(1938-11-22) DP: Letter from the Magijugend
Details for An Open Letter To The Ministry And The Daily Prophet Readership
Summary: An opinion piece that showed up in the Editorial section, in answer to Julian's petition, letter and the publicity that followed it.
Date: 1938-11-22
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((This Open Letter was published in the Editorial section, under Opinions and Letters.))

An Open Letter To The Ministry And The Daily Prophet Readership.

Dear avid readers of the Daily Prophet, among whom we expect to find more than a few members of the honored Ministry of Magic and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Board of Governors. By now you may or may not have heard of the notorious petition of one Mr. Julian Edwards, current student here at Hogwarts, and perhaps made some assumptions based on it. To those of you who have gotten caught up in his quest for publicity, we humbly ask that you hold judgment until you've heard the complete story.

We are the Magijugend, and we're proud of it. We're proud to belong to an elite Hogwarts club that not only aspires to produce great witches and wizards, but ones that cherish and respect the history and traditions of the wizarding world. Nobody should see anything wrong with this. Mr Edwards would like nothing more than to paint us as pure-blood villains (though the truth is membership is not exclusively pure-blood, simply exclusive,) but who is really the villain?

Flaunting his supposed desire for free thinking, Mr Edwards would in truth limit our right to form our opinions. This is matter of course for Mr Edwards, who has a well deserved reputation at Hogwarts for threatening anyone who would disagree with him. A member of the notoriously discriminatory Mud Club, who are obsessed with their sense of perpetual victim hood, it is convenient for him to take every chance to vilify and insinuate Dark Deeds and motives on behalf of any pure-blood wizard who doesn't immediately agree with his every loudly shouted opinion.

It should be quite informative of any who read his petition that Mr Edwards would claim a culture of fear at Hogwarts, yet can point to no specific instances where any of his 'fears' have actually materialized. He is conjuring monsters out of the shadows of his own imagination. Hogwarts remains an elite instituation of learning, the best in the world, and the vast majority of students are by all accounts enjoying the privilige of studying there rather than cowering in the shadows.

Which brings us back to the Magijugend, an innocent group of aspiring and elite performing students now having to deal with the fallout of Mr Edwards' underhanded publicity campaign. While we are all sorry to see Professor Merrythought go, some of us having the subject she taught as our very favorite, it is impossible to ignore that just like Mr Edwards she chose to target a section of the student body with unsubstantiated rumors and slander, of the sort that can cause real difficulties in learning and studying, as opposed to Mr Edwards' imagined fears.

In closing we hope and ask that the readers of the Daily Prophet, and the Ministry itself, look not towards a dissatisfied minority with an obvious political agenda, racking up petitions through dissemination of mistruths and hyperbole, but rather to the vast majority of wizards and witches who haven't signed this petition.

Thank you.

Signed Alphard Pollux Black.

With the support of Aria Calliope Sykes , Medusa Malfoy and the rest of the Magijugend of Hogwarts.

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