid pauses, hand on his glass. "I am very fond of Mrs. Fairfax," he explains, brows drawing together, "but… well. It is a genuine concern," He smiles faintly at the admission, lifting a shoulder. "Whenever she has guests, she is magnetic. I have yet to meet anyone who has met her and not fallen in love, at least a little, with her life."

Cooper runs a hand over her and muses, "Hmm … I don't doubt. There's undeniably something that draws everyone in." Cooper, being one such sucker. She pats her pockets down to retrieve a cheap cigarette and offers one to Frid. "Don't think you serve a very special and necessary importance in her life?" she asks, with the fag between her lips.

Frid accepts the cigarette then reaches to his pocket for matches, striking one up and holding it to the tip of her smoke to light hers before his own. Shaking the match out, he agrees amiably, "We have a mutually beneficial relationship, I think. But I don't think my personal life needs to intervene."

Ahhh the smell and taste of a match-lit cigarette far outweighs and lighter. Thus Cooper is delighted puff from the match before sitting back in her chair. "Forgive me, but before this conversation I was under the impression that it was a one-way street. Fabia being highly in need of you, that is," she says. Because good god, how does that woman get up in the morning without any help! "Yes, well I suppose you're right. Personal life is best kept out of the work place." There's thoughtful solemn look on her face when she says that, but it quickly goes away, "And her private affairs are your business, so it would make sense that there seems to be no room for anyone else's." Looking over to Frid she asks, "So does that mean this is it for you then? You'll just never develop and work on Frid? I'm not talking about Fabia's Frid, but Frid's Frid."

"Without Mrs. Fairfax I'd be unemployed," Frid points out frankly. "And with Mrs. Fairfax, I have fair more independence and free rein in running her household than I ever would with another employer. More to the point, I consider her a trusted friend. I am every bit in her debt, I assure you." That last, though… well, he smiles faintly. "I spend my evenings off taking time for Frid. Frid's Frid. I'm just very wary to keep Frid's Frid's life separate from Mrs. Fairfax's Frid. If that makes any sense at all. I have my hobbies, my friends. Yes, my occasional lady friends, too. I'm not a machine."

"Well I've only seen you function like a very well-oiled one. Therefore, I won't believe that you're not mechanical, until I've seen this said swaying!" Cooper says decidedly with a smirk. Is that a challenge perhaps? An inhale, an exhale, she swirls around the ice in her drink and curiously asks, "It does make sense. But there are times when I know my own personal happenings run into my professional life. Unintentionally, intentionally. Doesn't matter. I'm curious to know what you'll do when you find Frid's Frid crossing over with Fabia's Frid."

"I don't allow that to happen," Frid states simply, taking a draw from his cigarette. "I mostly don't allow that to happen," he corrects himself, frowning a touch.

Cooper tarries a moment to look at Frid and mull over something in her head, the cigarette smoking from between her fingers. She has that look in her eye that wants to do something. Something devious perhaps. But she settles upon a laugh and a smirk, "No one ever does, really." And with that she sticks her head up and exhales smoke above her head.

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