(1938-11-23) Food Fight?!
Details for Food Fight?
Summary: A series of events leads to accidental food flinging.
Date: 1938-11-23
Location: Hogwarts - The Great Hall

The Great Hall is probably the place to be with the weather changing as it has. The rain and whatnot that'd been plauging the Scottish countryside has given way to more Winter-esque weather outside at this point; it's cold, frigidly so, and the sunshine is deceptive. With lunch in full swing, it's no surprise that the House tables are packed; people chattering, talking. The sun shines in through the windows, adding to the illusion of the open ceiling that looms over them.

Sitting at the Ravenclaw table, of course, is Julian. At the moment, he's just minding his own business, eating his mince and tatties without much fare. A copy of the Daily Prophet sits, folded, beside his plate on the table.

Musidora has stationed herself to Julian's right and is leafing through a book of some fanciful tale or another that likely involve adventure, intrigue and romance as is her wont. Her dark hair is pinned into a bun with a very /sharp/ looking hairstick which is a definite change from the usual simple braid.

Lara makes her way into the room, a smile on her face, as she looks around to see whom all she recognizes. She settles herself in at the Ravenclaw table with little fuss or muss.

Alphard was of course sitting at the Slytherin table, encircled with his usual crew of notorious miscreants and bullies. Though they had been deceptivly well behaved this last week. The number of kids whose faces had ended up dunked in the toilets had been halved by at least half. As were the numer of victims of Alphard's creative little use of the levitation spell; the one where he gave the worst Magical Lift-You-Up-By-Your-Knickers Wedgie one'd ever (not) hope to experience. Presently there was a lot of laughter coming from the gang, much of it joined by derisive looks in Julian's direction. With the Slytherins right next to the Ravenclaws, it was pretty obvious.

The Ravenclaw isn't normally so quiet, as everyone also doesn't normally have their nose buried in a book or newspaper, despite what the other Houses might think. They're just as chatty as the rest of them, so when Elizabeth settles into her seat at the Ravenclaw table, she couldn't help but quirk a brow in mild curiosity at both Musi and Julian, seeing both of them involved in reading. Isn't this supposed to be her job?

"Hm." she makes a sound, her attention shifting to what would be offered in the way of food for lunch. She chooses a hot meal for a chilly day, tomato bisque soup with tiny little crisps. Laughter heard from the other table where the Slytherins are undoubtedly up to no good. "How was your walk last evening?" Elizabeth asks. She figures she should be polite and strike up a conversation.

A faint tug at the corner of her mouth suggests Musidora wants to grin, but she settles for a half-smile and slants a look over to Elizabeth, dog earing the page before she closes the book. There's a knowing look in normally distant eyes. "It was lovely. Yours?"

Lara begins to fix herself a light plate, as she glances around at everyone again. Her eyes flick to the covers of the books people have, then she turns her gaze to her plate as she begins to nibble. "I finally finished my copy of Call of the Wild, if someone wants to borrow it later."

The Daily Prophet isn't so much being regarding with a close eye as it is just being kind of left there while Julian reads. The fold is turned to where he can read a little bit of the sidestories on the folds. The conversation going on between the two witches notwithstanding, he does glance up toward Elizabeth, smiling pleasantly toward her, and he continues to eat.

However, the fact that there's a lot of chatter coming from behind him at the Slytherin table… well. He does his best to ignore it. As he continues to eat, though, he does glance over his shoulder to see where the majority of the hissing was coming from. Of course, it's no surprise.

He purses his lips, catching sight of Alphard, but he doesn't say anything just yet. That little bubble that had been created as of yesterday? It was being poked. And it was being poked hard. He tries to focus on eating.

Myrus Lowe comes through the doors, even though he woke up a half an hour ago, he was better put together today than usual. It seemed people whispering and eyeing him while hushed tones and a few glances up the Ravenclaw table at Elizabeth and Julian.

Even that black-headed hair-slicked-to-one-side slytherin isn't able to catch him off guard as he deftly avoids a tripping foot, and slides into a seat across from Elizabeth, with his back to the Slytherin table. He'd patiently wait for an opening in the conversation between those there, Elizabeth, Musidora, Julian and Lara, "Hello everyone. How's everybody's day today?" He would give Elizabeth a calm nod in greeting along with the question.

That knowing look in Musidora's eyes almost catches Elizabeth off guard. Almost. It makes her wonder just what the other girl thinks she knows. "Same, despite the fog." she replies, dipping her chin lightly with a small nod that, in effect, drifts the loose raven hair along her cheek. With a little bit of hesitance she glances between Musi and Julian, pausing a full moment longer before looking at the other girl across from her. "I apologize if this is rude or none of my concern, but… are you two romantically involved?" It certainly seemed so the other evening, but she didn't want to assume anything. Especially in an area she has little experience in.

Dressed in her casual clothes, a coal black sweater, a soft gray pleated skirt, and over the knee black stocking socks with mary jane shoes, Elizabeth lifts a hand to brush back her loose hair from her face. Pulling the raven locks over one shoulder and out of the way so that she can focus on her hot bowl of soup, her small fingers curling around the end of her spoon.

"I'm Edwards.. and I'm so afraid! Don't.. don't.. don't look at me, Black. You big evil MaaaAAaaagijugend eyes make me want to cry. And.. and then you'll get away with me crying, and that.. that would be wrong." More laughter from the Slytherins. Different voices piped up to join in the mocking impersonations of Julian, while Black sat there looking smug. Even if he wasn't actually saying anything himself, it didn't take a genious to spot who was encouraging their antics. There was a lot of obnoxious and self-satisfied laughter. The sort coming from kids who really thought they were being so very clever and funny. Alphard didn't join in on that, either, but he was smiling.

As if sensing the shift in his demeanor, Musidora brushes her left hand gently against Julian's arm in a silent gesture of comfort, ignoring the jibes. She was just about to take a sip of her juice until Elizabeth's so very direct question /nearly/ causes her to spill it halfway to her lips with a flustered shake, and in the process completely missing Myrus' greeting. It only takes a moment for the witch to regain her composure, however, and very carefully set the cup down. "Yes. Despite the puerile judgements of others, I find him refreshingly interesting."

Lara looks up and rolls her eyes at Alphard, before deliberately turning back towards the other tables. With an amused look, she spots a bit of pudding and fixes a small bowl. Her eyes twinkle as she scans the table and starts plucking this and that item, adding it to the bowl.

Leave it to Elizabeth to be direct, though even then she didn't expect that kind of response from Musidora. Nearly spilling her drink that is. She faintly lifts a slender brow as she watches quietly, allowing Musi to regain composure in the process even as the other girl sets down her glass calmly. She can respect that kind of composure, and that way of thinking. Elizabeth dips her chin with a small nod of approval. "Good. With a decision of that stature, it's important to you and no one else." Her pale eyes flick to the Julian, her expression softening subtly before she shifts her attention to the other table. Slytherins. Trying to get attention no doubt.

The fork Julian is using to eat is forcefully shoved into the tatties that he's working on from his plate. The words are just a bit heavy, and he's trying his best to ignore it. His lips purse a bit. However, when he feels Musidora nudging against him with her hand, he seems to find his center a bit. He goes to take a swig of pumpkin juice, trying to focus more on more immediate surroundings—

—and it's at that point, Elizabeth's directness causes Pumpkin juice to come out of one of Julian's nostrils, and he does choke, just a bit. Oh, god. It burns.

Of course, Julian just kind of stares between the two witches… but he says nothing. Instead, he works on recovering, and he just goes back to eating, after wiping his face off.

"Hah! Did you see that?! Edwards just snorted Pumpkin Juice trying to stop from crying!" That made even Alphard finally turn around where he sat so he could see what was causing all that finger pointing and laughing. His dark eyes landed on Julian's face with cruel mockery glowing in them, while his smile spread out even further. Cool, arrogant, amused. He took the time to eye the Ravenclaws that were keeping him company, too, and once he'd gotten them all he returned back to his meal.

Lara mutters to no one at all, in particular - "Goodness, but some people seem to be very obsessed with our Edwards. I wonder if it means they've got … what was it that the book called it again… something, something tendancies?"

Andromena finally made it into the Great Hall for some much needed lunch. A little later than most others, but only because she had needed to finish some work she had, gasp, actually put off. Then she had some more mundane tasks to complete, and who wanted to hear about those? Her hair is pulled into a high pony tail, the locks swishing about her neck as she walks. First inspection of her table provides her with a list of who all was there currently, and then a closer look brought her eyes to a one Alphard Black. Chuckling with cro- well, no, he had said they weren't cronies so it was wrong of her to continue labelling them as such. She made her way over to him, and remained standing as she greeted him…totally missing Julian Edwards as he snorted pumpkin juice.

Myrus looks about, and just shrugs, but the question from Elizabeth and Julian's reaction makes him nearly double over in laughter, but he stops laughing. He turns his head to look at the group of Slytherin there laughing, making jibes at Julian. So he thinks for a second, standing up and he just, sits back down. But he didn't really catch the seat like he meant to, and falls backward off of his bench, grabbing at the first thing he could grab for support…

…it just happened to be another full cup of cider… and backwards it goes as he tries to 'pull' himself back to the table, but inertia, and all that. So now there's cider flying at the laughing slytherins. Uh oh.

Esther tries to avoid exactly this. Lots of people. Food. Things she doesn't do very well, really. The slender Slytherin slides into the Great Hall intent on making her visit here short - Not because she wants to hide, but because she really, really doesn't like being here. With all the commotion, she's free to enter without anyone really taking notice of her. She takes a seat not too far from Alphard; but neither too close. Although she manages to spot Julian snorting pumpkin juice, it doesn't arise the same kind of laughter that everyone else seems to be experiencing. Silly Esther - Her emotions are broken! Why would she look so occupied with thought when a foodfight is about to ensue.

Okay…so…pre-lunch? Cillian had a bath, really. Not by choice, but when larger boys pick you up and shove your head in a toilet, you get wet. It just happens. Today, however…Cillian didn't fight back like normal, so it was only 3 dunks, instead of the six that take place when he actually bites or scratches. Now, he's making his way into the Great Hall, his long hair wet and dripping a bit as he adjusts his robes and holds a small box as he scans the room, eye(s) narrowing as he focuses on Alphard and the people at his table as he turns to head for that table, hesitating to notice people snickering and snorting and…well, then there's cider flying and he's splashed in the process, closing his eye and snorting softly as he takes a deep breath before continuing on his way. "I need to issue an apology to Alphard Black." He takes a deep breath. "It is very important."

Julian's reaction with the pumpkin juice… Elizabeth couldn't help but lift a hand to cover her mouth. Trying her best to keep from laughing when everyone else is doing just that. She didn't really mean to cause either of them discomfort. "I'm sorry…" she apologizes to both of them, though fears that it might be too late.

Luckily (or maybe not) everything else seems to explode at that moment. Myrus tries to stand up, only to trip on the bench and send a drink of pumpkin juice sailing towards their table, just as a younger Gryffindor (soaking wet) slops his way to the Slytherin table. Elizabeth blinks behind her wire frames, confused. Just what is going on here?

"It's all right, I just wasn't expecting it," Musidora chuckles and shakes her head, letting Elizabeth off the hook she wasn't /really/ on in the first place. She makes sure Julian didn't actually choke, but a brow quirks at Myrus' sudden impressions of a circus clown.

"Hey Meanie."

Thanks to Cillian's heroic intervention (and possibly poor Andromena being in the wrong spot at the wrong time), Alphard only got splashed with a few drops, and that mostly on his sleeve. Which still made the dark haired boy narrow his eyes dangerously. A sinister sneer appeared on his lips, twisting what could've been a handsome face into something ugly. The Slytherin next to him also got splashed a bit. Together they started to push themselves up to their feet with a dark glower in Myrus' direction.

But again, there was Cillian.. proving a temporary distraction. "What? Well, you're not the only bloody one who owes me an apology. But alright." Arms folded over his chest, he gestured airly - like a king accepting some dirty peasant's supplication - for Cillian to go on.

Of course, Julian's faux pas with the pumpkin juice was bad enough. He's recovered… so when Elizabeth apologises, there's a smile… and Jules waves his hand. "S'all right. I didn't expect it either."

However, Myrus' attempting to join the ranks of the Circus… well. That draws his attention quickly enough. As does the reaction from the opposing table, which actually holds his attention. Furrowing his eyebrows, he tilts his head, and gently nudges Muse, turning on his bench seat to watch Alphard and his little cronies. There's also Cillian.

Wait. What's up with the Captain?

Lara starts to giggle also, her attention having been caught by the waterfall which flew across the place. She pauses from her stirring and looks around again, apparently taking inventory of the room. After a moment, she resumes mashing something into invisibility in the otherwise chocolate custard. Finally, looking pleased with herself, she sets the used spoon off to the side. Picking up the bowl, without another word, she rises to her feet. "Alphard," she calls out sweetly as she approaches the table. "I saw how much you enjoyed the custard the other night, so here, have a bit more." She pushes the bowl towards him, leaving him to take it, or wear it.

Myrus lay on the floor for a moment, groaning. "Oh my gosh… I'm so sorry guys.." he says just a little dazed. Thankfully Cillian was a distraction for now..

Wrong place, wrong time? Most definitely. The splash seemed to be mostly absorbed by Cillian, but there was still more than enough to make its way on to Andromena so that even as she was about to say something further - perhaps a greeting to her fellow ravens? - she gave a startled yelp that cut everything short. Andromena cast an aggrieved look over her shoulder. It was softened, if only slightly, when she saw Myrus scrabbling about. Since Alphard was busy with Cillian, Rowle decided she would attempt to help her House mate up from where he was making, in her opinion, making a fool of himself. Nobody else seemed willing at any rate.

"Let me help you, Myrus," she offers, both verbally and with outstretched hands!

Esther is provoked into rising almost immediately, the glances between Myrus and Alphard predict a disaster about to happen. She's up smoothly, before she even has a chance to eat or drink. Foolishly, she's heading right into the fray, to also offer her paternal cousin a hand off the ground. Also ensuring that she stands between him and Alphard, a position that she seems to be quite popular with her lately. One can never have too many offers for help.

"I apologize, I am very sorry…so very sorry you are the way you are. A twisted, self-centered, bullying, entitled individual who hides in the shadows of the honor of his house and last name. You have a very impressive house and your family is one my father respects very much, so I have tried and continue to find a reason to see who you are as a person. I am every so sorry that you don't get enough hugs, kisses, and love so that your heart has twisted into a black stone that weighs heavily on your conscious and causes you to lash out. I know you'll get married and have a family of your own and be well known and respected amongst your peers." Cillian takes a deep breath. "And I know you will ignore, mock or snicker as anything I say, so I will leave you with this last comment. I know what one of your fears is, I saw you in that library and so I forgive you. When you are old, and surrounded by family and school is far behind you, I will still forgive you. So. I apologize for never being able to hate you." He sets the box down at the edge of the table and turns to head back for his own table, shivering.

Having turned around to watch the goings on, Julian kind of… stares on. He could hear Cillian talking, so after he's done… he just…

Well. Julian stares on. The whole situation's probably a bit of a powder keg. He waits, watching on. His eyes cut toward Muse… his mouth slightly open at the whole thing.

Alphard was ignoring Lara, completely. A beneath his notice half-blood. Besides, Cillian was doing a very good job at keeping all of Alphard's attention. His mouth thinned into a hard malevolent line, and his features all but lost every semblance of human emotion as the Gryffindor just kept talking. Alphard didn't move as much as a muscle until the very end of Cillian's 'apology'. Then he started to laugh, a quiet mocking laugh. "What a pathetic load of Gryffindor crap." Then quieter, meant just for Cillian. "Save your faux sympathy for someone who isn't going to be spending the next few years drinking toilet water. Because that's going to be your fate." And Alphard was going to make sure it happened. Of course there were other students mobbing him at the moment, so his 'private' promise probably wasn't so private after all.

Esther can only protect so many people from Alphard. Well. One. Well. Kinda. She hears Cillian… And the strangest thing happens. A smile, upon a normally pensive face. She turns, commits his face to memory… And then returns to tending to her cousin.

Myrus stands with the help of Esther and Andromena, and looks at Cillian as he makes those statements. He can't help but look over Esther's hair (which he has to, and can due to height difference) and see the box on the table. He's watching it intently, and waits for someone to open it. Or he could just ask cillian. So for now, he just looks at the box, pondering what is in there.

Musidora meets Julian's eyes, and the normally quiet Ravenclaw just gives him a shrug as if to say 'I have no idea' before she watches the rest of the goings' on. There is very little she has to interject as awed as she is by the sudden flurry of events.

And Myrus said "Thank you," to Andromena and Esther.

Having give Alphard a chance to put out his hands and accept the bowl she was offering, Lara watches as instead, it continues moving forward, with gravity taking a toll upon the contents. "Oh!" she exclaims, inhaling sharply as the contents begin to spill, chocolate and messy. "You spoiled it!"

The little Captain, pauses in his walking away, to turn and just smile a sad little smile at Alphard. "Sadly mate…you don't control my fate." Then he continues on his way, sighing softly before scratching above his eye patch and taking a deep breath, pausing to linger near Julian's table, craning his neck to look over to Julian and he waves his hand a bit, rummaging around in his bag for an envelope, removing it and holding it up. "And you. Me Da says causes are like pansies, beautiful to plant but impossible to control once the seeds have spread…ye can try to keep them in flower beds, but ye'll find them all through the lawn in a year or so. You can't control them, but appreciate the beauty…and be wary because like all weeds they can choke the flowers you did mean to plant." He sets the envelope on the table and then Cillian takes another deep breath. "Also, I 'ave about five pounds of chocolate in me bag…for anybody who wants some, me shoulders /killing/ me." Then he's headed for his table.

Andromena, having helped Myrus to his feet, leaves him in the care of his wild-haired cousin. She had to go back to Alphard, not that he needed her help from some young kid and a girl. Lara Stuart. No, this had everything to do with a show of loyalty. How would it appear if she just stood off to the side while everyone mobbed him in some sort of bizarre reversal of roles.

"No problem," said to Myrus in passing. She still had nothing against the guy, even after she started hearing him referred to as Grope-sus.

That was when it happened. Lara dropped the chocolate. Mouth agape, half way back to Alphard, Andromena can hardly believe her eyes. "That was stupid," she says to the younger girl, voice bereft of sympathy but full of a helluva lot of: you're so in for it now.

Lara stomps one foot in petulant anger. "Why would you do that! I was trying to be /nice/ to you, you silly fool. Or do you enjoy having everyone hate you and thing you're nothing but a big bully! Medusa told me to be nice to you, but you make it impossible." She then turns and flounces back to her table, sitting down with a plop.

Esther is careful, still, to keep herself within the direct path of sight between Alphard and Myrus. Legitimate fears, considering she hasn't honored her obligations yet. Although eventually, a decision is made, with a /very/ firm squeeze of her cousins shoulders, and a /very/ firm stare, Myrus is released. "Alphard." She turns around, to offer any kind of assistance - Only to find her other cousin in the act of being covered in chocolate custard. This… Is all getting completely out of hand. It's the kind of situation where someone should step in and take control - She's not there yet.

That… Elizabeth blinks. Was Cillian suicidal? She blinks again as she watches, almost stunned by the 'apology'. There was a few others that had a similar reaction as well. Only to be followed by Lara and her bowl of chocolate custard.

Elizabeth carefully pushes herself up to her feet, instinctively. Knowing that if things took a downturn that there could be a food fight on their hands.

"YOU BLOODY STUPID IDIOT!" Alphard's expression became a thundercloud of fury as Lara spilled her bowl all over the front of his immaculate school uniform. For a notorious brute and a beater, he really did pay excessive amount of attention to keeping himself always clean and tidy, and usually with tailor fitted and expensive clothes. "You're going to regret that, you ugly little freak." It was almost impossible for him not to just AAAARGH and wand and smite all these pesky little ugly insects bothering him! Unfortunately it was the Great Hall, and there were Professors who probably about this time startd to notice all the commotion.

"Bloody hell, now I have to change." He spun on his heels, and headed out to get clean. Revenge was better served cold, anyway. And with a lot of pain involved.

When Cillian approaches, Julian blinks a little bit, listening to the young Pirate's words. His lips purse, and he shakes his head. "Every time, Cap, y'always speak wisdom," he remarks idly, shaking his head a little bit as he snickers… and he reaches for the envelope once it's settled onto the table. He immediately pockets it, nodding toward Cillian quietly.

Then, another commotion. Lara's Custard Commotion causes him to raise his eyebrows, and he just… finds himself gaping again.

Then, Alphard's explosion. "—and I'm the one who loses their temper, am I, Black?"

He raises his voice to be heard over the rest of the commotion. He's got a wonderfully pleasant smile on his face. "Check your privilege."

Esther bites her lower lip so hard she could almost draw blood. A quick, almost rabbitlike glance is given to the occupants of the hall, before she follows her darker cousin out. See? This is why she's thin!

Lara, in a snit too, shouts out, "Well at least taste the stupid custard before you clean it all!" She then sighs, hiding her face in her hands. There is muttering, but it's not quite loud enough for anyone to understand.

Myrus watches as the custard lands, and in all the confusion, he winces, and slides around while everyone is ohmigurd goin ape-crazy he reaches over and pulls the box off the slytherin table, since the target was gone. He doesn't say anything at all. Don't bring attention to yourself, bite your tongue, Rus.

And if anyone would ask him, he'd say he was going to get rid of it, since he owed Alphard that much for spilling cider on him… that's only -if- someone saw it and asked. He doesn't stay to eat, either, but not leaving as quickly as Esther and Alphard.

UGH. So much for getting to eat anything. Watching as Alphard stomped out, Andromena shot a cool-eyed stare towards Lara. What a little attention…there was a shake of her head, and in so doing she spied a particular student that she never thought she would have any use for until now. A plan began to form, as yet nebulous and without much detail. In irritation, Andromena went to snatch up the gift for…

"Hey," she said, loudly enough so that she would be heard. "Where did the little box go?"

"You know," Musidora wonders at the whole affair, her voice at its normal level and pitch, "stress shouldn't be able to exist in the presence of good custard," though it's not directed at anyone in particular. There's a slight shrug of her shoulders as she sips her juice.

Alphard leaves, heading towards Entry Hall [N].

Myrus holds the small box to his side, under his robe. Don't look back, leave quietly, keep it hidden until you get back to your room.

Lara sighs sadly, lifting her head finally. "I worked extra hard on that one too, hoping that if he just got something sweet inside him, he might be distracted long enough to think even one kind thought. Now.. now I've got a target on me, because I was being … nice." She shakes her head and sighs one final time. "Oh well. At least I've still got my own lunch."

"I'm… not even sure what it was that just happened here…" Elizabeth admits, mostly to Julian and Musidora across from her. But seeing Esther chasing after Alphard out of the Hall, she's almost reassured that there isn't going to be any food-slinging, so she carefully takes her seat at the table once more, eyeing the Ravenclaw table, and the Slytherin table.

"You were being an obnoxious twit, Stuart," this from normally sweet and well manner Andromena Rowle. "You went and sought out that ~target~ and for what?" She cast a glance towards the departing Myrus, something seemed…but no matter. Her attention was on Lara. She stood beside Stuart, rather than take a seat. Something she had yet to do this lunch period. "So you can play the victim?" She gave a huff of disgust.

Lara looks up and shakes her head. "No, not for that. I did it because Medusa told me to be nice to him. The only thing I know he likes is food, and he liked the custard we made, so I was trying to do something that should have been a nice thing. But I swear, someone's but a hex on me lately! I keep tripping and dropping things, and …" She waves one hand in frustration. "I don't know why it keeps happening. I never used to be clumsy."

The whole while, watching everyone scrambling and leaving, Julian had sort of watched Myrus for a moment… and his eyes narrow just slightly at something. Whatever he's narrowing at, though, it's obviously something other people aren't noticing.

Sipping on his Pumpkin Juice, Julian watches Myrus go, eyebrows furrowed, eyes narrowed slightly. This'll be something he'll have to discuss later.

Meanwhile, he glances toward Musidora, snorting slightly. "This is quite true," he remarks softly, raising his glass slightly… and Elizabeth gets a glance as he turns back around. "Bluddy brilliance on that little Gryffindor's part is what just happened, on top of many other unfortunate, but hilarious events."

He takes another sip of his Pumpkin Juice… and he looks down the table, hearing Andromena brow-beating Lara, essentially. "'Oy, Rowle. Leave the poor girl be. Accidents happen," he remarks. "Not like she meant t'spill that custard on your boyfriend," he tells her idly, shaking his head.

Yep. He just went there.

"Now I be wantin' pudding. Do ye tink if I chase him down, he'll let me scrape some off of his robes?" Cillian drawls softly to a housemate before he's dividing his attention between dealing out sweets and filling his plate/piling his plate with food, humming to himself and kicking his feet. "And to tink, the sad thing is…he's an absolute /nightmare/ to most people and he can't appreciate pudding. I mean…nobody makes pudding for /me/ and I only bite the people who try to bully me!"

"Oh, then forgive me," said with a roll of her eyes. Because Andromena certainly did not believe it, but she wasn't willing to behave totally irrationally, either. "I jumped to a horrid conclusion there, what with all that food and juice flying around." Some of which was on her. "If that's really how you feel, Lara, than an apology to Black when you next see him should be fine. I mean, if you're actually concerned about him being this awful monster and targeting you in the future."

Went there, did you, Julian? That was alright with Andromena. They were dating now, after all. Then again, it probably hadn't gotten around to all that many students. The pair hadn't exactly made a big deal out of it. She looked towards him, sitting with Musidora and Elizabeth. Noted his use of her last name, too. Then she gave a shrug.

"Yeah, accidents happen." A pat-pat to Lara's shoulder, and suddenly Rowle was all smiles. Friendly ones, too, unlike Alphard who could make them a mockery of the word. Still…"I hope you're not really hexed. That would be terrible."

Lara lifts her eyebrows. "Oh! You're the one he meant when he said he hopes his girlfriend joins the cooking club!" She sighs with a more relaxed set to her shoulders. "No wonder you got so upset just then. Well, I can tell you what we added to the last one, and I know he ate that well. I don't know if he'd have cared for this one as much, because it had cherries added, and not cinnamon, but it was worth a shot." She looks concerned. "Do you really think he'll understand that it wasn't on purpose? I thought he saw me trying to hand him the bowl, but I guess he was too distracted." One hand moves to her necklace, fingering the butterfly nervously. "I really was trying to be nice. My mother told me that the best way to calm a man down was to feed him, so…"

Through all of it, Musidora has slowly made a portion of Shepherd's Pie disappear. Once that's finished her book is tucked into one of the pockets inside her robes and she stretches her arms behind her to enjoy a long stretch. To Elizabeth, "Good thing it's not quite like this everyday, yeah? Although it does keep things lively."

Andromena's smile becomes even warmer. The truth was, Andromena was hardly the kind of person that generally engaged in the sort of behavior that created enemies as opposed to friends. Her little outburst was no doubt due to the fact that she had walked in on the middle of a supposed food fight, got splashed with pumpkin juice, and then overheard some little kid refer to her boyfriend as, more or less, a soulless monster! It could grate on the nerves. Grant her that, at the very least.

"I'll be with you if you'd like," she says to Lara, idly wiping at her face. "Alphard's not as terrible as some people want to make him out to be." No, he was just terrible. Andromena perked up when Lara mentioned he had referred to her in Domestics. "Yeah? Just earlier he was telling me about the club. You're in it?"

"S'kind of a good reprieve from someone bein' at your throat," Julian remarks, shaking his head slightly. He gently begins to push his almost-done plate of food away from himself, and he reaches for his yet unread copy of the Prophet. He rolls his neck a little bit, breathing in. "I think I'm gonna go for a bit of a walk," he remarks idly.

With that, he begins to stand up, and he stretches a little. "I'll see you all back in the common room later," he remarks to those that've actually been talking to him, and he smiles, before stepping over the bench to head out. But not before reaching toward Muse, and giving her hand a small little squeeze. He's out.

Lara shakes her head. "Not yet, though I want to join. It was the other girls who were discussing it, and it seemed to please him." She gives another of those little one shoulder shrugs of hers. "I do appreciate that you'll go with me. He's sure to listen to you." Her eyes crinkle at the corners as she smiles up at Andromena, relief clear upon her features. Then, her attention finally turns to the damp patches on the other girls' outfit. "Oh, I didn't get you too, did I?" She seems sincerely worried.

Elizabeth holds onto a mug of hot chocolate as she blinks up at Musi across from her, pausing a full moment before pulling away her drink. "Quite right. That was… a spectacle." She's still not quite sure what to make of the mess, but now it's over. At least she hopes so. She lifts a free hand to brush back her raven hair from her face, glancing between the other girls. What was this now, a domestics club? She hasn't heard of this before.

And Musidora takes that moment to uncurl from her seat at the Ravenclaw table, moving a hand to dust down her robes. She gives Elizabeth a smile and the look remains on her face as she meanders out of the Great Hall on some daydream or another.

"Of course," she confirms. There was no reason not to help out the younger girl if her intentions had been honest. "And we can make a deal to join domestics together." He had really twisted her arm about it, too. One mention of enjoying another girl's cookies and Alphard had easily maneuvered Andromena where he wanted her. Point him, that round.

"What? Oh- no, this was from the cider. Or pumpkin juice? I'm not sure what went flying. I think it came from poor Myrus." Some how or another the boy had stumbled.

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