(1938-11-20) Letter to Julian
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Summary: Fiona, the smallest of the Magijugend and the Ravenclaws puts a letter to Julian up in the house common room.
Date: 20 November 1938
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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Dear Julian Edwards,

You do not know me, but my name is Fiona Donnelly. You have never so much as spoken a word to me. You do not know my friends either, because I asked them. You are supposed to be a good example, as you are an older student. You are meant to be someone I can look up to and learn from.

You recently wrote a petition that claimed I, an eleven year-old-girl who is barely four-feet tall, have fostered a feeling of 'anxiousness' towards the student body. You then decided that because I am a dangerous Magijugend I would want to do bad things to people or as you called them in your petition 'questionable acts' and that because I am someone special, despite you having never spoken to me or even noticed my existence before, I would get special treatment when I do these 'questionable acts' and never get into trouble.

Furthermore, you also feel that I am clearly close-minded, stupid and unfriendly because I cannot let anyone else have a different opinion than my own. Somehow, you know all of this without having ever spoken to me. Can you, Julian Edwards, even point me out if I were to be wearing a scarf which covered my Magijugend pendant?

You wrote your petition, you claim, because Hogwarts is a place where all witches and wizards within its hallowed walls can 'learn, to thrive, and to form opinions' (which by the way is grammatically incorrect). I want to ask you, when was it that you spoke with a Magijugend and actually had a conversation where you learned about their opinions and how they were formed and in a positive manner shared your own?

I have been a student at Hogwarts only a few months and in that time I have twice been physically bullied by half-blood and muggle-born students and now I can add your assumptions and generalisations about my character to that list and say I have also been bullied by you.

So I hope you will understand, Julian Edwards, why I decline to sign your petition even though I very much liked Professor Merrythought’s teaching, I would rather not have a teacher who accuses me of being some kind of secret dark arts practitioner.

Yours Sincerely,

Fiona S. Donnelly
First Year

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