(1938-11-23) Pulling the Wings of Faeries
Details for Pulling the Wings of Faeries
Summary: Phil and Elijah join Clover in the Leaky Cauldron to learn about the final ingredient in saccharine powder. A rather inebriated dilettante is also present.
Date: 23 November 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Never being a proponent of the floo system, Elijah decided that it would do both he and Phil some good to walk to the Cauldron, instead. He enters the door and slides his hat from his head to hang it on the nearby rack along with his walking stick. A quick glance around and he leads Phil over to where Clover is seated, of course taking the time to pull a chair out for her.

Thankfully Phil is fit, unthankfully it was still a bit damp and so her hair is ever more frizzy now. She tries to tame it by brushing it down with her hand but to no avail. "Good afternoon, Master Healer," she offers her greeting to Clover. "The Inspector and I were hoping we might join you," lowering her voice a touch she adds, "and perhaps discuss the powder?" With that Phil slips into the chair Elijah kindly pulled out for her.

Clover is working on a cup of tea and is browsing over the Daily Prophet when the guests arrive. "Ah, Ms Rolwe! It's good that you found me today, I have more information for you!" She seems way too excited by all of this, but lowers her voice since they are in public. "Please, call me Clover, I'm not in the robes right now." But they are near by. "And just who is your fantastic inspector friend?" She questions, offering her hand to Elijah.

"Inspector Elijah Lovegood. It's a pleasure to meet you, Clover." He takes the woman's hand and gives it a firm shake before he moves to take his own seat, looking over to Phil as he plans to let her ask the first few questions.

The trio are sat off to the side of the main room having their little tete e tete. Keeping her voice pitched low enough to not be overheard but loud enough for Elijah and Clover, Phil says, "I thought it would be a good idea, given your letter Clover, to speak to someone at the ministry about the powder. The inspector asked if he could be with me when you and I next spoke and please, call me Phil." From within her pocket she takes out her trusty notebook and pencil then shrugs off her cloak and sends a glance to the bar, signalling to have her usual lunch and tea.

"A pleasure to meet you Inspector." Clover says with a smile before she nods to Phil. "Phil it is then." Sipping from her tea while Phil gets her notes ready, she'll lean forward and lower her voice. "Well, as I said in my letter, there was still one ingredient that I could not pin point. I had a few tests that I just left running for several days to try and figure it out, and I finally have my answers." Which might explain just what she would be doing in the office on a Saturday. "It's fairy wings. They're and extremely rare ingredient and I believe it is intensifying the rest of what is in the powder."

Elijah listens quietly as Clover speaks and says, "Now, Phil said that there are certain agents in the powder that are lethal, but that are in fact being counteracted by other things. Is that correct?" He leans back in the chair, observing the healer.

Dillorous Diderot, famous author, socialite, 'adventurer' and, currently, more than a little drunk and with a floozy of a young witch on his arm. Which probably should have made him look happy, rather than constantly looking over his shoulder with a nervous air about him. "Oh, really? He's your favorite character?" It was said without any real enthusiasm, droning on by rote. His companion didn't seem to notice, giggling on about how she's loved Magicus when she'd grown up. Which on second view probably made her not very much older than his daughter. He should be ashamed of himself. "Quite.. quite. Oh really, you didn't like the new one? Well.. I suppose it wasn't for everybody. Here, about you go up to my room and I'll just.. yes. Brilliant."
His shoulders sagged as he with world weary relief dumped himself down by the bar and ordered a shot. "Keep them coming, my good friend."

The secret ingredient surprises Phil. "Fairy wings? But that must mean hundreds of sets of fairy wings." She makes a note in her notebook As Elijah speaks up she glances at him, curious to hear how Clover explains things to the inspector. The wench brings over her tea and sets it down then asks after Elijah, ready to take his order.

"Yes Inspector. There are generous amounts of Foxglove and Wormwood in the powder, but the other ingredients act as a counter measure to those poisons. However one wrong ratio when creating the powder can turn it lethal, or if this was taken in high doses. Unfortunately the euphoric feelings it gives will probably make others want to continue to use it." Nodding her head to Phil, she'll frown. "Yes, and I doubt that they're obtained legally. This isn't something you can walk down to the apothecary and walk right out with." Dillorous does catch her attention, but for the moment she is in business mode.

Elijah reaches up to quietly stroke his stubble, "My word. And how quickly would the poisons…take effect as it were?" He tilts his head, leaning in closer to the table as his interest is piqued.

Phil sends the wench away and glances over hearing giggling. She seems a bit bemused by the sight of a squiffy Dillorous. Looking back at her companions she pours herself a cup of tea and then one for the inspector setting it down in front of Elijah. "How controlled of a substance are fairy wings?"

After two quick shots, he lingered on the third. Some of his nerves seemed to settle, and with it came a return of his more commonly seen distinguished and sophisticated confidence. A glance flew towards the stairs up which his companion witch had vanished, but he made no move to follow after her. "Perhaps if I'm lucky she'll fall asleep on me," he murmured under his breath. Instead he settled into panning a considering gaze across the room, to see whom he was sharing the Leaky Cauldron with.

"That would depend on the dosage." Clover says quietly. "In high enough dosages, you can be put into a coma, and I believe if you take enough of this powder it will cause unconsciousness. I'm concerned if the hallucinations are vivid enough, they could cause someone to believe they are in mortal danger and harm themselves or others." Thinking what Phil asks over in her head, she'll let her know what the regulations on fairy wings are. "Still, to obtain something like that, you are tearing wings off of a living creature and that.. well even in the name of potions is a little much for me."

Elijah is about to comment further when an owl swoops in from outside and drops a letter in his lap. He tears it open and reads it quickly before standing and saying, "I'm sorry, but I must be going. I shall continue this line of questioning at another time. Good day." And with that he slips off.

As Elijah gets up to leave Phil says, "I will send you a copy of my notes, Inspector." She sips her tea and looks at Clover. "I suppose it was naive of me to hope the wings were harvested after death not while they were alive."

"Sadly, they're probably more potent if they're harvested live. Granted it isn't something I have done a lot of work with. I've tried some myself, there wasn't enough left after my testing to get any sort of hallucination, but.. it was a pleasant experience." She says with a very sly smile. "I can see why people are using it. I hope my information has been helpful to you." She says lightly.

Dillorous's gaze was eventually drawn towards Elijah when the man started getting up, which in turn left him surveying the rest of that table. A sincere looking smile of recognition took over his features when he recognized Phil. With affable politeness he dipped her a small bow of acknowledgement and silent greeting. And because she had company, well, he added the same for her companions.

Seeing the nod, Phil gives a little wave to the writer and then looks back at Clover. "That just makes it clear then doesn't it? Whoever is making this powder is not after some nice little treat for people to enjoy themselves with. They have a sinister purpose in mind. You start off as you mean to go on." The idea of torturing fae has put her off her tea and she sets it down. "I'm rather glad I haven't had my lunch now." Taking a breath she exhales heavily. "I need to do more digging. Could you write me up a formal report, just for my notes and perhaps have a copy sent over to the inspector, please Clover?"

"It does indeed. The intent does not seem likely to be for good, and mostly ill. Though who ever has stared this certainly wants it to seem that way." However she puts that pleasant smile back on her face and nods her head. "You will both have my full report by Monday morning. I wouldn't want to keep you waiting much longer." She'll return the nod to the gentleman over at the bar, even if she does not know his name. "It looks like you have an admirer?"

With that pleasent little exchange made, Dillorous returned to his drink. Though looking down into the dark liquid swilling in his glass, he didn't seem quite as pleased about its content now as he had when he had ordered it earlier. With a sigh it none the less was thrown back.
"No more, please. I think that about sets me up for now." A spill of coins paid up, with some tip for the bartender.

"That's Dillorous Diderot the writer. He looks rather inebriated." Wondering what has Dillorous so drunk midday Phil frowns and calls over, "Dillorous, would you care to come and join us? Perhaps have some tea?" Without alcohol in it.

Clover checks the time on a small watch she has attached to her shirt. "At this hour?" Not that she hasn't done it herself but she'll nod her head. "I think I've heard of him, and I am sure I have some sort of remedy with me." She's a potions mistress, of course she has something in her purse.

The fan waiting for him upstairs was temporarily left to wait some more. Perhaps he had forgotten about her completely. No. Just vaguely hoping that the problem would somehow go away if he ignored it long enough. It wasnt the gentlemanly thing to do, of course, but.. Sometimes what started out as a good idea lost its shine after realities settled in. "Ah, the delightful Miss Rowle." He paused, then added with a wry bit of acknowledgement: "Phil. I think I have a little time on my hands, so certainly." With the long practice of someone used to holding his liqueur, he made his way over without making a fool of himself. Calm and steady does it. Under his fashionable gentleman-wizard robes, which spilled open as he approached, his rather expensive and complimenting tweed suit looked like it might have been slept in. He'd bow, make to kiss Phil's knuckles, then turn towards Clover and do the same with the other witch. "Dillorous Diderot, at your service, Madam."

"It is nice to see you again, Dillorous. This is Mrs Clover MacNair." The reporter gestures between the two, hoping she has got Clovers maritial status right if not that could be awkward. "Would you care or some tea? I have plenty of Earl Grey in the pot." A motion of her hand and she is calling the wench over for another cup and saucer. "What has you out and about in the Cauldron this afternoon, Dillorous?"

Clover will offer her hand to Dillorous and smirk. "Weaver-Mcnair actually." She'll clear some of her things out of the way so the gentleman has space to join them. "It looks like your lady friend was very eager to talk your ear off." She'll comment lightly, pouring herself a bit more tea while they talk.

"I think I should have some, yes." That he was not oblivious of his state came through with the self ironic humor laced through his voice. As for what he was doing in the Cauldron? "Returning to my rooms. Eventually." Checked with a somewhat lopsided sardonic smile: "Probably."
"Ah, I suppose she was, Madam. We shall chalk it off as youthful exuberance. There is nothing wrong with being enamoured with the delights of good literature, now is it?" Even if, after a few decades of hearing the exact same things said about his characters, Dillorous' fascination with the subject was somewhat faded. That too shone through with his amicable if world weary charm.

"Well to balance it out I shall tell you that I think your writing is trite and full of hyperbole, Dillorous," jokes Phil as she pours tea for him and slides the cup and saucer in his direction. "Then Clover will say she has never read one of your books and instead we can discuss something far more English like the weather."

"I can honestly say that I have never read your books, so I have yet to form sort of adoration toward you. You're among safe company here Mr Diderot." Smirking at Phil, Clover will raise her cup and smirk. "And yes, the weather has been dreadfully cold."

Dillorous touched his heart with a wounded expression. "Miss Rowle, you wound me. To target an man's life work with cruel jibes, even in joke is just.. unforgivable." His eyes weren't quite so hurt, though. "But talk of the weather does sound good." He glanced sideways to Clover. "We shall have to amend that, Madam. Expect a signed copy by tomorrow."

Patting her frizzy hair with one hand Phil wrinkles her nose. "The weather does awful things to my hair. Thankfully I am not too vain or I would spend all day in a hairdressers." She glances at Dillorous, "Will you be in London during the holidays?"

"Oh I know what you mean. Mine gets out of control in this weather, and it's even worse when it's humid." That's the bane of curly hair. Turning to Dillorous she'll smirk. "Feel free to send it to the Plant and Potion Poisoning department at St. Mungos, I will be sure to receive it there." Clover says with a smirk. "I'll be sure not to admire your work too much."

"I have a few appointments I need to make her in London, but once they are finished I'll be heading to the New World for a jiff. I agreed to hold a couple of lectures for our American cousins across the little pond. So I fear I shan't be. However I'll be back sometime after New Year. Let me tell you, my dear, the parties in New York makes it worth saying a few extra days." He chuckled benignly, and was just reaching for his cup of tea when.. "Dillooorous? Are you coming?" Immediately he winced, remembering his initial company. Then it became a suave and worldly smile, like putting on a mask. "Ah, well. Another time, perhaps. If you'll excuse me. It was a pleasure to talk to you, though. Plant and potion Poisoning department. Will remember. Good day." Up and away to fulfill expectations. Then drink himself asleep.

Just as she was about to say something Dillorous seems to need to go. "It appears you have a precious social engagement after all." Phil grins and waves to the older gentleman as he makes his way then turns back to Clover, "It seems all the men just wish to leave us to day."

"Enjoy yourself." Clover says with a sly smile before turning back to her table companion. "Yes, it does seem to be that way. Well it is their loss, not ours. To leave such fine company for.. well whatever that was." She'll say, dismissively waving her fingers toward the rooms upstairs.

"He is most amusing, but I don't think he is happy to have found things as he has in London." Phil tops up her tea, adding a bit of lemon juice to it. "His daughter is heavily embroiled in the political situation and is possibly going to marry a Malfoy. Given that they are half-bloods I imagine he worries about just what it all is for."

"Ah. I know how that can be, my Mother in-law was a Malfoy. Probably still is at heart and.. I can see where he is concerned." Clover says thoughtfully before she taps her finger on her lips. "I think I know his daughter, I have seen her around the hospital." Though that's all she seems willing to say about her.

Wrinkling her nose Phil says, "Mine will be a Carrow and they're bad enough. I haven't met her yet but I am rather terrified at the prospect. Thomas says she is the nicest in the family but considered how they treat him I don't know if that is a good thing or not. I'm suspecting not."

"It's hard marrying into a family like that." Clover says solemnly. "Even though I am a pureblood, I still feel as if that woman is looking down her nose at me, especially when it comes to my son. I don't think she didn't like the fact that I picked one of her predetermined names."

"I suppose it's part of her being a Malfoy. There is pure and then there is pure," says Phil with a faint sigh. "At least they can't object to me on those grounds, but then my family haven't come out as supporters of Grindelwald so I suppose they could object because of that."

"Yes, the Malfoy's and Macnair's are very pure. Just.. make sure they don't know you're uncomfortable with them, and that seems to work just fine. I'm lucky that I have a very supportive husband, and he wouldn't let them truly talk bad about me if they tried." Pausing for a moment to refill her tea, she smiles. "Tell me of your Thomas."

Phil props her chin on her upturned hand. "I am worried about him. He put an anti-Eye of truth sign in the window of his shop as two fingers up to his brother who tried to make him put the Eye there. Now he is getting mud flinging spells and all kinds of things thrown at the shop. The customers are dwindling." She sighs heavily, "He put all of his savings into it. If it folds he is bankrupt and I know my Thomas, he is a proud man. If he has nothing he'll…he will want to hold off on the wedding. Not because he worries about supporting me but because he won't see himself as my equal."

"That is a very hard situation to be in." Clover says thoughtfully, and still hasn't decided where she stands on this whole ordeal. "I thought we might have been in a situation like that, since my husband no longer wanted to trade with the Germans, and his parents did. Granted I have my own fortune, I've just made precautions to put it in places that his mother does not have access to." Pausing for a second, she'll raise her brow. "Just what business is he in?"

Nodding a little because she is in the same situation, having her own money, Phil says, "It is difficult for so many now." Her head tilts towards Diagon Alley, "Thomas owns Books Unbound, it is a book shoppe up on North Verdic. Both wizarding and muggle books. Which again, is part of the problem politically. Not everyone likes what he sells."

"Oh that sounds like a lovely little place. I'll have to try and stop by, I am sure the business wouldn't hurt?" Clover says with a raise of her brow. "Either way, I do hope things work out for him, and I hope all of this.. mentalness calms down."

"It's a beautiful shop, or was. Every day it is damaged a little bit more." Phil wriggles the engagement ring on her finger. "Felicity is already leery about me getting married, she doesn't do relationships well as you might have noticed. I expect that she will try to pressure me into breaking things off until Thomas is either no longer a target or all of this calms down as you say."

"It sounds beautiful." Clover says with a smile. "Don't let Felicity tell you what to do, she's going to be a spinster and probably wants you as company." Hey, it's her co-worker, she's allowed to poke fun. "You know that is best for you, and what is probably best for Thomas as well. Besides, something like this? It isn't going to go away in a month." There is a hint of disappointment in her tone when she says that.

Phil nods slowly, she has the same suspicion about her older sister. Felicity is her blood but the woman is weird. "I'm sure Thomas would appreciate any new customers. He's trying hard to make the shop work but bless him, he's not a businessman like your husband." She smiles a little, "He is a book lover. I think a little piece of him cries each time he sells a book, though I'm sure the poet in him is telling himself he is giving the books new loving homes."

"I had a thing for books myself back at Hogwarts." Clover admits. "Though I have less time for them now, unless they're for research, or a children's book." There is a fond smile on her lips as she considers that before she nods her head. "Well, if he needs business advice, I am sure my husband would be willing to help. I'd make sure he found the time."

"There are some lovely children's books. The whole place looks like something a child would love, there is a big tree in the middle of the store and a bridge." Phil blushes a little, "I'm sorry I keep going on and on. It's not very polite. Tell me about your baby."

"Oh I don't mind it in the least bit, it sounds like a wonderful place." Clover says with a bright smile. When asked she'll pull out a small picture of herself, Zephyr and their young boy. "His name is Tristan, and he's a devilish little lad. Not even six months old yet and I can already see his father in him." She says brightly. "I was hoping for a girl, because I know that any daughter he has is going to have him wrapped around her little finger."

Phil likes babies well enough so long as she doesn't have to do much with them, like change their nappies. She looks at the photograph and smiles, "He is a lovely mixture of the two of you. Hopefully next time you will have a girl." Leaning back Phil asks, "What would you have named Tristan if he were a girl?"

"It will be a few years, but I hope so as well. I don't know if I could handle my son, my nephew and another boy." When asked about the name, Clover seems to think it over. "Possibly after some sort of flower, or something plant related. That seems to be the theme in my family so far, and I want to stick with it. Unless something better comes along of course."

"My youngest nephew is named Rupert, bless him. Rupert Rowle." Phil's brother really is going to have to answer for that in the years to come. "My cousin was named for me, of sorts but I have the gracious honour being named after both my grandfathers. Philomena Thomasina."

"Mine is Donovan, I'm not sure where my sister got it, but that is the name that she chose. It fits him well enough. My mother on the other hand loves gardening and plants, so she had two daughters and named them Clover and Ivy. I'm sure your cousin will grow into her name though." She says with a smirk.

Phil laughs, "Thankfully my cousin is growing up into a lovely young woman, she has done well for herself in that. But then we're a fairly lucky lot." She looks around and then back at Clover. "I didn't realise it had got so late. It's dark outside now." A quiet chuckle and she says, "I have monopolised your entire afternoon, Clover. You must forgive me."

"Oh do not worry about it. It kept me from diving too far into work, and I can get home and see my boys." Clover says with a smile as she drops off a few coins on the table to pay for her things. "I did enjoy our tea, we should have some again soon, you know, when we're not trying to tear apart narcotic powders." She says a sly grin.

Getting to her feet Phil nods in agreement. "We should. I'll let you know if I find out anything else." She pays for her tea and pulls on her cloak. "Take care Clover and thanks again."

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