(1938-11-24) Much Ado About Everything
Details for Much Ado About Everything
Summary: Julian and Eibhlin discuss a number of things, the Musidora shows up to study.
Date: 1938-11-24
Location: Boys Tower - Ravenclaw House

Sunday afternoon had given away to a lot of hassling. Hassling was something Jules was trying to absolutely avoid, to be perfectly honest. So, when he makes his way back to the Ravenclaw House, he didn't hang around in the Common Room very long. Instead, taking some music books upstairs, he had retired quite quickly to the Dormitory. He leaves the door open, since it's still quite early - a sign someone is inside, but of course, the dormitory is open.

Sitting on his four-poster with the lamp that's built into the headboard lit, Julian has put the music books away; instead, he's brought out the Potions and Defense textbooks, spreading them out liberally over his bed.

"Homework time," he whispers to himself. "If Lestrange is going to be a taskmaster, I've got to get ahead of the game." As he sets up his quill and inkwell, he also takes out his parchment…

Eibhlin has been busy with her own studies, among other things and thus hasn't had a chance to catch up with Julian recently. That doesn't however mean she's oblivious to current events within their house. A light rap on the door announces that someone is on the other side, "Julian?" the questioning call of his name in a familiar voice likely clarifying for him who it is.

With the curtains on his four-poster pulled open, Julian was in full sight from the door, easily. When he hears someone call his name, though, he's broken from his studious reverie and he reaches up, running a hand through his hair and blinking. "Oh. Evie." A beat.

"Come in."

With that, he would go back to reading at the textbook in his lap, propped up against the pillows of his bed. Flipping a page, he looks up toward her, smiling a little bit and tilting his head. Something crosses his mind, though, and he squints his eyes… but he doesn't immediately speak.

"Y'all right?" he asks her carefully, tilting his head.

Its when he says 'come in' that Eibhlin steps inside, offering a smile over to the boy. A nod is the silent half of the answer to his question. "Perfect," she replies, seeming a fair bit more content than she has of late. "Though I was going to as you the same," the redhead returns as she takes a seat on the end of the bed.

"Ruddy fantastic, thanks for askin'."

That'd be the most default response Jules has ever given Evie on anything. Actually, he pauses in his reading, moving to close the book lightly, and he looks up toward her, tilting his head. "That's a lie," he finally states, shaking his head a little. "A bad lie, at that." He leans back against his headboard, watching Evie for a moment as she settles on the end of his bed, and he tilts his head, pursing his lips. "Can't step a foot outside this dormitory without gettin' hassled. I don't even know which of m'own housemates t'trust anymore." He watches her for a moment, eyes cautiously looking her over… "Let alone people from other houses." He just shakes his head.

"It's all right, though. I knew I was goin' to take flak over my opinions," he remarks, "and heavy flak, at that. I should've better prepared for it. I think everyone's done everything short of threatening to throw me out of school, though, thus far."

Eibhlin frowns just a bit at his answer, tilting her head to give him that look that family and good friends have when they know you're full of shit. "I know," she states simply when he goes on to admit it hasn't been as fantastic as he first let on. "Well… do you really blame them?" she inquires, "You did rather stir up alot and everyone's going to have his own opinion of it all." He said as much himself just now. "Hopefully it'll all blow over sooner rather than later." Right?

"Sure, I s'pose." Julian furrows his eyebrows a little. He glances at her, frowning. "When the Hitler Youth Wannabes and Flint run people like you and me, and Dale, outta this school," he remarks, "and when Good Ol' Gellert starts marching on greater Europe and Britain to start bagging and tagging the Muggle population."

He's being sarcastic, of course. As sarcastic as ever. It even shows in his eyes as he stares at her. "I think it's good people've gotten stirred up," he finally states, "because it's making them pay attention." He just shakes his head, then, and he breathes in.

"I've been tryin' to stay off my soapbox this weekend, but people've been makin' it hard. I rather wanted to just enjoy a little peace and quiet, to be honest. Muse calmed me down on Friday and I figure it'd be a good idea, lest I pop a blood vessel or somethin'." A pause.

"Speakin' of… relations," he notes lightly, clearing his throat. "Evie, I heard somethin' rather unpleasant in the halls t'day. Mind you, it was from a rather unpleasant woman. But still."

Eibhlin sighs, shaking her head for his ramble about when it might end. She sends a smile his way all the same, "No, you're right there. It has gotten people thinking and paying attention and I don't disagree that that is a good thing." She pauses briefly when he makes his not quite apology for soapboxing and nods, "Its alright," she assures. "Its something you're passionate about. Glad she was able to calm you down, but.."

The mention of unpleasant and relationships in the same sentence at this point brings a frown, her expression shifting uncertainly. "Oh?" the singular sound proding him to explain further.

"I figured I ought t'mention this to you, since, y'know. One, you're like m'bluddy sister," Julian begins, staring at her, and he furrows his eyebrows a little bit. Brother Stare: ON. "Second, because you're a Prefect and you've got a reputation t'maintain." He tilts his head then, and clears his throat.

"It's also definitely none of my business what y'do with your boyfriend in your own time, either. I'm all about expression of emotions and feelin'." He holds his hands up, waving them lightly… "However," and boy does he emphasize that however… leaning forward, he affixes that Brother Stare.

"Y'may want to keep the fact you're havin' sex in the greenhouse with Gus down t'a minimum." With that, he throws up his hands, sort of like saying 'There's my advice,' before letting them fall. "I'm just sayin'. It's absolutely none of my business," he emphasizes. "But Medusa Malfoy was runnin' her gabbin' mouth about the fact she left you and Rousseau in the Greenhouse alone havin' sex t'gether after helpin' y'to patch up your relationship."

He shrugs his shoulders. "Told Macmillan about it, in front of me, anyway."

"Get to the point Julian," Eibhlin says first as he turns that stare on her. She's clearly confused as to what he's trying to get at. "However what?" He's taking is dear sweet time getting to the point of it all. Here she just thought this whole relationship business was fixed and he's about to tell her Augustin really was cheating on her and not just checking out a fellow student while they were on hiatus.

"If this is about…" the redhead starts only to blink in shock as he finally gets there. "What?!" a mixture of disbelief, hurt, and touch of anger all in one word. "Who?" but then he's already mentioning that part. "No," she says with a shake of her head. "No, I assure you there was none of .. that happening." Flustered that he'd even believe there might have been.

"I didn't figure so," Julian remarks softly, tilting his head toward her lightly and quirking his eyebrow at her. "But nontheless. Y'little Slytherin Friend is spreadin' that wonderful poison on 'round like it's candy. Y'really need to choose better company, Evie." His lips twitch a little as he remarks on that, and he tilts his head at her again, shaking it slightly.

"That's the kinda game that people like her play. They start shite like that," he remarks, "and then fan the flames 'til it catches. It's petty, but it's enough to ruin someone like you early in their career if you're not careful."

He breathes in, frowning a little. "I never believed it for a moment. I know y'better than that, Evie. Y'got a better head on y'shoulders than that."

Julian and Evie are in the Sixth Year Boys dormitory together, talking. They're situated on the same bed - Evie's at the end of Julian's four-poster, and he's got books all around him, with the in-set lamp that's on the headboard of the beds burning brightly. Plenty of light. He's pulled his legs up to kind of hug at his knees a little, chin resting on his knees. "I wanted to warn you. Give you a chance t'put a little water on those flames before they catch. 'Cause Gus isn't a bad bloke," he remarks, "and you're a good young witch. No sense in you two gettin' smeared like that."

It really is difficult to ignore things that happen at Hogwarts because the student body is like a big and sometimes obnoxious human body version of telephone. Muse might not always seem too focused but today, that's different. As soon as she's free she marches through the Common Room, and after dropping her things off in /her/ room she walks -back- through and heads up to find Julian. It doesn't really faze her that Eibhlin is there at first, except that she offers the older girl a brief nod of acknowledgement. Her eyes go straight to Julian and only narrow slightly.

Medusa had been a good friend to her of late, and while she felt the same about her as Julian clearly still feels that has changed. Eibhlin shakes her head, "No," she retorts solidly, "She wouldn't do that. Thank you for tellin' me but you just keep that to yourself. Like you said, you know me better than to think I'd so such a thing." But the fact that she's defending Malfoy?

"She might be cutthroat at times, but she wouldn't do that to me Julian," she continues, still refusing to believe it. But then something clicks. "She wasn't telling you," the girl shakes her head, a smile returning as it seems to all come together for her. "She was telling Macmillan. Bad timing that you were there, but better you than someone who would spread it around."

Musidora's arrival finds Evie turning to offer a smile and nod of greeting her way as well, a nod which serves as answer to the other girl's question as well.

There's a furrowing of Julian's eyebrows and he tilts his head a little, unfurling from his curled position to sort of stare at Evie. "You really—"

Staring, Julian's mouth goes slightly agape. "Yeh, okay then." And that's when Julian washes his hands of it. He won't be ugly about it - no, not to Evie. Solidifying the look on his face, he looks toward Muse for a moment. There's a look that's kind of unreadable on his face - even for her at this point, and then he looks back to Evie. He clears his throat some.

"Well, Eves," he remarks lightly… "If it's all the same t'you, I think… I'm gonna probably get back to this. I had asked Muse t'help me out with some of this Potions homework on Golpalott's Third Law the other day, and this was the only time she could do it," he remarks. He looks toward Muse again… Of course, she knows that he never asked such a thing. He then looks back to Evie.

Is there an awkward silence? Maybe, just for a few beats as she ponders her words. "You're hopeless. But you don't don't get to copy my notes," Musidora finally comments and gives Julian a sigh, but a faint smile.

Eibhlin shakes her head, "Its not what you think at all," she tries to assure the the boy. "She wasn't telling him, she was bragging, that she was going to win their bet," she explains matter-of-factly. A strange way to do so, yes, but they are talking about Medusa Malfoy.

When he asks her to be on her way so they can study she simply nods. Shifting to then push up from the bed to her feet, the look she gives him one that shows she's fairly certain he doesn't believe her that the Slytherin isn't up to no good. "I've some work I should get to anyway," she says as she turns to go.

"Later, Evie. It was good talking to you. Stop bein' such a stranger and remember that you've got friends here, too."

A pause as he says that. Had Jules meant to sting? No, probably not so intentionally. In any case, he watches Evie go, and he sighs a little bit, shaking his head.

Once he's certain she's out of earshot, Julian brings both hands to his face, and he rubs his eyes and cheeks, before letting them fall. "Dear God," he quietly sighs. "'ave those people got everyone eating out of the palm of their hand? Malfoy is going to ruin her," he broils out, shaking his head and sighing…

He just throws his hands up again. "I can't do it. I can't worry about it. Evie's a big witch," he grumbles, shaking his head. "Friend or not." He just looks toward Muse, quite at a loss.

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