(1938-11-21) The Invite
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Summary: Idle chatter and an invitation to watch Quidditch with the opposing team's House.
Date: 1938-11-21
Location: Central Castle Roof

Mid-afternoon. Classes have ended for the day and with the dinner hour not yet upon them students take advantage of the time to cause mischief, finish homework and relax among other things. With the weather warmer than the last couple days, warm being a relative term for late November, Eibhlin has found her way to the roof. The ramparts stretch across the castle and while the main pathways are those that lead to the owl and astronomy towers there are other sections which are less traveled. Its one of these, though not too far off the main stretch, where the redhead is found leaning against the stonework as she looks out over the surrounding landscape.

Augustin likes to whistle, it's a well-known fact. And while his singing voice is only fair-to-mediocre, he's got a terrific whistle. Right now he's strolling along the ramparts with no particular destination in mind, whistling away, some complicated classical melody with an upbeat air. Even Eibhlin can't fail to hear his approach, nor understand who it is.

Hearing and recognizing are very different from acknowledging. As the sound reaches her ears it does draw Eibhlin's attention away from the scenery. "Bonjour Rousseau," she sends the greeting in his direction after a moment of consideration as she turns to look over her shoulder.

Gus stops in his tracks. "Ah. Bon soir, Mademoiselle Shine," he says courteously. He takes in the view for a few moments, and glances at her… but since she doesn't look very inclined to have a conversation, he starts on his way again, already whistling once more.

"You're welcome to join me," Eibhlin offers, her expression falling as he starts to continues on his way. "I promise not to push you off the roof," she adds a second later, the comment somewhere between serious and joking perhaps in hopes lighten the air between them.

Gus does chuckle, and turns back around to rest his crossed arms on the parapet about a foot and a half away from her. Or he would, if one of his arms wasn't in a cast. He sighs, rolls his eyes, and sort of leans sideways, facing her, with just the good arm propped up there. "How are you today?" he asks politely.

Eibhlin seems happy enough to have him join her, lifting a quiet smile to him as she takes up a place beside her. "Well enough, thank you," she replies conversationally, "How's the arm?"

"Itchy," Gus replies. He sticks a finger down the top of the cast as far as it will go and wiggles it around. "And useless." He rolls his eyes. "Takes me twice as long to do anything, with only one hand."

Eibhlin doesn't quite laugh, but she does smile, amused by his attempt to scratch that itch it would seem. "Sorry," she apologizes, though its unclear if she means for her amusement at his situation, or the situation as a whole. "I'm sure you're not completely useless," she tries to assure, trying to tuck her hair back behind her ear again as the breeze, stronger up so high than on the ground, pushes it across her face.

Andromena, too, has made her way to the roof of Hogwarts. Not a place she often frequents. Truth be told she had seen, or believed she had seen, her fellow red-headed Ravenclaw making her way up there. Considering the way things had gone with Gus last night, Rowle had really wanted a chance to talk with Shine on her own. Unfortunately, classes and the general hustle and bustle of school had prevented her from doing so before now. So, determination in her step, Andromena had made the climb, up up and up! Only…when she got there, she realized she was a little too late to get that personal chat in.
"Hey guys," greeted somewhat breathlessly. No reason to abandon ship just because Gus was also on the scene. In fact, that might just be a good sign.

Gus smiles back at her, and shakes his head. "Well, the /arm/ is useless," Gus says. "Can't even straighten it or anything." Being that it's in a cast and all, from wrist to shoulder. "You should see under my arm, it gets raw. /Not/ pretty." He makes a disgusted face. He turns when he hears Andromena's voice and waves his good hand at her. "Rowle," he greets. "How are you?"

Eibhlin had been looking forward to catching up with Andromena as well, but someone else got to her first it would seem. She's leaning on the wall of the ramparts off the well traveled section, but not too far off. Gus a few steps away. She wrinkles her nose at the description the Hufflepuff gives, "Have you tried putting something underneath?" she suggests, eyes looking a bit further off to spot the other girl at her greeting. "Afternoon Rowle."

Cory was going to go up to the Castle Roof for some fresh air, nobody told him he couldn't as long as he din't fall off or anything, as soon as he climbs the last steps he spots people already up here. "OH, though nobody was up here."

Andromena had only caught the tail end of whatever the previously arrived pair were saying, though from the looks of it Gus must have been trying to itch his arm again. Before she says anything further, however, her attention is caught by the voice of a young first year. "No worries…" She had almost called him 'tyke' but thought the better of it. "It's preferable to be up here with others than on your own." In case anything bad were to happen, heaven forbid. "How's the arm today, Rousseau?" Andromena made her way over to Eibhlin.

"Yeah, I've got a bandage in the way," Gus says. He sounds resigned. "Hullo, little one," he says to Cory. "What's your name, then?" He shrugs at Andomena - one-sided. "Fine, I suppose. Itchy, a bit."

Preferable to have a companion, but not always done. Eibhlin nods to Gus' reply. "Well that should help some at least," she offers back. The sound of another voice however brings her to search out the first year. "Not as empty as you'd think sometimes," she notes.

Cory smiles some and nods. "I'm Cory Travers." He turns to Andromena. "Why should I be with others?"

"Andromena Rowle," she offered to Cory. "And when you're this high up, I would advise having a friend or two along in case anything were to happen. Wasn't somebody just recently found up here half-frozen?" This asked to Gus and Eiblin. She would suggest next time going to the Louvre for more privacy, but then she might risk people always bothering her and Alphard when they were trying to study. And studying was getting to be hard enough.

Gus nods at Eibhlin and grins a little. Does his gaze linger half a second too long? Hard to say. "What-ho, Travers," Gus greets amiably. "Augustin Rousseau," he introduces himself. "Stick with friends, because you never know when Peeves might decide to dangle you over the parapet for fun. Happened to my friend when we were second-years," he says, looking for all the world like he means it. He nods sagely at Andromena. "Rowle, I think I /did/ hear that. Someone got locked out, right? Overnight. This far from a tragedy." He holds the fingers of his left hand half an inch apart.

Eibhlin nods, "I think you're right," she agrees with the other sixth years. "Eibhlin Shine," she adds, offering her own name to the mix for the younger boy. If Gus' gaze lingers too long, well she didn't notice. "Oh, Rowle, Black was going to let me borrow a book," shock of shocks, "When you see him, would you mind asking after it for me?"

"Yeah," Andromena says, her expression sliding towards a smile before she forcefully reigns it in. Like she was going to get all starry eyed just because the guy's name was dropped. Yeesh. "No kidding," in response to Gus' comment of a near-tragedy. "I've been pretty fortunate in that I've never had to go to the infirmary for anything. What about you, Eibhlin?" She jerked her thumb toward Gus. "We already know what sort of injury Rouseau has taken. Anything ever send you to madam Spleen?" Cory was welcome to answer as well, if he had any experiences.

Gus glances at Cory, just trying to see how the little one is reacting to their stories, before he turns a curious look at Eibhlin. He stays quiet so he can hear her answer.

"Thanks," Eibhlin tosses back to the other girl with a smile. They'll definitely have to talk later now. A partial shrug follows for the question, "Once or twice," she admits, "But nothing serious and I've pretty lucky about it myself lately."

Cory shakes his head to the question. "nothing yet for me, unless my crazy cousin wants to punch my nose in for trying to joining the Magijugend."

Gus blinks at the little kid. "You wanna join the Magijugend?" he asks, his voice perfectly neutral. "Why?" he asks. He sounds only curious.

At Eibhlin's side, Andromena crosses her arms, eyeing Cory with an uplifted brow. "Who is this 'crazy cousin'?" She asks the younger student. She was genuinely curious! Both Gus and Eibhlin get a quick look to confirm whether or not they shared her interest. The next best thing to actually having girl talk was to listen to someone else's woes. Then, as if she had just remembered, "Hey Rousseau…when the Quidditch game comes up, you gonna sit with Eibhlin and I?" Because there was no way she'd let little Lara move in on things while she still thought Shine wanted another chance.

"Really?" Eibhlin asks, her own curiosity echoing that of her peers at Cory's mention of interviewing for the Magijugend. A glance is sent towards the older boy however when Andromena asks about the game. She'll wait for the answer from each of them before excusing herself. "I'd love to stay and change," she notes, "But I do have a few things to take care of before dinner." Prefect duties one might assume. "I'll see you later though," she adds with a smile before heading on her way.

Cory says, "Because if I don't my family will disown me, and It's the right thing to do."

"Er… Quidditch? Sure, I suppose," Gus says, since he's been invited. "Sure I won't get stoned for cheering on Hufflepuff, though?" Gus's cheek ticks, like he's trying not to frown. "Bugger /that/," he says for Cory's answer. He shakes his head. "Sorry your family's putting so much pressure on you, mate." Then as Eibhlin goes, he shrugs. "Well. I was on my way somewhere, too, when Shine stopped me. I should be off." He starts to leave as well, in the opposite direction from Eibhlin.

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