(1938-11-22) Magijugend Interview: Zayn
Details for Magijugend Interview: Zayn
Summary: Medusa conducts Zayn's Magijugend interview and when that is over speaks to him about befriending Esther.
Date: 22 November 1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room

Working through her list of names of interviewees, Medusa has sent off a note to Zayn Shafiq. If he is still interested in joining the Magijugend, the note says, he will find her in the Slytherin Common Room for precisely one half hour after supper on Friday.

Well Zayn isn't known for being late, he arrive almost on the dot from the maze at a half hour past dinner. Sliding into his typical seat on the sofa, his eyes move to look at soft green glow of the windows, his hand moving up and running through his hair for a moment as he waits, mainly he is more curious of the club then anything else and the air of secrecy they have created, as peeked his interest.

"Excellent timing, Shafiq." Medusa has her Magijugend interview notebook and seems to be ready to rumble. She nods, indicating the other end of her queenly sofa. "I was hoping to speak to you anyway about something else, but first the interview." Crossing her legs at the knee she flips open her notebook to a page which already has his name, house and year written on it. "I will ask you a series of three questions. Answer how you see fit. How you answer is as important as what your answer is." Should that make sense. "Let me know when you are ready."

Zayn nods softly at Medusa, "I understand, I am ready to start when you are." he says slowly, a small smile form on his lips, "Though before we begin, how are you Malfoy?" he asks curious tilting his head, "I see you are looking as lovely as always, I certainly hope you are doing as well as you look." he says running his hand through his hair.

Medusa snickers at the line he uses. "I am well thank you, Shafiq." She looks up from her notebook and begins with the first question. "Why do you wish to join the Magijugend?"

Zayn brings his left leg up and crosses it over his knee, his head tilting slightly to the right as she asks her question, "As it has been explained to me, that the Majijugend, is a environment to harbor an educational experience and provide a positive learning environment on the topic of Pure-Blood Heritage, I am curious to learn what being taught and to perhaps be available as a representative of the Charitable House of Shafiq." he says offering her a small nod.

She makes sure to note how he refers to it as the charitable house of Shafiq. "Very good. Now, please can you tell me your blood status?" Medusa knows the answer given the house but she still must ask.

Zayn smirks softly at this question, "I am a Pure-Blood, from the Charitable House of Shafiq, who can trace his lineage back to some of the First and most Legendary, Arabian Wizards and Sorcerers." he says smoothly, before continuing, his legs uncrossing as he leans in forward staring Medusa in the eyes with his dark Brown ones, "My House, provides more in Charitable Donations, then any other Pure-Blood House, in all of England, living only within our means, every excess galleon, goes to livable wages to our Employees, Educations institutes, such as Hogwarts and W.A.D.A. and various other charities to support less then privileged Wizards and Witches." he explains all of this in a rather serious but proud tone.

Medusa looks down breaking eye contact so she can write down Zayn's answer. "How very…noble." The final question is one that most find interesting. "What is your position on teaching magic to half-bloods and muggle born?"

Zayn clicks his tongue at her comment on it being noble, though he doesn't comment on it any more, at the next question he shrugs softly, leaning back into the sofa, "Given what I have just mentioned, I can not speak openly on my views on that topic, I have a imagine to maintain as a Shafiq." he says nodding slowly, "Certainly you understand how important appearances are, Malfoy." he says this slowly, but clicks his tongue again, clearly looking a bit annoyed.

"Just so as we are clear, due to your position within your family you do not wish to answer openly?" Medusa looks over at Zayn. "I wish to ensure I am noting this down correctly for the Headmaster. He is the one who reviews all interview notes and makes the final decision."

"As the Heir to the Shafiq legacy, with the Charitable Donations given to Institutes of Learning, such as this one, who provides Education to Wizards of that… Status." he says clicking his tongue again, "I am not capable, of answering the question openly or on record." he says with a small nod, "I understand and I thank you for your request on clarity of that subject and I apologize that I am not capable of answering it openly." he says nodding again, though he looks a bit annoyed.

"Very well." Medusa finishes writing her notes then sets the notebook aside. "I will submit this report to the Headmaster and he will make his choice. Either he will call you into his office or you will hear nothing, in which case you did not pass." She half turns towards Zayn. "On to other matters. Do you know Esther Lowe well at all?"

Zayn nods, "I understand, I certainly hope do to my inability to answer the last question, that it will not hurt me, though I certainly understand if it does." he says with a small nod, his hand moves up and he taps his chin for a moment, "Fifth Year, a little odd, though I am not one to speak I suppose, I am familiar with her, though I think perhaps we have only had a few conversations in passing, nothing note worthy or worth my time to remember." he says with a small shrug.

"Recently I offered Esther some…protection shall we say." Medusa flicks a bit of of imaginary lint from her too short skirt. "This has meant Esther is more socially active, less prone to hiding away. However, she is a little vulnerable. Naive too. I was hoping that as you are known for your kindness you might be willing to befriend her, help her find her footing socially. She has some strange ideas that in order to fit in within Slytherin she must become cruel or a bully. I am trying to dissuade her of these ideas and who best to help me but Slytherin's own pacifist." Coming to the end of her request the Queen smiles sweetly at Zayn.

Zayn rubs his chin, "Appealing to my Generosity and interesting Philosophical life views." he says slowly, he leans forward still looking at Medusa, "Well played." he says nodding. "Vulnerable, Naive, Curious Views." he says slowly with a small nod, "And Medusa Malfoy, offers her Protection." he says nodding slowly, "Though what does she offer me." he says leaning back, "Simply because I am Charitable, doesn't mean I do everything for nothing, Malfoy. You request a service from me, I request what you propose to do for me." he says with a small shrug, a smirk forming on his face.

As if handing him a slightly naive moderately attractive girl on a platter isn't enough? Medusa purses her lips. "I will convey in my report that I feel you would rather not offer magical teaching to those of less than pure origins, but as the law stands because of the work of your family you cannot say so openly in a house common room, for instance."

Zayn says slowly in Arabic, "el-GHawi yena'aT be Ta'eituh" nodding slowly, "Or He who wants something will pay for it with his hat, the foundation of any business transaction." he says offering a sly smirk, "That would be most kind of you." he says nodding, "Also it is greatly appreciated." he says his hand moving up and tapping his lips for a moment clearly thinking about something, "Obviously you have something in mind for her, how do you want me to shape her for you?" he asks curiously.

"I don't want her shaped," admits Medusa. "I'm trying to help her not end up like Batshite Abbott. There area already rumours that poor Esther is spending too much time with mudbloods and even fancied herself a half-blood. Her family are even more traditional than the Abbotts. I mean, she's related to the Crabbe's for Merlin's sake. But Esther is afraid of Slytherins. I tried to tell her there are nice people in our house. Just…be yourself Zayn. Be nice to her."

Zayn can't help but let out an small laugh, "Oh Abbott was a curious thing." he says shaking his head a bit, letting out a few more small chuckles, "So you do not want her shaped, you want me to be myself." he says a coy smirk forming on his face, leaning in and looking at Medusa with his dark brown eyes, "How nice do you want me?" he says with a chuckle, he is well aware of his reputation with the females.

Medusa is well aware of Zayn's Mr Lova Lova image. "As I said, be yourself. If she inspires certain niceties in you then she inspires certain niceties in you, Zayn. I leave it up to you. But do know she is a little skittish, so it might be a challenge."

Zayn nods still smirking, as he gets to his feet, "Well I do like a challenge." he says brushing off his robes, "Well then I will start, at the task at hand. Do you happen to know what sweets she fancies? If not I will simply go with traditional chocolates." he says shrugging, as he goes to leave, though he does stop and look back at Medusa, taking a deep breath, "Sorry wanted to take one last moment to enjoy how absolutely lovely you look today." he says with a smirk offering her a wink.

Medusa just rolls her eyes. "Go. Oh, she does like chocolate eclairs." That much at least Medusa knows about Esther Lowe. Rising to her feet she says, "I'll go file my report with Flint. Good luck with Esther."

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