(1938-11-22) He's a Charmer!
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Summary: Laurence and Braewyn meet and greet while cleaning the mud off from Books Unbound.
Date: November 22, 1938
Location: Outside of Books Unbound, Diagon Alley

Braewyn walks with more assurance to her footsteps towards the Books Unbound store. She stops though a few feet from Laurence staring at the book shop. "It is worse. How horribly sad. Really can't understand why one would have such disdain to try to ruin the business of a bookstore." She sighs softly but her comments is left out in the open.

Laurence's lips curve in a small smile as he watches Braewyn approaching, tipping his fedora politely as he's wearing a light grey trench coat over his clothing due to the weather. "Because they haven't the sense of an unborn babe really…I mean, its like child's play really. Want to give me a hand beautiful?" He hesitates before tugging a couple of brushes and rags from the toolbox, obviously bigger on the inside. "It really is a nice shop inside…"

Braewyn bobs her head a few times, "I've been inside already. The other day I was there to buy some books on ancient attire. I needed something for my fashion show." There is a long sigh. "Oh, what did you need help with? I'll help as long as I don't end up somehow falling to the ground hurting myself and my pride." She flashes him a grin. And luckily she hasn't inspected his outfit thoroughly on the account of his kindness.

"Well, first you take a rag or a brush…make sure you haven't anything you don't want soiled out of the way, and then you get a bucket of water, and we begin cleaning. Not using wands because there's no telling what's been jinxed or hexed really." Laurence explains softly. "The man who owns this shop? Is engaged to someone…I loved deeply at one time, and he is her perfect match. Also, I told him I'd do what I could to help out with his shop…so its either find a nice broad, go pub crawling, play with my wood or…do some good." He chooses a bucket and a brush, heading for a shop window where he tugs a wand out of his sleeve and whispers a soft charm, to get the water nice and bubbly. "And its Laurence by the way, Laurence Toulson."

Braewyn hmms, "Sounds like you're a good person. You've the talent for forgiveness and acceptance." She squints her eyes at him, "Unless that is a comfortable facade. I suppose I get a little paranoid at times. The fashion world has so many coy and cunning folk that one can never be too careful who they chat up with." With that she slips out a few simple rubber bands to hold back her sleeves from flopping about then she pushes back her cloak off her shoulders. Picking up the edge of her skirt so bending won't let the edge of it get near the ground, she begins to help him clean off the bookstore window.

Laurence laughs softly and shakes his head as he reaches up to scrub a bit more mud off of the window, taking his time and being thourough. "I have learned…in many ways, that if you do not forgive, you age more quickly and grow more bitter until you resemble a prune. Very much not my look, lovely." He quirks an eyebrow though. "You are a fashionista of sorts then?"

Braewyn grins sideways at him while she continues the cleaning of the muck on the window. Some of it she sees is sloughing off, that is if she wets one spot thorougly with a rag. "I'm a fashion designer here in London. I've worked all over the world prior. But you're right, I'm a fashionista as well. I try not to be completely rude about it. The more appalling attire I see cause me such hardship to keep a smile on my lips."

"Ahh…fashion designer? I thank you then, for making women even more appealing, and the blokes too if you do them." Laurence smiles wryly before he brushes two finger against a bit of writing and scrubs a bit harder to get it off, shaking his head. "You look beautiful, by the way…I have an eye for fashion myself."

Braewyn laughs softly, "You're welcome on both accounts. I create fashions for anyone who can afford me or whoever the company says for me to make fashions for. Often I get to choose or they set up the magazines and fashion shows for me which I design for. I work in both wizard fashions and muggle ones too." She shrugs her shoulders before bowing her head, "Thank you for the compliment. I think more you have an eye of the beauty, no? Even some odd attire can be fashionable. Like Mr. Gamp's bowties. Not many look good in one of those. And certain masculine hats look absolutely gorgeous on women."

"Well yes…granted most of the women's fashions I see end up on the floor of some flat, but the intricacies involved in removing them or lacing them back up is a skill I learned from a very young age…and it makes you pay attention a bit more." Laurence drawls playfully before adjusting his fedora and soaping back up his brush as he moves on to another bit of gunk. "I promise I'm not a dirty old bum, I really do appreciate beautiful…people and things, and I agree…some odd attire can and is fashionable, Indian Sari's for example…to some would seem terribly immodest but in and of themselves they are are the epitome of being modest yet feminine and gorgeous."

Braewyn smirks slightly, "Ah, you're a charmer who meets up with my models, seduces them then has his fun. Afterwards, he can't help admire their clothing when he puts it back on them the next more which is like an aphrodisiac." She laughs heartily. "Oh, I make no objections to all of that. As long as my models are returned to me in a healthy disposition."

"Mm, I wish it was simple as that, Miss…I really do." Laurence notices a rough edge on a piece of wood, feeling it with a soft murmur before kneeling down and tracing a finger over it, moving his fingers to his nose to sniff delicately and bite his bottom lip. "I…do my fare share of seducing and I may have found myself intimately involved with one or two of your models…but I prefer to woo and court and build a relationship if I can, either way for me its about…appreciating and loving the female form and spirit, the beauty within and making them see how truly beautiful they are, worthy of the respect and appreciation." He moves to remove sand paper from his toolbox, returning to the broken wood and working on smoothing it over.

Braewyn slowly nods her head, "I understand. So you do not play about with 'hearts'. You prefer to have one and enjoy her thoroughly. Or is it a preference to take on several lovers at a time to enjoy them all individually for as long as you feel close?" She picks up a brush now to scrub the spots that she can't slough off with a rag.

Laurence just laughs softly and shakes his head. "I haven't really thought of it…when I find a woman I really really love…and who loves me…no power on this earth can make me stray…" He trails off staring at the window frame he's smoothing out and lowering his eyes for a moment before shaking his head. "Some people love hard, my dear…hard and that sort of love never goes away. So,instead of falling…I just like to make people feel good, feel special…share my love, so the heartache doesn't kill me from it all being bottled up inside." A small sad smile before he sighs and shakes his head. "Do you design hats?"

Braewyn nods once, "I design hats and all the accessories a person would wear. I've even designed under clothing. Some of the world isn't shy about showing parts of themselves in public. Sometimes when I remake someone's wardrobe, I lose my temper and is forced to remodel /all/ of their clothing because married couples should not be wearing under garments that look like chastity belts. Gah! How horrid!" She wrinkles her nose but she asks him, "Why not love with all your heart? If she leaves, then you have another chance to love again. Not like I'm married nor understand relationships so deeply but if you're that kind to love deeply, then do not hold back!"

"Would you like to design a line of flying gloves for me then? I could sell them from my shop…pay you and give you all the credit for the gorgeous work, hm?" Laurence offers with a thoughtful expression before tilting his head to the side. "Or…you could arrange for a private showing of your beautiful underclothings…you bring the models, I'll provide the refreshments." He winks before sobering a bit and shrugging. "You see my dear, that is…the challenge. I always love with all my heart…I can't turn it off." He smiles a bit and then goes back to sanding.

Braewyn tilts her head, "Well, if I design a line of flying gloves for you, I will be sure to outfit a few models for the advertisements with the gloves, outfit and your top quality brooms you make. I won't settle for anything less because I want the gloves to sell and I only see that working if it is paired off with the best brooms you have." She snorts softly, "Always a charmer. You will lure too many of my models to your bed, I see. Even if you love each and everyone of them deeply. They will follow you about. I will be careful to let too many in your sight. Especially with only undergarments on them." She asks, "I did detect a hint of sorrow before when you were explaining the depth of love you do feel. I'm sorry to hear that you've lost loves before."

"Seeing as all of my brooms are top of the line, and each one custom made, I wouldn't have any problem with that." Laurence replies softly before tracing his fingertips along another window frame and finding another snag, working on sanding/smoothing it out. "Ahh, yes…I have had many lovers, but only a few loves…but that is life. And if I dwell, I will die and my doctors will tsk away. So I enjoy life…live and love and…dear merlin's above…" He raises his voice. "THOMAS, this was TEMPERED OAK that they damaged, TEMPERED AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME?!" He narrows his eye at the wood and shakes his head. "Those right BASTARDS."

Braewyn listens to him all the while she scrubs the mud off the window making sure not to scrub on any other surface. When he raises his voice, she looks over to the wood in question. "Tempered oak is special?" asking with a complete look of confusion on her face. She changes out to a rag again, getting more areas wet on the side of the shop. "Then I should ask you how you feel about the politics going on within Hogwards. The petition of reinstating a professor. What are your feelings about that?"

"Very…it means its not pure, the grains are going in two separate directions, which means it was tempered, blending to make it lighter or more appealing to the eye. Its impressive work…" Laurence trails off. "You are a fashion designer, you have to know materials, fabrics…needles, sizes, all of those things. I have to do the same for every broom I make, and…well no two brooms are ever the same and a complete knowledge of woodlore…well…its part of that." He goes back to his scrub brush and then just quirks an eyebrow. "My feelings? I don't like to see anybody lose their job over a difference of opinion." He gestures towards the shop. "Things like this end up escalating."

Braewyn smiles at him, "I understand now. Wood is your speciality while fashion is mine. Books are Mr. Carrow's. That means I can ask you about furniture when I plan to refurbish my residence." She sighs as she stops a moment from rubbing the shop with the rag. "Such a rotten thing to do to Mr. Carrow. So very childish and wrong. Where do you think this will end? You think in violence or worse?"

"Flying…and Wood, aye, my specialties." Laurence replies before he looks up at the damaged signs and such before closing his eyes, shaking his head slowly. "Oh…it'll get far worse…far far worse…"

Braewyn frowns grimly to his words. "What do you mean by worse?" She has wiped away a considerable amount of mud so she stops and steps back. "I'm getting a bit fatigued from this. Not that I am a weakly of sorts, just that the repetitive motion like this is becoming tedious. Is there some other way to wash this all off quickly without use of a wand?"

Laurence looks to Braewyn for a few moments. "Things always get worse when it comes to politics." He then quirks an eyebrow. "Aye, doing things the muggle way I guess could be tedious…but I suppose I'm just used to it. No need to do anymore, lovely, leave it to me. Just need to touch up the paint a bit…and paint over any odd things. I do…really appreciate the assistance and the company."

Braewyn bows her head to him, "You're quite welcome. I am surprised you are not married since you are quite cordial and charismatic." She hmms, "I do draw my fashions with a regular pen and color them as muggles do but that is completely different from manual labor without use of a wand." sighing. "I'm so spoiled I guess."

"Ahh, a mystery to both you and I." Laurence grins and then stares towards the shop when Thomas shouts back and he just shakes his head slowly before looking back to Braewyn. "It takes some getting used to. But…hey, here's the first step."

Braewyn chuckles when she hears Thomas, "Poor man. He is another nice one. I'm happy he has found the One he wants to spend the rest of his life with." She sighs, "I think I'm married to fashion." then a soft little giggle comes out.

Just then one of her assistants comes towards the shop mumbling something. She is a tall woman which high cheekbones, not too thin and not heavy at all. Almost modelesque but with thick black framed spectacles. Her hair is up in a ponytail with her bangs draped around her eyes, split in the center. "Ma'am. I…" comes sputtering out of her assistant's mouth. She is wearing a light blue velvet jacket with dark embroidered vines along the edges. It matches her dress that is in forest hues with light blue embroidered vines wrapping up the dress. All the accessories worn match the outfit either in light blue or dark green. Her hair is a chocolate hue with eyes that are a smoldering amber.

Laurence nods slowly and tilts his head to the side, staring wistfully at the window before he goes back to work, feeling along the window frames and door frame, making adjustments as necessary. He hesitates before looking over his shoulder to notice the young woman approaching, eyebrows raising a fraction before he looks back to his work. "A design of yours, Miss? If so, it flatters the young woman….beautifully, not that she needed much assistance in that department."

Braewyn grabs her assistant's hand to hold it, almost protectively. "Yes, much of my staff wears the outfits I've designed. My assistants are required to wear them. They don't have to pay for work clothes and I get free advertisement." Meanwhile her assistant blushes profusely, "Thank you." Her voice is lovely as well as her form. "I'm happy to get the free clothing for work. I'm Paitlyn Fellows." then she quiets down when she sees the once nod from Braewyn.

"I found her as a journalist and she handles much of my public relations in conjunction with the company's public relations staff. She is also at times one of my models." There is a smirk on Braewyn's lip but she does tease him with, "Now don't snatch this one away from me when I need to take her to the fashion show."

Laurence smirks a bit and looks between the two, thumbing the side of his nose before chuckling softly to himself and moving to start packing up and tucking away all his cleaning/repair gear with a small smile. "You also…have taste in beautiful women, my new friend." He winks to Paitlyn and offers a tip of his hat before looking back to Braewyn. "I have some owls to send and need to mix some paint in the right shade for the shop…but it was very lovely to meet you…you must come by the shop sometime for a drink, and to discuss the glove deal.

Braewyn hooks Paitlyn's arm in the crook of hers. Paitlyn merely waves while Braewyn smiles, "Of course, I'll be by soon to speak about the gloves deal. Would you like /me/ to make the initial visit or would you prefer Paitlyn instead? Not everyone wants to chat with a fashionista often." A brow raises. "And it was nice to meet you."

"You both can come, we'll make it a meeting unlike any other." Laurence winks and flashes a grin before taking his buckets and his toolbox back across the street to his shop, turning to set the bucket down and blow a kiss to the two women before picking back up the bucket and heading inside. All in a night's work.

Braewyn laughs softly, "You're such a character!" She waves to him, "Have a good day, now." Then she is furiously chatting away with Paitlyn as if in suddenly a meeting with her while they walk back to work.

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