(1938-11-24) AmDram in the Great Hall
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Summary: A group of students do an impromptu drama piece in the Great Hall.
Date: 24th November 1938
Location: Great Hall

Supper is over and most of the students have cleared out of the Great Hall but a few are lingering to chat or play games with friends from other houses. Having not eaten with the Ravenclaws since they started targeting Magijugend members with food, Fiona has been safely ensconched with her sixth year Gryffindor brother but now Gilroy has gone off to do some homework and the girl is on her own. Thankfully she has her favourite book of Irish folklore with her. Lifting her head from reading about Cuchulain and the Giant she looks around to see if any of her friends are available for acting it out.

Vincent half jumps half walks his way to where Fiona is sitting, he plays with his Eye of Truth pendant as he does so. He flops himself next to Fiona on the bench "Hellooooooooo" he says, sticking his head between her face and her book. He giggles to himself and sits back.
Fiona has partially disconnected.

Cillian makes his way into the Great Hall, carefully balancing a stack of parchments on a couple of thick books as he cranes his head a bit to see over the stack and then continues on his way, stepping out of the way of a couple of older students, only to have one of them 'accidentally' knock his books out of his hands and he narrows his eye after the large Slytherin boy and then just bows his head, turning to work on picking up the pieces of parchment and stacking them back up having to kneel down to work on this.

With a laugh Fiona nudges Vincent back with her elbow. "Down boy," she says. As Cillian goes past the girl gets an idea. "Do you want to do some play acting?" The question is posed loud enough for Cillian to hear if he is so inclined.

Vincent looks to Fiona as she speaks. "You're silly!" he says and goes to give her a peck on the cheek "But you don't smell like a Mudblood so it's all good!" he giggles again. He's in quite a silly mood today.

Cillian looks up from where he's having to reorganize the pieces of homework that got knocked over and he hesitates as he looks between Fiona and Vincent before looking back down to pile his books back up. "What's the story?" He quickly looks behind him as a shadow moves past before exhaling softly.

Fiona rolls her eyes at Vincent. "They don't smell different, Vinnie." She smooths a hand over the beautiful Gaelic script in her book. "It is the story of the Giant's Causeway or Cuchulain and the Gaint." Cillian is given a glance, Fiona is never sure just how Irish he is, so these stories might be unfamiliar to him.

Vincent looks to her "I think they do! Like DIRT!" he giggles and leans his head on his hand. "So this book thingy. I don't know it. Mummy and Daddy only told stories of Muggle-Stomping. What's it about?"

"Ahh, always a good one." Cillian offers a forced smile that doesn't quite meet his eyes as he looks between the two with a weary wariness, stuffing some parchment away into his satchel and adjusting his hold on the books themselves as he gets to his feet. He looks to Vincent curiously before looking back to Fiona with a lift of an eyebrow. "I'll let ye explain the story i-its a good one…"

Vincent's comment just makes Fiona roll her eyes. "No, dirt smells like dirt…actually some dirt smells nice. Rich earth that is for planting. That smells nice." She looks between the two boys, "I need a coin to flip to see who gets to be Cuchulain and who gets to be the giant."

Vincent stands on the table, not paying any attention to whether there are professors in the room and stamps, with outstretched arms "I wanna be the giant! RAWR!" he says then sits down giggling.

Cillian reaches into an inner pocket to select a chocolate coin, wrapped up but it has a heads and a tails and he offers it to Fiona with a small nod. Then he smiles a bit as he looks up at Vincent, eyebrow raising.

"Do be sensible, Vincent," says Fiona with a grin which implies she often isn't sensible. The coin is flipped and hidden in her hand before being slid back over to Cillian. "Very well, Cillian you can be Cuchulain and Vincent can be the giant." Shifting to sit on her knees on the bench she declares, "I will be the narrator and the other parts." Looking around she says. "We need you further apart. You are meant to be in Scotland Vincent and Cuchulain is in Ulster."

Vincent looks confused "Ulster? Is that near Birmingham?" he asks whilst continuing his stomping giant impression he walks further away, turning with a flourish and another roar when he feels he's far enough away. "I am a giant, and I eat Muggles for breakfast!" he shouts quite loudly.

Cillian offers a gallant bow at the announcement before he takes a few steps back, looking around at others and setting his books and satchel down and standing at the ready.

When they are far enough apart Fiona begins the story, raising her voice. "Cuchilain was a knight, a brave leader of his people. A hero. He and his wife," she moves over to stand near Cillian curtsies, "and his men, " Fi hops up and down around behind Cillian pretending to be different men, "all lived in the north of Ireland." She heads back the middle. "Across the way a big giant lived in Scotland. And he could see Cuchilain and did not like him. He tried to scare Cuchilain from across the Irish Sea. First he ripped up trees from the ground and hurled them across the water."

Vincent mimed picking things up, and now roared even louder than before, interspersed with giggles and a few tongue pokes at Fiona.

Cillian closes his eye bfore opening it and taking on the posture of a knight, slipping his arms out of the arms of his robes and tossing them behind him like a cape, standing up straight as he bows again and stands with his hands on his hips, pointing around or patting his 'men' on their shoulder before he pretends to duck as a tree is hurled across the water, quickly making motions for people to hide and takes cover as he squints and scans and stands unmoved.

"As the great trees hit the earth with force they created the hills and valleys of Ireland." Fiona carries on with th story. "Not to be undone Cuchlain pulled trees from the earth and hurled them back across the sea. The two did this for days, neither one tiring." As an aside she says, "But we won't really do this for days."

Vincent giggles "Why not Fiona. Being a giant is fun! RAWR!" he continues "RAWR! I'm gonna squish the muggle-man!"

Cillian mimes pulling a tree up by its roots, with a might heave and ho he tosses it back across to Vincent-Giant. "Ye shall /not/ be terrifying me people!" He huffs and tosses another invisible tree.

"As the great trees hit the earth they created the hills and mountains of the Scotish Highlands." Fiona darts back over to Cillian's side. "Cuchlain's men had grown tired of seeing the trees being thrown and decided to go off hunting." She pretends to ride off on a horse then runs back to the middle. "The giant had also grown tired of the trees and decided to pick up big boulders and hurl those. As the first boulder fell he shouted insults over to Cuchilain." Here she tries to sound Scots, "Och ye'r puny! Ye'r a puny wee Irishman and I'll tear ye limb from limb." Stopping for a brief sip of pumpkin juice left over from dinner she then continues, "Cuchlain was proud and would not be undone. He too threw a boulder and taunted the giant, "Who're ye callin' puny ye Scots bastard! C'mere and say that!"

Vincent giggled "Yer so rainy!" he began "Ah cud squash yer like a grape!" he stomped up and down and continued to roar. He looked to Fiona "This is fun!" he said as he continued stomping, and miming throwing huge rocks across the great hall.

Cillian moves his mouth in time of what Fiona is saying, grabbing his big 'boulder' and tossing it back over towards Vincent with fierce determination.

Fiona grins giving each of them a thumbs up. "For several days they hurled these boulders and as they each grew tired they started to miss and the large rocks began to fill the sea. Slowly over the course of a week a pathway from Ireland to Scotland formed. Now, Cuchulain he was clever and he knew there was a chance he might not beat the giant. So he went to his wife…." she rushes over to Cillian's side and pretends to be churning butter. "And he said, 'Wife, I am going to play a trick on a giant. Just pretend I am a baby.' Cuchilain was a big man but he turned over their table and made the underside of it look like a cradle then wrapped himself in blankets like a babe and climbed in side to await the giant." She goes back to the middle again. "The giant shouted, 'Ye puny Irishman, I'm comin' for ye!' and began to cross the water using the stepping stones."

Vincent begins stomping towards Cillian, roaring constantly as he does. "RAWR! Puny Irishman!" he shouts "I'm gonna eat yoo fur mahh tee!" Vincent stops halfway, almost unable to contain his giggles as he doubles over, a mixture of giggles, and distorted growls emanating from his hunched form.

Cillian wraps his robes awkwardly around his head and lays down on the floor, putting his thumb in his mouth.

Little Fiona is starting to look a bit tired form all the running around and organising of the story. Vincent's giggle fit gives her a moment to regain her breath. "Usually Grace does this with me and one time Ahnaliese too," she tells the boys. Of the few students still left in the Great Hall after supper several are now watching the amusing show being put on by the first and second year students.

Grace waddles into the great hall, possibly in the hope that there's still some desserts left after supper, but is drawn not towards cake, for once, but towards her friends, drifting close enough just in time to hear her name. "Fee! Are you playing the one with the silly giant man without me?"

Vincent looks slightly uneasy as he hears Grace. "Hi Grace." he says softly. "I'm soooo sorry about the other day. I really didn't mean to upset you. Sorry!" he said with an awkward wave.

Cillian looks up from where he's laying on the floor, propping himself up on his elbows and waving a bit to Grace. "Grace! I had a box of chocolate biscuits I was plannin' to give to you…mebbe next meeting of the Domestics club?"

"Gracie!" Fiona rushes over to her friend and leads the Hufflepuff over towards Cillian. "You can be the wife this time." She hugs her friend, so happy to see her and then retakes her place in between the not so giggling giant and baby Cillian. Taking a breath she begins again. "When the giant reached the shores of Ireland he found Cuchilain's cottage and he pounded on the door with his meaty fist demanding, 'Ye wee puny Irishman coom out hee-ar!'" This is Fiona's awful Scots accent. "But of course Cuchilain was pretending to be a baby so his wife answer the door and said, 'Oooh yer a big one. Me husband is no' home but ye're welcome to wait outside as'in ye're too big to fi' in.' Just then Cuchlain cried like a loud man-baby."

Grace claps happily. "I love chocolate biscuits!" she announces, beaming a huge smile. "They're like normal plain biscuits, but better! Because they've got chocolate on. And chocolate makes everything a million squillion times better!" As for Vincent, she looks at him blankly, smile still in place. "What happened the other day? Oh, Feeeeee!" she whines. "That's my bit, silly! I want to be the wife!"

Vincent shakes his head. If she has forgotten, he's happy. He looks to Grace and Fiona "I am gonna squash you puny Irishman!" he says, trying to force his prepubescent voice as low as it will go.

Cillian puts his thumb back in his mouth before making a baby crying sound. Like a sick sheep but hey, he's play acting.

"Sorry Grace. You be the wife. You say the lines." Fiona tries to look suitably chastised for a few seconds at least. Reading from the big book, though she knows the story by heart, Fiona carries on. "Hearing the big baby the giant peeked through the window and the wife said…." she leaves it up to Grace to decide what the wife said. Loyalty is everything in friendship.

Grace claps her hands together happily. "She said 'you're a big one!' to the giant, because he was huuuuuuuuuge and massive," she insists, eyes widening and arms thrown out wider yet. "And so he had to wait outside because he wouldn't fit. And the baby was really big too because it wasn't really a baby, see?"

Vincent looks unsure "Erm…." he looks to fiona "I'll wait out here then?" he says to fiona, in an attempt to get her to approve of his move.

Cillian quirks an eyebrow from where he's pretending to be a baby, crying again and coughing softly.

When Grace messes things up, Fiona walks over to her and whispers the next set of lines for the Hufflepuff to deliver. "The size of the baby shocked the giant," here she looks at Vincent, "and he sat and worried over how big the father must be if the baby was so large. Surely, he thought, looking back towards Scotland, it must have been the distance which made the knight look so small." She opens her mouth in the shape of an O and begins patting her cheeks to make clip-clop sounds. "As the giant worried over it the soldiers started to return from the hunt and the wife said," she whispers to Grace again.

"I know the words!" Grace insists to Fiona, despite all evidence to the contrary. "Um. The wife, which is me, by the way, said… um.. this is my son, and my husband is off hunting with the men. Even though it wasn't really her son. She lied a bit to the giant, which is sort of mean, but it's allowed because it's a story. And then the wife said, um, 'This is my brave, strong…'" she pauses, looking to Fiona and leaning in for another hint. "This is my brave, strong husband and you had better go home now giant or he will kill you with his big fists and turn you into mashed up giant like a big mashed potato!"

Vincent pretends to be scared "Oh no! Is he really that big?" he asks hamming it up as much as he possibly can.

Cillian cries like a baby again.

After the baby cries Fiona nods approvingly and gets to the end of the story. "Terrified the giant ran back to Scotland, crossing the great stepping stones. He was never heard from or seen again."

Fade to Black

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