(1938-11-24) A Sweet Temptation
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Summary: Nathan meets Rhyeline in the sweet shop. Chocolates are offered as ice-breakers, Nathan flirts and Rhyeline has a very grumpy guard…
Date: Sun Nov 24, 1938
Location: Sweet Temptations

A cold afternoon finds the door to the sweet shop opening and a tall man in heavy black robes stepping inside. The man is dangerously close to seven feet tall and has light brown hair and a muscled build. Nathan's deep blue eyes scan the shelves and once he spots the proper section he makes quick strides for the chocolate. He examines the different types with a grin and then his expression turns thoughtful as he looks over the selection as if debating what he wants more. "They have so many types…how I am supposed to pick just one." His voice carries a bit even though he keeps it rather low and he glances around the shop breifly to see who else is here and if a distraction can save him from trying to buy the entire stock of chocolates.

The moment Nathan steps into the shop, a witch in her mid-thirties lifts her chin and regards Nathan with a sharp glint in her eyes. Wearing a no-nonsense expression, she follows his progress towards the chocolate. Sitting not far from him at one of the small tables, Rhyeline warms her hands against the sides of a mug of cocoa. The tip of her nose is dotted with the cream from the sip she's just taken. Peeking up at Nathan with a quiet reserve, she watches as he debates over the ample selection of chocolates. She can't help but smile at his indecision. "The dark chocolates… those are the richest…" she murmurs to him.

Nathan's head turns to look at who has spoken to him. Spotting Rhyeline he smiles at her quite warmly and inclines his head chuckling softly. "You have excellent taste. Dark chocolate happens to be a favorite of mine as well." He selects a box and goes to pay for it. Once he has paid for it and a large mug of coffee he moves back over to where Rhyeline sits. "Would you mind company Miss?" Slowly he leans in to speak something else softly in her ear and will discretely tell her about the cream on her nose if she does not pull away from him.

The witch watching them doesn't like it one bit when Nathan leans in to whisper into Rhyeline's ear. Narrowing her eyes, she shifts in her chair. A hand rests on her wand, ready to intervene.

Rhyeline parts her lips to speak when he asks to join her, but pauses when he leans in close. She blinks, tilting her head to the side as she peeks up at him. Told about the cream on the tip of her nose, however, her cheeks warm with a gentle blush. "Oh!" Using the edge of her thumb to wipe the tip of her nose, she murmurs, "Em… thank you…"

Nathan grins as that blush spreds across those pale cheeks. Slowly he pulls back to a more polite distance. "You are quite welcome." He glances at the nearby woman who is fingering her wand and raises a brow. "I mean her no harm so there is no need to looks so hostile." He turns back to the petite woman and smiles softly his eyes equal parts curious and cautious. "Now I am wondering who you might be that you have such a vigilant bodyguard. And you still have not answered my question…" His eyes show a hint of amusment now and he studies Rhyeline while he waits for an answer.

The bodyguard's vigilance does not waver despite the man's assurances. Tonight Helga is watching her, and she's the scariest of the various witches who guard the fragile girl sitting before him. The blush in Rhyeline's cheeks only deepens at Nathan's hint of amusement. "Ah… Mm… My name is Rhyeline… Rhyeline Diderot…" she murmurs, before hiding behind her cup of cocoa for a long, slow sip. Silent, she peeks up at him from over the brim of her cup.

Nathan chuckles softly at the womans obvious shyness. There is a hint of recognition in his eyes as she says her last name and he slides into the seat across from her. "There is no need to be so bashful Miss Diderot. I always warn the ladies first if I intend to bite them especially the cute ones like yourself. Wouldn't want to scare you off after all." He sets the chocolates on the table and takes asip of the coffee before glancing at her quite intently over the rim of the cup.

Rhyeline isn't surprised to glimpse the hint of recognition in his eyes. Especially after the Community Forum where her name was mentioned in association with her political statement, the recognition has come with increasing frequency. Despite his reassurance, somehow her shyness remains firmly in place. She hesitates, hiding behind her cup. A few tables away, her guard watches him like a mongoose keeps an eye on a cobra. The little one remains silent, perhaps not quite sure how to respond.

Nathan sips his coffee once again considering Rhyeline in silence for a long moment. "You don't seem to be the type to take my words at face value Miss Diderot. You think I'm up to something don't you?" He grins amusement plain in his eyes. "Well your suspicions might be warranted but allow me to make a gesture of good will." He sets his coffee cup down and slowly slides the box of chocolates towards her opening them. "Share these with me? If I them all myself I will likely regret it later…besides chocolate makes a great ice breaker don't you agree?" He smiles softly in a playfully charming fashion and gestures to the box so she might help herself.

Rhyeline cannot quite hide how tempting the offer of the chocolates is, but her caution outweighs her love of chocolates for the moment. Watching him from behind her mug of cocoa, she hesitates before lowering it slowly. She has managed to keep from dotting her nose a second time. In a rather soft tone, she murmurs, "…what is your name?"

Nathan smiles brightly at her and his eyes shine with triumph as she speaks. "Ah progress…but then the chocolate is rather hard to resist isn't it." He winks at her. "I am Nathan Eldritch and it is a pleasure Miss Diderot. Please do help yourself to the chocolates. I was quite honest with you when I said they where a gesture of good will." He gives her a dazzling smile and sips his coffee once again. "I will have to come back here more often….I am quite fond of chocolate after all. And the company is quite nice as well."

Rhyeline seems as cautious of his words as he said he suspected. Although not quite as suspicious as her guard seems to be. The little mouse of a girl watches him for a time before reaching to pluck one of the delicate chocolates from the box. Quiet, she nibbles its edge. Her guard scowls. "Thank you… and- yes… their cakes here are also- they are quite good…"

"I will have to try the cakes at some point as well then." Nathan says with a softer smile. He glances briefly to the guard making sure he won't lose parts or wind up cursed with something nasty. He turns back to the dark haired woman and smiles softly as she nibbles on the sweet. he reaches for one himself taking a small bite and his eyes close a look of bliss upon his face as he savors the wonderful taste. His eyes open slowly and he blinks. "Who makes these? I think I've found a little piece of paradise right here…" He takes another bite clearly enjoying it just as much as the first. Once the piece of chocolate is gone he reaches for his coffee cup once again. "You /do/ have excellent taste Miss Diderot that…that was excellent chocolate."

Rhyeline watches Nathan sip his coffee with almost as much temptation in her eyes as she'd eyed the chocolates. She glances down at her cup of cocoa, perhaps wishing she'd gotten something a little stronger. Another nibble at the edge of the chocolate. She savors it slowly before glancing back up at Nathan at last. "Is this your first time here?"

Nathan smiles warmly at Rhyeline and nods his head once at the question. He notices the look she gives him and he studies her quite intently clearly tempted in a similar manner himself. "Yes I have never been here before today. I'm quite pleased so far. Do you come here often then?" Those deep blue eyes study her locked onto every move she makes and he smiles softly lifting his coffee cup once more for another slow sip.

Rhyeline's dark, expressive gaze is held in his as he watches her. A few tables over, Helga is watching Nathan with dangerously narrowed eyes. With a small nod, the little one murmurs, "Sometimes… though- I often send them a note, asking them to send me their cakes… or my brother brings me one…" As she mentions her brother, a soft smile touches her lips. The last of the piece of chocolate dissappears past her lips.

A curious look crosses Nathan's eyes as she mentions a brother. "I see. Well perhaps I will have to make a habit of bringing you chocolate as well? If you would not mind that is?" He sets his cup down not taking his eyes off her and smiles warmly once again. His eyes slip down watching the chocolate disappear behind those lips before he meets her eyes once again. "I do enjoy danger and I'm known to be spontaneous at times…I wonder.." He leans forward slightly his blue eyes locked with those warm brown ones as she speaks quietly so only Rhyeline can hear him. "I wonder if your guard over there would curse me if I tried to kiss you? Though that would hardly be proper and yet…I find myself wanting to bend the rules a bit. Do you wish to bend the rules as well Miss Diderot?" His smile is playful and sweet as he studies her carefully but his gaze is intense and shows that he is quite serious. He leans in a bit further giving her plenty of time to move if she wishes to.

Rhyeline blinks, returning to a more profound shyness when Nathan suggests bringing cake to her even though they have only just met. Once more, she warms both her hands against the sides of her mug of cocoa. The witch sitting behind her shifts, placing her hand on her wand when Nathan leans in. Her eyes are narrowed as she gives him a warning look. The little one gazes up at him with wide-eyed innocence- a touch overwhelmed by his intense stare. She doesn't move when he begins to lean in closer. She doesn't need to. Her guard bolts to her feet and says in a clear, carrying voice, "Protego." An invisible barrier forming momentarily between him and the girl she's protecting, pushing him back.

Nathan laughs softly as the spell is cast and leans back eyeing them both with amusement. The soft laugh quickly dies down to a chuckle and then recedes altogether. "Just a test on my part…no harm was meant by it just curiosity." He grins and takes another longer drink of his coffee eyeing Rhyeline carefully, curiously. "I hope I didn't scare you too much…I acted on impulse and I apologize if I made you uncomfortable by it." He looks sincere and he lowers his head fiddling with the ring he wears a for a moment. After a moment he looks up again. "Still the offer stands. I find you quite the lovely challenge Miss Diderot and one I don't intend to let pass me by." His smile returns just as warm as before.

"See that you don't apply your lips where they don't belong." The guard remains standing behind Rhyeline, staring Nathan down with open threat.
Rhyeline bites her lower lip, peeking over her shoulder at her guard before looking back to Nathan. Though she doesn't quite seem frightened, her dark gaze shines with a profound caution- and such innocence. "I'm… I'm not sure if- if that would be appropriate…"

Nathan isn't bothered by the threat at all in fact he looks amused by it. He gives the guard a bored look. "I don't care for rules…I do what pleases me." He looks to Rhyeline and smiles softly his gaze curious once again. "Oh and why ever not? I'm offering to get to know you and bring you free chocolate as a peace offering and apology for being too forward…is that so inappropriate?" He smirks at her his eyes looking to the guard breifly. "The kissing part /might/ come later but its very much optional." He grins and is quite clearly baiting the guard now even as he flashing that charming smile at Rhyeline and reaches for another chocolate.

Rhyeline shakes her head, biting her lower lip as her caution grows deeper still. The guard adopts an expression of stone, though her eyes flash dangerously. "The lady is in courtship with Cassius Malfoy. And you /will/ maintain. your. distance," she says in a low hiss. The little one seems a touch alarmed. Setting down her cup of cocoa, she places her hands upon the table and pushes herself up to stand with a rather slow, careful grace. She hesitates once she reaches her full, diminutive height. "I… I should go…" she murmurs before looking over her shoulder to the guard. "Come… let's go… to Berylwood…"

Nathan sighs softly but does not press further. He nods to Rhyeline as she leaves a determined look in his eyes as they follow her. "If you wish you may go but that just means I shall just have to try harder next time. Goodbye for now Miss Diderot. Take care." He smiles at her and takes a final sip of coffee before he rises himself and taking his chocolate moves to leave. His quick strides have him at the door first and he holds it open for the woman and her grumpy guard. Nope he is not put off in the slightest…

Grumpy is certainly putting it mildly. Helga glowers up at Nathan like an over-territorial bulldog. She places a protecitve hand on Rhyeline's narrow shoulder, keeping close as she follows the little one out. Rhyeline's cheeks are rather warm as she peeks up at the looming young man holding the door for her. "…good bye…" she murmurs before drawing the hood of her furlined cloak. Without another word, she steps out into the bitter cold and rain.

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