(1938-11-19) WWN: Cauldron Talk - The Forum
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Summary: November 19th Broadcast of Cauldron Talk, were your host Brad Moody, speaks about the recent forum and Hogwarts.
Date: 1938-11-19
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade
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After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Lets find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Good morning, recently as many of you know a Community Forum, was recently held. Recent events have transpired and it is with a heavy heart I let you, my Seekers know this. Due to recent views, I will no longer be able to deliver the Truth to the Seekers of Truth. This is a direct result of recent events that have transpired. Though do not fret, because I will still be delivering the Truth, but now to the Army of Truth. Never fear my listeners I am not going Anywhere, you have sought after the Truth and you have found it. You are not longer seekers, but an Army armed with your wands and the most powerful weapon of all, The Truth.

Recently this very programe was called a sham. While many would be angered by this, I however found this to be beyond Hilarious. The day Cauldron Talk becomes a sham is the day I Die. Cauldron Talk is a medium of the Truth and I am the Voice of the Truth for the Army that has amassed. Those who speak against this show, speak against the Great Grindelwald.

Also on all of us being born Equal as Human Beings. The Truth is that we are not born Equal. Muggles are born Muggles and Wizards are born Wizards. Speaking of Birth, if you are expecting, it is always a good time to expect the unexpected. That is why Wizards have trusted Gringotts Wizarding Bank, to secure their wealth, so that when the Unexpected happens, like triplets, you are as prepared as you can be. Ain't no safer place, to put you in a safe place.

Though I will say Auror Irene Lee, I admire your Spirit. Though your thoughts on the Truth are misguided. It is not a matter of were we come from it is a matter of What the Muggles are doing. I can promise you they are not drinking, Serendipity Butter Beer, which is Craftbrewed Quality. Where every Batch made from Scratch. They are slowly destroying the World we SHARE. The Growing Storm is upon. Us. If we simply stand back and allow the Muggles and those who Suport their Evil we might as well destroy the world ourselves.

As for peaceful means to reveal ourselves. The Army of Truth is not here for us to softly pad around the subject at hand, if we just wave a sign, Hey We are Wizards! Lets be Friends! we will end up all burnt at the stake. You, your Children and your Friends. The Muggles will either view us as a threat or simply a New weapon to use against their foes. They Will not accept us as their own, because Muggles have prejudice towards anything Different the Crystal Night is evidence of that, and the Prediction made in the Manifesto proof that I have only spoken to you about the Truth!

On the topic of Public Safety. Many feel it is the fault of this show and the actions of those who Bear the Eye of Truth, that Riots and Violence have taken place, this is not the case. The Truth is that individuals aligning themselves with the Wicked with feel the same Swift and Forceful punishment as the accursed Muggles themselves. This brings me to my next topic, recently a Professor, has been let go from the Prestigious and Honorable, Hogwarts. This is a //direct result of Unfounded accusations, that are troublesome to the core.

First, to accuse, Children of being Dark Wizards because they are Brave enough to learn about their Heritage? This is the Fear mongering I have been warning about. Professor Merrythought, lashes out against the wrong People, Attacking the Great Grindelwald, Brave Students and the Respectable Headmaster Flint. Their has recently been talk about a Petition… First let me say, WOW not that long ago I received a letter from, Hopeful in Hogwarts expressing just the Opposite! That the Pure-Bloods were being bullied now this petition makes it sound the other way?

Let me say this, as a Professor at Hogwarts, we expect, our Children to be guided, taught our ways and to learn and grow. No where in that Petition did I hear the mention of the Mud Club that is their to do the exact same thing as the Magijugend only for Muggle-Born Wizards. Also so the Magijugend is not open, from what I understand, a bullying Problem was happening. So in efforts to provide a Safe environment, for these Brave students to learn about their Heritage. I will also note that the Mud-Club was created prior to the Magijugend, so one might say it was in response.

Speaking of responding to things, have you ever had an issue with Owls not arriving on time when you need to urgently respond to something. Well my friends over at Squibilly Delivery Service, will deliver any package or letter within Diagon Alley and St. Mungo's with out Delay and soon they will be moving to cover Hogsmeade as well. So remember, when you have to Scribble in a Hurry, a Squibilly will deliver in a scurry!

Well my Seekers, that is it for today's Cauldron Talk, I will leave you to ponder the words I have read and spoken today. I am extending a offer to all my Seekers, if you send me an owl requesting a copy of "Fur das Allgemeinwohl", I will send you one no cost to you. Please my Seekers and our Opposition, pick your side carefully. The time is upon us, that words are no longer enough, it is the time for action and soon it will be too late to choose sides.

Just Remember…

It is time for Our People, Our World, Our Leader for The Greater Good. Rise Up and let your Voice be heard!

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