(1938-11-25) A Meeting at the Leaky Cauldron
Details for A Meeting at the Leaky Cauldron
Summary: Nathan and Ranjit meet and share a table at the Leaky Cauldron. A discussion on hobbies and professions follows.
Date: Mon Nov 25, 1938
Location: The Leaky Cauldron

Its still rather early in the evening and Nathan sits at a table in the rather crowded Leaky Cauldron. A half-full glass of scotch sits on the table within reach but his main focus seems to be the notebook directly infront of him. A quill in hand he scribbles into the book with a thoughtful expression. Setting the quill aside he reads over his work and nods absently closing the book and puting it and the quill into a leather briefcase that sits beside his chair. He reaches for his drink eyes scanning the room with a faint smile.

A flash of green light and a faint hissing sound herald the arrival of someone using the floo network. Shaking the fine green dust from her lime green healers robes, Ranjit stops and coughs delicately, clearing any residual dust from her nose and mouth. A sea of exotic colouring in an often more drab winter spectrum of greys and blacks, her robes and her natural colouring make the Indian witch stand out. A ready smile and a hand raised in greeting are given to the barman. So familiar is Ranjit with the layout of the bar that she rarely looks at the furnishing anymore, however someone has pushed tables together to enable them to have a meal with friends and so she is forced to stop and take another path bringing her to a stop near Nathan as a rather portly wizard in his chair is blocking her way. "Pardon me, sir," she says in her odd Birmingham-meets-the-Punjab accent, trying to get the attention of the rotund man. The response she receives is a reverberating snore.

As the floo flares to life Nathan's eyes drift over to the exotic looking woman and he offers her a warm smile. When she walks by his table and is stopped by the snoring man with his chair in the way Nathan studies her a breif moment and then gestures to the free seats at his table. "He has been like that for an hour at least Miss…but you are welcome to share my table if you like until he wakes though." Nathan studies the man and shakes his head softly before look back to the woman. He is a tall man close to seven feet with a sturdy muscled build and chin length light brown hair. Currently dressed in a black shirt and slacks with matching leather boots and gloves he might look a bit intimidating but his smile is warm and quite geninue.

Whereas Ranjit is small, just reaching over five feet in height. She sighs, hands on her hips as she glares at the head of the sleeping man. As she turns towards Nathan, gifting him with one of her brilliant white, wide smiles her robes part to reveal the sunny yellow tunic and slim fitting blue trousers she has on beneath. "Thank you, but only if you are certain I will not be bothering you?" A glance is given to the parchment and quill on his table before Ranjit is looking up, up at Nathan with that smile again.

Nathan returns that bright smile with one of his own and chuckles softly shaking his head. "I am quite certian you will not be a bother. I have already finished writing what I needed to write anyway. May I ask your name? Judging by the robes I'd say you are a healer yes?" He lifts his glas to his lips taking a slow sip before setting it down once again. He looks to Ranjit and then to the empty chairs around his table. "Well don't be shy, as you can see I have plenty of room here." His smile turns playful as he studies her waiting to see if she will join him.

Lowering herself onto one of the chairs Ranjit briefly lifts her hair up so that it doesn't become stuck between her and the back of the chair. "You are most astute," she teases. "I work in midwifery and infant care." Offering a clean hand with trimmed nails across the expanse of the table she also offers her name, "I am Ranjit Jadu."

"A good choice of profession. I have always admired healers for thier work no mater what department they specailize in." Nathan smiles warmly, nods and offers his own gloved hand to her to shake politely and then release it. His touch is firm but still quite gentle. "Nathan Eldritch. A pleasure to meet you Miss Jadu." There is a hint of recognition in his eyes at the name but he doesn't comment on it. "I've always thought the best healers are the ones who do it becuase they enjoy helping others. Though that could be said for any other profession. If you enjoy your work then you will do better at it. So other than your noble profession what do you enjoy doing? Have any hobbies that you enjoy when you are not helping people?" He appears curious now.

"I am one of those trite people that always knew they were going to be a healer." Ranjit looks over at the bar and leaning up in her chair sees how busy the bartender is. Nathan's question has her attention turning back to him. "I quite enjoy flying and dancing. Music too." A little dimple flashes in one cheek, ever so briefly, "I have been known to partake of a game of cards or two when the situation is right." Leaning forward she gestures to the pad of parchment, "Might I borrow a bit of parchment and your quill? I think the only way I shall get a drink is if I send a note over to Reece."

Nathan nods and grins at her. "Then we have a few hobies in common then. I also enjoy dancing and the ocassional game of cards." He nods and hands over his quill and a blank sheet of parchment. "There you go. I can take it to him if you like?" He offers glancing around the room before continuing. "It is rather crowded in here. I was so busy putting plans in writting that I didn't notice when it got so busy. I'm planning to open a pub of my own so I'm working out detials and such…"

Ranjit tears off a bit of parchment and writes down her order for Reece, she looks up at Nathan from beneath her lashes, "Are you? Somewhere local or elsewhere in Britain?" Gesturing to the paper she enquires, "Would you like me to add anything for you?" As she gives him time to think about her question Ranjit looks around the pub, "It is busy, my work life is sometimes a bit erratic so I come here at odd times where I am the only customer and others when I can't get in the door."

"Local as in right here in London." Nathan replies with a shake of his head at the question. "I'm fine for the moment but thank you for the offer." He take another sip of his drink before sitting the glass down and the he stands from his chair and offers his hand to take the paper over to the bartender. Once he has it he will make his way to the bar and hand the note over along with the money to pay for the order. Then he returns to the table and retakes his seat. "Its should not be too long now."

As Nathan walks away with the paper Ranjit sets the notepad and quill down on his side of the table. She doesn't look through it or try to decipher any of his notes just sits people watching. The portly snorer on his chair lets out a snort which startles himself but he doesn't wake, just keeps on slumbering. Her lips press together to keep from laughing and the witch has about got herself under control again when Nathan retakes his seat, but there is obvious amusement glittering in her eyes. "Thank you, that was most kind. What kind of pub are you opening? One like this, for families or a more traditional sort?"

Nathan inclines his head to her with a smile. "You are quite welcome. And it will be similar to this one though with a few differences of course. I'm still planning but the building has been purchased and the remoddeling will start soon." He takes another sip of his drink and looks over his notes breifly before slidding them off to the side out of the way and considering Ranjit in silence for a moment.

"I wish you luck with it. Starting a business must be stressful. There are so many unknowns and the money to even get started…it sounds very difficult." Reaching into her robes she pulls out a dark ribbon and uses it to twist and secure her hair up atop her head in deft movements. "I met the new landlady of the Three Broomsticks a few weeks ago. You seem much more calm than her, have you made her aquiantance?"

"Thank you and yes there is a great deal of things that need to be done to get things started. But I think I'm up to the challenge." Nathan smiles softly at Ranjit watching as she puts her hair up he glances over seeing the barkeep making his way over with her order. A curious look is given at the mention of a new owner of the Three Broomsticks. "It is under new management? I can't say I have met her no. I will have to remedy that soon and maybe she can give me some advice." His smile is warm and he finishes off whats left of his drink.

"Cheers Reece," Ranjit reaches up to take her pint of lager from the barman and before answering Nathan takes a mouthful. Her dark hair bobs atop her head slightly when she nods. "Her husband died and she inherited the place, at least that is my understanding. She isn't your typical witch." One corner of her mouth tilts up as Ranjit tries to think of how to describe Fabia. "I suspect that she is one of those people that are like marmite, you either love her or hate her."

Nathan smiles and chuckles softly at that description. "I have met a few people like that. They are normally quite interesting one way or the other." He glances around and then back to his company with a warm smile. "I'm afraid I need to be going now. It was nice to meet you Miss Jadu. Enjoy your evening and your drink." He rises from his seat and moves for the door leading out to the alley 'accidentally' bumping the sleeping mans chair forward so the woman has room to pass by now. He turns his head and smiles at her one last time as he opens to door and makes his exit to the outside.

With a laugh Ranjit calls out, "Good bye!" to the departing Nathan.

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