(1938-11-21) Office Hours in the Library
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Summary: Morgana and Conall talk about the growing unrest in the school, and Lucian stops by to report about bathroom issues.
Date: 1938-11-21
Location: Library

So the school has been in a bit of turmoil recently, with Flint becoming the Headmaster and the forming of the Magijugend. There have been petitions floating around, letters left in common rooms and general unrest with the non purebloods. Morgana is in the library, speaking with what looks like a first year Ravenclaw. She tries to give the girl some reassuring words and sends her on her way. The Head Girl feels like she's been putting out fires everywhere lately and is running out of water. Once the young girl is gone, Morgana leans against one of the shelves and pinches the bridge of her nose as if trying to rid herself of a headache.

Then another headache steps in. Conall comes into the room to spot Morgana, studying her a bit. He's been trying to do his part as well, to deal with all that has been going on. "How are you doing?" He asks, seeing her seeming quite burned out, or some such at least.

That voice does nothing to relieve the stabbing pain behind Morgana's eye, and when Conall comes forward she'll raise her brows. "Just fine." She says in a flat tone, looking up and down the shelves to see if Conall is actually speaking to her. "You know the usual, having a full plate of NEWTs and being surrounded by idiots is an environment I strive in." Pausing for a second she'll turn her eyes toward him. "Did you need something Quinn?"

Conall nods slowly, shrugging a bit. "Just making sure you're doing alright. We're still head boy and head girl after all. Need to have one another's back, or something like that." He explains. Running a hand through his hair. "If I am disturbing, I can leave?"

"Do we?" Morgana says raising her brows just a bit. "I didn't know you had my back." There is a bitterness in her tone, and she looks like she might snark at him more but stops herself. Taking in a breath and calming herself she shrugs. "I'm stressed, very stressed and I don't know what to do about all of this insanity and I honestly don't know who I can trust so.. that's that. Go or stay as you please." She'll push off the shelf and settle into the table in front of her, that already had her things on it.

Conall nods, "I suppose… But I do." He tells her, sighing a bit. "I'll stay. We're still parners in this school." He says. Moving closer. Giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze. "How about I deal with most questions people have? You can rest a bit."

When he squeezes her shoulder, he can easily feel her muscles tense up underneath his hand. "Rest?" Morgana says with a bitter laugh. "How can I rest when Pringle is bursting into my common room to drag people out of it for writing up a stupid petition?" Though after a second she sighs and shakes her head. "Are you getting trouble from the Purebloods? Or is your house staying away from the Magijugend?"

Conall nods slowly, "Suppose that's true. But I'll help as I can." He offers.s As for his own house, he shrugs. "Only a little. Nothing too bad. Suppose I am glad that I'm a hufflepuff. Though I have gotten word from ther prefects from other houses." He explains.

"Well didn't the Mud-Club start out in your house? I'm concerned that if this does become some sort of… inner house war that your house will be targeted. Honestly, there isn't anything that I can see to do about it. This club is run by the Headmaster, and it's not like we can go to him, nor the school governors about it, since they're likely on his side." Shrugging her shoulders she'll shake her head. "I'm probably blowing this out of proportion due to stress but I feel like I'm the only one who sees this coming."

Conall nods a bit as he listens, "We do what we can for the students. We can't do anything about the teachers. I am sure we can find someone that can help out. We have to." He tells her, leaning against a wall.

"Pringle, if you'd believe it. He's the one who pointed out to me that Flint might not have Hogwarts best interest in mind but.. he can't do anything. He's not even a teacher. I thought of talking to Mopsus but, I don't know where his loyalties lie, and I don't want to have Flint's eyes on me, you know?" Morgana shrugs and picks up her quill, mostly looking for something to keep her busy. "I'm not going to do anything stupid if that's what you're thinking."

Conall chuckles and shakes his head. "I can get all eyes on me. That way it could be easier for you to do all else. I could speak to some of the teachers at some point. I'm not sure though." He says and grins.

It seems the Head Girl and the Head Boy are having a meeting, settled in between two book shelves, they both seem to have their sides picked. Morgana is at a table looking over a parchment which seems to be busy work and she is occasionally pinching the bridge of her nose to ward off a headache. "You do what you want. Just don't get yourself expelled, not on my account."

Conall chuckles and nods, "I'll try." He offers before shrugging a bit. Relaxing a bit in his posture. Then a sigh before he shakes his head. "It is indeed getting worse, isn't it?" He says and gives her a tiny smile.

Lucian has been stalking around the castle in the foulest of moods today. Fortunately for those that might in his path, he's been doing his path to keep everyone out of his path. But there always seems to be someone around. At last, the library seemed like a good place to get lost and hide for a while. After burying himself in some escapist fiction for a time, he's finally feeling human enough to go face the world again. But as he heads toward the exit, a familiar voice catches his ear, and a hint of a smile appears on his lips, despite a gut-wrenching feeling of dread bubbling up. When he finally passes the aisle in question, he pauses, giving an experimental wave to Morgana.

"It is, and I am sure some people are going to want everyone to pick a side. I really.. have no desire to." Morgana says as she shrugs, and something catches her eye and a smile does spread across her lips. "Hey Lucian." She says in a low voice, because the last thing she wants is a scolding from Madam Patil. "Have anything to report?" She says, pulling out that notebook she uses when they have the rare prefect meeting.

Conall nods a bit to Morgana as well. "It's stupid." He agrres. Turning to see Lucian, giving a small wave to him. "Hi." He offers, letting the two speak though. For now. His own voice kept low as well, of course.

Thank Merlin, she doesn't seem to be angry, which hopefully means Medusa hasn't gotten to her yet. He moves closer to the table, leaning his hands on the edge of it. His hunched posture causes the Eye of Truth pendant around his neck to swing fully out into view. "Report? Oh, right. Not really. Just Slytherin girls being irate because their dorm lavatory still isn't fixed." He gives Conall a jerk of his head in casual greeting.

"It is." Morgana responds to Conall. "But there is little to be done about it." However with Lucian near by, and with that wonderful shinning pending flailing about, she seems ready to drop that previous conversation. "They still haven't fixed that bathroom? Honestly what is Pringle doing? Aside from torturing students of course." She says, making a quick little scribble in her notebook. "What about you Quinn? Are your bathrooms still functioning? Or is this going to be some sort of bizarre epidemic?"

Conall nods a few times as he listens, shaking his head. "Back and forth. Though I'd say that they're not quite what they should. Seems something's quite off." He offers and runs a hand through his hair. "Anyone tried to make Pringle hurry it up?"

Lucian snorts. "Yeah. Feel free to go tell Pringle how to do his job. I'm sure that will go over well." Apparently deciding to stay, Lucian pulls out a chair on Morgana's side of the table, plopping down.

Morgana shakes her head. "Yeah, I"ll leave that to you. I really don't feel like spending a weekend stuck in those chains." And she's seen them, she's been down recently and it was a little unsettling. Then there comes a moment where Morgana feels just a touch awkward, and isn't sure where the conversation should be going. "So… Quidditch game soon, are you playing?" Lame topic is lame.

Conall chuckles and shrugs, "I might talk to him. Probably not." He offers and looks between them, shrugging a bit. "Don't think so." He offers and smiles. Sighing a bit. "Though I should get going soon. You two be well, alright?"

Lucian doesn't looks at Conall right away. "Sure, Quinn. Look after yourself." Then he gives the Head Boy a smile that somehow doesn't reach his eyes. It fades quickly, and he just stares at Conall. It isn't quite a cold look, but it's anything but warm.

"Good luck with Pringle." Morgana says with a shrug and as Conall excuses himself she'll give him a nod. "I'll see you in History." Though she does not smile, just politely nods and returns to her parchment. "So Lucian, did you get the potions assignment from earlier?" Is she trying to stop him from death glaring at Connal? Maybe.

Conall doesn't seem to mind any looks really, nodding to Morgana. "Sound good. See ya." He says before stepping out.

Lucian fixes his eyes on Conall until he is out of sight, only then glancing back to Morgana. "Can you believe that smug prat?" He shakes his head in exasperation at Conall's supposed smugness. He sighs, lifting his brow at Morgana. "Hm. Oh. Potions. Yeah, I did. Did you need them?"

Morgana lets out a short and dry laugh and shakes her head. "He said he has my back, and I"m wondering if he's looking for another place to stab a knife." She says quietly, and when he asks about the potions work, she'll shake her head. "No, I was just wondering if you were trying to stab him with your eyes. I figured it would be safer to distract you." She pauses for a second and lowers her voice. "Are you okay? You don't normally death glare like that." At least not around her.

Lucian squirms uncomfortably in his seat, and finally shakes his head. "No…I'm not. I'm guessing you haven't talked to Medusa yet." He lolls his head back, staring up at the enormously high shelves of books. "I think I really scared her."

Morgana shakes her head. "I haven't had the chance." Though she can tell that he's not doing so hot, so she'll turn in her chair and lean on the table. "Why don't you tell me what happened? What did you do that you think scared her?" She's in her analytical mode again, asking questions and getting information, but she leaves her voice low so no one else hears.

Lucian sighs heavily again. "I yelled at her." Oh yeah, analytical girl will want more data than that. He sits up and turns his chair to face her, leaning his elbows on his knees, hunched over. "She started getting on me about Ria, and pulled her manipulative double-talk on me. On me," he emphasises. "The guy she was supposedly so glad to be able to just talk plainly with." The crease in his brow deepens further and further. "She just wouldn't let up. I couldn't take it anymore."

Morgana frowns and shakes her head. Having him so close, it makes it very hard for her not to lift up her hand and trying to sooth him. For now her words will have to do. "I'm sure she wasn't pleased about that." She responds quietly, realizing that she'll have to do some damage control. "Have you…" She'll make a sort of claw gesture and make a quiet rar noise, that comes off more cute than fierce. "Lately? It might help."

Lucian shakes his head, and cannot hold back a little smirk at her quiet lion imitation. "No. I didn't get the chance over Hogsmeade weekend. But…that wasn't it. I've been in a great mood, until yesterday with Medusa. I couldn't believe what she was saying to me. She treats me like an idiot who can't see which way is up if I don't have someone there to tell me."

"What? Isn't that what lions sound like?" Yes, she's trying to lighten the mood a bit, and at least she got a smirk out of him. "Well, she's been kept in the dark hasn't she? Did you tell her of your plans? No, because you've been telling them to me. So while she may have been enjoying being open and talking to you, maybe she sensed that you were not doing the same. That might have caused her to go onto the defensive and go back to her manipulative ways. If that makes any sense." She says carefully.

"I didn't tell her about my plan because she'd already started treating me the way she treats everyone else." Lucian runs his hand through his hair in a sign of frustration. "Ever since Halloween, she's been colder and more distant. I'm sure it's because I dared to open my mouth about how Macmillan is pretty much destroying her future. So now she feels like she has to lash back at me."

"Macmillian is a very sore topic with her. She has found herself caring for someone that her parents may not approve of, and that has her scared. They may disinherit her, and she is trying to make plans of what to do incase that happens." Morgana pauses for a moment letting that information set in. "She is determined to be with him, regardless of what her family thinks, and she is willing to do what it takes. Now.. if only I knew someone else who was doing all that he could to be with the girl that he cared about, and how it upsets him when someone says it is a bad idea." She keeps her voice low and calm, not trying to tease him at all, but trying to change his perspective on the situation.

Lucian sighs, shaking his head. Morgana seems to have a special knack for being able to say things to Lucian that would have him roaring at others, but from here, they only make him think. "It's different. Whether or not her family approves, Douglas is a loser. He'll ruin her life, and he couldn't give two shits that he's doing it. Medusa was trying to do everything she could to get her life back on course. Then he came along and effed it all up. What I'm doing is trying not to be that loser. I'm trying to build myself a future, not tear it down."

Maybe it's the fact that she doesn't yell, or maybe Morgana is just full of logic. Either way she is glad that he doesn't roar at her, that might get the librarian mad at them. "That's not something we can be sure about. I have seen Douglas turn around, and start attending class, and doing his homework. Is it too little too late? I don't know, but I know he's just as crazy about her, as she about him so I know he is trying. As for her future, she wants to start a business, and she has a very sound plan. She's also gotten herself a few investors and is looking for offices to hold their business once they're graduated. I can see them both making an effort for it, but I lack true sight, so it's only my guess is that they're going to give it their best shot."

Lucian snorts. "Nobody changes that quickly. Macmillan's always been a screw-up. This will pass, and he'll end up sinking her grand plans." He stares down at his hands, scowling. "But, whatever. It's her life. She can mess it up all she likes. But she needs to stop trying to tell me how to live mine."

"Nobody? Not even you?" Morgana asks, raising her brow just a bit. She loves giving him questions, that seems to be her favorite present to give out. "That's just it, it is her life. Maybe the two of you need to sit down and talk, and let eachother know how you feel. I don't like the thought of the two of you fighting." She says with a frown, and clears her throat just a bit. "Sorry, I"m doing it again arn't I?"

Lucian glances up at her, lifting his brow. "Doing what again?"

Morgana sighs and gives him a rueful smile. "Over thinking and over analyzing the situation, like I always do." She says, finally leaning her elbow on the table and propping her head up on her hand. "You would think I would find the off switch one of these days."

Lucian smiles softly. "It's who you are. I'm not complaining." He sits up, only to slump against the table. "I want things to be the way they were. I'll apologise again for yelling at her. But she's got to promise to stop treating me like one of her little pawns."

Morgana smiles when he does and shakes her head. "It can be exhausting being so smart." She teases just a bit watching him slump against the table. "Things, might not be able to go back as they were. There is a lot that is changing right now, and there is even more change on the horizon. I'll try to be there, to help defuse the situation. Maybe I can keep you both from fighting?" Or get caught in the crossfire, but she seemed to do well when they were all at the bonfire.

"Just…be careful. I don't want you getting stuck in the middle." Lucian gives her a sympathetic frown. "Maybe Medusa just needs time to calm down. She got pretty freaked out. I guess…I must have seemed pretty scary."

"Come on Lucian, it's me. I'm always careful." Morgana says, giving him a smile, trying to counter act that frown he is wearing. "I would give her a bit of time, and I am sure I will hear all about it later." Biting her lip she'll shrug her shoulders. "I haven't had your anger directed at me before, but from the little I have seen of it, I can see how it would be scary."

Lucian sighs grumpily, propping his head up on his hand. "I have to get pretty mad to get like that. I don't like being deliberately prodded at. She poked the lion with a stick. Repeatedly. She shouldn't be surprised that I roared."

Morgana leans back and looks up and down the isle, and even spends a second to listen to see if anyone else is near by. When she's satisfied she'll reach forward and gently squeeze his hand. "Does she know that you're a lion?" She asks quietly. "And she always pokes, that's what she does best. You're not the only one that she pokes."

"That's my point," Lucian says. "I was supposed to be the one she doesn't poke. And she knows very well who I am. Not that I'm…you know. But she knows me well enough to know better."

"Well, I am sure that Medusa has her reasons. I'll talk to her alright? Than we'll get this all sorted out." The Head Girl an Slytherin prefect are having a quiet conversation at a table deep in the stacks. The words are quiet enough not to be heard outside of the isle that they're both in. "I don't need both of you fighting, there's enough going on with out it."

Lucian nods in acquiescence. "Alright. I trust you, of course. Damn it," he grumbles. "I thought things were going to go so well." Some things, anyhow. Lucian never seems to have all of his ducks in a row.

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