(1938-11-24) Shadow Monsters
Details for Shadow Monsters
Summary: The Shadow strikes again, but the Captain, his first mate, and his Mousie fight it off. Myrus accepts his inner kid and plays a crucial role in the battle. Cory is accepted as a cabin boy.
Date: 1938-11-24
Location: Lake View Louvre
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In the last afternoon, after dinner…Cillian's ditched doing people's homework and putting together gift baskets and that sort of rubbish to climb up and up and…further up to a place where he can be settled down with a stack of books, flipping through them warily and sorting them into two piles. Some, still have their text and others do not. His robes lay beside him along with his satchel, his sack of goodies (Which includes the prop swords the pirates play with) and a picnic basket as he nibbles on a carrot and warily opens another book. They are all children's books mind you, but these are a tad thicker..and filled with multiple stories, which is why he's probably so wary.

He sits there, on the ground, back against the wall and a candle beside him, taking a deep breath occasionally and continuing to read.

Elise has decided to get here the exciting way. By broom. Or maybe it was quicker. Or more likely, she's just gotten done with her Quidditch practice. Being on the team has made her all kinds of happy, and she takes practice very seriously. So in she comes on that fantastic blue-and-bronze broom of hers, still dressed in her Quidditch robes and safety gear. "Hullo, Cil," she greets as she rises effortlessly over the stonework and settles next to him. She hops off, leans the broom against the wall, and looks at the books. "Ohh," she says, eyeing the titles. "Find anything?"

Cory wander's up to one of the tower, he just got the news about the Magijugend and he know his family will disown him when they find out, so he wanted to get away from everybody right now and try to figure out what to do now.

Josie spends a lot of time on the castle roof. Not just the walkways, but up on the roof itself, where it's accessible for climbing. Coming down from somewhere high up, she spots Elise flying to the Louvre, and moments later she comes in, waving a little to Cory but hurrying over to where Cillian and Elise are, smiling, "Hi."

"Ye do know ye can just take the stairs like the rest o' us don't ye?" Cillian asks of Elise, teasing gently as he scoots over a bit so she can sit, flipping through the pages of the book on his lap with a sigh. "Jest some truly sick an' twisted stories about ah, mean Muggles and witches 'avin to run for their lives and such." He grimaces. "Then somethin' about a dragon…but nothin' yet too suspicious." He gestures towards the picnic basket. "Got some chocolate biscuits and ah, apples actually…and me Da feels so bad do ye know how much chocolate he sent met?" He whews before noticing Cory, blinking and offering a small wave as he stares. "Ah, Hello mate…did ye want a snack? We're just um…reading." Then Josie has arrived and Cillian's face lights up as he waves her over. "Come! Hey there! Ah…just looking through books and having a bit of a snack…"

There's a soft voice on the wind, young and childish…almost petulant. "You don't want us to play. All work, all study…you don't like us. You're mean…" A shadow against a chair seems to morph and melt into a puddle that forms into the head of a boy, slowly growing into a full body and quickly seems to flit or fly away, but to where?! "You wake up and leave us all alone, on our own…you want to take our toys away…" They are whispers, soft whispers as the candle light flickers a bit. Starts with one voice…then a second voice joins in.

"Stairs aren't as fun as flying," Elise says with a grin. She does grab a chocolate biscuit and crams half of it into her mouth while she looks over the books he's reading, and then seats herself next to him. "Because of what's happening here?" she asks. "But the more chocolate the better," she opines. "I've been passing it out to others." She nods a bit at Cory and grins at Josie. "Yeah, join us," she says to them. And then her cheeks loose the color that the wind had brought out in them, and she sits up straighter. "Do you hear that?" she asks in a low voice. She pulls her wand.

Cory shakes his head and just nods to the waves. "No, came up here to think, my live is over as i know it. I'm sure there going to take my wand from me, disown me and force me to have to live with them stinking Muggles I know it."

Josie grins and nods, moving to sit by Cillian, and starts to say something. She stops, though, and looks around quickly and curiously at the new voices. She doesn't reach for her wand, not yet.

Myrus takes this time right now to head up and calm his nerves. He had just had a run-in with a few people he'd rather not talk to. A few purists that knew he had a soft spot for non-pures. He didn't try to hide it, but it was basically keeping his mouth shut when confronted that he had a problem with.

Out of the door he walks, turning to the Lakeview Louvre a few minutes later, and he stops there, seeing people inside already. "Oh, I didn't think anyone was here." And he tilts his head, seeing what they are doing. "And what might you all be up to?" A curious tone, not the 'i'll turn you in for.. something!' tone.

"Riiiighht…" Cillian responds slowly to Cory before quirking an eyebrow. "Well ye could um, have a bit of chocolate, it'll make ye feel better." Then he's on guard suddenly, getting to his feet in a crouch and freezing as he looks around. "Aye…I tink we ah, all heard that…" He eyes his good back sack and the swords there before looking back up at where he thought he saw a shadow. Then he looks to Myrus, frowning a bit and taking a deep breath. "Reading and a light snack." Strained smile goes here.

"She is my friend, we are her friend. We we we we we…" The whispers trail off as more join in, quite a few voices allll at once, almost like an auditory rush of wind. Then, right there…out of the corner of somebody's eye they'll see different shadows, all children sized, sitting in a chair or drifting across the ceiling above of the floor beneath, flat surfaces where they seem so be having a seat. "Stay and play. Yes, Stay and play. Stay in play!" The voices are insistent. Cory would here a whisper close to his ear. "Stay and Play…no more tears, stay and Play we'll make you laugh." People with keen awareness may notice that they are gathering in a pattern of sorts, like around a coliseum.

Elise spares Cory half a second of disapproving looks for his derisive manner over Muggles, but she doesn't say anything. "You should leave quickly," she tells him briskly, in a tone that isn't to be argued with. "There's something here, young Travers, and it isn't nice." Don't worry, though, apparently she and Cillian will protect him. She shivers as the shadows seems to gain solidity. She just drops the half-eaten biscuit. "Shadow!" she says. "Show yourself!" Which would be just about the time that Myrus walks up. She casts him a half-panicked look. "Josie, your wand," she urges. "Myrus, if you would be so kind as to take little Travers here, and run away, please!"

Cory blinks some as he hear's the voices. "No I want to stay and play, they want to make me happy, to forget the Magijugend rejecting me, my family, this school everything."

Josie blinks, but quickly pulls her wand at Elise's urging, looking around at all the strange shadows. "What's going on?" Having been spending so much time between Quidditch practice, dueling club, and homework, she's fallen a little out of the loop on Pirate news. Still, she stands and takes a defensive stance quickly.

Myrus sees the stuff going on, "Whoa! Ok, everyone stay calm," his voice was pretty calm, considering it's freaking ghosts, he draws his wand, "What are these things!?" He yells over the voices making all that racket. To Elise, "I'm not running away, at least not with just one of you, c'mon, everyone I think needs to get out of there, right now!" As he's still in the entryway to the Louvre.

Being in the dueling club for four years entering his fifth, Josie might recognize him, and he wasn't the worst at charms, either. "How did reading and a light snack turn into this?" Knowing things could get crazy around the castle sometimes, but this… "Is this related to those pumpkin head things in the library?" He recognized a face or two from that instance, as well.

"Short story, the stories in books are vanishing and there's a bas-a really annoying shadow that's creating more shadows who apparently want to play…and…" Cillian trails off to just stare Cory for a few moments. "…seriously?!" He blinks. "They rejected me as well and me Father pitched a right fit, but I got over it! These are…well frankly we're sorta dealing as we go here! It started a while back and yes, yes it would be related becau-" Cillian has to stop talking abruptly to look about him as he sees some new shadows. "Mousie…Josie…" The captain points shakily.

While there are many shadows gathered, chanting 'stay and play, stay and play' and so on…there are few new shadows, namely…5 new shadows, Cillian's, Elise's, Josie's, Cory's, and Myrus's shadows are all clearer than normal, like people beside them and the other shadows begin to throw things, perhaps rocks, stones, fruit…whatever they are dark blobs at said shadows as they duck and cringe and such. Something big and dog like slavering and slobbing as it forms between Myrus's shadow and the shadows of the younger children. Elise's calling out for the Shadow just causes them all to laugh together. "You had your chance to come and play, but no you had to run away…run away…run away, no you had to run away."

The shadows near Cory, tug his shadow towards the sidelines. "Come away, stay and play…watch! It'll be great fun, fun and games, great fun!" More childish giggles.

"They're… forming up," Elise says, watching the shadows. "Travers… er, Cory, isn't it? Come away from the shadows. Come on," she coaxes gently. "This way." She beckons with her wand-free hand. She lets Cillian explain the situation to Josie and to Myrus as well. "If you won't run, then help us," she pleads. She aims her wand at the closest shadow - the dog-like thing, and shouts out - but whatever it was she was going to say turns into a frightened yell as she realizes that her own shadow is moving independently from her. "F — flipendo!" she yells at the dog-shadow.

Cory doesn't hear Cillian any more he's being pull along to the sideline by the shadow and not fighting back. "Stay and play, I want to stay and play, to get away from all my worry."

Myrus looks around, takes in the situation. "They -are- forming up! We should, too! Everyone get together!" He was trying, but there was just too much chaos at the moment to get everyone on the same page. So he looks at the source of the chaos, basically? (He doesn't exactly know). The shadow spewing out more shadows. He points his wand at that one, "Reducto!" And the spell shoots from the end of his wand right at that shadow making shadow.

Josie's eyes widen, but that's about all the fear she shows. She doesn't send any attack spells, instead saying, "They're shadows, we need light. Lumos!" She doesn't yet know the more powerful version of the spell, but she tries, pushing her lit wand towards the shadows.

They are shadows…casting a spell on a shadow is as effective as trying to catch a song on a breeze. Mind you, things for Wizards do tend to work differently…and the spells cast cause the room to grow silent for a moment before the happy laughter shifts into sobs, soft sobs and the attacked shadows start to swirl and join up, growing in shape and form before forming…something very large that growls softly. The Shadow, the main one drifts up towards the ceiling to watch the ones below.

Something people who are paying attention may notice, while their own shadows may be separate from them, they move with them, following them, ducking and acting like…a second extension of them, actually making wand casting motions when they do as well…but then looking at their hands with a soft sigh.

There are shadows cast by chairs, walls…the play swords on the floor and the snack time items, piles that resemble mountains or houses and the like due to piled up books. It all depends on a person's imagination, but if one pays close attention…there's a scene there. Oh, yes and the shadows protesting being attacked? They are swarming together into the larger form…a giant crocodile/snake looking dragon thing. And he rises up slowly, raaaaaaaaaaaaaaarring. Cory begins to feel very sleepy.

"…ye made a DRAGON?! Why'd ye make a dragon?!" Cillian has to ask almost gobsmacked as he just looks to his side at his shadow and reaches out a hand, concentrating as his shadow takes a few steps away and then back, and he gasps softly, concentrating once more as he edges towards his belongings, carefully reaching for the toy swords as the shadow mirror his actions. "…well shi-" He says a word he really shouldn't know.

"Lumos!" Elise cries, half a second after Josie's excellent advince. She squeaks in horror as the shadows start to form together. Myrus is giving good advice, too, but she, Josie, and Cillian are already next to each other. It's Cory who's wandering off and Myrus who's a bit apart from them. "Cory come back!" she screeches at him. And then she lunges forward to grab his ankle and yank him closer to her little group. He's not much smaller than her, but she does it. By the time she's done, the dragon is fully formed. "Cillian… what are you —" her eyes widen as she realizes just exactly what he's doing - he's arming his shadow with a shadow sword.

Josie blinks at the dragon, "Shadow dragons? Brilliant." She's not being sarcastic, she seems excited by the very idea of such a creature. (Yes, she's picked up some of Camilla's creature fascination.) Looking to her own shadow, she says, "Wait, our shadows are the good guys." She looks to Cillian at Elise's cut-off question, and says, "Good idea," and quickly reaches for a sword herself, holding her wand in her other hand.

Myrus' attack only makes the shadow wobble and morph into somethi- Then it all forms into a shadow dragon. He looks at them all, and spots Cillian arming himself. He still hasn't even noticed his own shadow was it's own being yet.

It wasn't until he sees Elise pulling Cory back that he notices the shadows. A few moments, and voila. Them arming themselves, their shadows are armed. Right? Since those other shadows were trying to take Cory's shadow… all shadow puppets-

Shadow puppets! Put your hands close to the light, and it's huge on the wall! So, he lifts his wand up, flicking it towards the group "Lumos Maxima!" And the ball of light would fall and land on the floor next to the group, hopefully effectively making their shadows ginormous compared to the normal size they are. Since Myrus is too far to run and grab a sword at the moment which he starts moving to do.

The shadows around Cory's Shadow, shy away from the light and seem to be protesting in their whiny, sobby way as the young man's sense of being comforted sort of fade away. Its that moment then, when people begin to get it that the big scary dragon thing coils up like a snake, its ugly crocodile head rising up a bit and tongue flickering out. Okay, so his tiny snacks are now big snacks.

Cillian grabs the hilt of that sword, so that his own shadow can grab its own sword and he straightens up, standing up tall and taking a deep breath as he focuses on the floor/wall and holds his sword at the ready. Now, for people not seeing this, it would probably look insane but he runs towards the shadow monster, in time for his shadow to get bigger, swinging that slashing the sword into the beasts tail to draw its attention, attention is drawn and - oh yes…he breathes fire? Was that fire? Or Smoke? Its black but it catches his shadow's leg on fire and he quickly throws himself to the ground rolling to put his shadow out.

"You brilliant boy!" Elise cries when Myrus casts his light to make their shadows larger. She, too, puts forth the effort to have her shadow draw a shadow-sword, and soon it's armed. When Cillian goes for the dragon's tail, Elise goes for its breast, hoping against hope that she actually will strike the thing a lethal blow. "Yaaaaa!" she shrieks, almost like a banshee, shrill and loud.

Myrus stops, seeing them making the charge. He stops, seeing how Cillian's shadow was on fire… um… he points his wand at the boy (and congruently his shadow given the angle between Myrus, the light, CIllian and Cillian's shadow. "Ignes Inermus!" The spell flows from him in a narrow cone-like movement towards Cillian.

Myrus now decided he'd be the backup, as those already there seem to know what they are doing with that. Wand at the ready in an offensive stance.

Josie laughs as Myrus makes their shadows so big, and says, practically along with Elise, "Brilliant!" She follows their examples, too, and goes on the attack, leading her shadow in a pretty straightforward attack with her sword, aiming for the neck.

Something miraculous happens as the children work together to defeat the strange foe, Elise's shadow gets scratched across the chest viciously as her sword sinks deep into its chest and Josie's shadow covers the neck as the shadow on the wall spurts a bit of blood, head wobbling after its crocodile teeth graze her arm. Cillian's shadow is kipped back onto his feet as Cillian stands up, and it offers a hint of a salute to Myrus, or maybe his shadow. Cory's been left alone now as the shadows swirl a bit together, fading out of sight as the large bulk of the weird creature monster is shattering into shadow pieces, like pieces of glass, swirling together in a tornado of sorts and then one of those stacked up books flips open, its empty pages suddenly filling with words as a breeze sweeps through the room. Then all is quiet…one shadow on the wall, in the shape of a young girl reaching out towards the pirates and others before she fades out of site, whispering. "Sweet Dreams." Almost apologetically. Then…she's gone.

Cillian's panting softly, dropping to a knee as he looks around and leans on his sword. "…somebody wake dreamy up please…a-and…what the…did we just…" He waves a hand to Myrus. "Bless you." Then he just has to take a moment. Because that was weird. His own shadow is also kneeling but growing fainter, and fainter as if fading away.

With Myrus, Josie, Cillian, and herself all teaming up, the Pirate Mousie knows things will get better soon. She just /believes/. Maybe that helps - it certainly doesn't hurt. Even though she didn't feel the rake of the monster's claws, she rubs at her own chest in sympathy for her shadow's injuries. In tandem with Cillian's shadow, Elise's, too, grows fainter, until it looks like a normal shadow again. And then Elise? Well, she drops the sword and flings herself into Cillian's arms. "We did it!"

Myrus watches as the others rend the shadow monster, and he walks up as the shadow of the little girl fades away, blinking and shaking his head as if it was all a wierd dream. "Nox!" He says, waving his wand at the ball of light that extinguishes itself right next to Cory- CORY!

Myrus didn't know his name, but Cillian mentioned it, and he moves over to Cory, and kneels next to him, holding his wand over the boy horizontally, "Rennervate," he says calmly, a flash of light underneath his wand tip over the younger boy's body.

"Wakey wakey, sleepyhead." He says, standing and looking at the others while offering the boy a hand up, "What were those shadows?" He was curious now. Typical Ravenclaw.

Josie takes a slight step back at the swirling shadow pieces, but then she laughs and lets out a cheer as it becomes obvious, "We won! Never mess with the Pirates!" Grinning, she douses and puts her wand away and then puts the sword down again.

Cory cries as he wakes up. "Why did you wake me? I was having the best dream ever, i was on a island where there were brown like muggles, pirates and kids my age, and I could fly." he rolls over and tries to go back to sleep. "let me go back, I don't want to be here I want to go back there."

Cillian has to laugh, wearily but happily as he gets hugged by Elise, falling over and then reaching out for Josie as well to hug her too if allowed and just giggling as he shakes his head slowly. "W-we did it. Well." A pause. "We got one book back 'n tact at least…w-we did it…" Then he looks over to Myrus and Cory with some concern, eyebrow raising over his eye patch as he listens to Cory and he sighs softly. "Oi…if he keeps at it, his nickname will be Whiny…get up ye big baby, come and 'ave some chocolate." Then he waves a bit shyly at Myrus. "Um. We haven't a real clue yet but…we're trying to figure it out. T-thank ye kindly I um. I was surprised that ye could see 'em."

Elise keeps the snuggle going on as long as Cillian will allow it, though it's no different from the kind of a snuggle any friend would give another after just going through a harrowing experience together. "So now we just need to do that a half-dozen more times and we're all set?" she asks. "Great." She gives Cory a pitying look. "Poor little thing," she says. "I know how you feel. I dream of the same place." She nods at Myrus as well. "Yes, thank you! You were absolutely fantastic." She looks up at Cillian. "We could use him."

Myrus reaches down and would try to help Cory stay seated and not fall over, "grab a broom and that's possible, kid." He looks over Cory to Cillian with a confused look. "What do you mean? Not everyone can see those? I would have-" he stops for a second, no wonder, "It did puzzle me a little why everyone wasn't flailing about in the library that one day. But, what does it mean to see them?" He asks, falling back onto his rump and sitting cross-legged, looking at them, the props they had out, and the book.

Josie giggles and joins in the hug, and says, "Yeah, we did it!" Then she steps back a little to look between Cillian and Myrus. "Should I maybe owl my dad to ask about them? He's an auror, he might have an idea what they are."

Cillian closes his eyes briefly before just kissing the top of Elise's head before pulling away so he can look between Elise and Josie and then back to Cory and then back to Josie. "Well, congratulations, yer playin' with pirates now." He then quickly shakes his head. "We cannae tell any adults a-about this. I…" He trails off. "They'd tink we're mad." He looks to Myrus. "It probably means you still have some type of imagination or something, or…maybe yer special. I mean, ye didn't stop and tell yerself it was impossible before jumping in, you just did. And ye could see them…" He muses his over before looking to the other pirates. "We've got two new potential members here…I mean the bigger one's a big old, b-but what do you two tink?"

Cory shake his head a few times. " But why? can't the adults see them too? what do they want? is there anything that draw them to somebody or is it just random?

Elise closes her eyes for a second at the top-of-the-head kiss, but doesn't protest when Cillian pushes her away. She simply lets go. "Perhaps it's because you've got such big eyes," Elise says to Myrus, not unkindly. "You can still see things that older children and adults can't." She starts shaking her head at Josie's question a split second before he answers her. She gives Cory a doubtful look. "Well… we should certainly keep an eye on him," she says. "But he'll need a lot of training before he can face off against Pan's Shadow again. But I think Myrus would be a very good pirate. Even if he is older." She shakes her head at Cory. "No, the adults can't see them. You still need to believe in things, like children do, to see them. They are definitely real. One of them tried to kidnap me — it physically picked me up and started to carry me away." She shudders at the memory. "That's the first Shadow, Peter Pan's."

Myrus becomes very disturbed at this point when Cillian and Elise speak, like something terrible just occured to him. "So.. it's like I'm just a big child?" Somewhere in there was the belief that things outside his knowledge existed. Beyond belief. He had a belief of something that was very.. out there. But he just shakes his head. "If you need help, come find me. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to see those things. I don't think it will last long enough to finish the journey with you. I.." he shakes his head and stands, looking behind him at the entryway to the Louvre. "I -want- to grow up.. what am I saying? I -am- grown up." He frowns and looks at them. "It was fun, and I won't judge you. Good luck to you all." And he turns towards the doorway, putting his hands up to his hair and running them down his face as he starts towards the entryway.

Myrus would stop, and turn to look at Cillian. "Hey, what you said the other day to that Slytherin.. what is he afraid of? Or were you bluffing?"

Josie blinks, "Peter Pan's shadow? Wow. Yeah, dad won't believe that." No doubt from her, however. She definitely still believes. She then starts to answer Cillian's question, but as Myrus declines the invitation she stops, and just nods in agreement with Elise about Cory. She looks back to Myrus and waves.

Cillian looks a bit sad as he watches Myrus. "It's not childish to believe and have an imagination. It's childish to pretend that you don't believe and let your imagination die. Because when you become that type of grown up…all you do is kill the dreams of children. It's happening here, in this school…and without people like ye…" He trails off. "W-What hope is there for us?" He frowns, a bit disturbed before just eyeing Myrus thoughtfully. "I wasn't bluffin'. Why do ye want to know?" Then he looks to Cory. "They can't see them because because the book wasn't made for a grown up, but a grown up made it…s-so…I don't know, we're still figuring it out." His shoulders slump as he rubs the back of his neck. "Somebody went through a lot of trouble to make that book…but I dun tink they meant for it to do what it's doing now."

Cory says, "Peter who? I don't know who your talking about. Who made it? Do you know their name have you try looking them up or sending them a owl to ask why?"

Elise's shoulders droop. "What's the point of calling if he doesn't even believe?" she asks Cillian. "If he just won't see?" She crosses her arms and chews on her bottom lip, thinking hard. "Myrus… you were a great asset, today. You may have even saved our lives. I do hope you won't talk yourself into thinking this was all make-believe. What if we need your help again next time, but you can't see them? I didn't mean to say you're childish. I only meant that…" she trails off, but Cillian fills it in so beautifully, and she nods in agreement. "There are probably some special grown-ups who can see them, but they'd be rare, and quite special. Nothing wrong with that. Won't you be our special grown-up pirate warrior?" She pleads quite prettily, with her hands clasped and those big brown eyes looking just like Bambi's.

Myrus looks down at the ground for a few moments while Cillian speaks. Myrus disagreed, but who was he to tell him what he should think? Nah, maybe Cillian was exactly right.

"Because.. he's crushing my dream.." Myrus could call it a 'fair trade', but he wasn't going to sink like that. "Don't worry, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I can find another way around him." A brave smile. But Elise's eyes begging.. Cillian's demeanor towards people giving up. Was he running away from being what he might just naturally be? A big kid. His dad did always hold that over him.. but he's not here right now, is he?

Myrus turns around on his toes, then turns back around to them. "Ok, I'm in. And when this is all over and done with, you tell me what you know about Alphard Black." He walks over to Cillian, and extends his hand, "Comin' aboard, Cap'm."

Josie doesn't join in trying to convince Myrus, perhaps deciding Elise and Cillian were much more eloquent about it, but she still grins when he agrees to join the Pirates. "Welcome!" She looks to Cory, "Peter Pan. Um.. long story who he is."

Cillian just looks to Cory and stares for a few minutes before pinching the bridge of his nose and moving to his sack, pulling out a large bar of chocolate moving to unwrap it as he heads towards Cory. "Please put this in yer mouth, just take a bite, shh…take a bite and stop askin' questions. For the luv of Merlin." Then he looks between Elise, Myrus and Josie before looking back to Myrus and he smiles slowly to himself. "After this is over and done with, I will tell ye all ye need to know about Alphard Black." He promises before he takes a deep breath. "Welcome Aboard!" He accepts the handshake with a grin. "…Err, the perfect pickled peepers…"

Cory stands up and dust's himself off. "If your going to fight them you need somebody who's sneaky, ambitious, shrewd, cunning, that's me, and I need to make up somehow for my lack of usefulness a littlw while ago. Care another member Captian?" he takes the bar of chocolate and nibbles on it as he waits for a answer.

"Josie, you were so brave tonight. Why don't you tell Cory who Peter Pan is?" Elise suggests. She snaps her fingers at Cillian, and then points at Myrus. "Peepers!" she says gleefully. "That's your pirate name! I'm Mousie, Cillian's the Captain, of course, and Josie's… well, she's Josie." To the girl herself she asks, "Do you have a pirate name?" Then back to Myrus. "She's our first mate." Her eyes go a bit wide at Cory's bid for membership. "Well, and you're modest, too," she says drily.

Myrus smiles and nods at Cillian. "Alright, deal." Grasps hands, then lets go. Elise nicknames him, and he thinks for a moment, then shakes his head quickly, "Oh no, someone hears that, then the wrong person gets wind of it.. I'll be called a-" younger crowd, wouldn't understand. "Well let's just say that nickname doesn't really work for me." Trying to be nice about it! Honest! Myrus would move to the side of the Louvre, where one of those stone benches is, and sit down in it, finally putting his wand away into his sleeve. And he reaches up to rub his face. "So, you have more of these.. books?" He asks idly.

"Ye can be a cabin boy to start with then, aye. Ye can start…but please mind yer tongue, no callin' muggle borns or half-bloods rude names or…well anybody really rude names and for the luv of Merlin do NOT talk to anybody else about us. Ye get two pieces of chocolate a day." Cillian nods slowly to Cory before looking between Josie and Elise and smiling slowly to himself before looking over to Myrus, biting his bottom lip. "We'll ah…talk 'bout this um, later. His name. His eyes are big…aye." He swallows before shuddering and taking a breath. "An, aye. We 'ave some…books that are emptied now. The original book is locked…away."

Josie shakes her head to Elise and says, "Not yet, don't think." She looks to Cory and says, "Bet you're not as sneaky as me. But cunning's good. It's ok with me." She nods quickly to Elise again and says to Cory, "Peter Pan's a boy who didn't want to grow up. He made friends with the fairies in Kensington Gardens and one flew him away to a place called Neverland, where nobody grows up. There he leads the Lost Boys, all orphans, and fights pirates and plays with Indians and all sorts of brilliant stuff. But his shadow runs away sometimes and causes trouble. The books are brilliant, my mum used to read them to me when I was little."

Cory just nods as he keeps eating his chocolate, he likes chocolate, he likes all sweets so that's one way to keep him quiet.

Elise subsides, a bit disappointed that he doesn't like the pirate name, but she shrugs it off. "Well, we'll think of something," she says brightly. She nods emphatically with the ground rules Cillian sets down. "The whole point of the Pirates is to bring whatever happiness we can to everyone. Everyone," she emphasizes. She nods encouragingly to Josie while the girl explains Peter Pan. "And it's his Shadow that we're fighting, now. It was trapped in a book, somehow, but it, er… got loose." She gives Cillian a bit of a shifty-eyed look. "What about Owl?" she suggests, for Myrus' pirate name.

Cillian nods slowly and just slumps down where he had been sitting originally, eyeing the toy swords and then the picnic basket. "Alright, a quick tea…and then we'll get cleaned up. We've got alot of work to do." He hesitates for a moment before looking to Myrus as Elise's suggestion before gesturing for everybody to join in the mini-picnic. "We'll think about it, aye…Owl…"

Myrus nods, "Owl works better. But not much." He gives a little shrug to her. Like… 'A' for Effort or something. But he just, meh on the nickname.

Elise will join in on the picnic, as well, and pat the ground next to her to invite Josie to join. And they all got back to the castle without any further shadowy mishaps!

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