(1938-11-24) Grilling the Head Boy
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Summary: Medusa has her girl Morgana's back, yo! She finds Conall in the library and tries to get to the bottom of the breakup between the Head Boy and Head Girl.
Date: 24 November 1938
Location: Library

Being in the library, off at a table, is the head boy. The area is rather empty except for a few folks running around. Conall is reading a book about magic, perhaps for class. Not quite looking around or noticing much right now. He does have a bit of a tired look on his face. The few people that are around just wander around. Back and forth and just enjoying the day.

As if she had some preternatural gift Medusa seems to know where the people she needs to speak with are whenever it is she needs to speak to them and so Conall Quinn has the pleasure of the Gorgon slipping into a chair at his table in the relative quiet of the library. The Malfoy girl laces her hands together and setting them on the table leans forward slightly. "You have been a very naughty boy, Quinn," she says keeping her voice cool and low.

Conall looks to her and raises a brow. "Oh?" He says, studying her a bit. Not quite following her chain of thougts. Looking between her and his book. "How so?" Guessing it might have to do with all that is going on right now.

Busy as Conall is with all that cake eating that Hufflepuffs do and snogging his girlfriend in corners it may have escaped him that this year Medusa Malfoy and Morgana Rashley have aligned themselves with one another. "I didn't understand it last year when Ripley was mad over that Evans girl and I can understand it even less that you are." Her pale head shakes faintly, "Morgana is an amazing girl. She gave you everything she had to give and you tossed her aside like a dirty sock."

Conall raises a brow as Medusa speaks, nodding a bit. "I know. I just couldn't be with her. I told her before as well that it was a bad idea, but I was talked into it. Do I feel bad about it? Yes." He offers to her, tilting his head. "It wouldn't work out." Looking a bit sad.

"She doesn't want you back," says Medusa with a harsh laugh that earns her a SHHHHH! from a distant librarian. "If anything Morgana would rather you fell from a great height and died or at least were unable to do anything worthwhile with your hips anymore."

Conall shrugs, "I am not asking her to take me back. Nor do I want to." He offers, tilting his head. "How is this of any concern to you?" He asks, perhaps being a bit more confident at this. Just studying Medusa. "What else do you want me to say?"

Keeping her icy Gorgon's glare levelled on Conall, Medusa leans back in her chair, hands dropping to her lap. "Morgana is one of my best friends and it upsets me to see how she is still hurting from what you did to her. Offering an apology isn't enough, it clearly hasn't helped her let go of the anguish you caused."

Conall raises a brow, "Since when did you two become friends. Last time I remember I though I heard you mentioned as all being boring." He offers and just shakes his head, letting it go. Nodding as she goes on as well. "There's nothing I can do about that. Sometimes it doesn't work out." He offers and looks to meet her gaze, not seeming too phased by it.

"Since when did you start snogging Ripley's girlfriend?" counters Medusa just as sharply. "A lot of things can happen in a short space of time, over the course of a summer, or a term at school. What upsets Morgana is now my business, which means you are my business." Leaning forward again she narrows her gaze on the Hufflepuff. "You can do something. You can break up with Evans. Not to go back to Morgana, but at least to stop flaunting your dickish behaviour in front of her."

Conall shrugs, "After they broke up. And a bit after I broke up." He offers, tilting his head. Shaking his head a bit. "Because that changes what?" He asks and sighs. "I didn't leave her to be with anyone else. I left her because I couldn't be with her for any longer." He just sits and rests his forearms against the table.

Seeing that this is already deteriorating into a circular argument Medusa decides to take another path, using something Conall said as a starting point. "Why couldn't you be with her any longer? Perhaps if I can understand that I can help her rebuild her self esteem and her broken heart, even lessen some of that bitterness a little."

Conall shrugs, "I've told her. I already chose someone over her some time ago. Yet she kept insisting. I just couldn't get past that. I always saw myself as having hurt her and I could go past it and felt like it could happen again, since it happened once. She kept saying that she was fine with it, but I wasn't." He offers, shaking his head a bit. Not usually being one to share a lot about himself, but this is for Morgana after all.

To say that Conall and Morgana were off Medusa's plane of notice last year would not be unfair. The leaves her piecing things together now. "Last year, when you were with Morgana, before Gabrielle was even in the picture, you cheated on Morgana? Is that what you are saying? And Morgana took you back but you felt…what? Guilt? Remorse? Certain it would happen again?"

Conall shakes his head, "No, it was before I got together with her. I went back to Evie instead of choosing Morgana. When me and Eibhlin broke up Morgana still came to me." He explains, sighing a bit. "I rather have her this upset with me rather than do something to hurt her even worse."

This just seems to confuse Medusa even more. "Great Merlin's beard, what are you some kind of cake eating Lothario?" She taps a fingertip against the table. "You were with Evie. Then broke up. You got with Morgana. Then broke up so you could go back to Evie?" Which explains why the two girls weren't speaking for a while. "Then broke up with Evie and got back with Morgana only to break up with Morgana and get with Gabrielle? You must have a thing for Ravenclaws, Quinn."

Conall shakes his head. "No, I didn't break up to go back to Evie." He saus, tilting his head. "I was with Evie long before Morgana. Then I was starting to rekindle with Evie. I didn't know Morgana care until at the end. And I chose Evie over her. And I didn't quite break up. Sort of." Not wanting to go into details about himself and Evie. "Then I was with Morgana. I like her. But I couldn't shake my own thoughts. So I had to ended it finally." He explains. Shrugging about having a thing for Ravenclaws, "I don't know about that."

Clearly he does have a thing for Ravenclaws as all of his girlfriends were or are one. "I see," says Medusa even though she is still a little confused. "So it was never about Morgana or what she did or didn't do with you. It was about you wanting someone else."

Conall blinks, shaking his head, "Well, maybe. Not quite. I didn't want to hurt someone I care about a lot. I didn't trust myself, so this was the best I could think of." Not the best of things to do perhaps, but one doesn't always think clearly.

"But you did. Hurt her that is." Taking a breath Medusa sighs. "She thinks she is inadequate now, that there is something wrong with her because nobody can love her. I'm not sure how I can help fix that." A finger gets pointed and jabbed in the air towards Conall although it never gets physically near him. "You steer clear of Morgana or I will take action. Even being near you in class gives her a migraine."

Conall nods, "I did. But not as bad as I could had." Though he might never had hurt her, though he might had. As for about Morgana, he shrugs. "She's not. She's great. I just feel remorse, more or less." Nodding at the last words, shrugging about Gabby as well. "I haven't talked with Gabby in quite some time, if that makes Morgana feel better." He offers and shrugs.

As she gets to her feet Medusa considers that, "It might help some. Just keep away from her whenever possible and chose a non-Ravenclaw for your next girlfriend, one she doesn't have to see regularly in the common room or at meal times." Another rule is added, "No prefects either so she won't bump into them in your fancy bathroom."

Conall raises a brow, "So basically no one as long as she might know them?" He suggests. Leaning back a bit. "I'm glad you have her back." He offers, letting her sneak off if she wish. Or just leave regularly.

"Precisely." Medusa walks off then, not sneaking, just her usual stride.

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