(1938-11-24) Kinship Concerns
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Summary: Feeling a little leery in her own house thanks to recent events, Fiona seeks advice from her cousin Conall.
Date: 24 November 1938
Location: Kitchen Passage
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Thanks to having two very best friends in Hufflepuff it is fairly easy for Fiona to get a note to her very important Head Boy cousin and ask to speak to him. Chubby little Grace Thurkell, not the brightest first year, hands the sticky chocolately note over to Conall. "Fee sent this." She then waddles off licking icing from her fingers. The note just says: Con, I don't know what to do and I think everybody in my house hates me now (except Eniri). Can you please come see me. I'm waiting outside. Fee. - And outside the Hufflepuff Common Room sits the tiniest first year, perched on a vinegar barrel, watching the portraits and the people carefully, nervously.

After getting aforementioned note Conall smiles and nod to the first year student. "Thank you." He offers and reads the note. Then it doesn't take too long for Conall to come out to meet Fiona. Coming out to offer Fiona a small smile as he makes his way over to her. "How are you? What's happened?" He asks, sounding a bit worried for his cousin.

When he approaches her Fiona jumps off the barrel and hugs Conall, her little arms slipping about his waist. "I feel like everybody is watching me, Con. They all hate the Magijugend and I'm Magijugend. They were on about starting up a secret club. Like duelling club but secret; to protect people from bullies using magic. But now because of that Julian they think I'm a bully." She pushes her head into his side, "I don't know enough magic to defend myself against anybody."

Conall sighs and shrugs. "I'd stay away from any of that, picking sides or so forth." He says and shrugs again. Though he does hug her in return. "The last thing we really need is people running around using magic right now. I'll see what I can do." He offers. Gently rubbing her back. "If we get a bunch of people using magic it will just get worse. Though things are a bit at an odd point right now."

Fiona nods and drops her arm, leaning into his side. "I don't hate all muggles or even most I just…I hate what happened with Aidan and how because of her I don't have a brother anymore. I wish she'd never been allowed to come here." Her hand curls around the Magijugend pendant she wears. "We don't do anything bad, Conall. We don't much do anything at all, except nobody believes it. Do you think I should tell Professor Mopsus about these dragon club people?"

Conall nods and smiles. "Well, then why even pick a side. It's not about good or bad. Both sides got bad and good things. That's why it's better not to get involved." He tells her. Nodding about telling Mopsus. "I think so, or at least do something. Though do tell me as well. I will also see what I can do speaking to them." He offers.

The hand holding the necklace creeps slowly up into her hair and begins twiddling it around her fingers as she does when anxious. "I can't be an un-Magijugend. I had to sign an oath and there is a thing on my wand too. It might break if I quit. Besides, it has been people in the Magijugend who have stood up to people bullying me so I'd feel disloyal." Fiona sighs heavily, "But you are right. I should just stay away from them all. Is it too late to become a Hufflepuff?"

Conall nods a bit, sighing. "I suppose. As for standing up to you, are you sure they don't just do it for what you all stand for rather than anything else?" He shrugs a bit. Chuckling about being a Hufflepuff. "I believe so. But I am around whenever you need me. No matter what you are." He offers and gives her a squeeze. "I'll see about the bullies." He offers to her.

"The first time Alphard Black stopped bullies from hurting me I wasn't in the Magijugend so I don't think it is just about that." The great bully Alphard Black evidently has nicer days where he protects first years; pure-bloods of course. Fiona's finger continues her rapid hair twiddling. "Thanks, Conall. I didn't know who else to go to. I thought about Gabby, but…she's friends with a lot of them and I didn't want to put her in a bad situation. Then I thought about Morgana, she's nice but she already got into trouble because Julian's friends, the boys who started the secret club, pulled wands on Mr Pringle in our common room."

Conall nods slowly, "I see." He offers, though not saying much else. Not feeling any reason to poke at her or any logic. Continuing to nod as she goes on. "Well, if they do that with me around they might have trouble." He offers playfully to her, trying to get her in a better mood. "I got your back. We're family."

That does cheer Fiona up a little. "We are." She smiles up at her cousin. "I know you're busy with head boy-ey things. Thanks for listening, Conall." She gives him another, much quicker hug this time. "I'm going to go see if I can speak with Professor Mopsus about Gage and Myrus and their little club."

Conall nods, "Just be gentle on them. We don't need things to escalate more than they have, okay?" He offers and smiles to her. "Who else is along? So I get an idea of who I can talk to."

The advice is registered with a nod as Fiona also does not want things to escalate. "Elizabeth Dweedle and Musidora Lovegood and Julian Edwards. The girls are their girlfriends so they're part of it too." Fee thinks about it and says, "Maybe Idrissa."

Conall nods a bit and smiles to her, "I'll see what I can do." He offers. "Do stay safe." He offers, caring for her a bit it seems. "I won't keep you longer though if you want to head on."

"I'm going to see if I can find a nice treat in the Common Room to give to Professor Mopsus and then go see if he's in the staff room." Happier to have a plan and a cousin in her corner Fiona skips off feeling much better than she did a short while ago.

Conall nods and smiles still, "Do so. Stay safe." He offers. Offering her a wave before he will move along as well.

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