(1938-11-20) Twenty... Really Fourteen Questions
Details for Twenty… Really Fourteen Questions
Summary: Fiona tries to guess how Gus hurt his arm, but her attention span is only so long.
Date: 1938-11-20
Location: Great Hall

The rumors are true - at least partly. Gus's right arm has, indeed, been broken between shoulder and elbow. And while wizard healing is amazing, even magic can't heal bones instantly. So, he's got a cast awkwardly immobilizing the arm to his side. A shirt had to be sacrificed, but his robes are simply pulled over the arm with the right sleeve hanging empty. At just the moment, Gus is staring at his lunch with a bit of chagrin, as he tries to cut the main entree with his fork. A knife is really needed, but he can't wield it. Alas!

Lunchtime sometimes means that Fiona eats with Grace and Ahnaliese, her Hufflepuff besties. She is currently moving down the Hufflepuff table looking for a pepper shaker. "Whoa!" exclaims the firstie when she spots Gus and his cast. "What happened to you? Oh…do you need help? I can help if you want."

"Got my arm broken, didn't I?" Gus says, looking over at the little first-year. "Yeah, sure," he says, handing over his fork and chin-nodding at the knife. "Thanks, little Ravenclaw."
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Fiona climbs up onto the bench and kneels next to Gus. "I guessed that it was broke," she says with a fair hint of sarcasm. "But how?" Using the knife and fork the tiny girl begins to cut up Gus' food into bite sized pieces for him. "You didn't fall down the stairs did you?" She glances at him briefly before cutting up some vegetable or other. "Or get hurt by bullies?"

"It wasn't stairs or bullies," Gus says. "Tell you what. Let's play 20 questions. If you can get to the answer after asking me 20 yes-or-no questions, I'll give you the chocolate bar in my pocket." He grins. "Ravenclaws like puzzles, don't they?"

"Sure I like puzzles. I also like chocolates, but if it is in your pocket it might be a bit melted." Still Fiona decides to give it a try. "Were you inside the castle when you broke your arm?" She points to some of the other dishes of food, silently asking if Gus wants anything else added to his plate.

"Yes," Gus answers. He points to a couple of other dishes and grabs his fork back if she's done so he can start eating.

Reaching over Fiona uses the serving spoons to put more food onto the boy's plate and then the knife, without aid of the fork, to cut them up. "Were you in a classroom?" Deciding Gus needs a bread roll Fiona chooses one of those for him then cuts it in half and butters it.

"No," Gus says with a grin. He'll accept the bread roll and take a huge bite of the buttery delicious baked goods, rolling his eyes happily.

Thinking of the answers so far and the two free ones she got beforehand Fiona purses her lips. "Were you in the club room?" Looking Gus over she decides to pour him some apple juice to go with his lunch.

"No!" Gus says. "Thanks," he says for the apple juice. He has more of the main dish, shoveling it into his face like he's starving - or sixteen, you know.

"Hmmmm." Fiona sits back on her heels. "Were you in the workshop?"

Gus shakes his head. "No," he answers with a grin. "That's four so far. Sixteen to go!" He toasts her with the juice and downs half of it.

"Were you on the third floor when you broke your arm?" Fiona is trying to save questions by narrowing things down more easily now.

Gus pauses for a moment, eyes rolling up while he thinks about. "Yes," he answers.

Looking a little triumphant Fiona tries thinks carefully about her next question. "Were you in the…trophy room?" Because who'd break an arm in the library?

"Yes, indeed," Gus says. "Fourteen left." He grabs an apple and bites into it

This is where it gets trickier. Fiona taps her finger against her chin. "Did you trip, fall into a trophy case and break your arm when it came crashing down atop you?"

Gus shakes his head. "No," he answers. He has another bite of apple and then has to put it down to grab a napkin and wipe off his chin.

Her little mouth twists. "Did you try to climb onto a trophy case and fall down and break your arm?" Fiona eyes the apple dribble with a raised brows and an expression that clearly says 'Boys.'

"No," Gus says. He quickly finishes the apple, and then takes out the chocolate bar and puts it on the table. It might be a little warm, but it's not really melted, yet.

Fiona eyes the chocolate, she isn't ready to give up yet. "Did you see a pretty girl you fancy and do something stupid so a heavy trophy fell on you and broke your arm?" Because that's the kind of thing a dumb boy would do.

"Erm…. no…." Gus says. "That's really almost three questions in one," he says. He picks up his fork again and has a few bites of mashed potatoes.

She shrugs a shoulder as if to say, 'So what, you still answered.' Fiona eyes Gus' potatoes and adds some pepper from that pepper shaker she picked up earlier. They looked like they needed it. "Did you try to levitate yourself to the ceiling and fail so you fell and broke your arm?"

Gus stares at the pepper on his potatoes and frowns, then shrugs and keeps eating them anyway. "No, of course not," he tells her.

"It makes them better," Fiona says, having seen the look. "Uhm…did someone batter you with the trophies using a pestering jinx?"

"Since you've just used up half your questions," Gus says. "I'll give you a hint: No /trophies/ were involved in the breaking of my arm."

"Well that's disappointing." Fiona twiddles her hair, twisting it around her finger first one way and then the other. "Did someone else try to do magic on you and do it badly?"

"No one tried to do magic on me," Gus says, emphasizing the last word slightly.

"Did you bravely throw yourself in front of someone else who someone was trying to do magic on?" Fiona's eyes light up with the idea and she looks at Gus with a little hero worship.

Gus's lips curl into a little smile. "Ah, that would've been heroic, eh?" he asks. But he shakes his head. "There was no magic done any any people," he says.

"You're kind of dull," Fiona tells Augustin. "Did you try to do magic on a trophy?" Which sounds dull but is a question at least.

"Well, I suppose that's a rather rude statement, isn't it?" Gus asks. "Here I am, trying to enrich your breakfast with an interesting puzzle, with a nice chocolate bar as a reward at the end, and I get called dull." He sighs sadly. "No, I didn't do any magic at all, myself." He pauses. "Except for a Lumos spell."

The small girl shrugs, "I call it like I see it." Fiona eyes Gus, "Are you on a lot of pain potions? This is lunchtime, you know." She leans over and takes a handful of grapes from a bowl. "Did you slip and fall?"

"Well, it's my breakfast," Gus says. "I was allowed to sleep in 'cause of this," he motions to his broken arm. "Ah… yeah, pain potions," he confirms. "I did not slip and fall. Six questions left."

"I'm bored of this. I have my own sweets anyway." Though for now Fiona is eating grapes. "You can keep your chocolate as you seem to need it for the pain anyway."

"Alright," Gus says. He slips the chocolate back in. "Thanks for cutting my food, though."

"How did you break your arm then?" She asks as if she is certain the reason is something dull, like slipping on a bit of parchment.

"I lost my trunk key," Gus says. "It's enchanted so you can't get with a summoning charm. Security, you know." Pretty standard stuff. "Well, I was looking for it, and then Myrus Lowe and Eibhlin Shine were there. They helped me look. Lowe found it, but we couldn't quite reach it. So they did a Wingardium Leviosa on it, and I reached under and got it…" he shrugs. "One of them slipped."

Fiona slides off the bench and gets to her feet. "So a trophy case landed on you?" She eyes Gus and his broken arm. "I guess that is sort of interesting. Smooshy though."

"Yep," he confirms. "Hurt." He looks over at her and raises an eyebrow. "What's your name, girl?"

"Fiona Donnelly," she pops a grape into her mouth and then leans over to slide a little plate of cake towards Gus. "You only need a fork for that." With her empty hand she grabs the pepper shaker. "I should get back to Gracie and Ahna."

"Augustin Rousseau," he introduces himself. "Bye, now." He waves the fingers of his hand which aren't needed to grip his fork and grins.

"Bye." Fiona skips her way back down the table towards the first years and undoubtedly explains all about helping the boy with the smooshed arm as she gets to the business of eating her lunch.

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