(1938-11-22) Bookshop Under Fire
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Summary: Due to the anti-Grindelwald symbol in the window and the shelves of muggle books, Books Unbound has been hurting for business lately due to the layers of vandalism coating its exterior. In the hopes of bringing some much needed business, Rhyeline arrives with her guard en tow to try and purchase as many books as she can carry.
Date: Friday, November 22, 1938
Location: Books Unbound

The shop is relatively quiet as it is near closing time. Thomas has gone to speak to a supplier about some better cleaning supplies since there have been mud flinging spells frequently cast upon the exterior of the shop. Tired already from a day at work, Phil nevertheless volunteered to stay and see out the last few customers then tidy up for him. There is just a single witch left, drinking her tea slowly and knitting a wooly hat as she reads a book on travel to Shangri-La. Phil is perched on a stool behind the counter and working on a story, writing notes to herself.

The jingle of the door chime announces a new arrival. In steps a blonde witch in her mid-thirties, her hair pulled into a tight ponytail, dressed in no-nonsense, functional robes. The lines in Bailey's face are deeply creased in concern, having seen the state of the outside of the shop. After the initial surprise at finding the interior of the shop in one piece, she stands aside and beckons to someone outside. "It's alright, Miss Diderot. Everything inside appears to be fine."

As Rhyeline steps into the shop, she peeks out from under her furlined hood and pulls down the scarf from over her nose to tuck it beneath her chin. The little mouse of a girl offers Bailey a soft smile and a nod of appreciation before looking towards the counter. Catching sight of Phil, the girl's soft smile brightens- though her shyness seems to deepen as well. Pulling back the hood of her cloak, she lifts a hand in a quiet, but cheerful greeting.

The sound over the door slowly breaks through her conentration and Phil lifts her head to see if she needs to do anything. The sight of the blonde woman draws a frown from her, a frown which deepens the furrows of her brow when the cause for such pecuilar behaviour becomes apparent with the arrival of the diminutive Rhyeline Diderot. Phil is quick to put her things away safe from any curious or prying eyes as she adopts a neutral expression. "Good evening ladies, it is nearly closing time. Is there something you wish to purchase?" It has been the better part of a month since Phil has seen Rhyeline; since their chat about Cassius.

Bailey gives Phil a polite nod as she assumes a position behind Rhyeline, just off to the left. "Perhaps another time, thank you." She glances to Rhyeline expectantly. This is her show, after all.

Rhyeline lingers near the door, hesitating as she watches the young woman behind the counter. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she peeks over her shoulder at Bailey before looking to Phil once again. "Yes, I… I just wanted to- to look and- and see what new things there were… and- and to see how Thomas and- and you were doing…" At Phil's neutral expression and distant manner, a subtle caution emerges in Rhyeline's dark gaze.

Bailey's denial has Phil nodding politely to her. Her attention turns to Rhyeline then. "That's very kind of you, thank you. Thomas just stepped out for a little bit. The…the spot of bother has made things complicated for him." And by extension for the Rowle as well, but still here she is looking after the nearly empty shop for her fiance, just a half hour before closing. "You look well. I see the news of your having an entourage is true." Her blue gaze flits asessingly over Bailey before drifting back to the smaller, younger witch. "I read your statement from the community forum."

Thomas comes back with a bottle of Berry Ocky Rot Wine and some carryout food from the Leaky Cauldron, though he stops outside to look at the handy work of everyone who has added to the vandalization of his storefront, his head tilts curiously as he looks at it, he chuckles a bit before he finally steps through, "Steak and Kidney pie is okay right Love?" he asks curiously, before he realizes that Bailey and Rhyeline are in the shop also, he looks at Bailey, "Buying a book this time?" he asks her before he moves to sit down the food and bottle on that bar, "Rhyeline, how are you?" he asks curiously.

Bailey lifts her brow at being called an entourage, not quite stifling a smirk of amusement. But perhaps its better than being called a watchdog or some other unappealing epithet. Thomas's entrance naturally draws her attention to the door, shifting almost imperceptibly into a defensive posture. But seeing who it is, she relaxes, giving him a smile and shaking her head. "Afraid I'm on duty again, Mr. Carrow."

Rhyeline stands with her guard near the door. When Thomas steps inside, she steps to the side so that the distracted shop owner doesn't run into her. Despite the subtle caution shining in her dark gaze, she offers Thomas a soft smile, pleased to see him. "Hello, Thomas… I'm… I'm well…" Peeking back over at Phil, she hesitates, biting her lower lip before murmuring, "I… I hope that- that it was compelling…"

The return of Thomas draws a much more emotive reaction from Phil; her smile is an easy one. "I told you, whatever they had was fine. I'll just leave the kidneys." When asked about Rhyeline's statement the writer choses her words carefully and offers them with a faint pause. "It was…interesting. I prefer to stay out of politics and focus on criminal investigations. I find those who readily admit they are power hungry more palatable than those who hide behind a facade of societal politeness." Sliping from the stool she was perched on she takes some cups out from behind the counter. "Would you care to have some wine?" A glance goes to the one remaining paying customer, not wishing to be rude to the witch who is knitting and drinking tea while reading.

Thomas starts to unpack the food, "That is fine Love, just toss the Kidney's my way I will eat them up." he says with a small nod, "I have an interview tomorrow for a young kid, who wants to work here. Don't let it slip my mind sweets, I don't want to get caught off guard." he says with a chuckle, looking over at Bailey he shakes his head, "Since when is being on Duty makes on incapable of buying a book." he says hitching a thumb at Bailey looking at Phil, "She should buy a book huh?" he asks Phile, not touching on the topic of politics.

Bailey is more than happy to join in on the apolitical bandwagon. She gives Thomas a light chuckle. "Since it takes my eyes off of Miss Diderot. Or were you hoping I would simply pick a book at random and hope for the best?"

Rhyeline clasps her hands tight behind her back as she observes the change in Phil's manner when Thomas approaches. The words that follow regarding her preference for criminal investigations make the little one blink. Curious, her head gives the smallest tilt to the side as she watches Phil. At the offer of wine, she hesitates, peeking up at Bailey before looking once more to Phil and Thomas. "If… if you're sure… I- I just… I just wanted to make sure you were both alright… and to look through the books…"

"We have several of Rhyeline's father's books," Phil informs Bailey. "He's a most charming man. We had a lovely chat last week when he came in." Using her wand to uncork the wine she lets it sit for a few minutes, breathing, as she helps Thomas with the domestic task of dishing up their supper. Glancing over at Rhye, "I wouldn't have offered if I did not mean it, Rhyeline." Leaving it up to the younger witch to decide, Phil hands Thomas a plate and dots a kiss on his cheek as she does so.

Thomas smirks, "Never know might like the book you pick at Random, what is life with out a few risks." he says offering her a small wink. "Of course Phil and I are well, the shop is a bit dry the last couple of days, but that is to be expected, the loyal customers remain loyal." he says with a nod, he dishes up the food and slides Phil her plate, returning the kiss to her cheek. "Phil, did I mention how amazing you look today?" he says offering her a wink and a chuckle, before settling down to eat his food. "Well are you looking for any type of book in Particular Rhyeline?" he asks curiously.

Bailey nods gratefully to Phil for the information, and chuckles dryly to Thomas's recommendation. If only she had the kind of spare coin to spend on a whim like that. But she keeps her tongue for now, assuming the role of the silent protector.

Rhyeline approaches, but with each step she takes closer to Phil, her shyness seems to deepen. Her eyes gaze up Phil, cautious and watchful. Accepting the glass of wine, she peeks up at Thomas and nods. "I'd- I'd like to expand my- my collection of muggle fiction… specifically their- their stories about magic… My father gave me a book recently… The Sword in the Stone? I'd… I'd like more of those… as many as you can recommend," murmurs Rhyeline.

"You should read Mallory if you haven't yet," recommends Phil as she pours wine for Thomas and then herself, having already given a teacup full of wine to Rhyeline. Teacups of wine probably aren't suitable for a Frenchman's sensibilities, but it is what is to hand. She sips her wine then sets it aside and picks all the kidneys from her pie, delivering them onto Thomas' plate with the kind of familiarity that comes from intimacy of one kind or another. He is given a sidelong glance and a grin.

"One Thousand and One Nights." Thomas says between a couple of bites, "Bottom Floor, right side of the building, In Muggle Classic Works." he says returning to his food, his eyes move to the bottle of wine, then back to Phil, "Do you want me to take the poster down?" he asks softly poking his food with his fork, he picks up his glass of wine and takes a sip, looking at Phil now for her answer.

Rhyeline peers into her cup of wine and grins a bit. Pretending as if she is warming her hands against its sides, she brings the cup to her lips for a small sip. "Thank you…" she murmurs, nodding to the suggestion of Mallory. Then looking to Thomas, she hesitates a moment before giving another small nod. Setting down her cup of wine for safe keeping, she turns without another word and heads off into the rows of shelves search of the books.

That gets Bailey's attention, and suddenly she's very interested in what Phil has to say. For her own part, she is unconsciously nodding in response to Thomas. But then, he already knows how she feels about the poster. With Rhyeline wandering off into the stacks, Bailey isn't far behind.

The question takes Phil by surprise and she looks at Thomas, brows drawn together. "Not unless you want to. Just because we are going to be married does not mean you and I have to agree on everything. This is your livelihood so do I worry? Yes. But as I said this is your livelihood." She sets her cutlery down. "I worry that you are unsafe. Will removing it make you safer? I don't know. The mark against you has been made. If you do take it down, whatever you do don't put up a bloody Unity sign. They'll just come back again or worse you might end up angering an even wider demographic of political zealots." The disappearance of Rhyeline and Bailey gets the barest of flickers from her.

It seems the bookshop is the place to be another approaches it bundled in his robes against the cold he even wears his hat today which isn't very often done. Graham looks over the shop closely a moment the book in his hand changed to his other hand. He moves and grips the door lightly opening it but closes it before too much cold gets in. He turns to look at those assembled "Seems i'm not so late after all." he says with a grin.

Hidden in the stacks, Rhyeline pauses and bites her lower lip at what Phil says to Thomas. She peeks up at Bailey who followed close behind. The little mouse of a girl offers her a small, appreciative smile before venturing deeper in search of muggle fiction. By the time Graham comes in, she is just out of earshot.

Thomas takes another bite of his food, "I worry about you…" he says with a small nod, "But you shouldn't have to worry about me." he explains with a small nod, looking up at Phil picking up his glass of wine and takes a sip, as Graham enters, Thomas offers him a smile, "Ah Mr. Cohen." he says warmly, "Anything I can get you?" he asks curiously before his attention returns to Phil, "People need to understand and accept that just because people don't agree with you, calls to violence are not the answer." he says shaking his head.

With a quiet sigh Phil picks up her fork. "This isn't really the time to discuss it, Thomas. Later, when we are alone." She looks up and manages a smile for Graham, despite the depressing topic of conversation. "Hello Graham." Bemused she shakes her head, "When are you to going to stop being so formal? Graham is to be your best man, Thomas. I think you can use his given name."

Graham offers a smile to Phil and Thomas each he holds up the book "Returning the book you lent me." it's something ridiculous like wedding rituals through the ages or weddings 101 or the like. "For being a good best man. Yes I thought you said to call you Thomas." he says a chuckle escaping from him as he moves over to offer the book to the shop owner. He wont press the subject on the previous topic.

Rhyeline soon finds the book that Thomas had mentioned and plucks a copy from the shelf. Before she can head back with the book hugged to her chest, another title catches her attention. Titles such as "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Rhyeline soon finds the book that Thomas had mentioned and plucks a copy from the shelf. Before she can head back with the book hugged to her chest, another title catches her attention. Titles such as "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and "The Hobbit" start to stack up in her arms. It's getting heavy, but she seems too transfixed by the mutltitude of muggle fantasy stories to stop.

Thomas waves his hand, "Habits Graham and I leant you a book?" he says curiously before realizing he had indeed, "Ah I thought I told you, you could have it." he says with a chuckle, offering a hand to take the book, he looks back at Phil and nods softly, "Your right…" his head shaking, "I apologize Love." he says offering her a smile, "I just don't want you to worry about me." he says with a nod.

Bailey strolls the aisles with Rhyeline, arches a curious eyebrow at the young woman. "What in the world is a hobbit," she muses aloud. Muggles are, apparently, quite weird.

Spying a familiar figure outside through the dirty window Phil frowns. She is distracted from acting on her suspicions by the discussion around her. "Later, Thomas," she says giving his arm a squeeze. For now she just eats a little, sips some wine and listens to the others converse.

"Nah, then i'd have to buy it. Dont need it myself just yet." Graham says with a grin as the other takes the book. "How are you two doing?" he asks after a moment looking between them the conversation seems not to be dropping but he cant help but toss in "Area shield charm takes a while to cast but can block many buildings if it's good and strong." he shrugs once more does he hear voices through the store?

Rhyeline struggles under the weight of her growing stack of books. With a soft squeak, she almost topples over when it starts to unbalance. Somehow, she manages to keep it steady. Peeking up at Bailey, she hesitates before murmuring, "Would- would you help me?"

Bailey reflexively reaches a hand to the top of the stack of books to help steady it. At Rhyeline's request, she hems and haws for a moment. She's really not supposed to be doing anything that could interfere with her duties — such as occupying her hands or lugging things about. But despite her sharp appearance, Bailey has never been as strict as, say, Helga. So she smiles and takes a few of the books off of the stack, tucking them into one arm (making certain she's still got a free wand hand…just in case).

Thomas just nods at Phil and pokes his food with his fork a few times before taking another small bite, looking back at Graham he smiles and chuckles, "Well some day." he says sitting the book down on the bar, his gaze moves towards the window and watches for a moment, before returning back to his food, "I had left it up, because if you take the time to clean it off, it shows you that they have bothered you." he says poking at his food again, "I will have to remember to send him something to say thank you." he says nodding.

"Excuse me. I think I see Laurence outside." She takes her wine with her and skirts around the counter, heading out to speak with her ex who appears to be cleaning up the shop front of her current lover. Oh the days of our lives.

Rhyeline gives Bailey a bright smile as she agrees to take as many books as she can fit easily under one arm. It means that the little one can keep adding to her own stack. Authors like Edgar Allen Poe, the Brothers Grimm, and J.M. Barrie soon fill her arms until she can't reach for another without threatening to topple over. With a soft squeak of effort, she turns and makes her way back towards the till.

The auror shrugs at the others words a non committed movement but he retains his smile mostly "Please be careful Phil not good out there after dark hm?" he is worried for his friend though turns back to the other as she exits. "She is worried for you Thomas that's all." he says simply know he knows he hears a voice stepping back "These two sets of books seem to be animated." he calls back but does step forward "Do you need help?" it's to both would seem.

Bailey gives Graham a shrug, chuckling softly. She's managing fairly well. But she gives a nod toward Rhyeline. "Hello, Mr. Cohen. I think Miss Diderot could use an extra pair of hands."

Rhyeline pauses upon catching sight of Graham and the books start to slide in her arms, dangerously close to falling. "Y-yes, please!" she squeaks. Between the little mouse and her guard, the girl is carrying at least a couple dozen books.

Graham isnt usualy one to use magic when he can do it himself. He moves forward quickly and takes the books from Rhyeline before they topple. "I thought I was starting the book club." he looks over the titles of the books as he moves the same way they were headed "How are you two this evening?" he asks.

Bailey nods politely to Graham. "Fine, thank you." She's not so talkative when she's on duty. At least…she isn't supposed to be. She's certainly been known to put her luck a bit in that department.

Thomas pokes at his food, "I know she is worried, but I will be okay. People need to know that some are standing their ground firmly." he says as he picks up his glass of wine and takes a sip, his gaze can't help but drift towards the window for a moment, before returning back to his food.

Rhyeline offers Graham an appreciative smile of such warmth when he takes the books from her. Back on the shelves, the muggle section on fantasy is looking rather sparse. Noticing that Phil has vanished, the little one's smile fades. Biting her lower lip, she hesitates before approaching Thomas. She peeks up at him with a quiet caution similar to the way she'd watched Phil earlier. "…could I please buy these books?" Considering that the average book is between 8 and 16 knuts, she's about to purchase a galleon's worth of books- almost half of Thomas' current montly wage.

"That's good to hear." The auror says to Bailey he understands she cant let her guard down while on the job and gives her a grin turning back to Rhyeline a moment he returns the smile to her before he turns back to Thomas "She unerstands that Thomas i've discussed my own inability to just sit and allow things to happen with her before now." Graham smiles "The book says that being married is given and take so do what's best for you both I suppose." he says

Bailey sets down the books she is carrying on the counter for Thomas to ring up. "I don't understand it, Mr. Carrow. How does allowing the vandals to drive business away show anyone that you're standing your ground? They're succeeding, Mr. Carrow."

Rhyeline just waits at the counter for Thomas to ring up the books. As Graham and Bailey advise Thomas about the sign in his window, the little one keeps quiet. Bowing her head, she rocks back and forth on her heels.

Thomas pokes at his food, "I know that, I worry about her with her work." he says nodding slowly, "Though that is part of her job, I just feel bad, because it is not part of my job to put targets up." he says taking a bite before turning and looking at Rhyeline, he looks over the books as if he was calculating something in his mind, "15 Sickles and 12 Knuts. " he says to Rhyeline with a small nod, looking over the books, "The Hobbit is a rather interesting read." he says nodding.

Thomas answers Bailey, "It isn't the vandals, it shows people, that some people will stand regardless of what happens. In times like these the people who stand firmly and don't waiver are the ones people need, not the people who fall and give in or those who follow along to be safe."

"I'll help you get them home after." Graham says to Rhyeline watching her a moment though he can tell her unease isnt caused by this but best not to bring that up exactly. "Standing up for what you belive in is important but you'll need this place to do well to help take care of Phil." he says with a smile to his friend trying to give good advice.

Bailey grimaces, and nods in agreement with Graham. "I appreciate your desire to send a message of hope, Mr. Carrow. It's admirable. But…just speaking for myself, seeing a storefront covered in mud and graffiti doesn't inspire hope in me. It tells me your spirit is broken and cannot even will yourself to clean up their vandalism. They want you gone. If you can't bring in the money to support this place, they will succeed, and you will have no ground to stand on."

Rhyeline blinks when Thomas tells her that the cost of the two tall stacks of books is no more than 15 sickles and 12 knuts. Pulling a handful of sickles, she places them on the counter. At least a galleon's worth. "You should keep it all… and… and the next few books you get like these… please send them?" Perhaps she can't invest in their shop and help it stay afloat in these hard times, but she can be one of their best customers.

Thomas doesn't answer any of them, he just sits there and pokes at his food, when Rhyeline pays, he nods at her slowly, "Will do, I don't know what is coming out here soon on the Muggle side of things, but I will get a list put together and have it sent your way, Rhyeline." he says simply and takes another bite of his food, "Always a pleasure Rhyeline." he says with a nod.

Graham looks to Thomas a moment at his quiet eating "Hey, dont let it get you down hm remember standing on buildings.. blasting bombs out of the air right?" he gives a small chuckle hoping it gets something from the other as well. "If you want any time i'll fix the shop up think most of us would give you a hand if you need and get you started with that shield spell if there's any other problems."

Bailey looks to Graham, then back to Thomas and shrugs, offering, "I'll help out." There is a brief concerned flicker of her eyes toward Rhyeline, but she stands by her offer.

Rhyeline looks rather subdued as she gives Thomas a small nod. "Thank you for the books…" Peeking over her shoulder at Bailey and Graham, the little one presses her hand against her the center of her chest and massages gently. At the second offer to help carry the books, Rhyeline gives a small nod. "Thank you…"

Thomas pokes his food, "It is not about the shop." he says shaking his head looking at Graham, "Yeah I still stand by that, Graham, but that is doing something." he says shaking his head, "Everyone cries they want people to stand up and do this." he says shaking his head, "People speak out against those idiots with the Eye in the Streets bullying them…" he says biting his lower lip, "Everyone is so damn concerned with the Muggles they don't realize we are tearing ourselves apart…" he says Gesturing towards the window, then hearing Laurence, "I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS TEMPERED OAK!" he yells back through the window at him, "It might scare customers away, it might put me under, but you know what, that mud, those words are a reflection of what we are becoming as Wizards and Witches, Mad Men on the Radio, Throwing Riots, Calling for Armies and Violence, so focused on revealing ourselves to the muggles." Thomas looks rather irked now, "How about we reveal ourselves to the Muggles during another riot, that should show them they have nothing to fear…" he says.

Graham looks between those gathered here in the shop while he awaits the answer from the owner. "I agree with you Thomas but it's all tied together those people who did that live on fear and they want nothing more then to keep us divided so they can put their plans into action, but we have to gather all we can who will do the right thing."

Bailey nods firmly along with Graham. "He's right. Don't let them take away what you've worked hard for. You can be the bastion of hope you want to be. But you've got to make this place a symbol of that. Bring in the business. Show them they can't intimidate your or your customers." So much for not getting involved. But there is a fervor in Bailey's voice that isn't often heard.

Rhyeline lowers her gaze once more and leans a bit against the counter. Her hand remains upon her chest for a few moments before she holds the edge of the counter. Despite the fact that the conversation has turned to politics, the little one remains silent.

Thomas takes a bite of his food and nods, "Sorry just been long day." he says offering everyone a smile, though he clearly looks worn down, "Thank you both for your offers, I can do my own shield charms." he says with a small nod, his hand moving through his hair.

Graham turns away at the movement from behind him as Rhyeline moves to the counter he had noticed her hand on her chest before but thought she might just be out of breath from the book carrying. "Bailey." he says his tone telling the other somethings wrong in a single word. He moves to her his arms coming up to steady her. "Rhyeline, is it your heart? Do you need Keenan or just to rest?" he asks his words rather quickened.

Bailey sighs softly. "It wasn't charms I was offering. I-…" She cuts off, turning her attention to Graham and Rhyeline. "Miss Diderot? Are you alright?" She gives Rhyeline a worried frown, but gives her space to breathe, seeing as Graham is right there with her.

Rhyeline blinks, looking startled at Graham's sudden concern. Though she's leaning against the counter and there is something a touch wilted about the little one, she shakes her head and murmurs, "N-no, I… It's not that… I'm alright… I'm just- I think I carried too much…" Her dark gaze flickers back and forth from Graham to Bailey.

Graham nods his head he is able to take a breath at Rhyelines words before giving a nod to Bailey "I'm going to take her home, she needs to rest." it's not really a question but it's more polite then just grabbing her and going without saying anything. He leans down slightly and picks rather easily into his arms holding her "Sorry Thomas I should get her home do you have a bag I could put the books into?"

Bailey holds up a hand to Graham, giving him an admonishing look. He may be on the short list of trusted people, but there is still decorum to be observed. "Slow down, Cohen. Miss Diderot?" She lifts her brow inquisitively, awaiting Rhyeline's wishes.

Thomas nods slowly, "Yeah get her home. Rhyeline you take it easy okay?" he says offering her a bit of a smile, before he gets up and moves around to behind the bar and puts to large paperbags inside on another and puts the books inside and sits them on the bar top, though as Bailey moves he just stands there looking between the three slowly.

Rhyeline gives a little squeak when Graham scoops her up into his arms with the ease of picking up a placid baby deer. Her cheeks turn a bit pink. Rather quiet, she peeks up at her adopted brother before sneaking a cautious glance over at Thomas. When Bailey intervenes, the little one hesitates before murmuring, "It's… it's alright… I'm just a little tired… but- I can walk."

The auror does stop but his glance only moves to Bailey for a quick moment before he looks back to Rhyeline "You were holding onto the counter for suppport." he says to her not wishing to test her theory of being able to walk he hesitates but does let her feet down lightly his arm remains around her for steadying all the same. " I will walk you home, It is back up if you stumble." he looks back "I'll take the bag Thomas." he'll reach out and grab it and than will begin towards the door.

Bailey nods affirmation to Graham, moving ahead of them to get the door. Before she goes, she gives Thomas a look back. "Hey, Carrow. Keep your spirits up. Your heart is in the right place." She nods to him as well, then goes to the door to make sure the coast is clear.

Rhyeline keeps close to Graham's side, and beind his back, her hand holds onto the fabric of his robes between his shoulder blades. As he takes her rather ambitious purchase of books into his other arm, she murmurs, "Thank you, Graham…" The little one still seems subdued as she peeks over at Thomas to add, "And- thank you for the books…"

"If you need anything send me an owl." he say to Thomas. The young man keeps his post one arm around her for support and bag around his wrist on the other hand in case he needs to help her back up. Graham nods as the door is opened and he takes steps allowing the other to choose the pace he'll walk as slow as need be to get her home in one piece of course.

Thomas nods and leans up against his bar, staying silent for now. He offers a wave to everyone as they depart letting out a small sigh.

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