(1938-11-24) Quick Chat
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Summary: Conall confronts Julian in the club room
Date: 1938-11-25
Location: Club Room
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Sunday afternoon would see to it that it's a cool, rather cloudy kind of day out on the grounds. Weather that's just anticonduscive to outdoor activity. It's probably driven the majority of the school's occupants inside; at least, it's driven Jules in, and to the club room.
Having retreated to the Club Room in the minimal uniform requirement outside of class - his shirt, tie, vest, and other assorted things, minus the robe - Julian had gotten the Piano out in the Club Room, and was practicing. Two or three music books are on the bench beside him, on top of the ones on the music stand on the piano itself. Right now, it's just arpeggio exercises to limber his fingers up. Even they sound lyrical, to some extent.

Having heard of Julian's whereabout it doesn't take too long before Conall the head boy shows up at the club room. "Hey." Comes his words as he steps into the area. Tilting his head as he studies the kid a bit. Seeming rather neutral for now.

<FS3> Julian rolls Piano: Great Success.

The playing continues, uninterrupted, but a hand is raised as the other continues it's deft movement, the other rejoining it as if nothing had happened. Yes, he was acknowledging the Head Boy's presence - but the musician was at work. Once he completes the exercise, though, he lets his fingers come to a rest, and he slowly moves his hands off the keys, both hands working around eachother, fingers working together to work cricks out of eachother, as it were.
"Been a month since I played. I feel rusty," he remarks lightly, turning around on the bench of the piano as he regards the Head Boy, and he blinks. "Come t'fancy a listen, Conall? I'd appreciate some bread in the tip jar, if that's the case," he jokingly remarks, "'specially if there's a request involved." With that, he begins to turn back around, one hand moving to close the exercise book, the other one opening up a Chopin workbook.
"Seriously though, Conall. Can I help you with somethin'?" He begins to play, then… The Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2.

Conall smiles and nods, "Understandable. And something like that. It does sound good." He offers while moving closer. "Yeah, stop harrassing my cousin. No matter your differences." He offers first off. "Also, I've been hearing about some secret club. I can understand not agreeing with the others, but you still shouldn't make such things. If they are true. Especially not keep it from the head boy and head girl. We're here to help you all." He offers, being a bit serious for now.

<FS3> Julian rolls Piano-4: Success.

The first sour note causes Julian to actually stop playing, and he pauses, fingers resting on the keys of the piano as he considers the other boy's words.
"You've gone off y'rocker if you honestly think I'm forming some kind of secret club at the school, Quinn. Where-ever you heard such nonsense, dispel with it."
With that, Julian begins to slowly begin playing again… but his focus is now so shot he can't. Thinking back to his Happy Bubble from Friday afternoon, though, he maintains his composure. Reaching up, he closes the book, teeth pressed together. "As for y'cousin? I'm assumin' you mean little Miss Donnelly," he remarks, "since she's the only one who's actually come at me and accused me of bullyin' her."
He turns on the bench, and just narrows his eyes. "Quinn, you ought to know me better. Y'honestly think I get my jollies pickin' on some little First Year I barely know? Y'think I'm like Lewis? Or even worse, I'm like that bigot, Black?" He frowns, then, and tilts his head. "Stop makin' assumptions based on one side of an equation. S'not becomin' of you."
With that, he begins to turn back around on his bench, and he begins to gather his music books up. "I didn't come down here to be hassled," he finally states, standing.

Conall chuckles, "I know you're not Lewis. But I've also seen you do some questionable things." He offers. Sighing a bit. "It's all up to you. I'm just telling you." He offers, giving a wave of his hand to Julian. "Either way, do try to keep things on the low and calm. I just don't want things to get worse around here." He offers, giving Julians shoulder a pat. Unless he avoids it.

<FS3> Julian rolls Body: Success.

It's only just so that Julian ducks his shoulder a little bit, shaking his head. "I apologized to your cousin, Quinn. Maybe when she came runnin' to you, she neglected to mention that." Which is something Julian fully expected. He just shakes his head.
"Seriously," he can be heard swearing softly, "can't find a moment of peace."
Well, you did kind of bring this on yourself. Bah. He departs, just… shaking his head, music books under his arm.

Conall shrugs, "Does it matter, Julian?" He asks, "Things aren't actually rainbows and butterflies at the moment." Then he's gone before Conall get to say more.

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