(1938-11-21) The Daily Prophet - Merrythought Replacement Named
Details for Merrythought Replacement Named
Summary: A new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor is named.
Date: 21 November, 1938
Location: Hogwarts Castle
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21 November, 1938 — As promised, the appointment of a new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor was swift. A mere three days after the announced sacking of Professor Galatea Merrythought, her position has been filled by retired curse-breaker and renowned adventurer, Arcadius Lestrange.

The Lestrange family now has numerous connections to Hogwarts. His son, Oberon, is a student in Slytherin house. His sister, Bernadette Lestrange, sits on the Hogwarts Board of Governors, a position she acquired in mid-September after the death of veteran board member, Endiva Edgecombe.

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