(1938-11-24) Malfoy Mediations
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Summary: Medusa and Augustin exchange items and when Eibhlin walks in Medusa takes it upon herself to mediate peace between the estranged sixth years.
Date: 24 November 1938
Location: Sixth Year Greenhouse

Looking a little shifty, which never bodes well, Medusa slips into the greenhouse after lunch on Sunday hoping to find herself a blond Frenchie. "Rousseau?" She calls out the Hufflepuff's surname as she enters the year six greenhouse and near immediately is hidden by the tall plants. The warmth has her shrugging off her coat and satchel. "Augustin?"

Despite his player's mistake, Gus really does have skills when it comes to planting green growing things. He often comes to the Greenhouses even when he doesn't have class, which is good for Medusa. He pops up at the sound of his name. "Medusa?" he asks. There is a smudge of dirt across his cheek and his hair is a bit sweaty around the edges. "Hello. What's happening?"

"Douglas said you wanted this book?" She pulls what looks to be a charms book from her satchel. "I know he gave you Tempestus Totallicus the other day." That being the romance novel she swiped from under Ria's bed. "If I lend this to you are you going to be an idiot and get it confiscated by some prefect because this is not mine. It is my cousin's." Medusa doesn't hold the book out to Gus when she reaches him, but keeps it closer to her. She still hasn't forgiven him for getting her flask confiscated by Briar.

"Ah, yeah," Gus says. "An absorbing read. Didn't really seem quite… realistic, though." He frowns a bit. "Speaking of confiscated things…" He pulls out a silver flask and hands it over to her. "My father sent me this. You can hold it as collateral until I get you yours back." It's very nearly as nice as hers was, though not quite. He nods at the book. "I promise not to get that confiscated," he vows.

Reaching out to take the flask with one hand Medusa gifts Augustin the covered book with the other. "Fair enough. Just don't lose Beatrice's book or she will stab you with a fork at lunch time." Mind you, she'd probably try to kiss it better afterwards too. The Malfoy girl looks over the flask and opens it, curious if Gus' dad sent it filled with wine.

Gus takes the book from Medusa and looks at the cover, for all intents and purposes just a Charms book. The flask is empty. "I only want this because apparently the education my father gave me was rather lacking," he says with a sigh. "Not that…" he trails off and turns a bit red. "Weel, despite what some people think, I honestly think waiting until I'm married is the thing for me." He smiles a little. "No reason not to study up first, though, eh?"

Disappointed the flask is empty Medusa still keeps it, slipping it into her satchel. "I said to you before, there are many things you can do which are not actual intercourse. Just don't try and rush into them so quickly. A girl likes it when someone takes the time to get to know her." Underneath all that scheming Medusa has a romantic soul really.

Leave it to timing, call it good or bad, that Eibhlin slips into the greenhouse. Sometimes one just needs to get out of the castle and given the chill in the air here seemed just as good a place to walk through. Of course its the sound of voices, and familiar ones at that, which catches her attention and turns her first in their direction.

"I suppose," Gus says. He stoops and disappears behind the shrubbery for a second, making rustling sounds while putting the book in his bag. So he doesn't see the door open behind Medusa. "Say, what do you think of Lara?" he asks, standing up again and coming around the planters. He is dressed for working in here with a sturdy apron. "Stuart, you know. Is she nice, you think? She seems nice."

"I like her. She is a little feisty under that prim and properness. Her family seem quite traditional." Medusa leans her hands on the workbench. "But take things slowly, Augustin. You just got yourself untangled from the Evie situation. There is no rush. The world isn't going to end tomorrow."

Eibhlin was about to say something, but then he has to go and mention Lara. Of all the things for her to walk into. "So you do like her then," she says, forgoing any of the usual greetings. Its a hurt look that crosses her face, though perhaps somewhat surprisingly it settles on Medusa rather than Gus.

"What do you mean, untangled?" Gus asks. "She dumped me, I had a bit of a temper tantrum, broke my arm, and got over it." He tilts his head to one side. "Well, mostly. I still think she's pretty, of course, but…" he shrugs. "I won't bother her again." His head whips around at Eibhlin's voice. "Shine," he says, cheeks turning pink. "Er, I dunno, I suppose, maybe." He squints and tilts his head, confused. "Why are you upset?"

"Morgana is the one who dislikes her, because of the finishing school make a good wife thing. I like her, but not more than I like you." Medusa looks between the pair of sixth years. "Look, if you two fancy one another you need to stop pussy footing around." She holds her empty hands up, palms out, "I don't mean rush into something. I mean work through it. Without Augustin unintentionally making you feel bad by being a little too over eager and you retreating and unintentionally making him feel bad, Evie." Arching a brow she offers, "I can mediate if you like."

"I told you that yesterday," Eibhlin replies to Medusa, forget that Gus is right there to hear it too, "And then you all but tell him to as 'her' out?" It should atleast answer his question too. "You're right," she agrees after a moment to consider the seventh-year's words. "And I'm sorry," she adds, the apology intended for both of them.

"Finishing school, what?" Gus asks. His gaze darts back and forth between Medusa and Eibhlin. "What… is… going… on…?" he asks slowly.

Pulling her wand from her pocket Medusa flicks it and brings a pair of stools over, one stops near Gus and one near Eibhlin. "Sit if you will please." She just assumes they will sit since she said please. "Eibhlin, I think you need to tell Gus exactly why you felt unsettled over his attentions and do so honestly." Her head turns towards the boy in question, "Augustin, I would like it if you can listen to what she says but not speak until she finishes then you can have your say and so we will take turns until the air is cleared." Clearly all those childhood visits to see her brother in court have paid off.

Eibhlin flicks a glance between the two, and while she might not be happy about it she does sit when asked, smooth her skirt as she does. "Thank you Medusa," because as awkward as it may be confessing with her there it would likely never happen without her. She doesn't start right off, instead a moment is taken to collect her thoughts, trying to piece them together. "Like I told Medusa," a glance flickers in the other girl's direction before dropping to her hands in her lap. "We come from such different places. You're a pure-blood from a good wizarding family. A family with money and a reputation to keep." She hasn't been at Hogwarts for the last five years and noticed how these things work. "I'm farm girl, a half-blood. I couldn't tell you anything about my wizard side." A brief glance lifts to in his direction "It was overwhelming", but only for a second. "I didn't know what else to do. I thought it would be easier if I just broke it off before it got too far. Before we both got hurt."

Augustin slowly sinks down onto the stool because, yes, Medusa said please. "Alright," he agrees cautiously. He listens very quietly while Eibhlin explains her fears. "So… rather than talk to me, and maybe work things out, you just thought you'd draw a bunch of conclusions based on assumptions and stereotypes, and make all the decisions," he says. "Thanks."

Medusa snaps her gaze at Augustin, "Sarcasm, while one of my favourite things will not help here," she says more softly than her sharp gaze would suggest. "Please, Augustin, if you could explain to Eibhlin why you felt you had properly gotten over Lillian and wanted to pursue the possibility of a relationship with her."

Eibhlin flinches at his words. She deserved that. "I didn't say I was right," she replies, thankful for the Slytherin's interjection. She looks up however to hear his side.

Gus crosses his arms and glares at Medusa for a second. "I don't see what Yaxley has to do with any of this," he mutters. "And you said you could keep a secret. It is a secret. I can't just go telling Shine, here."

When Gus gets grumpy Medusa sighs, "I didn't mean that." She sighs again and offers to help the boy with his answer. "Lillian and Gus had been growing apart for a while. She was much more focused on quidditch and while their break up was a little upsetting to Gus, the upset wasn't about Lillian so much as he felt…well he felt that somehow he'd never find a girl who appreciated him and maybe there was something wrong with him." Her gaze lifts to the glass ceiling for a long moment before lowering again. "He wasn't emotionally attached to Lillian still, Evie, but he was worried that unless he tried to show you everything at once you, like her might lose interest." A brow arches and she looks at Augustin, "A fair explanation, Gus?"

Eibhlin blinks between the two of them. She nods slight at the explanation given by Medusa, "So.. when I thought I was doing the right thing I made it worse…?" she concludes, the uplift at the end lending question to the words. But if that wasn't what he thought she meant then what else is there? She's not asking now, but he did let something slip there.

Gus sort if gapes at Medusa for a moment or two. "Er…" he says, which if you know Gus, is pretty well an agreement. "Yeah, that — that pretty much sums it up." He is blushing now, and glances at Eibhlin. Then he nods, and looks down.

"Good, we are making progress." Of sorts. "Now, the tricky part. Augustin, would you like to try and take Evie on a date? Somewhere public, next Hogsmeade weekend?" Medusa's gaze flits to the Ravenclaw, "And Eibhlin, would you like to take Augustin on a date, somewhere public during the next Hogsmeade weekend?" Thinking of a last minute addition she adds, "With no alcohol involved."

Eibhlin hesitates, looking to Medusa first, a nod does follow however. "I think… I'd like that," she agrees, tilting her head to try and catch a glimpse at what Augustin might think of the idea.

Gus blinks. "Then… a butter beer?" he suggests hesitantly. He kind of looks like a puppy that's been kicked and expects a wingtip to the ribs again, soon.

"Hot chocolate," says Medusa firmly. "In Rosie's Caff. It is a bit more off the beaten path." She pulls on her coat. "Now I am going to go since things are settled. Behave yourselves because someone has to and I am rather hoping that someone won't be me."

Turning to look towards Medusa once more she mouths a silent, 'Thank you' to the older girl. Its as she takes her leave of them that Eibhlin turns back to the boy across from her. "I'm sorry."

Gus isn't adverse to hot chocolate, so he nods at Medusa. "Bye," he says to her. "And thanks." Aaannnnnnd, back to Eibhlin. He shakes his head. "You don't have to apologize."

With her work here done Medusa leaves them to sit amongst the leaves.

"I do," Eiblin replies. "I thought I was doing the right thing but clearly I wasn't. I did like you Gus," she admits, reaching to brush a hand against his cheek. "I should have talked to you sooner, but every time I tried…" she shakes her head. "I saw the way you looked at Lara and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to kick you that hard." Yes, that was completely and utterly on purpose.

Gus reaches up and brushes his fingertips against the back of her hand. "I really wish you would finish your sentences," he says quietly. "I can't read your mind." His mouth twists, eventually settling on a smile. "Just so we're clear, how long after you dump me next time, do I have to wait before I can look at girls again?" He is teasing her, now.

"A girl's allowed her secrets," Eibhlin says in response to the comment of finishing her sentences, a smile settling on her lips. "That depends on how long it is before I dump you next time," she teases back. "But really Gus," because it truly is something she was worried about, "you're okay with where I come from? I know how some families are."

"I am," Gus says. "And you're right. Some families are." He takes a deep breath and sighs it out. "Not my parents, though." He reaches out his good hand to grab her shoulder. "But this is my life. And if I want to court a girl, maybe even possibly fall in love, then… well, my parents will just have to accept that." He swallows. "They love me. I have to believe that's stronger than their bigotry."

Eibhlin's smile falls as he tells her his parents are that type and it proves to be exactly what she was afraid of. "No one knows where we'll go, but I don't want you to take that chance if you aren't willing to." They've talked about it now at least.

"Well, if I wasn't willing to, would I even have asked you out in the first place?" Gus asks reasonably. He squeezes her shoulder. "You let me worry about my parents."

Eibhlin nods. "I just wanted to be clear," she replies. Since they're getting all that out in the open already anyway. Its certainly not something she would have brought up so soon otherwise, but its fresh on her mind. "I just spent the morning with one of the first years in my house and she .hates. all muggle-born because her brother fell in love with one and she thinks he didn't love her family enough because he chose her over them." She may not be muggle-born herself, but she's about as close as it comes without being given her childhood and there are those who've made sure she was aware of it from day one. "I don't want to be that girl Gus. No matter how much I like you, I could never ask you to give up your family."

"But you see," Gus says. "It's not that I would be giving them up, it's that they would be giving me up. And I can't… I can't live my life afraid of what someone else might do, can I? I just have to live doing what I think is right. And… the right thing to do is to just treat people like people. Innit?" He smiles down at her.

Eibhlin swallows, on edge until he gives that answer and he'd be able to feel the tension fade from her shoulders with his hand still there. "No," she agrees, "You're right." A smile finds its way to her lips again, "And that's why I like you."

"I like you, too," Gus says. The hand on her shoulder lifts, he touches her chin, and then steps back. "I am sorry if I went too fast, before. Would it… be better, this time, if you just tell me what's alright, and when it's alright?"

Eibhlin nods, "Its okay, it make sense why now that Medusa explained." Since he refused, but she's not asking about that secret yet either. "How about we just feel it out?" she suggests, "Together."

Gus doesn't even try to stop the laugh that bubbles up. "Feel it out?" he chuckles. "Really, Shine, what an interesting turn of phrase."

Eibhlin blushes, but laughs all the same as he points out her choice of words. "You know what I meant," she replies, "Now how about we head back? Before I break your other arm," she teases, tossing a grin up at him. "I have some other things I need to take care of anyway."

Gus nods and grins, then presents his arm to her like a gentleman would. "My lady," he says, and with a quick stop to grab his things, he will walk her back to the castle.

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